Let the memory of Paul be with us forever
  • 41 years old
  • Born on August 22, 1973 .
  • Passed away on December 17, 2014 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Paul Przybysz 41 years old , born on August 22, 1973 and passed away on December 17, 2014. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Jeffrey Williams on 17th December 2018
Paul, I never had the great pleasure of meeting you, but feel like I have known you for a long time. Cannot believe it has been 4 years. I want to thank you for helping me and your guidance when Billy died. I know that you are watching over Scooter and the girls.... Please guide Scooter to have some closure with your passing, does not mean that she will ever get over your passing. She has been getting better each year. I just want you to help her to start a new chapter in her life, as I love her to the moon and back. I know you want her to have happiness again..... Hopefully she will meet somebody as great as you were. RIP my great Bro n Law
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 31st December 2016
Happy new year babe! Another year is ending and you are missed as always!! Shows how time dosent stand still for anyone or anything!!! 2017 is the time for me though, babe.... the year and time when I must concentrate fully on rebuilding myself and my life. As much as I will always love you my darling; I know the time has come for me to move forward. I have been in soo much pain without you ; but I'm coming to realize reality is reality... and it won't change. As much as I had my heart set on growing old with you; I know it isn't meant to be! I can't have you back!! So I'm moving forward with my love for you and the memories of us. That is what I will forever cherish ; my sweet, sweet love! I know you have wanted this for me for a while probabaly , but until now I have been afraid to go forward... afraid of the future. But now I know I have no choices . I love and miss you always , my love; and carry you in my heart forever!!! Please live within my heart always!! I love you Paul Jon!!❤❤
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 26th December 2016
Merry Christmas darling .... we're apart; that's true ! But I can dream; and in my dreams ; I'm christmasing with you!! You h the lights cuts on the tree , I wish you could see; I wish it everyday!! Logs on the fire; fill me with desire to see you and to say; I wish you a merry Christmas... happy new year too! I just one wish on this CHRISTMAS NIGHT ; I wish I was with you!! Merry merry christmas; merry christmas ... darling!!
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 17th December 2016
hi babe... still can't wrap my morning bed around two yrs. feels love me it just happened. I'm lonely as hell without you and I miss you! I know don't know anything else. We all miss you. I'm trying to carry on though. Shopped til I dropped with drea Today and had a good day; but then my moment came and went. I just wish you would have given me some sign something was wrong that night before! I'd have taken you to the hospital!!! But it didn't happen that way. I just laugh at our memories. Is! Aside of our girls; it's what's left of our life together! I'll love you forever Paul Jon!!!❤️
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 24th October 2016
hey babe. I realized tonight I haven't been here in a while. I've been busy with the new job and it's been crazy. Just thought I'd drop to say I miss you every day and with all I have. I hope you always feel how much I miss you and long for you at my side once again!!:( come back to me in my dreams again so I can feel you with me ! Our girls need you to!! Love you!!❤️
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 21st August 2016
Happy birthday and anniversary baby. I know you HATED me saying happy birthday; so I put a ' happy anniversary ' balloon on your spot today. 21 yrs ago tomorrow; I became your wife. Just miss you and wish we could celebrate together!! Only 4 yrs to go and we'd be a silver couple!! I hate that I'm alone!! Just hate it!!!!!!!!! But celebrate your birthday with your mom; I guess. Just don't forget me please!! Come to me in my sleep and kiss me... Something!! I miss the shit outbid you paul jon!! ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 4th July 2016
Happy 4th of July babe. Watching the fireworks all around ! So pretty! Wish you were sitting beside me sharing this night. Love and miss you!!
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 11th June 2016
Well Drea is doing great with her driving and you'd be proud!! These girls are growing fast and I just hate your not here to see it! But what I'm seeing ( or not ) is tangible. You DO see all in spirit rite??! Well; I just carry on and I feel lonely and lost. I told April at work last night that I wasn't happy. I'm not. I'm not happy; and angry; that I'm rebuilding MY life on the foundation WE built.... A foundation that was to be OUR FUTURE!! Now it's gone!! And I have NO CLUE what the fuck I'm doing half the time!! I'll always love you Paul Jon. I know that you want me happy again and that I MUST make myself happy again one day. L whatever that may be. But I'll forever mourn the FACT that our future was cut short..... Long before we were old and gray. All I wanted; ever; and all YOU wanted; to; was to love and grow old together ... Was it too much to ask???! Hope ???!!!!! I k ow I should cherish our love.. That I had 25 yrs with you... But goddammit; I'm selfish and wanted our LONG LIFE!! To grow old and watch our girls grow and build THEIR LIVES!! I love and miss you every day Paul Jon !!! Forever your wife❤️❤️
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 7th June 2016
Hi babe. So now it's official., Two teens in this house! You always joked about how you'd live in the garage at this point! Well; Hannah is 13 today. Give her kisses for her birthday tonight in her sleep PLEASE!! She needs you!! WE NEED YOU!! I just love and miss you!! And I'm heart-sick; as all this happening without you!! But I'm. Staying strong!! I love you!!
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 15th May 2016
Hey baby. So; Drea is driving now! And Hannah is doing better but had to take her phone for a few days for talking back at school!! Willful... LIKE SIMEONE ELSE I KNOW!! lol Roof on garage got done and it is great!! Bathroom is done Wednesday! I'm trying Honey!! Major projects now done!! Just stopped by to say ' I love you!" Til next time.....
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 9th April 2016
So Billy has throat cancer.. He's been talking a lot about it. I think he's a little scared. But just look over him in his treatment and send him good things honey. The guys ( him and Don) miss you a lot!! It's hard to knock on their door and a few moments go by; I expect YOU to answer and say " yes lovey".... But you don't answer anymore; it's them!! I just know how much I love and miss you! This pain I live with each day is unbearable! ❤️
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 20th March 2016
PLEASE come through and give Dre a birthday kiss tonight!!! It just kills me inside!!!! Our baby is 16 tomorrow!!!! But I know you see her from up above!! I just can't accept you aren't here with us on these days!!! PLEASE Paul Jon!! Let her see you tonight!! Let her see her daddy!!! She's 16!!! Both our girls need you !!! We love and miss you every day!!!!! ❤️❤️ Remember this day 16 yrs ago?? Happiest day of our lives !! ( aside of our marriage) you cut the cord; nurse handed her to you first!! Then you placed her in my arms!! We just looked at her in awe!!! Our dreams of parenthood a reality at last!! I will cherish that day with you always!! Love you baby!!
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 12th March 2016
Hi babe. I think Drea got a boyfriend!!:) his name is Johnathen and he seems like a nice boy! He does have small Gage's in his ears wich I can picture you laughing at! You'd take that over tats I'm sure!!
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 28th February 2016
So our girl scored a 890 on her PSATs!!!! She says she wants to aime higher next year!! I know your proud of her as I am!! Just wish you were here to share all this babe!! I really do!!! I know you never wanted this!! But it's exhausting for me being strong in front of everyone. I am back to work now. Weinberg called us back and I toke it for the money and status! I know you don't blame me for that! But I'm splitting my time between two Part-time jobs and it's been hard adjusting. Even though we would argue sometimes; I always knew you were rite here to talk to about things and now you aren't! I talk to you here but it's not the same as your 'words of wisdom' lol ; wrapping your arms around me when is get real stressed and say " It will be ok!" I still curl up with your pillow at night and many nights still cry myself to sleep. I miss you dammit !!! Just give me a sign that you love me to Paul Jon!! I need this from you!! Girls to!!! As I said on my FB page today " forever your wife. Your forever in my Heart!" Love you baby!!❤️
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 21st February 2016
HAPPY DAYTONA 500 DAY BABY!!!!! My boy is 3rd so far!! Checking were your boy Kevin is. I can picture you in those stands today. You may even have the best seat in the house!! I remember talking about how we would scrimp and save to have the BEST VACA EVER and go there one year!! Hannah mentioned it last night. But I wish we could be there together! If your there now... Have fun babe and enjoy the race!! I love you!!
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 14th February 2016
Happy Valentine's Day; love! You never thought much of it; but your sending kisses to me today, I know. I just miss the shit out if you babe and I'm lonely all the time! I'm just dealing with the void I'm left with. Days like today are hard; but I'll have company with my support group later on. Just wanted to drop in and say Happy heart day and that I love and miss you always!!❤️❤️
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 9th February 2016
Hi honey... Well ;I just exploded at the girls Because I think the bathroom sink broke and I'm overwhelmed!! I'm tired; frustrated; and just lonely!! Aunt connie hates me because I wanted to preserve popo's metals! She hurts me and the girls. And tomorrow ( you know what day it is) ... I miss your whispering " happy birthday!"'at midnight . I just miss you! ❤️
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 26th January 2016
Hi honey.... Just thinking of you and missing you again. I've been struggling lately. Since the first of the year. I'm not worse but sometimes I don't feel I'm getting better! Is the second year even harder; like they say?? I just saw Don and Billy in the driveway next door... Don was worrying about his head light and I saw it was working; he tapped It and said " yes it works!" Lol he's such the hill aBilly!! I walked back To our yard and suddenly became very sad! Thinking of how they (Don and Billy ) loved you to and miss you! Derick cried a few weeks ago! I used to get upset; walking over there and nocking on that door to get you. I looked at their door tonight and I was actually sad you weren't there; or our garage; ANYWERE!! I just miss you and it's not rite your not here!! And I lost my job... Getting new ones but re-adjusting to a new place of employment will be hard! Im just lonely without you Paul Jon!!! I love you!!!
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 8th January 2016
hi sorry i haven't wrote a lot ive had a blast @ Alabama weird seeing my moms side beciuz all i have is your side over here in NY
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 31st December 2015
Happy new year babe!! It's just not the same! I'm in Alabama now with the girls; you probably knew that. I'm just getting through tonight. I miss you. You'd kiss me at midnight. Your not here. I'm lonely as hell without you. Give me a kiss at midnight spiritually ok??' I love you paul Jon!!
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 31st December 2015
Happy new year babe!! It's just not the same! I'm in Alabama now with the girls; you probably knew that. I'm just getting through tonight. I miss you. You'd kiss me at midnight. Your not here. I'm lonely as hell without you. Give me a kiss at midnight spiritually ok??' I love you paul Jon!!
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 25th December 2015
Merry Christmas baby! Sure miss you today. Girls were all smiles as usual. Hannah tried to get us up at 4:30 !!! I said " hell no!" Lol and held her off til' after 5! I remember you'd get up with us then go back to bed! Drea stuck a hand made card in your stocking. We all miss you SOO much today and always. Be here in spirit and feel our love for you always. Love you honey!!
Posted by Jeffrey Williams on 17th December 2015
Paul - I cannot believe it has been a whole year since you are sadly taken from us. I know that you are watching over Scooter, Drea and Hannah. They need it today, this first year, more than ever, especially Scooter, who has bravely held it together, so well for the girls that she only has time to grieve in private. She is a remarkable WOMAN! This past year has been so life changing and emotional for both of us. We have become extremely closely and it is a shame that it took Billy's death and yours to bring us is close together, We have been each other's ROCK, filled with love, inspiration and support. I probably would not be here today if it was not for her, so I owe her my life. I am so proud to call her my sister-in-law and those two beautiful girls my nieces. I'm also proud to call you my brother-in-law, one of my regrets in life is I never had the chance to meet you. I want to go back to Buffalo and visit her and the girls very soon. I am really at a loss for words at times like this. All I can say the world will never be the same without you. please continue to be with the other angels above, watching over us!
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 17th December 2015
Can't believe it's a year today you were taken from us honey. I kept thinking yesterday of the final hours of your life. Thinking it was a cold or flu. If only I ( we) had red flags of signs!! No idea it was about to be a fatal F'ING heart attack!!! I miss you SOO much and so do the girls. I'm trying to get us through today. I watched our ol' holiday favorite of CHRISTMAS VACATION and it helps me Laugh. Love you babe and be with is in your spirit now today and through this holiday time!
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 10th December 2015
I'm sitting here at the school And Hannah is doing violin holiday concert. I'm lonely now. Come and sit beside me in spirit babe and see our little girl play! Love you!!
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 3rd December 2015
Hi babe! So aunt Renee' is up there now. Don't laugh too hard if she and my mom start cutting up!!:) I know she was some of my family you thought a lot of. Though she drank too damn much; you always respected her logic and level/head. Well; another lose for my family. I'm glad I saw her with the girls in July though. Real glad!! I'm struggling now through this season; just be with us ( your family) in your spirit on Christmas!! I love and miss you every day babe!!
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 26th November 2015
Happy thanksgiving babe. I'm having a rough time this year. Hard to get through this season since your gone!:( but I try to remember your spirit with us. We'll be at Beave's and judy's of course. Thankful we still keep our ties. I know you'd want it that way. I told beave and your dad I'll always have them and myself as in-laws. The Girls are fine today though I know they miss you too! I love and miss you and don't eat too much up there with mom and the rest of our loved ones!! Lol
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 23rd November 2015
So I got a weird message from Mike's wife Amanda! We may have an unclaimed refund from progressive sitting in the state comptrollers office! May not be much but I'll still check It out! Even a few Hondo goes a long way and hay.... It's ours! Back About 10 yrs ago!! Can you believe it! I never would have known without her telling me! Probably a refund after cancellation from not paying the damn bill at the time!! Lol but anyway... I laughed. Why she was in there; I don't know! She said both Mike AND Kelly were on the to!! Well; I'm tired. Wish you were beside me. I loved curling up next to you on cold nights like This. I miss it more then you'll ever know! Love you babe!
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 20th November 2015
I hung your stocking along with girls and I ... It's how i want it to be!! I just wish you were here babe!! We will put stuff in the stocking to remember and the girls and I can look through in future years! We miss you everyday!! I just wish you were here to talk to as I got laid off from work....I know your at my side though! You'd laugh today.... Don is getting a new roof on the house! The guy I over heard say " damn about 50 yrs of a roof !" Yea that old!!
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 9th November 2015
Hello honey.... Well Todd fixed up the wall in the garage. Now I'll be looking at a new door Before winter sets in. Getting shit done! I'll soon have plenty of time! Just wish you were here to talk to about everything and you tell me it's all going to be ok!!! I just can't adjust to doing life without you!! I miss you every day and night my love!! I'm just lonely without you paul Jon! I love you!!!
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 22nd October 2015
So you were rite my love.... They systematically got me out of work. You said it may happen one day and it did! Just wish you were here to hold and comfort me ! You didn't say it to hurt me and I know that now! You were a realist. You knew how it worked! You were rite my love... You were rite! I love you!
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 6th October 2015
I'm angry at God for the first time ever!! I believe and always will but I'm in pain!! He gone you and left your body for me to find in that morning!!:( how did you feel?? Did you plead with God at that moment also?! Did you cry!? Do you grieve for me/us?? Do you cry?! I need to know paul Jon! I love you!!
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 6th October 2015
Journaled an angry latter to god today. I was angry suddenly ( probably the first time in my life!) at God . I stil believe and always will Accept Christ but I'm angry to be left in pain like this. You were taken over night and your body left slumped on the side of our couch for me To walk down stairs and find!!:( how did you feel ?? Did you plead with God at that moment to?? Did you cry? Do you grieve up there ? Do you miss us to?! Do you cry for me?? I need to know paul Jon!!!
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 5th October 2015
Well the weekend was somewhat productive! Washer works great and did a lot of laundry! Made Hannah clean up her room; as it was a mess! You'd have lost your marbles seeing!! Oh what will it TAKE with her??!
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 29th September 2015
Had to get a new washing machine today. The spin cycle went Out ! It's also 15 yrs old so I figured it's best. Hated spending the money but was nessessry I guess. You are'nt here to fix it ; but knowing you you'd probably say , " We'll fix it for now and get a new one at tax time!! Lol I remember your dad loaning us the 200 for this one And you weeling it home work at home Depot!! You were down the street from our townhouse! We loved that lil townhouse didn't we?? Some of our happier days there!! I just think of these things and miss you awful babe!! Love and miss the shit outa you paul Jon! Like I told a co worker today.. We were robbed of you and you were robbed of your life and it's not fair'!! Love you always paul Jon!!
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 23rd September 2015
Hey baby!! Just sitting here!! Tv on... Me and my friend : glass of whine! It's numbing for a while!! Drea is with lex tonight. She needs her friend now. It's been tough on girl this past few weeks since the fire! Mr. Hann called and said Hannah is needing to get better at organization!! Missed assignments and lunch time detention! She'll be ok! She's a good kid; just misses her daddy! It hurts me Like hell when I'm alone doing this!!! These girls need you!! I NEED YOU!! The pain is too much at times thinking of them growing up and you aren't here to see!! But I know you are in spirit. I can feel you some nights!! I just wish I could hold you again!! You don't even begin to know how much!! Love and miss you !!!
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 15th September 2015
Well our week has been a spin!!! The dishwasher is fixed thanks to Shawn!!! I can run the machine again!! Hose hooked up in no time T all ! Bad news yesterday : Lexi and her family had a house fire and it was pretty bad!! Lost their doggy!!:( other one got out !! Thank god all the family are safe!! Poor Drea saw the house as we drove past and burst into tears !! I put my arms around her and said " but thank god their ok!" All reminded me how fragil this all is and how you can lose it all in only minutes! YOU were TAKEN from us and can't be replaced!!! Their home can be!!! But I'm still thankful their ok. I just thought of how our daughter could have had you also for love and support and how WE could have been there for support to lexis family!! I know you would have even volunteered to help terry with whatever needed with that house!! We love and Miss you every day !!!!
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 9th September 2015
The hose behind/side of dishwasher is broke !!!! :( flooded the kitchen! Just thinking how you would probably already have the washer pulled out and looked at! New hose piece AND probably INSTALLED BY YOU by tomorrow!!! I just cry and something like this ( a moe-Hill I'm making a mountain!) which CAN be fixed! But I gotta FIND someone to do it!! I'll probably go next door and talk to them! Think steave from work Said he could help with things around here too! Just hate having to be in a position to ask and have to pay!! But no choice! You did everything around here needing to be fixed ! Guess I'm not used to this!!:( I toke this part of you for granted! I just miss you!!!!! ( and as the 1D song goes 'and all Your little things!".. Lol
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 5th September 2015
Hi honey..... I'm sitting here and it's getting late. I'm numb now. I'm going back into counseling. Texted one of my peeps and got a name. I heard sirens go down the street earlier tonight and I shook And cried!!! Signs of trauma!! Took me back to the morning I lost you I Suppose! Never happened til now. Strange! But I know That my 'super woman' cape must come off And my true broken-woman self must come forth and stop The 'fasade'!! If I'm ever to truely heal, i must do this now and it's now evident!! I just miss you babe!! I know you must hate seeing me this way! But maybe what happened was a good thing. I can see it and get some more help! As always .... Love and miss you paul Jon!!!!
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 31st August 2015
So my party last nite went good!! Selling handbags and purses!! Something fun for me as you know I love that stuff!! I just carry on day to day everyday; but my pain lingers everyday without you!! Every night I crawl into bed alone! Even 9 mo ( almost) later... I still have a piece of me that half expects to hear your steps coming upstairs to our room and ecpecting you to crawl in beside me, and wrapping your arms around me!!:( how much I miss that!!!! Some days still I'm suffocated with my sorrow!! So much I can literally bearly breath!!! I just want to know you are still here and your love remains !!!!! I love you always Paul Jon!!!!
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 26th August 2015
Sitting here on break thinking of us at 16 yrs old and how evolved life is and was since then! My 'life' continuing.... Yours on earth ended. Thinking back to the day that 'force' turned my head towards yours in math class and seeing your baby blues for the first time! How young and unaware of what was to come. But... If I could do it all over....everything.... I would! I have to find a way to look area the glass ' half full' , instead of ' half empty'. 20 yrs of marriage didn't seem long enough when my heart was counting on growing old with you! But is it better then none??! I was blessed to have your love in our life paul Jon!! And someone said you were blessed to have mine up to your untimely end!! If anything I could Change would be that last night..... Me sticking my nose up at you ... Silent shoulder.. Again! Was pissed as usual for something you said! But dammit... Neither one if us knew you had about 12 hrs to live!!! You were taken and it's unfair!!!! I still think at times of that morning; coming down stairs and finding you! But bits and peices are bloked!! Trama!! But I know you want me NOT to think of that... Only our good times! As much as we argued at times.... Our good outweighed that all! Ours was a marriage and as true as it can get!!!! Just send me signs from time to time again please!! I need to feel you and your love again!' I ache for it! As my pain rages each and every day! I love and miss you always !
Posted by Jeffrey Williams on 22nd August 2015
Hey Paul! Happy birthday! This certainly has been a terrible year for Scooter and myself! One good thing, that we have become much closer and growing a special bond between us. I am so happy that we can be there for each other. And if I could, I would change places with you in a heartbeat, I am 67 years old, and for the most part, I have lived a good life! You are way too young, you Scooter and the girls were cheated out of so much, sometimes I do not understand God's ways. But, sadly, I guess it is what it is, that sucks! Anyway, you're up there with everybody your mom, now your uncle, Scooter's mom and dad, Billy, and even my mom, oh my brother too Billy, and even my mom, oh my brother too. Just wanted to say hello, and let you know that you're in my heart, mind and prayers and I really wish I had the opportunity to meet A fine man like you in person. Much love and again happy birthday !
Posted by JoAnn Donahue on 22nd August 2015
Happy BIRTHday Paul...One can only believe our faith is enough and we will see you again. You are greatly missed by many and we are ever so regretful we did not spend more time with you because darn it Paul we REALLY liked you and as I learn more as time goes on you made my sister very happy and that my dear is worthy of so much praise! Keep your wathcful eye over those gilrs way up north of me and allow them to feel you around them.. I KNOW you can I feel it from others who left me...
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 22nd August 2015
Happy birthday and happy 20th sweetheart!!! Yes I placed balloons yesterday.... Don't laugh! Lol I know you never thought much of your birthday only our anniversary.... But hey... I always had to remind you!! I was always into celebrating everything! Missing you much and oh how we'd celebrate 20 yrs of marriage today! We were soo proud wrent we??!! But I'm here at camp with my peeps and I'm going to get through! Today ill still celebrate our love! I miss you babe; everyday, every way! You were my foundation! But I know you want me to remain strong!!! Happy birthday and anniversary ..... I love you!!
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 10th August 2015
We're home safe and sound!! I know you were looking out for us!! I drove between billy and don! Knew you'd like it that way with me hitching the camper!! I did good though.... No?? Lol I think your up shaking your head going " I needed to give her more credit for driving ability!!!" Lol I do miss us yelling in the truck or car on the way or you baging on my driving! ( sigh) .... Many things I miss babe! We all just this weekend and it came to a head with he girls.. ( Drea) .... But I know your looking over her ( them) too. Don and billy and everyone missed you!!! It was hard!!! Yet I know having a great time at the glen Is what you'd want us to do and we did!!! I love you and miss you more then words can say!!!!
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 6th August 2015
At the glen.... You are sure missed here baby... Not only by me. Everyone. The couple you sat out with last year ; debby and Steve , she hugged Todd and I, just devastated by the news! Told them I'd sit with them later. I'm happy you came to me last night in my dreams honey! Thank you for the kiss!! You have no idea how I have ached for that!!! I ( we) will be thinking of you this weekend! Happy glen weekend, as you'd always say!!! I love you!!!!
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 27th July 2015
We went to Chris And Howies annual Cookout this weekend!! It was weird without you there!!! Everyone said how sorry they were to hear about you as I Arrived.... Think Chris told them ahead of time! Howie said he thinks of you often too!!!! Just not the same without you love!!! The glen coming up in two weeks is going to be hard on me ( all of us) but I'll get through for the girls!!!! Love and miss you babe!!!!
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 19th July 2015
Still hurt without you!! This Week has been rough ! I just miss the shit outta you !!! I'm still clutching your pillow at night and hate waking at 3 am and you aren't beside me !! Everything hurts!! I can put on a good front like I'm ok..... Stable.... But I'm a broken woman inside!! I'm lost and Lonely without you!!!! I just need a sign from you paul Jon! I need an ' I love you '!!! Those words I long to hear you say again!!!! I long for a conversation with you! We used to argue; laugh; joke; I would kill for one more time!! I love you!!!
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 15th July 2015
Hey babe! Had a hard day yesterday! I'm just missing you so and it hit me after coming home from Cali that your not there!! I didn't expect that ! Thought it would be hard out there in our childhood homes!! You wouldn't believe it out there! Then again, yes you would lol! It's CRAZY!!! But we did have a good time and saw aunt connie and Dorise ! Got poppos metals out of storage and saw others! Really wanted to see Justin also bit Hannah contacted him and he was at a wedding... But next time!! I love and miss you more than these words and Tears ever show!!
Posted by Annmarie Przybysz on 6th July 2015
Safely in Cali!!!! Lol bringing a part of you forever home here babe! I know you didn't speak very highly of it out here and SWORE we'd never return; but I believe you would want this deep down and had good memories here. After all... It's were we began!! Lol

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