And in the end
the love you take... equal to
the love you make
  • 88 years old
  • Born on May 7, 1924 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Passed away on December 7, 2012 in Santa Ana, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of Peter Proctor, our beloved Brother, Husband, Dad, Grandpa, Great-Grandpa, Uncle and Friend.  We will never forget him.

Posted by Judy Lemen on 7th December 2018
We constantly recall something about him, including his favorite foods, his witty sayings and his sense of humor. So many things are reminders of him - including his tools in the garage, his favorite Cheetos, home grown oranges in the winter, and trips to Home Depot. At this time of year, we especially remember his "famous" beets with horseradish (to accompany the pierogies my mom made). Every single day, my dad is missed and appreciated.
Posted by Marcia Proctor on 7th December 2018
Peter, Your presence is felt every day! And you continue to be missed, every day. We love you! Marcia
Posted by Bob Lemen on 7th December 2018
Remembering my father-in-law and friend today. We had a lot of good times, and he was a Huge presence for our entire family. We all miss you Peter!
Posted by Judy Lemen on 7th May 2018
Thinking about and missing my dad on his 94th birthday.
Posted by Marcia Proctor on 7th May 2018
Peter, Ken is getting more like you every year- He even has your "silent laugh" you used to do in response to something hilarious! We really miss you!
Posted by Judy Lemen on 7th December 2017
Dad left us five years ago today. Things are not the same without him. He is missed and remembered every day.
Posted by Marcia Proctor on 7th December 2017
Thinking of you always, Peter! Wish you were here to play with all these Great Grandchildren of yours! And so that they could know you, first hand. Watch out for all of us! Love, Marcia
Posted by Judy Lemen on 18th June 2017
Today was our first Father's Day with our new granddaughter and our fifth without my Dad. We miss him everyday!! I'm sure he would enjoy his second great-granddaughter!
Posted by Judy Lemen on 6th May 2017
Our family and friends will be remembering and celebrating my dad's 94th birthday tomorrow with some of the things that remind us of him - cribbage, cheetos, beer and barbequed hamburgers. Anyone who loved him is welcome!
Posted by Kathryn Lemen on 10th February 2017
Hi grandpa. Mike and I had Evvie almost a month ago. I thought you would be happy to know that her middle name is Rose, after your sister. The best part of Evvie is that she has your forehead. She's got these deep wrinkles even though she's so little. You two would get along famously. Love you.
Posted by Kathryn Lemen on 7th December 2016
We had a special dinner in your honor tonight- pierogies, onions and beets. And Mikey had a beer for you! It will never be the same without you, though. We miss you buddy.
Posted by Marcia Proctor on 7th December 2016
Grandpa Peter, You must be very proud of these Great Grandkids sprouting up all over.! We know you are keeping watch! Love, Marcia and Ken
Posted by Bob Lemen on 7th December 2016
We all miss you Peter. We can't wait until your great granddaughter arrives next month. Hope you gave her a little message for us!
Posted by Judy Lemen on 7th December 2016
He left us four years ago....and we still think of him and miss him EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Posted by Marcia Proctor on 7th May 2016
We miss you and think of you everyday, Peter! Love, Marcia and Ken
Posted by Judy Lemen on 7th May 2016
May 7 is my Dad's day. Hard to believe he was born 92 years ago...and left us 3 1/2 years ago. His wit and wisdom are remembered and missed every single day. Trips to Home Depot without him are not nearly as much fun as they were when he came along....
Posted by Bob Lemen on 7th December 2015
Still miss my bud Peter.
Posted by Barbara Day on 7th December 2015
So nice to see all these great photos. Your dad was a one of a kind :-) Barbara Day
Posted by Marcia Proctor on 7th December 2015
We all miss you, Peter!
Posted by Judy Lemen on 7th December 2015
After three years, I still miss my dad everyday.
Posted by Bob Lemen on 8th May 2015
Peter, you are still constantly in our thoughts, and your influence on all of us will always be present.
Posted by Judy Lemen on 8th May 2015
Missing and remembering my dad on his 91st birthday. Nothing fills the void left by his passing.
Posted by Kathryn Lemen on 7th December 2014
So much has happened in the last 2 years - Mike and I bought a house, got married and got two giant puppies. I would give anything to have you still be here. I hope you know how much we miss you. I love you buddy.
Posted by Bob Lemen on 7th December 2014
Dear Peter, you will always be fondly remembered by your many friends and family. It's especially hard during the holidays to think about all the wonderful time we had with you. We'll meet again in the blink of an eye some day, so keep the welcome mat out. Bob.
Posted by Judy Lemen on 7th December 2014
Missing and remembering my dad always.
Posted by Barbara Day on 9th May 2014
I love this picture of your Dad. I remember he always had that smiley look when I came over to your house, and he walked out of the garage to say hello. What a nice man he was.
Posted by Judy Lemen on 7th May 2014
Dad would have been 90 years old today! Always thinking about and remembering him, especially during hockey playoffs and baseball season. Can't see a bag of cheetos, a macadamia nut or a hammer without thinking of him. Always missing his presence, his wit and his wisdom...
Posted by Judy Lemen on 8th May 2013
I'm remembering and missing my wonderful Dad today on his 89th birthday. The world is not the same without him!
Posted by Doretta Kinder on 4th May 2013
My Uncle Peter was a great man, and a perfect gentleman.He cared about everyone and was fun to be around. I always admired him , I remember him even as a very little girl, when we all lived in Trail B.C.We always had fun, no matter what we did.Playing in the icy cold water in the mountains, or just sitting around singing old songs. I will really miss him, and loved him dearly.
Posted by Barbara Day on 31st January 2013
I remember it seemed as if your dad was always in the garage when I came over, and he would come out to say hello to me. He was always there, and I thought that was so great. And he was at your house the last time I visited you and I saw the gorgeous back yard that you worked on together. So sorry I missed his celebration- thinking of you all
Posted by Marice Caruso on 24th January 2013
We loved Peter’s his sense of humor; & watching those beautiful blue eyes “sizing up” everything, & everyone, around him. They aptly refer to his as the “greatest generation”-those that fought for everything our Country holds dear, & lived their lives true to the Golden Rule. Peter was one of the greatest of the greatest. We are sincerely grateful for the time we got to share with him.
Posted by Linda Walker on 20th January 2013
Our family have beautiful memories of Uncle Pete. We were always welcomed into your home. When we arrived, if Uncle Pete wasn't in the house we, knew exactly where he was. We could find him in the garage, on his stool, nursing a beer while he cracked macadamia nuts with the bench vise. Hold your memories close to your heart. Our love to your family from ours.
Posted by Judy Lemen on 19th January 2013
Hi Everyone - If you are so inclined, we invite you to wear blue (my Dad's favorite color) or a Hawaiian shirt (his favorite kind of shirt) to the celebration on January 27th.
Posted by Marcia Proctor on 14th January 2013
To the best father-in-law a gal could ever have. I have trouble trying to summarize, in words, all you have meant to me over the years, Peter. And those who know you well, understand why I would say this. You were always so understanding of things-of everything-and could accept things with such good grace and humor. And wisdom too. We miss you and love you Grandpa!
Posted by Matthew Proctor on 13th January 2013
Thank you for everything....we love you and we miss you
Posted by Matthew Proctor on 13th January 2013
I have so many memories with Grandpa...taking me to my first hockey game to see Gretzky, making me corndogs in the kitchen for lunch, visiting me in Memphis when my parents were out of town and teaching me the "man's way" to shake hands, and of course never saying goodbye without the phrase "if you can't be good be careful...and if you can't be careful at least remember the date"
Posted by Judy Lemen on 12th January 2013
Dear Friends - Please feel free to share memories with us at the celebration of my dad's life on January 27, 2013.
Posted by Andrea Subhawong on 12th January 2013
Grandpa, I have so many happy memories! Thank you for teaching us to play cribbage, always having soda and candy on hand, making the best orange juice in California, taking me to baseball games, and for pushing me in the tree swing. Most of all I remember the twinkle in your bright blue eyes. We love you! Andrea, Ty, and Kai
Posted by Robin Frasier on 10th January 2013
I still remember all the great times at the Lemen house with Peter and Helen, especially Christmas visits. And Peter was always so helpful around Judy and Bob's house. It was nice to reconnect with both Peter and Helen at Dr. Clark's office while I was working there. He will be missed. Hello to the family from Gary, Robin, Kelsey and Hannah Frazier.
Posted by Kathryn Lemen on 3rd January 2013
Thank you for the countless pick-ups from school, cans of Squirt, bags of grapes, and cheese and pickle sandwiches. I love you buddy!

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