This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Pawan Jain, 68 years old, born on August 24, 1952, and passed away on June 15, 2021. We will remember him forever.
Posted by aruna agarwal on September 15, 2021
3 months passed
कहीं भी कभी भी आपको भूल नहीं पा रहे। चाहे gathering हो या trip, आपको हर समय मिस करते है।
काश आप ये feel कर पा रहे हो।
आपके शब्द कानो मे गूंजते है कि आप बोलोगे…. एक बात सुन!

कहाँ तुम चले गए?
Posted by ashima jain on September 15, 2021
Can't believe it's been 3 months.... Not a single day has passed when I didn't cry.... Feels like its been ages since I talked to you..... Life isn't the same peeps.... Nothing seems to give us happiness anymore.... Missing U badly peeps
Wish U were around to tell me.... Tension mat le, sab theek ho jayega...
Posted by NIKUNJ JAIN on September 13, 2021
Paa i still cant believe i wont be able to see you again or talk to you again. In middle of everything … managing stuff i still havnt cried enough…. I know i have to takecare of everybody… but i also know you will remain a guiding force and guide me through.
Writing here … feels you are reading it… miss you so much… Tc Paa…

Posted by Twinkle toes Raj Nagar Gh... on August 24, 2021
Happy Birthday Respected Fufu
Some truth in life are hard to accept.
Your memories will never be forgotten.
There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are,you will always be in my heart.
Miss you fufu
Posted by Twinkle toes Raj Nagar Gh... on August 24, 2021
It’s true that God takes the good people in heaven quickly and that’s why you’ve left us early.  We will never forget your smile, love, care, support & your hospitality that you had given us, You are still alive in our heart & will remain till last breath.
Happy birthday respected jijaji
Always needful of your blessings & guidance.
Posted by Ina Jain on July 8, 2021
I'm Ina Jain. I met Bhaisahab first time on my friend Arunas wedding in 1986. And since then he was always a loving elder brother to me, inviting me on all family functions. Later on he turned into a senior, as I chose the same field of ophthalmology, and a person I could always look up to for advice.
His loss will leave a void for me, ophthalmology, and humanity, as there are very few gentle and gracious souls as his.- Amen
Posted by NIKUNJ JAIN on July 8, 2021
Dr P. K. Jain was my college senior and he always treated me as his younger brother. We met him at least once a year for our eye check up and he greeted us with warmth and a smile.
When we lose a loved one here on earth, we gain an angel in heaven that watches over us. May you take comfort in knowing that you have an angel to watch over you now.
No words can take away the pain of such a loss but we hope the knowledge that there are people who care and love you may ease it. Our deepest condolences

Mukul and Ritu
Posted by Sushma Chopra on June 27, 2021
Dr. P.K. Jain was so humble and kind hearted. Whenever we used to meet him he always welcomed us with a kind smile and sweet gesture.

We always felt as a family with him from past 30 years. It had been a very memorable journey for us with him and a different connection all together.

We will miss him as our family member and will always cherish all the memories in a our heart spent with him in these past years.
Posted by Gopesh AGARWAL on June 25, 2021
Last tribute is from me. (Usha) not from Gopesh
Posted by Gopesh AGARWAL on June 25, 2021
Nalini n whole family please accept my sincerest condolences Dr Jain will never be forgotten Dr Jain you have gone from our sight but never from our hearts I have memories of a wonderful personality He has left a huge hole in our lives
Thinking of U Nalini wishing you hope in the midst of sorrow. ____ ( Usha)
Posted by Dr Sarla Mehta on June 24, 2021
एक सूरज था कि ,तारों के घराने से उठा
आँख हैरान है क्या शक़्स ज़माने से उठा

बहुत याद आओगे पवन

रहने को सदा दहर में आता नहीं कोई
तुम जैसे गए ,ऐसे भी जाता नहीं कोई

पर हमेशा हमेशा रहोगे हमसब के दिलों में ।
Posted by Puneet Gargya on June 24, 2021
Though we were not fortunate to have lot of interaction with bhai sahib, we got to know him during short interactions that we had couple of times. During these short meetings one could feel the warmth of his personality. He was kind-hearted, courteous, extremely polite and soft-spoken with an ever-smiling face. He was humorous and fun loving. He will be really missed.
Posted by ashima jain on June 23, 2021
इस सवेरे से डर जाती हूँ मैं
आँख खुलती है तो सिहर जाती हूँ मैं
हर दिशा में अक्स आपका पाती हूँ मैं
फिर क्यूँ नहीं आपको देख पाती हूँ मैं ।

आँखों को सूखा सा अब पाती हूँ मैं
हँसी का बोझ यूँ उठाती हूँ मैं
मेले की इस हलचल में हमेशा
मन को मेरे सूना सा पाती हूँ मैं ।

कल जैसा था सब कुछ
आज भी वैसा पाती हूँ मैं
पर इस आज में कुछ भी
कल जैसा ना पाती हूँ मैं
आँख खुलती है सवेरे
तो सिहर जाती हूँ मैं॥

-written by a friend but echoes my sentiments to the core

   Missing U peeps
Posted by Ankit Mittal on June 22, 2021
It is difficult to imagine that he is gone .. uncle was a gem of a person. It is hard to explain feelings for someone so close. Have known him since my child hood and was always welcomed at his place. I would walk up to his clinic to get my eyes checked and would always get treated specially. His smile was infectious and warmth unmatched.

His absence is a great loss to the community. I am sure his blessings would be with us forever. I pray to god that peace be bestowed to his noble soul and may god give courage and strength to the family to deal with the loss. Om Shanti.
Posted by Puneet Vahil on June 21, 2021
Our deepest condolences to the entire family... lost a friend cm brother... may god give peace to the departed soul and give strength to the family members for this irreparable loss
Arun and Anju Vahil
Posted by Seema Varshney on June 21, 2021
Dr PK jain sir was very lively person ,he was eversmiling & very jovial person . Me and Sundeep met sir in 2009 , when we did couple dance with sir & Dr Nalini ma'am ,we are having very good memories , recently we met him in sports week of IMA , really we can't forget him .
He will remain in our hearts forever
      Dr Sundeep Varshney
      Dr Seema Varshney
Posted by Neeru Pradeep on June 20, 2021
Pawan bhaiya was most caring and gentle person. He always had warmth and a smile on his face which made everyone feel happy around him. We always used to enjoy seeing him dance and sing and those are some of the good memories of him with us. We are glad to have known such a wonderful person.

Miss you bhaiya.
From Neeru & Family

Posted by Aparna Jain on June 20, 2021
Chachaji was one of the most loving & caring person I have met..He would always meet with such warmth and concern that he make one feel very special.

Right from childhood as I would often walk into his clinic he would always greet me with such love & affection & would say.. Pinkal beta aaja.. & then he would chat with so many interesting stories...i always look forward to listen to his life experiences.

I remember he would always be happy & very sporting to participate in all functions with full energy ..He would always prepare a special couple dance with Chachiji on dance functions inspite both being so busy professionally.

He was so full of life & his magnetic personality would touch everyone in a such a way that anyone who would have met him even once will remember him forever.

He was very special & spread love everywhere & to everyone he met.

Chachaji, you will be missed forever....your love will always remain in our heart forever.

Miss you a lot Chachaji.
Posted by Ashok kumar Jain on June 20, 2021
Pawan, my brother and friend,
Since the earliest memories of my life, you are the integral part of it . We spent the golden part of our childhood togather. That was the period of friendship. Adulthood.brought respect, compassion and concern for eachother which continued till date. You are the master craftsman of human relations and that you never had contact list but a list of connections. Your memories will always be in our hearts but your absence will always hurt us.
With everlasting memories
Ashok and Malti
Posted by Manish Jain on June 19, 2021
My last conversation with Bhaiya was on April 23rd. He called to wish me on my 25th wedding anniversary. In the end he said, “Mickey tu bhai phone kar liye kar, Tujse baat kar kein accha lagta hein”.
I had this notion about my family because of Babaji’s genes, that Pawan will come out of this health crisis. He was the eldest sibling of our family and would always like a fatherly figure. In fact we would be scared of him sometimes but it was a respect of the relationship. In our family.
Bhaiya was the leader when it comes to giving back to society. He was a glorious contributor to Mitter Sain Jain’s legacy.
I miss and will continue to miss him,and want to remember moments with him forever.
Posted by NIKUNJ JAIN on June 19, 2021
A limb has fallen from the family tree.
I keep hearing a voice that says,

“Grieve not for me.
Remember the best times,
the laughter, the song.
The good life I lived
while I was strong.
Continue my heritage,
I’m counting on you.
Keep smiling and surely
the sun will shine through.
My mind is at ease,
my soul is at rest.
Remembering all,
how I truly was blessed.
Continue traditions,
no matter how small.
Go on with your life,
don’t worry about falls.
I miss you all dearly,
so keep up your chin.
Until the day comes
we’re together again.
Posted by Vishal Jain on June 19, 2021
What to say about bhaiya,  he was a person with golden heart, he was a jolly good fellow , helpful to every one always.
I had my last conversation with bhaiya in third week of April . I asked bhaiya which vaccine is better, he told me both are equally good , he had covacin , his second dose will be on 12 may.
Today I can not imagine, he is no more with us.
We all will miss you bhaiya .
Posted by MANISHA AGRAWAL on June 19, 2021
Sir yr smiling face and friendly nature will always remain in our memories.
Posted by Ajay Jain on June 19, 2021
We are very saddened to hear about Pawan bhayya passing away. There are so many memories tied to him - since our childhood, we used to meet once a year (in garmi ki chhuttiyaan) but met him almost daily once I settled in Ghaziabad after graduation. That is when I experienced his wonderful personality; humble, loving, and always smiling. Together we laughed, ate, played, and chatted just about anything. He will be dearly missed.

There are no words for this untimely and huge loss for our family. He and everyone close to him is in our thoughts and prayers and may the memories of Pawan Bhayya bring peace to everyone. 

Ajay, Ritu, Raveena and Raina
Posted by Dr Gopesh Swaroop on June 19, 2021
When a close friend unexpectedly leaves us,
a piece of our heart is forever broken. There are some like you who bring a light so great to the world that even after they have gone the light remains. Dr P K Jain our friend known to me since MAMC days when he was doing his post graduation from MAMC. He was wonderful person,soft spoken and very intelligent. Because of his intelligence I used to call him “ Uncle Ji”.
I never knew I could miss someone so deeply and so strongly but here we are.
Walking the rest of the path of friendship
alone is heart breaking. Those we love don’t go away they walk beside us every day…. unseen, unheard but always near.You will be
on my mind forever and always.
Posted by Mala Sharma on June 19, 2021
I am speechless
He was Pawan Bhaiya for me not dr Jain
I knew him since I was preparing for PMT.
Though due to my work and job I could not maintain a close touch but he was not a person whom one can forget.
May the heaven welcomes him happily
Miss you
Posted by Mugdha Jain on June 19, 2021
Pawan Chacha had a heart of gold and two precious gifts every time we met him - time and love. When you were with him, he made you feel the most important person in his life and one would have his complete and undivided attention! It was this quality about him that made you feel cared for, never mind how often you met or didn't! We could just start from we left last and he would pour his affection and love, selflessly, as always!

I still remember, years ago, when once in a while I needed to visit him at the eye clinic, he would greet me with a warm chuckle and say, "Aaja Mugdha, bahut din baad mili hai beta". He made sure he first caught up with what was happening in my life, didn't matter if it was the end of a very long day for him. I will remember that warmth and affection forever!

He was special and he made everyone he met feel special!

You will forever be missed Chachaji but the love you had showered on us will remain in our hearts forever and we will cherish your memories, always!

It was truly a blessing to know you, as we did!

Posted by Haresh Sharma on June 19, 2021
We have met Pawan Bhaisahab on only few occasions. Very soft and smiling person.
Bhaisahab you are gone away from our sight, but will always remain in our hearts.
Wishing you courage and may his memories bring peace in your mind.
His blessings will always be with us.
Words fall short of expressing our sorrow for colossal loss to all.
Our deepest condolences to grieving family.

Duniya se Jane wale jane chale jate hai kahan. Kaise doonde koi unko nahin kadamo ke bhi nishan.
Posted by Arvind Dogra on June 19, 2021
I had few interactions with him , always found him smiling . Great loss
Posted by Nikita Bansal on June 19, 2021
I miss you fufaji.
A golden heart stopped beating.
Hardworking hand at rest,
It broke our hearts to see you go
God only takes the best.
You were the inspiration of many my loving fufa ji.
Still I can't believe you are not here with us.

Your love,affection,care & support will remain in our memories.
Your inspirational talks,karaoke nights,your hugs, even we can't imagine any of festival or function without you
I have endless memories to share.
We really miss you fufu
Posted by Sucheta Ajit on June 19, 2021
A very sober n sensitive person I saw in him....always smiling n cool person ..
My heartfelt condolences to dear nalini n the family
....may God give the strength to bear the loss
दिवंगत आत्मा को सद्गति प्राप्त हो यही ईश्वर से प्रार्थना
ओम शांति
Posted by srishti jain on June 19, 2021
Pavan Bhaiya was the most polite person I met and an excellent listener, among his other qualities for which we will miss him.
My first thoughts when I heard this tragic news were for the thousands of people he continued to serve selflessly, through his profession.
Posted by ANUP MITTAL on June 19, 2021
An ever smiling, down to earth personality, P.K Jain sir will always remain alive in our hearts and memories. A true warrior who fought till end but was unfortunate and lost the battle. All the sweet and memorable moments Me and my family have shared with him will always be cherished for life. We pray to Almighty to give him a place in heaven and may his soul rest in peace. May the family have enough strength to bear this irreparable loss.ऊँ शान्ति शान्ति।
Posted by kiran agrawal on June 19, 2021
  Koi marta nahi kisi ke saath
Hum jeete hai mar mar ke , aapke jaane ke baad
Kabhi aaoge vapis hai abhi ye aas
Sanjo ke rakhenge aapko yaado mai apne paas
Posted by Prem Raman Kapoor on June 19, 2021
Our dear friend PK(his pet name for all of us) left us for his next journey after a brave fight with covid.We are short of words to pay tribute to a caring,loving and smiling personality. All we know of him was that he was a great caring husband, father,grand father and friend.
An ever smiling SHAAN of all get together and his common passion to discuss about cars and interiors with Raman.He was the moving encyclopedia of songs for Antakshri
.He had solutions for all big and small problems during our tours which we had together and his common dialogue ,koi gal nahi yaar will always echo in our ears

To imagine Nalini without his presence is very painful.
God did not answered our prayers this time.
The flavour and fragrance of his sweet memory will always remain in our hearts and his presence will always be felt

Our prayers to God to grant him Moksha and space in his Lotus feet
May God give enough courage to family to bear this unrepairable loss
Posted by ashima jain on June 19, 2021
  पापा मैं तेरी मलिका,
    टुकड़ा हूँ तेरे दिल का,
एक बार फिर दिल से आवाज़ लगा दो ॥
Peeps..... As I lovingly called him...❤
Don't know how we will bear this pain...Have never felt so numb....devastated......Like nothing really matters...
He was always there like a rock.... He was my hero, my idol....never thought he won't be around to say "Arey tension mat le, main hu na".
Brought me up like a princess but still made me self dependent.... And made sure I feel the same even after marriage. Taught us to earn respect and love rather than money.....Today, we understand what he meant....when we see sooo many people heartbroken with his passing away....
I always thought vidaai was tough... But this loss is unparalleled... The emotional turmoil happening is unprecedented..... Heartwrenching
But papa, U will be remembered on all occasions.....not only festivals, birthdays, but also disappointments coz U are the one who was there to help us deal with them and I am sure U still will.
Papa...we promise we will take care of mom....we will try not to cry coz U won't like it (although that seems impossible)... As U said even in ICU... "Tu sad mat ho, main abhi yahin hu.... "
I promise we (me and bhai) will carry forward your legacy... follow the principles ...and the values that U inculcated in us... Of love, compassion, empathy, and passion towards everything we do.
I promise we will achieve what U had dreamt for Us ...make U proud.... I know U are watching us... Blessing us like always
Wish we could fight destiny... Hope U r at peace and in a better place now...
Life will never be the same again....
       Till we meet again......
Posted by Purushottam Garg on June 18, 2021
Our very dear friends, 5 decades of activities and memories. We are shocked and sad since we heard about Dr Pawan. He was my classmate and batch mate . And dear Nalini, you how deep rooted you and family our minds. We share your grief. We wish we were in India so that we can sit with you and hold your hands. As others have mentioned that he had infectious smile, a loving heart and very caring and friendly personality. We are praying in the lotus feet of Bhagwan Mahavir and all Bhagwan ji for sadgati and moksha. We love you. With good memories, tears and heavy hearts we will always remember him. P K and Anju Garg

Posted by Kanan Kapoor on June 18, 2021
With great grief we convey our condolences to Nalini our very dear friend and family on the demise of Dr. PKJain
He was a very caring and loving family person
He was like an elder brother to all ,very soft spoken and gentle
We will miss his rendition of beautiful songs along with Nalini. We cannot even imagine thinking about them without each other-such a lovey dovey couple
His passing away has left a big vacuum in our group
Our association with him has been long and fruitful
May god give his soul peace and strength to family to his loss
Ram Kanan
Posted by vandana anand on June 18, 2021
Dear Dr PK Sir, your ever smiling and cheerful persona shall live on, in our hearts forever. We shall cherish your memories always!
Posted by Rajeev Anand on June 18, 2021
पुस्तक का एक अध्याय समाप्त हो गया। जैन परिवार की माला का एक अनमोल मोती टूट कर अलग हो गया। जीवन रूपी गाडी से एक यात्री उतर कर एक अनजान मंजिल की और चला गया।
हमेशा मुस्कुराता हुआ एक चेहरा अब दिखाई नही देगा। बगिया का सबसे सुन्दर फूल बागवान खुद तोड के ले गया ।कौन पूछ सकता है उससे मालिक है वह बगिया का।दुनिया रूपी पुल पर धर बनाना सम्भव नही केवल गुजर कर पुल को पार करना है।एक पुण्य आत्मा उस पुल को पार कर गई और पीछे छोड गई एक भरा पूरा जैन परिवार ।

परमात्मा जैन परिवार को इस गहन क्षति को सहन करने की शक्ति प्रदान करे और दिवंगत आत्मा को अपने चरण कमलो मे स्थान दे।
      ऊःशान्ती ऊः
राजीव आनन्द एवं सरिता आनन्द
एक मित्र एक पड़ोसी

Posted by Rajiv Garg on June 18, 2021
Neither few lines of this tribute will do justice, nor words will be able to describe my respect for Dr PK Jain sir. Simple, humble with no airs, who enjoyed living life to its fullest.

We use to chit chat invariably whenever I use to visit for the delivery call. And we talked about a variety of topics. From daily mundane things to politics, gardening, food, cars, religion and spirituality.

Though our rendezvous used to be short, there was always something new to talk about. So in a way, I use to look forward to meeting him and have a discussion on random things. He has vast knowledge and experience in various aspects of life.

I will miss sir greatly. He was not supposed to leave so soon. I was confident that he will be back home. I think God took him by mistake.
Posted by Sanjay Bansal on June 18, 2021
Still seems yesterday when I was 10 yrs old and my behen got married to a very handsome guy. Made us cry only two times in these 41 yrs and 4 and a half months when he took my piece of heart and today when he left his piece of heart leaving us all devastated.
He was always full of life , enthusiasm and happiness.His most unique quality was his ability to make me comfortable enough to share my problems and always had an amiable solution.The best thing was his everlasting love for my behen.
You will forever remain in our hearts and his presence will always be felt .Life is just so unfair sometimes.
Wanted to spend some more nights listening to ur real life experiences ‘kissey’
Life will never be same again.Thanks for coming in our lives
Sorry can’t fight tears…
Posted by Anil Bansal on June 18, 2021
Never remember unsmiling uncheerful face.
Always full of happyness say Bansal chinta mat ker sab theek ho jayega. Very dyanamic very very social personality will always be in front.
Posted by Kalpana Gupta on June 18, 2021
यधपि मैं कभी जैन भाईसाहब से मिली नही हूँ, लेकिन एक बेटी के दृष्टिकोण से पिता को खोने पर कैसा लगता है,इस दर्द से वाकिफ हूँ। ईश्वर आशिमा को एवं पूरे परिवार को इस दुख को सहन करने की शक्ति दे।
ईश्वर दिवंगत को शांति प्रदान करे।मेरी भावभीनी श्रद्धांजलि
डॉ कल्पना गुप्ता
डिबाई, बुलंदशहर
Posted by DrCaptainSubodh Gupta on June 18, 2021
WeDrCaptainSubodhGupta Parivar, with a bond of 4 decades with dear Pawanji and family miss him from the inner core of our heart and soul. A thorough Gentleman, a pious soul with ever cheerful helping attitude was PK.
He shall remain a Becons light of INSPIRATION to us.
Posted by Dr B P Arneja on June 18, 2021
Really Sad
Heartfelt Condolences
Om Shanti Shanti
Meerut Medicos Alumni Association
Posted by Gyanendra Kumar on June 18, 2021
  Dr P K Jain and Dr Nalini Jain attended the Ruby Jubilee Function of our batch (1974) of LLRM Medical C college Meerut, held on December 24, 2014, at Bravura Gold Resort, Meerut with full enthusiasm. Dr Nalini Jain belongs to 1974 batch of LLRM MC Meerut. Both of them performed on the stage and we remember their performance till date. Dr P K Jain was a dynamic full of life man. He was very friendly and kind hearted.
 On 15 June in the morning I got the extremely sad news of untimely demise of Dr P K Jain.
I was getting update regarding his health, during his illness, from Dr Nalini and Dr Ashok Agarwal, Radiologist, my another batchmate. I always believed that Dr P K Jain will be alright. I prayed to Paramatma for his recovery. But we are helpless regarding His decisions, and we are unable to understand it. Dr P K Jain has left us forever.
 May Almighty be kind to place the departed soul at His lotus feet in His Kingdom, and give strength to the bereaved family to bear this irreparable loss.
ओम् शान्ति।
Dr Gyanendra Kumar
Posted by Ritu Jain on June 18, 2021
We will miss u Sir
Always smiling, full of life
Posted by Manju Mittal on June 18, 2021
Myself and Dr Lalit Mohan Mittal missing you very much we have lost avery good friend like a brother in last seven years we visited all jyotirlings and so many other places with you which will remain alive time memory Bhagwan aapko apne charno me jagah de
Posted by Sanjay Jain on June 18, 2021
Can hardly forget his legendary and tremendously welcoming smile! Always made me feel comfortable, protected when around him and he never missed to give an overdose of the elder brother love and affection.
You are and will always be missed, celebrated and followed.
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Posted by aruna agarwal on September 15, 2021
3 months passed
कहीं भी कभी भी आपको भूल नहीं पा रहे। चाहे gathering हो या trip, आपको हर समय मिस करते है।
काश आप ये feel कर पा रहे हो।
आपके शब्द कानो मे गूंजते है कि आप बोलोगे…. एक बात सुन!

कहाँ तुम चले गए?
Posted by ashima jain on September 15, 2021
Can't believe it's been 3 months.... Not a single day has passed when I didn't cry.... Feels like its been ages since I talked to you..... Life isn't the same peeps.... Nothing seems to give us happiness anymore.... Missing U badly peeps
Wish U were around to tell me.... Tension mat le, sab theek ho jayega...
Posted by NIKUNJ JAIN on September 13, 2021
Paa i still cant believe i wont be able to see you again or talk to you again. In middle of everything … managing stuff i still havnt cried enough…. I know i have to takecare of everybody… but i also know you will remain a guiding force and guide me through.
Writing here … feels you are reading it… miss you so much… Tc Paa…

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Shared by aruna agarwal on August 24, 2021

बच्चों के साथ बच्चे, बड़ों के साथ बड़े, बुड्ढों के साथ बुद्धे , जहां बैठ जाए वही दूध मे पानी सा मिक्स हो जाते। कोई भी उनके पास bore नहीं हो सकता था। Always smiling। कभी ग़ुस्सा होते तो नाक फूला लेते। उस समय हम सब भाईंबहन डर जाते थे। कुछ कहे या ना कहे, मगर एक aura था। जैसे ही शांत होते , हम उनकी नाक फूलने का मज़ाक़ उड़ाते और वो फिर से हम सब के friend बन जाते।

इस दिल मे बसी है याद, कहाँ तुम चले गए……
Today is your birthday. Wanted to meet you. हमेशा कहते थे आजा। गयी थी आपसे मिलने । आप घर के हर कोने मे थे, बस दिखायी नहीं दे रहे थे। हैपी Birthday भई। जहां हो शांति से रहना


Shared by aruna agarwal on June 28, 2021
Is बचपन से भैया को बहुत से games खेलते देखा , Ludo, cards, badminton, TT. सब games मे champion. Carom का एक स्टाइल फ़िक्स्ट था। सारी जीती हुई गोटी left palm मे लाइन सेcollect  करते जाते और गेम जीत जाते। हम हमेशा लड़ते की भाई गोटी हाथ मे नहीं रखोगे, मगर उनका वो winning टशन था।
हर काम मे ishtyl, ऐसा ही था मेरा BHAI।

इस दिल मे बसी है याद
ज़ल्दी से छुड़ा के हाथ
कहाँ तुम चले गए………

The best dad ever....

Shared by ashima jain on June 22, 2021
He was a surprising combination of love, fun and strictness. He was always hesitant about buying expensive things for himself.....prompt reply used to be faltu mein paise waste kyu karne hain.... But never refused anything to me Or it jewellery, clothes.....or anything....I still remember the way he made me shop for marriage.... He said 'Tu bas haath rakh, wo cheez teri'. At the same time, he somehow managed to teach us the importance of money. Made it a point that we are never reluctant or careless towards studies. 

Even after marriage, he used to be soooo excited whenever I planned to go home. Would get all my favourite stuff and pack it with me. Even find for occasions to give me gifts.... Like a return gift on his own bday. 
Was so proud of our professional achievements.... Sabko itna khush hoke batate the ..... Like a proud father. 
Always my dad's little princess..... 
Missing U soooooo much papa.....