My Friend Zandubla /aka Paul

Shared by Linda Tarrillion on December 11, 2011

I remember  how  we met it was on Pogo and I was in a game room and you were in there also  a conversation started in the room and  you commented I commented  and  then your  Mother came in  and  you said  Mum I'll be over  shortly to maker dinner  and I thought wow  what a caring man  don't see that  often , so  before you left you said  I'll catch you later, well later that evening sure enough   here you came into  the room I was in  and  from that day  on we played  together on pogo  then  we started calling and  you ask  me  if I had cam I  didn't  at the time  but  you taught me  how much easier it was  to talk  on there then  the  phone, so everyday   we talked on the phone  and at night on yahoo messenger, we watched tv together  we listened to music  together   I met your  sisters  on there also , you  brought  me  to the  20 century  for sure ,lol, after  more then a year  we wanted to meet ,  never  have  I ever  just   went  somewhere   that far  by myself  and visited  someone  but it felt  right  and I felt in my heart  I had  to  see you in person, when I got  to Tennessee I called you  and  here  you  were  there in 10 Min's you gave  me  the  biggest  hug  and   that kiss I will never forget , never was  kissed like that before  and  since, you  said  lets  go swimming  so we went to the pool and  you jumped in and before  you realized it  your cell phone was still in your pocket , we  both cracked up over that, ,well  after the swim we went to  your home where I met  your Mom  and Shelly  they  both  made  me  feel welcomed , the  next day I met Joani  i was a little  intimidated  due  to you told  me  she  said to you  before  I got there  how  do you know  she's not a murderer ,  you   met her on line , LOL but after  I  met her  I was fine she  was  just  being  a caring sister  for her  big  brother since I know  you use  to  give  her plenty of advice ,lol, I had  the  most relaxing  time  while  I was there I didn't want to come  back to Missouri ,I wanted  to stay  with you  forever ,  , You  struggled  so hard many times  to stay  here  but I guess God had other  plans  for you  I just wish  it was  so much later in Life I and   your family  miss you so very much, you   will forever  be  in my heart ,

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