Mother’s Unconditional Love

Shared by Carol Macayan on October 13, 2019
I always hear those words about God’s unconditional love And how He sacrificed himself to save his children but Those words were more felt because of Mama Pilar. I cannot count how many times you saved and helped us to get through some hurdles in life. I told Izzy, my daughter that with Lola Pilar, I feel I AM THE BEST GREATEST PERSON because she let me feel that I can do everything  and anything. And with her by my side, I forced myself to spread more wings that I couldn’t imagine and fly. 
During my childhood years, I am more of Daddy’s girl because Mama Pilar was a disciplinarian to me maybe because she knows that I am a little naughtier than my siblings so I always cling to my dad. But I thank God that he let me experienced to be with my mom and very blessed!
Thank you Mama for always being there - in EVERYTHING! YOU ARE SO UNSELFISH AND ALWAYS GIVING TO US YOUR FAMILY EVEN YOU WON’T HAVE ANYTHING FOR YOURSELF! Thank you to you and Papa for showing us a very good example of how to value your FAMILY AND MARRIAGE. I miss you so much especially when I am in the kitchen coz that was your fave place coz you always wanted to feed us with your good food and NOW whenever I feel like crying- I only think of your words few days before you left us- that “IAM HAPPY LHOY! “ and I saw that pure and sweet smile of yours- AND THAT IS ENOUGH FOR ME TO TURN MY TEARS INTO SMILE TOO. 
Few hours before your last breath- I saw you smiling while your eyes were close and It crossed my mind that maybe - just maybe, Papa Lito was already standing in front of her telling her to hurry up so they can be together and dance! It hurts thinking you won’t be with us anymore but this time- I WILL BE THE ONE WHO WON’T BE SELFISH AND LET YOU GO COZ I KNOW YOU AND PAPA BEEN WAITING FOR A VERY LONG TIME TO BE TOGETHER AGAIN- YOUR ONE TRUE GREAT LOVE - as what Papa always says in his love letters to you...
    “ Love till the end of time is what I will offer to you”
               - Papa Lito to his Dearest Pil

the best company

Shared by Izzy Macayan on October 12, 2019
More often than not, I would never be alone at home. Wherever I turned, Lola was there. When I needed food, Lola was there to feed me with a bowl of soup and a cup of freshly-made crystalight. When I needed someone to watch a new Netflix series with me (Jane The Virgin/Friends/The Office), she would always watch along with me. When I woke up for school, she was already downstairs, waiting for me to eat breakfast. When I went to bed, she was right there beside me playing games on her phone until we both fell asleep in the late hours of the night (never tell mom though, hahah.) I will miss just your mere presence.

Above all, I will always remember her laughs and smiles. Even at the most preposterous, raunchy humor (David Dobrik), she would be laughing at the jokes all the same despite mom reprimanding me for the content I watch. Her love was so unconditional and radiated to every person within a fifty-mile radius of her. No matter what I or my siblings did, we would be seen as nothing less than perfect angels. She was kind, her heart was pure, and she lived a long, beautiful life. I hope if I reach her age, I am half as good as her. God only knows what I’d be without you raising me to be the person I am now.

We love you, and we’ll miss you eternally. Have fun with grandpa. Say hi for us, because we never got the chance to.

”...pure and everlasting love that will withstand until death or the end the world.”Grandpa Lito in a love letter to Lola ♡

Lola’s Swag

Shared by Francesco Macayan on October 12, 2019
There are so many things that I could talk about when it comes to my grandma, Pilar Javier; whether it’s the love she had for everyone or the amazing food Lola would cook for us.
However, theone thing that I would want to make sure people knew about Lola Pilar was how much fun she had on this Earth. No matter the situation, Lola lit the room up with her personality, or as me, Dom, and Izzy would call it: her “swag”.

Even though Lola received surgery on both of her knees, you’d often find her dancing to the music my sister would be playing out loud in the living room. When Warriors games would be close and tense in the fourth quarter, Lola was the only person that was as loud as me when one of the Splash Brothers hit a three pointer. When things were a little more quiet, I would sit with Lola and listen to stories from her childhood, as well as stories about Grandpa Lito, who I never got the chance to meet. 

I think that’s what I’m going to miss the most about my Lola, that no matter what happened in my day, I could always take a break from it all and talk about what her favorite NBA player Klay Thompson’s been up to or possibly get a preview of whatever we are having for dinner. I’m going to miss hugging her for no reason throughout the day

We love you and miss you Lola, but we know you’re happy and that’s good enough for me

Love Testimonials of Lito and Pilar

Shared by Glenn Macayan on October 12, 2019
" Do you believe in soulmates? - I like the concept.. that someone, somehwere, is meant to be with you, forever." - Cafe de Flore

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