Posted by Patrick Cavanaugh on April 14, 2021
I've reflected on the memories of growing up with granny and come away feeling extremely blessed of the time we had with her. Her sense of adventure, independence, and wit will be missed but I know she's teaching the angels in heaven a thing or two about cards with my grandpa by her side again.
Posted by Kathleen Gommoll on April 9, 2021
Favorite Granny memories...

-watching her try sushi for the first time
-driving her around Chicago in a convertible with the wind whipping around
-being young at 'granny camp' at the cottage and her constantly feeding my bologna and crackers
-getting a manicure with her and wearing all of her rings at the same time (very heavy!)
-forever arguing about who gets to sit in the front seat of any car
- getting badly beaten at wild card many a time
Posted by Mary Winegar on April 9, 2021
Granny was always the daily news. She loved to know what was going on in the family and took pride in sharing that with whoever called. “But act surprised when they tell you” rang out when she shared family secrets.  She was constantly talking about the grandkids—who was working where and what shift they were on and how busy they were, where they lived and where they were traveling. She enjoyed her chocolate chip cookies and coke at every meal. We have many (what I call Peg-isms) sayings that she was famous for. As in “Good afternoon” when she greeted someone who slept longer than she did. “You must be tired” rang out frequently as she contemplated our busy days.  “Naps are for babies” reminded us that she didn’t take naps—even tho we did. Lots of things to smile about through our loss—she was a one in a million. And as we start our own —isms let my first one be “she’s ours” when describing some of her quirkiness. ...❤️
Posted by Kathleen Gommoll on April 8, 2021
In remembrance of Granny... 

Always in charge, lover of happy hour, forever card shark and never caught without jewelry on! I will forever be inspired by her sharp wit, ability to be in the joke and wide network of friends near and far. Forever in our hearts and not soon forgotten. xoxo
Posted by Mary Winegar on April 8, 2021
Mom had some very good months at Gunnisonville Meadows Assisted Living. The staff there took very good care of her.

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