Posted by STEVEN CAMPBELL on May 8, 2021
Posted by Benoit Gateau-Cumin on May 18, 2020

To me, Phil was the ultimate Preppy: patrician in his demeanor, consistent in his wasp clothing, and immediately recognizable for his hair style that never, ever changed. His formidable height allowed him to “manage” a room like nobody ever did before. The ultimate gentleman, he knew exactly what to say before politely leaving you to meet someone else. Phil had what it takes to make a fine executive recruiter: eyes in the back of his head. Many people look without seeing, Phil always saw. Especially when you thought he did not. Phil was a dedicated hero to his Alma Mater. He came from one of those families where education and Ivy League mean something. I miss you, Philippus. Oh, one more thing: did anyone ever see Phil without his incredible smile?
Posted by Dave Kolankarai on December 26, 2019
Phil has been a true embodiment of a hotelie!! His warmth, dedication and passion for Cornell was one of a kind!! He has left a lasting legacy and will be sorely missed!! On a personal note, he played a crucial role in shaping my career and for which I am immensely grateful!! To Yasamin and the entire family, my heartfelt condolences!!
Posted by R N on October 20, 2019
Yasmin -

I am extremely saddened to hearing of Phil's passing. He was someone I always looked forward to seeing during visits to Ithaca. He was a very special person and he will be sorely missed by so many. My sincere condolences to you and the rest of Phil's family and friends. Ruth (Hotel '81)
Posted by Margaret Clark on September 6, 2019
For all of Phil's extraordinary creative talents, academic achievements and hospitality industry business acumen, none were more powerfully evident and appreciated than his wonderful sense of fun in a world of seriousness, and his awareness and inclusion of the little guy. He had an outstanding way of making everyone, from the top executive to the inexperienced student, feel acknowledged, appreciated, important and heard. Phil, you were a great role model for success.
Posted by Daryl Ansel on September 1, 2019
Phil was an exceptional, wonderful human. So caring, so friendly, and a model Hotelie by every measure. Count me among the many who will miss him dearly. I am so sad that I will not see him again. His presence lifted you up and reminded you what being a Hotelie is all about.

I learned so much from Phil and in getting to know him at school, gained a friend and colleague for life. You could always count on him. Phil was always there for you, even when you may have least expected it. Just a few days before his passing, I got an e-mail from him on my birthday, just when I hadn't been in touch for a while. He looked forward to a visit, and noted it had been too long. 

From time to time, Phil would come through town and make a point of seeing you. I will always remember the time he went way out of his way, and took the LA subway (which nobody takes) from Downtown to come see me at UCLA, on the West side. Not that he had to do it, he just wanted to. He made you feel cared about; he was an authentic, genuine, dear friend. 

Thank you Phil Miller. RIP.

Posted by Vernetta Kinchen on August 30, 2019

I am so sorry for your lost and I will truly miss his honesty and knowledge that he was willing to share. He was such a great person. He has touch so many of us and he will always be in our memories. 
Posted by Marti Sheldon on August 29, 2019
Phil will be forever a part of our history. He was there at the Nines when my husband and I met on our first date in 1983 - a blind date - and Phil was the one person we knew in common at the start: Mark from Glee Club, myself from being The Hangovers' biggest fangirl and Daily Sun personal pal. Phil always had a warm smile and a big heart, and everyone was enriched from knowing him. Reunions will never be the same. I will miss you, my dear classmate.
Posted by Dan Dwyer on August 28, 2019
Philippus Miller. What a wonderful embodiment of everything Hotelie's strive for. Phil lived positively...with joy. He lived to be of service. He was a true champion of hospitality in all that he embraced. His sudden and totally unexpected more way he taught us to seize the day. Love and support to Yasamin at this very challenging time.
Posted by Hewitt Heiserman on August 25, 2019
Phil and I were 13-year "lifers" at the Haverford School. Phil was hard-working, smart, cheerful, smiling, and fun-loving. This is sad news.
Posted by Kevin Jacobs on August 24, 2019
During these times when many of us who love the Cornell Hotel School have frequently been asked what is different about the Hotel School and what makes Hotelies special, one could look to Phil as the epitome of the answer. Gone way too soon, but perhaps there is some solace in knowing that a life that touched so many in such a positive way was a life well-lived. Rest In Peace my friend - you will never be forgotten by those of us who knew and loved you. Yasamin, you are in our thoughts and prayers, and we wish you peace during this difficult period of mourning.
Posted by Lawrence Cooper on August 22, 2019
Dear Yasamin and Family,

     It is with deepest sympathy and sorrow that I express the shock and great sadness I feel of Phil's sudden passing. I have known Phil for so many years as the Rock of Gibraltar, perfect gentleman and the kindest of souls. A great stalwart for all matters Cornell especially for all of us--Hotelies. Always , always, a smiling (beaming smile) face, and a kind considerate and thoughtful word.Always supportive and helpful at all times. Phil will be so greatly missed at this trying time as we try to come to terms with his passing. G-dspeed Yasamin.
Posted by Marjorie Smart on August 20, 2019

We were stunned and saddened to read the online Journal notice of Phil’s death while we’re out of the country. We remember seeing him, as vibrant as always, at the recent neighborhood parry. Our deepest sympathy to you and all of those who love Phil.

Marj and Bob
Posted by Marty Moses on August 20, 2019
Life is such a precious gift....and so was Phil. We worked together at Cornell University and he was always a pleasure to work with. After Cornell, he shared a hug whenever I saw him around Ithaca. A very special man who will be greatly missed.
With deepest sympathy,
Posted by Richard Levins on August 19, 2019
Phil - you were always there for me to help out with recruiting or anything CHS. You are the truest embodiment of hotelie spirit, and you will be tremendously missed.
Posted by Scott Little on August 19, 2019
To Phil’s family:  I have run across many people in business and in particular in the crazy hotel business and Phil was a very special guy.  Phil managed to carve out such a special place for himself in our world of connecting amazing people in need with amazing people of talent.  He clearly influenced many students and professionals alike. I knew Phil mainly professionally and am heartbroken for your loss of such a wonderful man. A true man’s man of really outstanding character.  There are not many people like that and Phil was one of them.  I will miss him and his constant calls with ideas and even his whether reporting from Ithaca! 

Phil was One in a Million, now one with God.
Posted by Alison Hargreaves on August 19, 2019
Phil, some 13 years ago in Cairo I was delighted see your friendly familiar face at the Cornell EMEA meeting. We quickly connected and had the best weekend with you and Yasamin, Candy and Ali. In the years since and as recent as this spring in Cannes, I always looked forward to seeing you all and spending time together. There are few hotelies, and few people in general who are as engaging (and engaged!) as you are. The CHS community is collectively in mourning. You will always be remembered and honoured and I thank you for always being supportive to me personally. My sincere condolences to Yasamin and all of the family. Thinking of you all.
Posted by Samuel Bacharach on August 16, 2019
Yael and I are shocked by this news. We've been away and only just heard of this today and cannot fathom this as a reality. Whenever we met Phil, he was so full of life, generosity, and warmth. He was such a sharing and giving person--which makes this tragedy so incongruent. His voice, his humor, his unassuming charm was a wonderful combination of intellect, street smarts, and a dash of the New England debonair. Yasamin, the last time Yael and I had an occasion to spend time with you and Phil was at your home in Ithaca. A lovely house, filled very much with your shared passion for life. We cannot even imagine, Yasamin, how terribly difficult this void is for you. We wish you the blessings, strength, and peace that you so well deserve.
Best, Sam & Yael Bacharach
Posted by Rhoda Meador on August 14, 2019
Dear Yasamin and family,
We are deeply saddened and shocked about Phil's untimely passing. We remember him as a fun-loving and delightful friend who was always so much fun to be around. We send you our love, prayers, and heartfelt condolences as you go through this difficult time. His light will shine forever.
Sending you our love, Rhoda and Michael Meador
Posted by Kenneth Kuchman on August 14, 2019
Dear Yasamin:

My most sincere condolences to you and your family. I hope that you are doing the best that you can under the circumstances. I was so shocked and saddened to learn of Phil's passing, way too early at age 58. If there is anything that I can do to help you, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Phil and I were both born in 1960. He and I were at the Hotel School at the same time, although I am Class of '82. For many years in the 1990's and early 2000's, when Phil was in charge of the Cornell Hotel Society, we spoke frequently and met regularly during my presidency of the Northern California Chapter of CHS, and later as the regional Vice President Pacific Northwest and Hawaii for CHS. Phil was always, without fail, supportive, polite, and enthusiastic. He always followed through on any promise. Working with him was a complete pleasure. I recall when he married you and how much he loved you and "his" new son!

While you will never be "cured" from the loss of Phil and you will never be the same being that you were when he was alive, I trust that you will not forever be bereft in grief as you are now. A larger world will present itself, I am sure, and it may take the picture frame of a sudden expansion and deeper understanding of the many ways, and significant ways, that Phil touched so many of us. And in that expanded presence, and with the knowledge that your family and your friends are here to support you, Phil will be in the world in that presence, but while still absent. A more shadowed world, perhaps, but a more luminous world, too, because of his many contributions.

Best regards, Kenneth Kuchman, Greenbrae, California.
Posted by Cheryl Murphy on August 14, 2019
Yasmin - we are shocked and saddened to learn of Phil’s passing. Although we bought in Sea Oaks in 2013, Phil was always friendly and engaging. He was always willing to engage in strategic discussions with us on our Sea Oaks Tennis Villas. We will miss seeing him at the yearly Members Weekend in November. We thank you for sharing him with us and you are forever in our prayers. We hope to see you and share our stories in person. Much love ❤️
Posted by Alicia Munian on August 14, 2019
Ren and I are both shocked and saddened by this devastating news. Phil was always smiling, so full of life and our family looked forward to seeing him. He was so genuine and caring, and his story telling was legendary.

Our condolences to Yasamin and the entire family. xoxo
Posted by David Taylor on August 14, 2019
Very, very sad. My sincere condolences to Yasamin and those closest to Phil. Certainly, the memory of his genuine interest in others, welcoming smile and quick wit will endure. Very grateful for Phil’s contribution to elevating MMH student attitudes around a professional job search and his help in driving placement rates up into the 90’s…and always with a smile…will always be appreciated. On behalf of the students/now alumni, thank you Phil! Consummate “life is service” Hotelie. Will be deeply missed and remembered by many around the world. 
Posted by Karin Ash on August 14, 2019
Yasamin, Bill and I were shocked to learn of Phil's premature death. We last saw you both having dinner with the Vohras at the Heights. My memories of Phil go way back from our years of working at Cornell. He seemed to be perpetually smiling and that is how I will remember him. Thinking of you.
Posted by Daniel Lesser on August 13, 2019
I am saddened to hear of Phil's passing. While I did not know Phil well, I knew him for more than 30 years. Phil was the quintessential Hotelie...positive with a desire to assist. The first definition of the word "hospitable" on Google is "friendly and welcoming to visitors or guests". When I think of Phil the term "hospitable" comes to mind. Please accept my deepest condolences for your family's loss. Dan Lesser' 79
Posted by Chiaki Tanuma on August 14, 2019
The news of his sudden passing is truly sad and shocking. I remember Phil was a frequent attendee at CHS Asia Pacific Regional Conferences and my impression was that he was such a dedicated hotelie. And I cannot imagine how difficult time his wife Yasamin and his family are having now. I do miss him a lot and would like to convey my deepest condolences to Yasamin.
Chiaki Tanuma
Posted by Peg Adamson on August 14, 2019
Dear Yasamin and family,
I am a cousin and really feel your sense of sudden loss and sadness. I send you love and blessings on a life well lived and loved.
Peg Adamson
Posted by Neal Geller on August 13, 2019
Yasamin, we are so terribly sorry for your loss. Phil was a colleague but, more importantly, a friend. We mourn his untimely passing. Just a few months ago we enjoyed dinner together. We now treasure that last meeting. No words can express the sorrow we feel for you, Yasamin, and for the rest of Phil’s family. We wish you peace.
Posted by Mary Losch on August 13, 2019
Yasamin, your AASRO/AAPOR family is heartbroken about Phil's untimely passing. As so many of the tributes have said, he was a very special person who touched so many lives. May your memories bring you comfort, and may time bring you peace. 
Posted by John Durham on August 13, 2019
Much like a few others' tributes, I too had occasion to communicate with Phil during the course of my career. He was always, always gracious about giving advice and occasional networking if asked. I was in the Class of 76, and got to know him as my career (and his) moved forward. He was one of those "nice guys in a business". And yes, he was always true and sincere in wanting to help. Phil passed all too soon and sudden. However, we helped many hotelies along the way. 
Posted by Heidi Grunwald on August 13, 2019
This is such tragic and sad news. Phil was such a positive spirit - and was always a ton of fun to be around. He was ever present during the AASRO / AAPOR trips. My heart aches for Yasamin and the family - may you find solace during this time together. 
Posted by Monica Gelinas on August 13, 2019
Phil was a true Hotelie and one of a kind. Phil always listened with grace and humor. He had a great ability to hone in on the person and fully understand what was said and not said. He was so genuine - the people and the possibility of all things. I'll miss seeing him at all the Cornell gatherings. He will truly be missed. Monica '99
Posted by John F Monhardt on August 13, 2019
I was stunned when I read the e-mail from the Hotel School telling me Phil had passes away. In the 90s while at the Rezidor head office I was invited to guest lectures at the school and Phil and I made a point of touching base with each others. He was always such a positive person, generous with his time and helpful in whatever issue to be dealt with. For us international graduates he was a tremendous representative of the alumni organizations and the school. A standing example that hospitality is not a job but a calling.
John F. Monhardt, MPS 85
Posted by Yiran Chen on August 13, 2019
It was very shocked and sad when I heard of Phil's passing yesterday. Phil connected so many young students with right professionals in his life, with his genuine passion and kindness -- I was luckily one of them.
I knew Phil in December, 2015 through the Models of Excellence in Business Presentation Competition of SHA. Phil was one of the judges of the competition and I was the winner of that year. After the competition, Phil came to introduce himself and told me that he was impressed by my speech and the fact that I am a non-native speaker. He told me that I should feel proud of myself. That day was the last class day of my college time, winning the competition with such encouragement definitely made a memorable moment.
Phil then asked me about my plan after graduation. I told him that I still haven't decided, and that I will be in Hong Kong for a while after leaving the town. Phil then found a time for coffee with me before I left. He searched through the alumni dictionary and found a few alumni in Hong Kong whom he thought can help me figure out the right opportunity -- One of them turned out to be the one who referred me to my first job. I will always remember that it was Phil helping me greatly on my first step of professional life. 
I didn't know that being one of the finalists of the competition would make me know Phil and lead me to such a journey, neither do I know that Phil would leave us in such a sudden. Life is so unpredictable in most of the gain and loss.
Talking about Phil yesterday with another SHA people, we both recalled that he always tell us to reach out to hotelies around the world and be the hotelie ambassador. I think the best way to show our memory of him is to keep doing so.
Hope this note brings my condolence to Phil's family too. He will be missed.

Violet Chen'16
Posted by Regula Wipf on August 13, 2019
Dear Phil,
I hope you read these words wherever you are. We graduated together, and over the years we kept in contact. Sometimes the intervals were long, sometimes shorter - but you always remembered. No matter when we talked, you were always helpful, supportive encouraging - and it was always fun to catch up and hear what was happening on the hill or exchanging news on the newest developments in the industry.
You left us too early - your kindness will always be remembered.
To your family - I wish you much strength. My thoughts are with you. 
Posted by Michael Clouser on August 12, 2019
Sorry to hear of Phil's passing. I was shocked to hear of it today. I knew Phil for almost 30 years. I saw him often at events, and during my MBA years on the Hill as well. He was a Hotelie's Hotelie and they even gave him the url to prove it. He was the best Alumni Affairs director I ever had, and really helped connect me to a lot of people. I saw him a few times over the last two summers. I'll write about it in the stories. Jasmin, sorry for your loss. We all loved Phil but not as much as you. -Michael Clouser aka "Spaghetti", Hotel BS 90, MBA 99
Posted by Geoffrey Hewitt on August 12, 2019
So I am now retired however my paths crossed a few times with Phil during a few job searches ; he was always kind and professional in every regard ; I am so sorry for your loss he was a wonderful beautiful human being and the utmost professional in our industry
Posted by Barbara Higgins on August 12, 2019
Yasmin, I am so very sorry for this sad news!  Phil was always generous with his time, his ideas, his feedback, and his heart.  I worked closely with him at the beginning of my career, witnessing first hand his mentoring of newly graduated Hotelies, guiding them through the incredible network that is Cornell.  He connected graduates with me so often that I wondered why he didn't go into search - and of course he did!  What a wonderfully wide web of leaders he brought together, and what an incredibly decent human being he always was.  The world is a little less bright with his loss.
Posted by Chantal Wu on August 12, 2019
I am so sorry to hear about the passing of Phil! I have known him for close to 10 years and he placed me for a role with my former company a few years ago. I finally got the opportunity to meet him in person in NYC last year. His upbeat and genuine personality is something I will never forget. He was passionate about the Hotel School and connected and helped so many students and alumni along the way. Phil, you will be missed!
Posted by SARAH LATIMER on August 12, 2019
Phil was an inspirational person - always positive, happy and helpful. He was the definition of Hotelie and will be greatly missed by the entire community. Jasamin - I am so sorry for your loss. I will miss him at events - I always looked forward to catching up and hearing about all of those special Hotelies I hadn't seen in a while (as he was so good at remaining in communication with everyone). I will strive to greet everyone with a warm smile and hug in honor of Phil. Sarah Perkins Latimer '05.

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