Peter Spora tragically passed away on the 9th of December. A true larger-than-life character, Peter was not only a pleasure to be around but was highly respected in the mining industry and had a true passion for "rocks".

With his uniquely positive outlook, endless energy, generosity of spirit and distinctive ponytail, Peter will be fondly remembered and sorely missed by his loving family and his many friends. Our thoughts and heartfelt wishes are with Peter's family at this incredibly sad and challenging time.

Peter firmly believed that geology was best taught and learnt in the field, with a map, a hand lens and a hammer, and that every geologist should have the opportunity to be exposed to as many deposits and geological structures as possible. He was a strong role model and despite always being in a rush to get to the next deposit he was never too busy to provide professional or personal advice, to share his experience, to help others grow in their role and beyond and to provide them with hands on experience.

While Peter is no longer with us to encourage the next generation, we have partnered with the Society of Economic Geologists (SEG), to establish the Spora’s Explorers Fund. The SEG is an international society committed to advancing the science and discovery of mineral resources, with over 100 years of history and more than 7,000 members in 90 countries. It is a reference point for all geologists worldwide, with numerous publications, field trips, classes, conferences, site visits and networking events.

The Spora’s Explorer Fund will benefit young African geologists (students or early career professionals) to support thesis research and field work, defray tuition costs and university fees, or attend events organized through the SEG, including international field work, conference, classes, and site visits. It is the place of this foundation to honour and perpetuate Peter’s legacy and belief in supporting and promoting the talents of others. For more details and to donate:

To view the video montage shown in the Chapel at the end of the memorial service for Peter, click on the link below, featuring Jameson Spora on violin.
Posted by Stephen New on July 7, 2022
Peter was my cousin. I remember him as being gentle and kind as a child and even though I lost touch, I was still shocked to learn of his passing. Mine and my family's thoughts and prayers go out to his family and those who knew him well. Rest in peace Peter.
Posted by Ross Cameron on February 8, 2021
What a great bloke! Working with Pete (Spores) was always a blast, from heated squash games after work at Plutonic to "logging" old RAB holes (Regional Mapping?) while sitting on the back of the ute and jumping off every 100m, to putting a cheeky saturday afternoon bet on "his" racehorse from the exploration office. Not to mention the odd game of well tempered golf and a few beers afterwards at the Como. Great Times! Spores will be forever in our lives through the memories.
My condolences to Amanda and Jameson.
Posted by Barbara Kwiecien on January 15, 2021
Saddened to hear about Peter's passing. He was a gentleman and a great geologist, always a smile on his face. It was a pleasure to work with him. Will miss catching up with him at the conferences. Sympathies to the family. 
Posted by Mike Hocking on January 13, 2021
My deepest condolences to his family, his friends, and his colleagues. I only got to know Peter in the last few years after our mutual friend, Marion Guimard, introduced us. We met several times to socialize and chat about geology over shared meals and evening drinks in London and at conferences. He was very good geologist with deep level of knowledge and a keen eye for the often-over-looked subtilties. It was also obvious that he was very good person. He will be missed, and I wish I had more time to get to know him.     

Posted by Anu Dhir on January 10, 2021
Dearest Amanda & Jameson my deepest condolences for your loss. 
I was very lucky to work with Peter at Golden Star Resources. The one memory that I would like to share with you and that I cannot erase is the last weekend in Toronto, Canada before we shut down for our first quarantine.  Michael Stoner and Peter came to my home to have brunch on the Sunday before PDAC 2020. They joined my family and me and some friends for what turned out to be more than a simple brunch and casual get together. It would forever be known as the last get together before covid entered our vocabulary and quarantine became the norm and sadly my last get together with Peter. Michael and Peter showed up at 11am on a bright and cold morning … I then remember putting my children to bed and having our next round of laughs, drinks and food at 8pm. It was a magical day and will forever be more important and indelible than how it began. I miss my friend and colleague. I miss our zoom chatter about our families, exercise and food while we “helped” Peter build a great company…it was always the Peter show when it came to the rocks! The world is more darker without Peter’s light. Anu
Posted by Cailey Barker on January 7, 2021
Peter was such a lovely bloke, passionate and seemed to have time for everyone. Maybe it was because we were both geologists who worked in Tanzania but we hit it off from the moment we met. I was on a site visit with African Barrick about 10 years ago; disgusted that I was wearing a rival Randgold shirt, he ripped his off his back and made me wear it. Such was the measure of the man. He will be sorely missed. C
Posted by Richard Hatch on January 6, 2021
It was an absolute pleasure and honour to have known Peter - such a kind and inclusive man who was so passionate about what he was doing, and always willing to help out or explain something to anyone who asked. I had the pleasure of knowing him for a number of years in his roles at African Barrick Gold all the way through to Golden Star, and fondly recall having a particularly lovely lunch with him in Cape Town where we all laughed so very hard. He will be sorely missed and the mining sector loses a true legend. My sincerest condolences to his family. Rest in peace Peter.
Posted by Dee Chalmers on January 5, 2021
Dear Amanda and Jameson, please accept our deepest condolences. We all (Matt, Angus and me) have so many happy memories of such a kind, fun, energetic, lovely man, whether it was enlivening a cold Saturday morning at Padd Rec cheering on Hampstead and Westminster, enjoying pizza and a few drinks at Le Cochonnet, or, for Matt and me, a very special night at the Jazz Cafe simultaneously eating, drinking and talking while listening to amazing Cuban music. For me, Peter was so thoughtful and helped me with my mobility issues without making a fuss of either me or of his help. What a huge gap Peter leaves.
Posted by Greg Layton on January 5, 2021
There are times in life you meet one of a kind. That was Peter. A free spirit. An adventurer. A humble, passionate, legend of a man. I’m certain I’ve never met a man with such unwavering enthusiasm. Every time our paths crossed I came away energised. He just had this way of breathing life into your day. Or night!
It was indeed an honour to share a few trails with him and hear his stories of far off places or his loved ones at home.
Farewell great man. Words will never do you justice.

Posted by Rod Ben Zeev on January 5, 2021
Dear Amanda and Jameson,
My deepest condolences for your loss. Peter could light up a room with his energy and humor and I so enjoyed our conversations in Verbier and Amsterdam. I felt I learned and traveled more talking to him in an hour than I learned in an entire year of school or traveled in three months . Granted, I went to a horrible school and mostly travel to all inclusive resorts but you get the point. Simply, he is a great storyteller with incredible humility, spark and passion. Wishing you both lots of strength and love.
Posted by Katrina White on January 5, 2021
Wherever you met him, Peter was unforgettable.
Here’s to the friend of so many across the world. To the mining professional, who could move from exploration camp, to operations, to a Board room to meetings with Ministers, PMs and Presidents without breaking a sweat. To the man with endless energy, cheer and enthusiasm (except for the mornings, don’t mention the mornings). To the mentor who supported so many from different backgrounds and cultures across different fields and was always there when someone needed advice, support or just an ear. To the bon vivant who was always at the heart of any gathering (and a good part of the volume to boot!). To the geologist who inspired and challenged so many. To the optimist, even when walking down a road in Kisumu, Kenya away from a “not broken down, she’ll be right” exploration vehicle (ok, there were a few swear words). To the adventurer, who’d go anywhere and always have a story to tell, ideally with a whisky and cigar in hand. To the innovator and dreamer, particularly after a long night at the Seacliff in Dar putting to the world to rights (if only we’d kept notes). To the ponytail and the question of will he or won’t he cut it off? To the educator, who’d be informative and passionate, meeting after meeting, tour after tour, with everyone from fellow colleagues, community members, investors, brokers, MPs, school kids and everyone else under the sun.
And mostly to an incredibly devoted husband and father.
My heart is with Amanda, Jameson and their family, and the friends, colleagues and everyone else who was touched and inspired by him.
Vale Peter
Posted by Ani Markova on January 5, 2021
During my career as a portfolio manager, I got to know Peter over many years as one of the most knowledgeable geologists - practically a walking encyclopedia on African deposits. His openness and eagerness to explain made time fly by so quickly during our meetings. His warm smile made him very approachable and I was always thrilled to hear about his latest travel adventures. He made everything sound and look like fun. I was very fortunate to work with him at Golden Star for the past few months. It was his vision of Wassa that made me want to be part of the future of the company. Peter will be deeply missed.

With my deepest condolences, Ani
Posted by Tim Baker on January 4, 2021
I first met Peter when La Mancha were taking a look at buying into Golden Star, and immediately felt at ease with his larger-than-life personality and openness. Once Andrew became CEO it was only a matter of time before Peter joined, and we on the board were delighted to welcome him. Though he had the ability to expound at length without drawing breath, he listened well, was open to suggestion, and it was always a pleasure to have him participate in meetings. He had huge passion for the potential of Wassa and if there is one Peter legacy we can help realize, it will be to make Wassa into what he felt was possible. He was hugely knowledgeable, technically astute, zany, fun and much loved by all, and will be very much missed. Amanda and Jameson, our thoughts are with you. He was a remarkable man.
Posted by Stephen Galbraith on January 4, 2021
Dear Amanda and Jameson,
You have my most sincere condolences. I knew Peter for about 8 years at Acacia. In that time I only ever saw him with a smile on his face and energy and enthusiasm emanating from him. It truly was always a pleasure to be in his company. I hope that your memories of the wonderful man that he was can provide you with some comfort.
Posted by Brad Gordon on January 4, 2021
It has taken me a while to write this. I could not believe the incredibly sad news from London.

Peter made more of a difference in this world than anyone I can remember. He always had a positive effect on people and was there first when someone was doing it tough. His legacy is affirmed when I read the many tributes and look at his personality through all the photographs. Some of them I witnessed.

I did not know Peter for as long as most, but I feel privileged to have known him.

Amanda and Jamieson, your partner and father was an absolute legend.

Posted by Cecilia Ampuero-Wray on January 3, 2021
My first contact with Peter was via the telephone. Andrew (my husband) had recently joined the company where Peter worked in London and had fallen ill following a trip abroad. It was Peter who picked up the phone to ask how Andrew and the family were and to offer help and reassurance. Peter’s call at that moment felt like a big hug and I have never forgotten it.

From then on in 2009 we experienced many more warm hugs of friendship from him, as well as from Amanda and Jameson.

I will remember Peter for his warmth and laughter; for the sparkle in his eyes when he talked passionately about his family and the many people and things he loved, from rock formations, to a newly discovered wine or the plants in his garden. I will remember him for his excitement about the special moments that he captured in his photos and shared with us from wherever he was in the world. I will remember him for his caring nature and for that telephone ‘hug’.

Thank you, Peter, for making us part of your life.
Posted by Peter Geleta on January 2, 2021
In ones life journey you meet all types of people some good and some not so good and one has many experiences some happy and some not so happy. When I think of Peter I think of passion, energy, drive and laughter and happiness - I think of someone who was always fun to be around - the life and soul of any crowd. He will remain an inspiration to all of us, so many good qualities that we all strive for. A devoted family man who always spoke so lovingly of Amanda and Jamieson, the two people he treasured most in life.
Peter cared for people and he gave so much of his time teaching us all about geology - which was a subject that he loved passionately.
We are all richer people for having known Peter . Thank you for who you were - you will remain in our fond memories forever.

     'A beautiful life
     That came to an end,
     He dies as he lived,
     Everyone's Friend.

     In our hearts a memory
     Will always be kept,
     of one we loved,
     and will never forget'

Amanda, Jamieson, family and friends my heart goes out to you during this difficult time.
RIP Peter
Posted by Alexandra Barter-Carse on December 31, 2020
Funny, loud, interested and interesting! Your spirit will last forever. 
Posted by Ellen Claessens on December 29, 2020
I met Peter and Amanda many years ago in Tanzania when I was teaching JT in Grade 1. Although he frequently had to travel, Peter was a very involved father and the dedication and love he had for his family was always apparent. Even after leaving Tanzania, we all stayed in touch via fb. In his fb posts, the love he had for Amanda and JT was equally apparent.
Peter was always so down to earth and, when he was in Tanzania on business and we’d run into each other at the George and Dragon, he’d always be up for having a cold Kili. Always up for a good laugh and helping when needed, he will sorely be missed by all.
My heart goes out to Amanda, JT and the rest of the family and friends.

“Those we love don’t go away.
They walk beside us every day.
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still loved, still missed and very dear.”

Big hugs,
Posted by liam fisher on December 28, 2020
To my Uncle Pete
I have so many memories that have flooded back to me since your passing. Anywhere from being asked to be page boy at yours and Amanda's wedding to back yard cricket at the 1st house at kurnell along with the tennis matches around the corner to lock on (laser tag) in the park to going fishing in the yellow boat scooting along the waves over to the shipping port.
Then there was helping you pack the truck for concerts for the youth theatre. In the background of this there were the snow trips. Being taught how to play various card games at night then during the day it was skiing as fast as possible lol we always raced.. the list goes on.

I always looked forward to catching up with you on the family holidays for all the different stories and experiences you have had.

So many things now will change but you will be forever in our hearts and everlasting in our memories..

Pete your up there with Daniel now may your stars shine bright now and forever until we meet again... we love you always and forever

P.S Uncle Pete's toys will always be magic..
Posted by Travis McPherson on December 26, 2020
Very sad to hear this news. I met Peter about 1 year ago and he made an immediate impact with his humour, humility and openness. My sympathies to his family and friends.
Posted by Narjess Naouar on December 25, 2020
Forever in our hearts, Peter. I am grateful to the universe that our paths crossed and I got the chance to know him over the past year. May his beautiful soul rest in peace. Thinking of his family on this Christmas day.
Posted by Sebastian Ndile on December 24, 2020
My thoughts and prayers to Peter Spora family, Peter was a dedicated professional, knowledgeable, good orator with full of energy on whatever he was doing.
i had worked with him from 2012 to 2018 in various roles within Barrick/Acacia exploration and mining team. Peter embraced diversity and nurtured local talents. He will always be missed.
Posted by Merys Obindah on December 23, 2020
My meeting Peter in Acacia is one of those moments you get inspired to know you picked the right career as a young professional. He was simply an inspiration to the upcoming. Having attended IGC, CapeTown together, Peter always brought "life" in any situation.

In all our encounters, he was a good listener to Everyone regardless. Very open at the same time humble. You sure shall be missed.

Just when I thought I would see you again, it hasn't sunk yet. Hope you still happy wherever you are!

Prayers to Amanda and Jameson.
Posted by Tim Dobush on December 22, 2020
Peter was deeply passionate about supporting the future generations of geoscientists and had a special place in his heart for the people of Africa. He was a great champion for the industry and a wonderful human being. Peter will be sorely missed, and our deepest condolences go out to his family and friends. 

Sincerely, Theo Aravanis, Tim Dobush, Marc Gasparotto, Maria Nicolaidis, David Pratt, Victoria Tschirhart, Ken Witherly (Next Generation Explorer Award Committee)
Posted by Andrew Thompson on December 22, 2020
My first conversation with Peter, was as we were standing in separate crowded pubs in Cardiff yelling into our mobile phones, during the 2015 Rugby World Cup ahead of the Australia vs Fiji match. We had yet to actually meet in person, but were trying to coordinate for a beer while we were both there, after a mutual friend had connected us. The Cardiff meeting never actually happened, but it was perhaps the fitting introduction to a man who would quickly become one of my favourite people I've had the pleasure of meeting in the mining industry.                

Since first meeting Peter, he's been a main reason I've looked forward to the various industry events, knowing I would get an opportunity to spend some time with him. His energy, enthusiasm and positivity was infectious. I always felt quite honoured when he would spend time speaking to me, when there was a room full of people who also wanted to speak with him. I always appreciated that he genuinely cared enough to take time to ask about me, no matter how pressed he was for time. He was honest, genuine, and kind. I will miss him.

My most sincere condolences for your loss.
Andrew Thompson (Toronto, Canada)

Posted by Richard Ojendo on December 22, 2020
The world has very few people who live to make others happy. Peter Spora was one of the few ones who made others happy and enjoy their lives. I thank God to have given me the opportunity to meet Peter during my career. Go well Peter and have your Soul Rest In Peace. Amen
Posted by Bradley Shisler on December 21, 2020
Peter was extraordinary in every way. We met while Peter was at La Mancha and our fund was a large investor in both Golden Star and Endeavour Mining. Over a series of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and other meetings, I came to appreciate just how special Peter was. His knowledge of assets and companies around the world was incredibly impressive. His ability to simplify the geology for me, a non-geologist was extremely helpful. His vision for the projects we discussed was unparalleled. But most noteworthy was his combination of kindness and love of life or joie de vivre. Peter will be sorely missed, but his life will continue to inspire me and so many others to follow in his be a better person and truly and joyfully live each day. My daily prayers will continue for Peter's family and also the team at Golden Star. 
Posted by Jaimie Donovan on December 21, 2020
Pete you were one of a kind, from head to whatever whacky footwear you'd decided to wear that day. It's a real tragedy to have lost such a big and bright personality so soon. I worked with Pete on-and-off over many years and like pretty much everyone he met in the industry I have the privilege of calling him a friend. My thoughts are with your family and loved ones.
Posted by SImon El Beze on December 20, 2020
Peter was one of those individuals able to cheer you up in any kind of situations. He had such a joy de vivre, talking to you about simple things as whiskey and sous vide bbq cooking made you realize genuine happiness is so easily at reach. He also was the most humble professional executive I have ever met, he would always take the time to have a word and listen to every single individuals, once ironed our shirts simply because he could; he truly wanted to be kind to people. He was a life mentor. My thoughts are now with Amanda, Jameson and his closest friends. May you Rest In Peace Peter.
Posted by Gary Hurst on December 18, 2020
Peter’s family and the world have lost someone truly special. I have never met anybody quite like Peter and I doubt I ever will. So much energy and enthusiasm. He was such a legend. A refreshing personality. This news has hit me hard, as I am sure it has for many, many others all around the world. 

I first met Peter in London back in 2014 when I was promoting a project to him. A couple years down the road I ended up working for him at Acacia. Peter was a visionary leader and an inspiration to any who had the pleasure to work with him.

I will always remember our experiences fondly, particularly sitting drinking whiskey in the depths of a exploration camp. RIP.
Posted by Anton Mifsud-Bonnici on December 17, 2020
I add my heartfelt condolences on the demise of your dear father and dear husband Peter.

I had the pleasure to know him during the period we were both struggling with the strange turn of politics in Tanzania. I have retained some very nice memories of his friendship, his generosity, his compassion, his tear-provoking-humour, and mostly for his strong anti bodies against the virus of indifference. Peter cared like no one else around him

I prayed for the repose of his soul and for your consolation in the acceptance of the will of our Lord, as soon as I received the sad news. I promise to enter the name of Peter in the list of the departed good friends for the repose of whose soul I will always continue to beseech the Good Lord.

Sincerely yours, Anton.
Posted by Sheila Maxwell on December 17, 2020
I only met Peter a few times during my first couple of weeks at Golden Star before 'lockdown' resulted in us meeting often via Zoom! I will always remember Peter popping out to get wine and snacks for us all to enjoy in the office after work on that Friday in March 2020 before lockdown started. Peter was caring, warm and generous as well as being passionate about mining and his role at Golden Star. I feel very lucky to have met him. He will be missed very much. My thoughts are with Amanda and Jameson.
Posted by Philipa Varris on December 17, 2020
It's been a week now and I can only now bring myself to write these words. So great is the magnitude of loss I feel - but no surprise - just look at the impact Pete has had on all of us. These tributes alone are testimony to Peter and just how many people his life touched. For me, Peter's kindness and generosity (of himself and his time), his joy de vivre and cheekiness were insatiable and infectious. Peter's obvious pride in Amanda and Jameson has always been a pleasure to behold and speaks volumes for the love and respect in the Spora family - I trait I hope to emulate more. I will treasure those moments of friendship and connection forever - the last day pre-COVID 'cleaning out' the office fridge, social distanced ExCo park meet, Paris airport buying booze for site teams. Peter you live on in our hearts and memories bright friend.
Posted by Mel Ogrady on December 17, 2020
Dear Peter, no finer husband, father, son-in law, uncle or friend have I known. From the handsome man (who looked younger than his years) your wife (my friend) Amanda intoduced her friends to in the 90's to the last time I saw you a few years ago you were always someone who had an endless energy to ensure your family and friends were enjoying themselves. Whether we were at SW, Culburra or in some wonderful location in the world everyone knew it would be a fun time when you were there.
You have left behind an amazing wife and a kind and smart son (who is the image of you). I hope that I can be one of the many people who can support Amanda and JT from afar at present and in person when possible.
Rest well my friend.
Posted by Trevor Rau on December 17, 2020
So very sad to hear of Peters passing and our thoughts and prayers are with Amanda and Jameson at this time.
I was fortunate enough to spend seven years with the ABG Exploration Group in Tanzania and most of that time with Pete at the helm. 
Pete was a dynamic leader who filled the room with his high octane personality and great sense of humour. His work ethic and stamina both on the job and socially were legendary and he could burn the candle at both ends, day and night, without missing a beat. Yes, it’s true he wasn’t a morning person and he could be a bit tetchy before breakfast. However by midday he was usually well warmed up and back to his effervescent, cheerful and outgoing self.
Pete was also a very thoughtful and caring person who treated everyone the same regardless of their background or job position. He had an open door policy (not too early though) and he was always available to lend an ear and offer up advice and guidance when required. I saw him do this on many occasions, chatting quietly to staff members one on one, helping to resolve their issues. He cared about all his team members and he worked hard to ensure they were happy and safe in their work. In return the exploration team members gave him their unbridled love and respect, both as their boss and their friend.
Some personal memories: Driving Pete from North Mara to Bulyanhulu (a full days drive) and suffering in silence while he blasted out his 80s and 90s hit-list on his new Apple IPod. Teaching my wife Tosh to cook spagetti the Italian way and he carried all the ingredients to site with him (we had a house on site at Buly).
Pete could also be very reflective and often when he visited Buly, after a long night in the office he would drop in for a drink and a quiet chat, put his feet up and just kick back and relax. He would always update us on how Jameson was getting on at school and what Amanda’s latest project was. More often then not he would fall asleep in my lazy boy, a half glass of whiskey in one hand and a burnt out cigar in the other.
The last time I saw Pete was during one of these drop in visits in late 2014 a month or so before I left Africa for good. As a parting gift he gave me box of Cuban cigars which I still have.
So today I will pour myself a stiff whiskey and light up one of those Havana’s and raise my glass in a toast to a good, decent man and friend.
Here’s to you Pete, happy birthday and thanks for the wonderful memories..
Posted by Andrew Bishop on December 16, 2020
Peter, we only worked together for nine months yet it feels far longer than this and that was due to your larger-than-life personality and your love for life, your profession and your family. I was so looking forward to getting to know you better in more normal times and learning from your vast knowledge and passion for mining, and of course sharing a beer or two after a hard day’s work. GSR and the mining community will miss you greatly. My thoughts are with your family and may you rest in peace.
Posted by Ezra Kavana on December 16, 2020
I met with Peter 2014 In Bulyanhulu Gold Mine (ABG-Acacia). He was with (BEAL-Discovery Group). Again in 2016 we had a wonderful time together in Cape-town, SA during a geological Conference. Peter was genuine man that truly cared for others. Also, he was a great mentor and world-class Geologist. I will always remember him and his positive energy character!! Heartfelt condolences to his Family and friends. May his soul rest in eternal peace - Amen.
Posted by Benedicte Nzolantima on December 16, 2020
Peter was a great man, always bringing life around him and being genuinely friendly with everyone. Also, he was a great mentor and teacher. I will always remember him and carry his personality with me. May God bring comfort to his family and friends.
Posted by Giles Blackham on December 16, 2020
Peter...our story is so similar to so many others, you took me under your wing when I first arrived at ABG back in 2011 and didn’t know the first thing about geology. Well sadly I still don’t know much about rocks, despite all that time you spent talking to me about them (blame the pupil, not the teacher), but I did learn how much passion, generosity and kindness it was possible for someone to have. Yes you were sometimes grumpy, often from getting the wrong end of the stick, and yes you were by some distance the loudest person in any office I have ever worked in when talking on the telephone, but boy did you do everything with a spring in your step, a smile on your face and an open mind to whoever you were with. Your passion, generosity and knowledge made my job so much easier, so much more enjoyable and I will always treasure the memories we had in and out of the office. It would feel remiss not to mention the ponytail which together with your larger than life personality made you instantly recognisable wherever you were and the warmth of people’s greeting was the same whether in Africa, London or elsewhere which is true measure of the man you are. The world lost a great man and is infinity poorer for it. I’ll miss you mate, hope the whiskey is good up there.
Posted by Adonis Pouroulis on December 16, 2020
I met Peter a few years ago, and the first impression I got was of a man who was doing what he loved. He was excited by his work, passionate about Africa and the communities in which he worked. He gave me the impression of that free spirited "surfer geologist" type of guy.
In a meeting Peter emitted positive energy and he knew his craft intimately. Peter still had much to give and his passing is a big loss to Africa and the mining world. We will all miss his easy smile and casual style.

Our deepest sympathies go out to the Spora family. May Peter's soul rest in peace.
Posted by Johannes Henckel on December 16, 2020
Having read all the tributes I must say that there is little to add, other than that Peter, in the early hours of the day was the grumpiest bugger I ever came across. He also was the best friend I ever had. Mate, one day we will meet again, you will organize the single malt and I will take care of the Romeo y Julietas.
Hamba kahle
Posted by Anne Pinto on December 16, 2020
First meeting...1998(?)...dancing at Judd's (Kalgoorlie) 'till the wee hours of the a humble Fieldy, I thought 'What a great boss!' A decade later and several projects...still a great boss and an exceptional person! From all the JAFFAs past and present...we'll miss ya mate xx
Posted by Dimitri Reading on December 16, 2020
Larger than life and absolutely fantastic all-round bloke. Will never forget the many fun times we spent together whilst he was with Acacia. It is with great sadness, that we say 'goodbye' to somebody that has touched so many lives. My deepest condolences to his family and friends.
Posted by Ahmed Khairy on December 16, 2020
I met Peter for the first time 2 years ago when I rejoined La Mancha reporting to him. What really marked my memory of Peter is our trip to Rwanda and Ethiopia paying some site visits; I still recall how much he loved his job and this was easily seen in his eyes, I learned a lot during this trip from him not only on the technical level but on a human one as well; one thing I can not forget during this trip, we had an urgent meeting with a minister, and we had no time to prepare so he told me to go and have my shower meanwhile he was pressing my clothes; this humble action I had never seen in my whole life and taught me how to be humble toward subordinates ... I am sure that you are in a better place and May your Soul Rest in Peace
Posted by Sean Harvey on December 15, 2020
I have been quite active with mining companies in Africa for many years (Moto Gold Mines, Sarama Resources, Perseus Mining... and would see Peter at all the usual mining events, Indaba, BMO, Denver.... We worked together in a joint venture at Sarama and i am shocked and deeply saddened by this news.
My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Full of life taken far too young.
May his soul rest in peace. A reminder to the rest of us: Carpe Diem.
Posted by Damien Koerber on December 16, 2020
I would only catchup with Pete at PDAC but everytime he opened his mouth -what came out was either extremely funny, very insightful or filled with deep knowledge. He always appeared to literally effervesce with optimism, positivity and enthusiasm which was hard not to absorb. Huge loss of a great bloke who will be sorely missed by many and my sincere condolences go to his family and friends.
Posted by Muhammad Jaffer on December 15, 2020
I met Peter soon after starting my career and I was taken aback by someone who was so consistently giving with his time and expertise. He was a great guy who was always so genuine and a lot of fun to be around.

Peter was great in his field and an even more phenomenal human being; it was a privilege to get to know him. My deepest condolences to his family, the world is a lot poorer without him.
Posted by Leopold Byemelwa on December 15, 2020
Peter has been a colleague and a very close friend of mine! His energy and sense of humor will be missed. My heart goes out to Amanda and Jameson. May God Rest His Soul in Eternal Peace - Amen.
Posted by Margaret Winsel Boorda on December 15, 2020
I first met Pete in early 2007 when making my first trip to Tanzania. He and Jameson picked up Dave Brookes and myself at the airport and took us directly to their home (Amanda was hardly unpacked) for dinner and the first of many drinks together! What a beginning to the next nearly ten years working with Pete on land related issues in Africa. Many, many memories of this high energy guy; his intense love for Amanda and Jameson; for rocks - and his pushing all of us who worked with him to reach farther and commit more.  My sympathy to the family and to the many friends who will miss him so much. But - the spirit lives on. We were blessed to have known him.
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Posted by Stephen New on July 7, 2022
Peter was my cousin. I remember him as being gentle and kind as a child and even though I lost touch, I was still shocked to learn of his passing. Mine and my family's thoughts and prayers go out to his family and those who knew him well. Rest in peace Peter.
Posted by Ross Cameron on February 8, 2021
What a great bloke! Working with Pete (Spores) was always a blast, from heated squash games after work at Plutonic to "logging" old RAB holes (Regional Mapping?) while sitting on the back of the ute and jumping off every 100m, to putting a cheeky saturday afternoon bet on "his" racehorse from the exploration office. Not to mention the odd game of well tempered golf and a few beers afterwards at the Como. Great Times! Spores will be forever in our lives through the memories.
My condolences to Amanda and Jameson.
Posted by Barbara Kwiecien on January 15, 2021
Saddened to hear about Peter's passing. He was a gentleman and a great geologist, always a smile on his face. It was a pleasure to work with him. Will miss catching up with him at the conferences. Sympathies to the family. 
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Gone is the Man

Shared by Bill Kyomo on December 12, 2020
I knew him during his time at Acacia and African Barrick Gold. I was working as Business Improvement Officer and Mr. Spora was heading the Exploration Unit.

A very valuable personality has run his race, He is resting. R.I.P Peter.