Mom's High School Graduation picture
Pauline Veronica Goral Lavery
  • 84 years old
  • Date of birth: Aug 2, 1930
  • Place of birth:
    Franklin, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Date of passing: Dec 12, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    Sunnyvale, California, United States
The smile that is never forgotten ... The stories shared time and again ... The love that is treasured forever... The many rainbows to shine above us, will always remind us your smiling upon us ...

This is a Tribute and Honor of our loving mother, Pauline Veronica Goral Lavery

Some of you may of known mom as Emma Garrell. Mom's mom, Anna Kachik and father, John Garrell renamed mom on her baptism at the age of three months old, to her "given name" as Pauline Goral.  Or a few other nicknames mom  went by were "Putch" or "Pauli" ... needless to say inquiring minds (her kids) wanted to know the history on her first name of "Emma" Boy did we ask Dad a lot of questions.. But to us kids it's always " MOM" 

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Jolene Cummings on 26th November 2017

"Hi Mom, a few days late but wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving. Yes the holidays are here again. Brought dad some pumpkin muffins before I went to work on Wednesday. I worked both Thanksgiving day and the day after"

This tribute was added by Deanna Lavery on 4th August 2017

"Hi MOM!!  I'm wishing you a beautiful,  heavenly birthday.   You would have enjoyed your morning coffee in the rocking chair listening to the birds chirping away and taking a bath.   It was a packed house out there- kinda of like today (8/4/17).  They played a long time out probably cuz of the weather.  Alex is getting married to Kelly Rose in September 2017.  Hopefully some of the family members will be able to make it.   No grand babies yet.    I've been busy with my crocheting and turning it into a business selling to friends. Its not much butva little extra $$$ helps.  Favor to ask... Heaven  received another Angel two weeks ago- my dear friend Andrew Cruikshank.  Please look after him and boy he'll tell you some funny jokes and stories.   You'll have a good time. Anita complimented on how much I look like you~ ♥♥  I think that's due to moisturizing our face.  :=)  Young face, young at heart just like mother,  like daughter♥:)   missing you always- 4ever in my heart.
Love you Mom.     Love Deanna♥♥"

This tribute was added by Deanna Lavery on 13th December 2016

"Hi Mom,
Its been two years since your heavenly father took you to the big sky.  Wish you were here yesterday...I decorated the living room with Christmas decorations on your anniversary.   Thought it would lift your spirits knowing how much you love Christmas and the decorations.   Dad was supervising in the process.   He got a kick out of the wrapped picture frame along with the laser, blinking tree on the organ.  Found some old metal decorations that I  found in the wicker Santa.  They were the"Twelve days of Christmas".   As you know with my arts/crafts,  finally finished a crocheted blanket~only took four months(smaller hook).  Dad's doing good- hanging in there.  In good spirits.   Thanksgiving was a full house.  Cooked turkey, first time using cheesecloth.   Turned out really good along with the gravy.  Dad kept saying what Uncle Joe would say " YOU ALL COME"  or  "HERE'S YOUR HAT, WHAT'S YOUR HURRY?  Just to name a few.  Like I said, full house.  The boys got there growth spurts going on, even Ryan is taller than me.  Its my turn to call Kenny.  Thinks of you often and misses talking with you~ so I let him talk with dad then me to get him caught up.   I look at you every day wishing you were here but thats not the case.  So let me end with this...Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day...unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear.  Love and miss you so much. ♥♥♥"

This tribute was added by Jolene Cummings on 12th December 2016

"Hey Mom.. it's your two year anniversary since you went to Heaven to be with your family. Christmas around the corner. Took over some See's rocky road to share with papa, josh and Deanna and anyone else that stopped by.. remember the special times you enjoyed your rocky road, you even hid it from all us kids LOL!! Went down to Huntington Beach to visit with the cousins, Ted&Karen. We had a great time reminiscing about childhood memories, even brought up grandma and grandad, Aunt Do Do and others that we haven't talked about in a long time. Ted looked over your site with tears in his eyes and Karen saying how much she loved you and missed you, we all do. I did she a"

This tribute was added by Jolene Cummings on 6th November 2016

"Heya Mom, it's one of those days that I just want to share stuff. It's gloomy outside, Ripley looking up at me wondering if we are going for a walk or hanging out at home. Got some bad news today. Remember Nancy Carmen my BFF from high school, well her husband went to Heaven yesterday. His name is Jerry, Jerry Gilbert. If you happen to run into him you might give him a hug from Nancy.
I haven't written to you to share about Aubree and Kyle's wedding. I am sure you were there for her on her special day. Mom she was absolutely stunning. Aubree wanted to wear something of yours to honor you on her day. I found a brooch within in your jewelry box. Asked dad and he said it would be fine, You would approve and be happy that you would be with her on her day. We made it into a haircomb so she wore it all day long and looked beautiful! They also had a picture of you at the table for the important people that could not be there but be there in spirit! A lot of compliments of how pretty you were in the day... It was an awesome day
Josh and Sarah are doing good. Josh has had a couple health issues but is getting through em. Wanted to say Hi, miss you, love u mom!!"

This tribute was added by Jolene Cummings on 4th August 2016

"Hi Mom!! My thoughts were with you on your Heavenly Birthday thinking how much fun you and Billy and the rest of your family and friends in Heaven are enjoying your special day! I couldn't bring myself to go to See's and get your favorite slab of Rocky Road and take it to over to dad. I wasn't sure if that would make him happy or sad... He really misses you! I know he wants to be with you and as much as we would like to see you both together again, I'm not ready to have him go yet.. Mom you left us way to soon but your happy and healthy with our Father in Heaven. MIss you everyday and know you are watching over us today and always! Happy Birthday Mom.. Always in my"

This tribute was added by Deanna Lavery on 2nd August 2016

"From your loving husband, Happy Birthday MOM!!  Know that you're missed a lot and that you were a good mother! Love Jim❤️❤️"

This tribute was added by Deanna Lavery on 2nd August 2016

"Hi Mom~ sending you lots of love,  hugs, kisses and probably a much needed back scratch on your birthday today.  This flower I lay in front of you is your favorite,  gardenia, which is part of the coffee family.  ¥¥¥¥
No wonder you loved coffee♥♥♥  I know you're celebrating your birthday with family and especially your brother, Bill, sharing birthdays.   Just wanted you to know dad sends his love too!  I'm remembering all the fun and laughs card shopping-we almost pee'd our pants reading them.  Sharing my laughter with you and know how much you'll always be our loving mother!    Red stopped by today ~ must of known it was your b'day.  Bought some candy and orchid.  Miss and love you!!♡♡"

This tribute was added by Bob Lavery on 2nd August 2016

"Today's your birthday and a day I always enjoyed sharing with you. I will miss not seeing your smile, but as always will celebrate the day as if we were still together here. Love Robbie"

This tribute was added by Jolene Cummings on 25th December 2015

"Merry Christmas Mom! I know that today your celebrating with the Angels, family and friends of past... Yesterday Dad was covered with much love from family members; sons, daughter, grandkids and friends.. Unfortunately I was unable to attend because of a cold and did not want to spread that kind of Christmas Cheer.. I am sure there was plenty of food and drink and of course laughter sharing the happy memories in the Lavery household from years before from Christmas and other fun holidays..  everyone was thinking of you and how much you were missed. Miss you lots XO JoJo"

This tribute was added by Jolene Cummings on 13th December 2015

"Heya mom.. Lit a candle for you yesterday but for some reason it didn't take.. So a day later I am writing you this note..
It's been a year and so hard to believe. I talk to the kids earlier this week to see how we could honor you on this day. I know how much you always enjoyed me getting you a slab of Rocky Road from See's for your birthday, anniversary, Easter celebration, Christmas and other celebrations. I had to work today but took off early so I could meet the kids at yours and dads house. Josh and Sarah picked up a pound of Rocky Road in pieces at See's and I met them there. Aubree and Kyle were sick so they couldn't make it. When I got to the house said hi to Rob, he was visiting with dad and Deanna of course was there. Dad wanted to know what the See's box was about and I explained we wanted to honor this day with a piece of Rocky Road in your honor. He chuckled.. Miss you mom.. You know I don't like the rainy weather, but I do look forward for the sun to come out so I can look for that rainbow. When I see the rainbow I know your looking down from Heaven above smiling upon us and keeping us inline! I am sure your smiling now, did you get that tap on the shoulder not too long ago from your brother Steve? Your in Heaven with all your family; mum, dad, brothers and sisters... Dad misses you lots. When he and I were sitting at the table yesterday he leaned in and said "I miss your mum JoJo..." I said we all do dad vey much so! We all check in on him either by visits or phone calls.. You always said, "just pick up the phone and say Hi"  
Wished you were still here with us, love you and miss you so!! Kisses and hugs from your number one daughter .. JoJo  XO"

This tribute was added by Deanna Lavery on 12th December 2015

"Hey mom... it's me, your loving daughter.   We had a little gathering of family today in honoring your special day in heaven.  Rob came down from Windsor and Jojo got off early, and Josh and Sarah were able to make it over.  Drew was busy with his work dayshft and working bingo tonight.  Everyone else sends their love.  We had a good day...I set up computer for slideshow and played your favs~ Rod Stewart, Engelbert and some Christmas music.   I know you've would have enjoyed today.  So decorated trees and lights outside are up(thanks to Drew/Mitchell).
We celebrated a toast to you with Rocky Road.  Lol     Everybody has been good checking in on dad.  You are always on my mind... missing our days out shopping and going down the card aisle.  We'd be laughing have a good time almost pee'd our pants.   Love and cherish all the memories.   You have a piece of my heart. I love and miss you so much, your daughter, Deanna    
P.s.  I made goulash tonight and your fav, pumpkin bread."

This tribute was added by Bob Lavery on 12th December 2015

"Mom it's been a year since you left us and a day does not go by that you are not in my thoughts. I remember your smile as it keeps things in prospective in my daily ventures and know that you are with your father, mother and brothers & sisters still watching over us. Dad is good, Deanna has been rock steady as dad's caretaker with support from the rest of the family. I know that dad misses you very much as he still has times of reflection during the holidays. As always, I'll wear a hat when I'm out golfing, love Robbie."

This tribute was added by Jolene Cummings on 2nd August 2015

"Happy Birthday Mom! I hope the Angels, family and your friends in Heaven gave you the biggest party ever! Dad mentioned what day it was today.. I was told he has been pretty quiet today but did remember. If I didn't have such a bad sore throat I would of visited dad today and taken some See's rocky road I always got you on your special days. Miss you mom and just wanted to say Happy Birthday. I love U XO"

This tribute was added by Jolene Cummings on 10th May 2015

"Happy Mothers Day Mom.. Josh, Aubree, Sara and Kyle took me out to dinner for Moms day.. Miss you! Was going to buy your Rocky Road from See's but didn't think Dad would eat it LOL... He misses you lots!
Just wanted to say Hi! XO"

This tribute was added by Jolene Cummings on 12th February 2015

"Two months today ... So hard to believe. Miss you mom! It rained a lot this past week and every time I looked up to see if there was a rainbow..  I wanted to see a bright, colorful hello from you, but you must be busy catching up with your loved ones ... LOL! This is your Anniversary month and I know this is going to be really difficult on dad, so if you can,maybe you can say hello and dad can see your rainbow across the skies"

This tribute was added by Jolene Cummings on 12th January 2015

"... It's still hard to believe that today it's been one month since you left us .. Not a day goes by and I think bout you..miss you.. Dad will walk around and mumble and even giggle and I ask him, dad what? And he replies thinking bout your mum..I know the kids miss you because they have told me on several occasions.. I know Deanna is missing you also.. Maybe you can tell her in her dreams that your just fine..glad your at peace mom and spending time with the people you have missed for so long.. Love ya! Come say hi time to time,K!"

This tribute was added by Deanna Lavery on 4th January 2015

"As the days go by more and're always on my mind knowing your at peace with grandma and the rest of your family. As the winter nights get colder, your electric blanket is restless without you!  I know how much you loved your with this in mind; may you nights be blanketed with lots of warmth, love and peace! miss you so mom! Love, Love you!"

This tribute was added by Jolene Cummings on 2nd January 2015

"A candle.. To show you the way... A flower.. For you to pluck the pedals on your walk..  A note that reminds you everyday how much you are missed ... But a beautiful rainbow to light up the sky knowing your saying your just fine to all who miss you  .. Miss and love you lots XO"

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