This tribute was added by Joe Freeman on October 17, 2020
It is with great pain and sorrow that I write this note about my big brother Patrick. When I was a kid, he was a guardian for me, whether it was saving me from failing a woodshop project in junior high school, or retrieving my stolen bicycle from a neighborhood thief. As an adult, he was my dear friend and uncle Pat to my kids. I could always count on Pat.

I fondly recall the big smiles on my Mom’s face when Pat was around. He was so sweet to our Mom. He cared so much about the well-being of our family. He was a good listener, catching me off guard by asking about a topic discussed weeks earlier. Always checking in and asking if there was anything he could help me with around my house, or if I had any trips planned to California, because he would make a point of connecting up, even if it meant driving a couple of hours.

I will keep a big place for him in my heart, filling it with memories of our conversations and trying to make each other laugh. His great laugh will forever be with me.
This tribute was added by Chris Ingram on October 15, 2020
My sympathies to the extended Freeman family, Pat was a good friend and coworker. I worked with Pat for several years at Walschon Fire Protection and Pat's exceptional knowledge and skills were shared with all of us who were fortunate to work with him. Over the years, I've met a lot of people in our industry and Pat was the only sprinklerfitter that I've ever known, or heard of, that could run any project in the field as a foreman and also be able to design & coordinate the project using the latest 3-dimensional computer programs. He was a great guy and will be missed by all of us who worked with him.  RIP Patty, May the road rise to meet you!
This tribute was added by Arlene Owseichik on October 13, 2020
It does feel "too soon." He was probably just starting to go though all of his containers to figure out where to put everything. I knew Pat through Nick and Jude. N&J are avid hosts and often Pat was there as well. It is accurate to say that his presence was "commanding." He was a rock. My favorite Pat memory was standing at the window of the house on Topaz, admiring Pat's candy-apple red Thunderbird parked below. He always impressed with his knowledge of "guy" stuff. He did not smile much, but one could sense the tenderness just below. I am so sorry that he suffered these past couple of years. Not fair. But, I am comforted and impressed by the family love that came his way near the end. In that sense, his soul was tenderly lifted to where he is now. Farewell Pat. Pest In Peace.
This tribute was added by Nick Freeman on October 12, 2020
Patrick left too soon.

He defined and cherished the values of family, taking practical steps to ease us through hard times with integrity and care.
He cared. He stepped up. He stood up. He made me proud to be his brother, grateful for his kind, no-nonsense love of family. We came up together and were there for one another, no questions, no worries, no second thoughts.
Patrick kept focus on the "bottom line," He lived on the level, plumb and upright. He suffered greatly, but never complained. He was always checking in, sharing the day, teasing gently, and making it all better. He knew a lot. 
God bless you and keep you, sweet Pat. We shall miss you and hold you in our hearts, and try to be as great as you, somehow.

This tribute was added by George Walschon on October 12, 2020
Pat was a dear friend and a very loyal employee.  I cherished his friendship and his ability to solve problems.  We had a customer that was difficult to work with.  Pat was the man to satisfy them. When I got sick and had to sell the company, the one thing I really missed was not seeing my good employees like Pat. After my lung transplant, Pat made it a point to call me to check in. When I found out about his illness, we were able to keep are selves up through the rough times.  I will dearly miss him. God bless.
This tribute was added by Alice Johnson on October 10, 2020
Card from Marc and Maggie Glassoff, neighbors for the past 3 years:
"Pat was one of the nicest people we have ever known - so kind, helpful, and generous in every way. He and Marc had a very nice companionship - they were good buddies. And I always loved his visits. He helped us so much and so often and we hope we helped him as well. Had it not been for his diabetes I would have made many, many more cookies for him. What a great guy and a great neighbor. I know Marc will deeply miss their times together - working on Pat's car - messing with this or that...Those kinds of friendships are so rare and so treasured and he is and will be terribly missed."
This tribute was added by Andrew Freeman on October 9, 2020
I'm lighting a virtual candle
This tribute was added by Matthew Freeman on October 9, 2020
Pat and I were very close for all of our life. We may of got into some trouble while we were young. Though he grew up and then the work began. I spent more than half of my career working directly with him or indirectly with him at many different companies. The last project was a bit different from what we did for a living. Replacing all of the wood on about half of his house. starting with the stem wall, main joists, sub joists, subfloor, floor, and half of the framing of the walls on two sides of the house. Pat would make a plan and see that it was done. Pat was the man with the biggest heart in the world. If you knew him and needed anything he would help you. I am very sad about his passing and will cherish all the memories we shared. I love you brother Patrick.
This tribute was added by Rob Vincent on October 8, 2020
I only met Pat a few times, but there was just a ton of stuff to like about him.
I mean, TWO tractors? You cant beat that.
We went to a great extended-Freeman Family Gigantes game a few years back, sitting with Pat and his family and Jude and Nick just below the giant baseball glove. Aside from a fun Giants game, it was a great Pat day.
Yeah- I miss him. I wanted him to guide me through another ballgame.
Thanks for the sweet opportunity to cheep in.
Love to all of you, from Connie and me, Rob

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