Shared by Ashley Kay Thomas-Clark on February 22, 2022
Its hard to believe that she been gone for a year now. I think about her everyday. I sometimes feel i can hear her talking to me or telling me everythings going to be ok. Sometimes i cry at night and talk to her. I remember the time i had one if my surgerys and from what i was told i wasnt waking up and hours had passed by. My mom got scared told the nurse to let her back in my room so she could try to wake me up. They told her no. So my mom wasnt pleased and did what any parent would. She found away around the locked doors and find me in a recovery room alone no one around no one trying to wake me or anything. She told me she walked in stood beside my bed asked god to please help with waking me up that i just became a new mom and my daughter needed me, she needed me. After about 10mins she said she started to yell at me , Ashley K wake up damn it come on you cant do this not now you got to wake up we need you here your daughter needs you wake up stop being a stubborn bi××× and thats when she told me i opened my eyes and looked at her and said mom its ok whats wrong what happen. About that time a nurse walked in to get me to put me in the helocopter and send me to Bayfront Hospital to be put in the ICU. The look on the nurse face was of shock and then she look at my mom and told her she wasnt aloud where i was that she needed to leave. My mom whipped away her tears kissed me on the forehead and said i love you honey ill be in the waiting room when you get to your room ill be right there. I said ok mom i love you. 
I never seen my mom so upset so  distrot  but i new whatever it was they told her she wasnt going to except it. My mom was my bff my rock my strength in life. She was always there for me no matter what i needed or did or cryed about. Sometimes i feel shes my guardian angle . I miss her so much im very lost without her somedays are worse then others but i just keep going cause i know thats what she would want me to do. 
I love you mom xoxo see you again one day  . 
Love Always your 1st love

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