One of her days of giving

Shared by Linda Guerrero on January 3, 2012

I remember it was around Thanksgiving Christmas time in 2004 and i worked for the halfway house in Greeley and i volunteered fot feed the homeless onThursdays along with a co-worker who was engaged to a man who owned a restraunt and they donated a meal to the homeless shelter every thursday so she had asked if i would be interested in helping serve and i said sure i would love to so i did and when i got home i told my mom how my experience was and how i felt so bad for the people there and how the kids and babies just brought tears to my eyes and how we dont realize how blessed we all are until we see how some people live. She didnt see how it was at the shelter but she felt something in her heart for them that she volunteered to cook a home made meal for the whole shelter and it was on a weekday she worked 10 hours at her job came home with lots of groceries and made at least 100 tortillas fresh beans green chile and spanish rice and bought a crate full of oranges and tubs of icecream and jugs of juices to drink and cans of coffee. It was Holiday time and she didnt think twice of how much all that cost her and how much work she had to do she did it for the pain in her heart for those people not as fortunate as we are to have food. And this is just one of the many memories i have of my mom giving to less fortunate. I love you mom and i miss you so much!

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