This thanksgiving service was created in memory of Prince Adeyemi Sobowale. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Reis Adebola on April 1, 2021
I knew uncle Yemi as far back as i could remember, guess i was 19 years then, i knew him and aunty Shaki, the love they shared, it was profound, they were so close knitted that you would agree that it was true love, i wish sister Bola cherishes the love they both shared forever. He was genuinely in love with sister Shaki. Well, it is appointed that every soul must taste death. Egbon , wish you surely find peace in the bossom of your maker. And may God comfort the good family you left behind.
Posted by Folasade Bello on March 31, 2021

I can hardly believe that it is already one year since you departed 'Mr Sho'.
We were colleagues in Respond Housing and Depaul; a knowledgeable and unassuming gentleman.

A diligent, kind, effortless comic but pragmatic colleague; one would hardly be caught-off guard during a shift with Mr Sho.

You are greatly missed!

May your soul continue to rest in peace and may Almighty God overshadow the family that you have left behind with his steadfast mercy and love in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen

Adieu, Adieu, Adieu!
Posted by Omowunmi Ghanni on March 31, 2021
I knew Yemi though his Senior Sister Mrs Martins as far back as 1979.I ve always known him to be a gentle person,I never heard him raise him voice in anger,not at all.We were always making a joke about his height yet being a gentle person.I know how painful your death is to us all especially your is well Yemi ,sleep well and have your rest in the bosom of God.God please give comfort to the family left behind by Yemi.Sleep well dear brother.
Posted by Jordan OBrien on March 31, 2021
Yemi, Rest in Peace.

You helped me settle into Peter's Place when I first began and showed me the ropes, I thank you for that.

You are truly missed by all who worked with you here.

The residents whom you worked with in Peter's Place mention you frequently and the work you did with them, they are truly grateful for having a role model like yourself to aspire them.
Posted by Babatunde Sobowale on March 31, 2021
Uncle Yemi was tremendously good to me , despite his strictly nature one needed to understand his intentions as I have personally picked the good virtues in his wisdom.
He was a great achiever uniting the family together and readily available to share his wisdom and thoughts and assistance with you.
Whenever we had cause to relate,his watchword has always been *SUCCESS* .
Greatly missing you Sir.
Posted by Gabrielle Linehan on March 31, 2021
Dearest Yemi its so hard to believe that a year has past since you left us, hard indeed to believe that your are gone. I worked with Yemi for about 10 years in Depaul. He was a true gentleman (a gentle giant), a kind and caring person, a very intelligent man and so funny a joker. In all the years I worked with him I never heard him raise his voice. I witnessed on many occasions his kindness and patience as he helped so many new staff settle into their role. To you his family in this time of your great loss I can only say I will keep you and Yemi in my prayers. I miss his smile and our great chats he was such an interesting conversationalist. May he Rest in Peace. 
Posted by Sim Sim on March 31, 2021
Over 40 years ago, we started a journey together in this world, but you left us early. You are dearly missed in the Fego forum. May your gentle soul continue to rest on in the blossom of God. May God grant the family you left behind his full protection and peace.
Posted by Yasmina Isaacs on March 31, 2021
I will always remember our long conversations we had about the homeless. Your kind and generous nature to help those in need. Your beautiful smile and that laugh that is so contagious that a person can't but laugh with you. Your family is taken care off. From God we come and to Him is our return. Rest in Peace. 
Posted by Yasmina Isaacs on March 31, 2021
I will always remember your beautiful smile. Love Ma Salama
Posted by Mfon Udoffa Ejemai on March 31, 2021
With deepest sympathy as you remember your husband and father, Yemi Sobowale.
Couldn't let this anniversary go by without letting you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.
Mfon Udoffa FEGO 75/80 Set.
Posted by Aderonke Oke nee Ayo-Yusu... on March 31, 2021
Brother Yemi, where do I start from. I find it so hard to bring my self to do this. It saddens my heart that I am doing this now. Why not in another 30years. You were too young to leave us. You had so much unfinished business and work. A lot has been said about you. I just want to say thank you. Thank you for being a good husband and good father. Thank you for looking after your family even in death. I can not believe it’s being a year since you left us. Continue to rest in the Lord till we meet again.
Aderonke Oke
Posted by Eniola Oke on March 30, 2021
Uncle Yemi, the news of your death came to me as a rude shock. You are a wonderful husband to Bola; my colleague and my friend. A loving and doting father to your children. Always available to help and support. You were very resourceful. You were full of life, you lived an inspiring and impactful life. You are indeed an asset and a blessing to many. A life of legacy you lived.
Uncle Yemi, good night
Posted by Idowu Akindein on March 30, 2021
Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord, The Almighty God will continue to care for the wife, children and family you leave behind in Jesus name Amen
Posted by Owolabi Adams on March 30, 2021
What a painful exit.
What could I have done
To be the one
To help you through your darkest hours?
I wish I knew
What troubled you
And gotten ridden of your demons.
I never knew i was seeing you for the last time when you were talking to me in your house at falolu while laying on the bed.
you left so early uncle yemi, i just can't cry out, all i can say is on the day of judgment, you shall not be find wanting in paradise.
Posted by Nkiru Nwambu on March 30, 2021
Yemi my brother , the news of your death was a rude shock to me. It left me shaking for hours.
My last talk with you didn’t leave a clue , as you told me you were fine, and I believed bcos you sounded nothing different from your usual self.

We were close colleagues in Simon community and DePaul. Working night shifts with you was easy as we cracked joked , talked about Nigerian politics and politicians, cooked our special noodles and watch the night drift away. Your jokes are filled with wisdom.

Yemi ,you were a hard worker, perfectionist, professional to the core, full of intelligence and your cleanliness was second to none, not to talk of your advise on how to save money and make investments etc. I learnt a lot from you Yemi.

You always got my back at work and hint me of any impending danger at work. Thank you so much for being a good friend and a colleague.

May your good soul continue to rest in peace. Miss you Yemi.

Posted by Kemi Atoro on March 30, 2021
Uncle Yemi it has been a year ago since your demise from this world but I still can not come to the term with the sad fact that I won't see you any more, I missed your wealth of wisdom, numerous ideas; abilities to resolve problems when they arise, and your total dedication to your family which (your type of dedication) is a rear virtue that is hard to come by in most men. My gist partner I will really miss those expensive jokes of yours, your culinary and baking skills that you sometimes brag about to me. My brother in law and my friend I am glad I made a journey down to Ireland to see you few days before you travelled to Nigeria though it wasn't like before that you say something nasty and I ponch you and run after you around your house. Uncle, you were more than a brother inlaw Baba KOWOPE the master planner continue to rest in peace sir.

Posted by Kolawole Opayemi on March 30, 2021
Heaven has called upon you too soon ,It’s hard for me to write
leaving so many words left to say.
But now it's too late, for your time has come.
Words unspoken - I am sure everybody has some.
Regrets and wishes are probably there too,
but lasting forever are memories of you.
You are always there when needed you never say no
There have been many times that we disagreed,
but we were there for each other in time of need.
Now it's time for me to say goodbye,
until we meet again in heaven to fly . Rest In Peace dear brother.
Posted by Adebola Majek-Odunowo on March 30, 2021
We got really close during our A Levels at Federal Government College Odogbolu. We had a special way of greeting ourselves, he would say "bago" and I replied "wire" and vice versa depending on who saw who first. We went our separate ways after school only to find out we were in the same industry, Advertising, years after. So it made sense for us to come together as partners to set up Generic Communications. I did not stay long in Generic Communications but my stay there was the threshold to a certain degree of success in our chosen profession. Yemi was doing well too. He was always looking out for the next person and was very generous even in spite of his stringent principles. I'm very glad I designed the IV cards and other communication materials for his in-laws' remembrance, his last social engagement. Yemi was an institution, an astute businessman, well travelled and generally a home boy. He would be sorely missed for his generousity and care. Keep resting in the bosom of your Maker and may He continue to comfort and care for the family you left behind. Amen.
Posted by Adedoyin A Isola on March 30, 2021
Sobowall, as some of us used to call you at Federal Government College Odogbolu. You were full of life and very amiable. Continue to rest in peace in the bosom of your Creator. May your family and friends continue to find adequate solace in God Almighty.
Posted by Stella Obe on March 30, 2021
Adeyemi breezed in like whirlwind into my life and left an indelible mark forever young and green in my heart. He was a most dutiful, loving and caring Husband and Father who took great pride in his loving family.
Not forgetting his Nigerian-Irish Community and St Mary’s Church Clonsilla parishioners here in Dublin of which Adeyemi was an integral part, we will miss you at our usual and occasional gatherings, but will remembered you with love, affection and gratitude for having enriched all our lives. You were a larger than life personality
In terms of years Yemi died far too soon but in other terms he lived a full life, because he found and had what most people search a lifetime for and never found. He had the love of his life Bola, their marriage and subsequent friendship and togetherness was beautiful to behold. He was a Father to three beautiful Children, his world and reason for being. So you see he lived because they live. Yemi you loved well and you were equally well loved.
As for me it had been an honour and a privilege to have known you and it had been a blessing to have had you in my life. So thank you Yemi for being you. Thank you for your indomitable spirit. Thank you for showing us how to be courageous in the face of adversity. Thank you for your friendship and most sincerely thank you for your love given freely and without rancour.
I’m sorry that your earthly journey was cut so short, but I bid you adieu. Eternal rest continue to grant unto Yemi O Lord, and let perpetual light shine on him, May his soul and the soul of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God continue to rest in peace and rise in glory on that last day when the trumpets shall sound and the dead in Christ shall rise. God be with you till we meet again.
Posted by Kayode Agboola on March 29, 2021
Adeyemi, was a very straightforward person and he stuck to his words.
He was the one who encouraged me to apply for a permanent post at work, although I started working in the Organization before him, I never thought of working permanently until he gave me more reasons why I needed the permanent job and so I took his advice and it is still working for me today.
You could confide in him, and he would give you straightforward advice without hiding any of his feelings, it might have been hard for some people to take but it is the truth.
He was very time conscious and well organised.
He was someone that was always willing to help if he had the resources to do so.
I miss him everyday, he was someone that you needed around in life.
Although we love you,God loves you more.
Rest in peace.
Posted by Safiat Momoh on March 29, 2021
Brother Yemi may your soul rest in eternal peace. Even though I didn't have the chance to meet you again after years of meeting you in Falolu when I came visiting with Jumoke. You were a nice and caring man. You are missed and the lord will protect and guide your loved ones.
Posted by Oluwakemi Bolajoko-Ajala on March 29, 2021
Yemi Shobowale, you’re such a great guy that any mother can ever prayed to have as a son, or a son in law. Yemi, you played a father figure to your family and your wife’s family. You’re such a humble man with a great sense of responsibility, good sense of humor, and a master planner. I remembered how you single handedly planned your wedding to my friend Bola in a subtle manner. You have eyes for quality things judging from all the gifts to Bola way back then. With God’s leading, you planned for your wife to travel abroad ahead of you because you wanted the best for her. Yemi, I know God loves you more than we do and that was why He took you now. It is difficult for us to comprehend your death, but to God, it's the best plan for you and we cannot question Him.. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord till we meet again. The Lord will watch over the family you left behind and help you to complete what you cannot accomplish. Rest on Yemi.

Posted by Olufunke Salam on March 29, 2021
Daddy Feranmi. Like I use to called you. It was so sad that you left too soon. For the little time I had an encounter with you, I can describe you as a strong, Brave, God fearing and a family Man to the call. Continue to rest in peace brother.
Posted by Yemisi Amunikoro Bello on March 29, 2021
Your presence is surely missed. May your soul continue to rest in perfect peace The legacy you left behind is not forgotten forever.

Chief Mrs Adedayo Amunikoro
Posted by adeyemi oluseye oyegunwa on March 29, 2021
Dear brother Yemi your untimely death is a big blow all. I'm yet to come to terms with the brutal fact that you're dead; that you're no more. The untold agony, tears, pains and gloom. You have created a vacuum that will take our family years to fill.  My growing up was a blessing you introduced me to a game of hockey I remember back then in my university days you placed me on a monthly salary without working not forgetting the expensive shirts and shoes that come regularly . Never knew the last time I saw you at ikenne would be the last rest on sobo 1
Posted by Musibau Hassan on March 28, 2021
Words can't describe how sad I felt when the news came of your passing. You are one in a million and someone who cares and does not put people down. You always give your time and patience by listening to people around you. Thank you for all you did for your beautiful wife and children.
Till we meet and part no more; rest in peace Sir.
Posted by Kayode Adenowo on March 28, 2021
Ẹ̀gbọ́n Yemi, I came to know you as AKINKANJU ọkùnrin, despite your health conditions in few days to your demise, you are a great source of encouragement to me, and should be to others to keep doing good works in spite of any challenges.
You are indeed a good man to emulate in characters and good deeds.
There is a hope to our dead loved ones.
I hope to see you again Brother Yemi as the Holy Scripture in book of John 5:28, 29
Rev 21:4.
Posted by Adeola Oke on March 28, 2021
Such an amazing man. Stood by his strong values and beliefs. A good man
A dedicated man to his wife and children, stubborn at times but with the best attitude. Continue to RIP.

Adeola Oke
Posted by Yemi Opayemi on March 28, 2021
Always in my hearts. As a Brother ( EBGON MI )
Always on my mind, forever in my heart.As a Brother in law ( BABA OKO ) You always call me ( IYAWO IJEBU)
You'll be with me forever. As a Friend . MY Paddy For life as we both call each other  ( IJIN LE ORE )
Gone yet not forgotten. Because you understand me trust me believe in me understand me that you can stood in court or before anybody and say I am guilty without asking for evidence . You have no doubt of me till your death . BEST BROTHER KIND AND LOVELY BROTHER IN LAW BEST FRIEND
May the winds of heaven blow softly and whisper in your ear !!!! How I missed you
You may be gone from my sight but you are never gone from my heart.
Posted by Bayo Alase on March 28, 2021

Coming this late in writing this tribute is not a deliberate act but overcoming the grief of losing a friend and a gentleman is an herculean task.

Yes, it is an understatement if I referred to Yemi as a GENTLEMAN, indeed he was your friend in need and a silent good doer.
I can remember our adolscent ages in Surulere , how we move from one of the boys residence to another boy residence, how we were always on the lookout for each others car passing followed by horn honking, the hangouts and the pranks. But, one thing that distinguished Yemi out was that he never indulged in any of the three vices young men of those days were known for. Whenever he has cause to sit down with the Bishop Boys (as we referred to ourselves then and now) he was always contended with soft drinks or water.
Therefore, my joy knew no bounds when my niece , Bola informed me that they were dating. I volunteered to ' take' Bola to his hall of residence at Unilag ( Shodeinde) at least on a couple of occasions.Was very happy to witnessed their blessed Union.
Yemi was a friend in need and a friend indeed and upon all a gentleman. We lost a gentleman and indeed a good friend.


Posted by Olajumoke Hassan on March 28, 2021
God saw your pain, He knew about your  tiredness, He felt for you but no cure in sight. GOD decided to give you a rest with peaceful death. When I saw you weeping, I knew it was not because of your sickness nor death in sight but because of your loved ones you’ll leave behind.
*You ran a good race as a good man*.
*You left great legacy with bravery*.
In the last few days I saw you before your passing, you still kept your gentleness & showing kindness to others. Your spirit of wanting to help others and making them comfortable was still in you till the end.
I celebrate you every time.
I’ll always Love & Adore you Baba Ijebu as I fondly call you.
Rest on my Best uncle, brother & Adviser.
Rest in perfect peace Baba Ijebu.❤️
Love  Olajumoke Olajide Hassan
Posted by Princess Toyin Ogunwusi on March 28, 2021
Yemi Sobowale
Your smile, your jokes, your ideology, your steadfastness, your disposition to life, your shared experiences and all you stood for will forever live in the hearts of those who love you.
Life is a journey... From Paradise to the earth and from the earth back to Paradise is a learning experience for the Human Spirit. I wish you continous joyful experiencing in the beyond
Posted by Olawale Ashiru on March 28, 2021
My dearest Brother Yemi,
What can I say or pen down that hasn't been said of you and about you, a gentleman per excellence, an amiable person with a great heart with a great sense of humour, who would always make everyone around him laugh. You are missed and will be greatly missed, thank you for all the memories shared and continue to rest in the bosom of the LORD.

Olawale Ashiru
Posted by Olusegun Adams on March 27, 2021
Bro Yemi

The news of your death came as a shock. My initial reaction was that it could be one of those pranks. Again, a year has come and gone. I have not been able to bring myself to write a tribute about you. Good people leave early. You were too good to leave this early but what can we do when the owner of time says the time is up.

We submit to the will of the Almighty and we know for certainty that you are in a better place. The family you left behind testify to your love, care and protection.

You will be sorely missed. ADIEU, Uncle Yemi
Posted by Imani x Armani on March 27, 2021
Tribute from The Ola-Akanji's family xxx

Dearest brother Yemi, we know you are in a better place but your death came as a shock to us all, for you lived a good life and cared so much for everyone around you most especially your family. 
I remembered when we came to visit you in Dublin with my family, you were indeed a good man to the core, you took us from and to the airport, even cooked a special meal for us on that special Sunday and vacated your bedroom for us to stay, that shows how selfless and humble you were to mention but a few.
I believe heaven has gained a soul and we will forever remember you as a great man.
One year gone but you not gone in our heart, we will forever remember you and your wonderful smile and jokes.
Rest on in peace till we part no more. Adieu
Posted by Kehinde Atoro on March 27, 2021
Our outlook on life plays a large role in how we see adverse situations. When we are depressed, angry and upset, our outlook will be one of pessimism and woe. If we have a cheerful disposition, our outlook will be much different. Uncle Yemmy believed that we all have good and bad days, so it stands to reason that every person will fall into one of these two categories at some point.
Despite the negativity in every situation, he was a man that always sees the positive sides of everything....I wasn't surprised when "The Baby face Giant" chose his fatherland as his final resting place.
Continue resting easy, are never forgotten!
Posted by Bola Sobowale on March 26, 2021

Hmmmmm seems like yesterday, can’t believe it’s your anniversary already, it’s hard to believe you’re no longer here, my hero and soul mate is gone. Words cannot describe how this makes me feel.... You’ve passed on to the other side, though i wish you could still be here with us....

Adeyemi Abimbola omo oba, my first love, you were me and i was you
We were one person in two bodies, you were not only my husband
But father, my best friend, my source of comfort, confidant and you were everything to me.

You were a remarkable man, dependable, loving, amazing and caring....
You were the centre of my world. You were one in a million to me, you made me laugh and smile, my companion and dear friend....
Though a disciplinarian who likes to get at the top of things
Who makes sure he dots his i’s and crosses his t’s
You were a wonderful husband from beginning to the end.
I adored your up-rightness, your honesty, humbleness, sense of humor and genuinity in everything you do.

Our dream was to live together to a ripe old age
We talked about it and planned it, we thought we would forever
Be there for each other.
My love, our time together may have been cut short, you were the wings on which i fly.
You were so full of life, you will always be in my heart.
The love i have for you will never die, you were intelligent, Full of wisdom and gifted with genuine spirit of love. You were a very special person with kindness in your heart whose major focus is to see people progress and better their lives and your generosity to people could not go unnoticed.

We’ve been together for 35 years and they were the best years of my life. But the happiness we shared together, will last a lifetime i will remember those special ways you treated me and make me feel.
Forever will you live on in my heart and mind. Forever will you live in my thoughts and never die. With love always, I remember you with fond memories as i think of you....
I’m grateful for the times we had together, I’ll cherish my memories of you forever.

We shared that love, you and i from the day we wed, to the day you died.
You cared for me and the kids more than words could say, your care, love and support I could never repay.
A prayer, a tear, till the end of time for a wonderful husband, i am proud to call MINE.

We all miss you and talk about you daily. You’re just not that kind of man to be forgotten. I smile each time I remember or talk about you because that’s what you represented to all who knew you. You brought joy, happiness, comfort and support to all. I cry sometimes because i wish you could have spent more time with us, but God knows best.

And the love we had together, grows stronger now we’re apart
I know i cannot bring you back, although i wish it everyday
But a piece of me went with you, the day you went away

The fact that you’re no longer here, always cause me pain
But you’re forever in my heart. I cannot question the will of God
I accept his will and I know you are in a better place
Goodbye my heart-throb, my teacher, mentor and dedicated family man indeed.
The best husband any woman could ever ask for.

Oko mi, olowo ori mi, alabaromi, alatilehimi ni gbogbo lgba, eni bi okan mi, eniti o je ki aso jabo ni ejikami. Adeyemi mo ma mo lore oo, tin ba tutu aiye wa, iwo ni ma fe. Thank you very much for everything, i am glad you came into my life because i will find comfort in that knowledge that you loved me and the children to the end.

Until we meet again and part no more.

Adieu my LOVE


Posted by Bisi Sobowale on March 26, 2021
Hmmmm, Big daddy.

The pain is so much fresh in our hearts,we still cry at the thought that you are no more with us but what can we do than to take solace in the Lord. We can not question God.

You were a loving brother and a caring brother-in-law, you loved and cared so much for all the family. You brought happiness to everyone, you were always there for the family. You stepped in perfectly to your father's role of family man after his demise. Your memory lives on in our hearts, the cherished memories will never fade.

We prayed so much for your recovery, but God loves you more. You are in a better place now watching us from above, we remember you always by the way you lived. We miss you so much.

May your gentle soul continue to rest on.

'Sola & 'Bisi Sobowale
Posted by Oluwatoyin Alatise on March 26, 2021
Hmmm Yemi, it’s already a year without hearing from you. I couldn’t have imagined writing a tribute about you this early. Your death was so painful and devastating, it was as if I’d lost another soulmate. You were always there for me when death snatched away your friend Yomi from me, and now you are gone too. You readily played the role of father in the life of my children and were always eager to render useful advice to me whenever I had to make hard decisions. I thank God we spent some days together before your death and I can always look back fondly at those wonderful days.
Yemi, you had great plans for your family which are still in the pipeline, but I’m sure all will come to reality because of the great people that surrounded you.
You loved your family so much and ensured they never lacked any good thing. Bola would have learnt a lot from the many words of comfort and advice on moving forward after losing Yomi, and now in hindsight, it appears you were preparing her for this as well.
We love and miss you daily, but God loves you more. Continue to rest in the bosom of your maker till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Olajuwon Oyenuga on March 26, 2021
Uncle Yemi...
Still find it hard to come to terms with the reality you’ve gone back to ur maker.
Got to meet the Shobowales through my late dad. The bond got stronger as i schooled with ur younger ones ni Mayflower.The joy I felt when I found out I had a family here. Our times together was quite special as we often shared stories of back in the day. You’ve always been an easy person to relate with though strongly opinionated... Admired that bit of u. You played ur part well. May God forgive ur shortcomings. Till we meet to part no more...
Posted by Cathy Maguire on March 26, 2021
Thinking of Yemi and his beautiful family at this time. I worked with Yemi in Peters Place. He was a lovely kind person with a really big heart to help all around him. Praying for Yemi's family at this time and sending you all warm wishes.
Rest in Peace Yemi

Cathy Maguire
Posted by Adedayo Sobowale on March 25, 2021

Father, a prince
With me from birth and ever since.
An authority to some
And I don’t mean to boast,
Though I’d say he had a soft spot for me.
Every moment we spent together
Helped us to only strengthen our bond
No matter the Irish weather
Even though at times I could be a pain 
He forgave me every time, and did so
Right until the very end

I miss you so much dad, since you left us to be in heaven. No one is around anymore to call me “ Fikikoko” any other one is a counterfeit.
Farewell dad, may your soul rest in peace.

Posted by Deborah Murphy on March 25, 2021
Dearest Yemi..not only were you our neighbour but were like part of our family. You were such a genleman who did everything for your family to give them the best in life.I know they are so proud of you and will carry your legacy on and continue to make you proud of them. You should be so proud of all your achievements, your generosity, kindness and love you gave to everyone. Your infectious laugh is sadly missed. We still expect to see you every day.X
Rip our dear Yemi. From Debs,keith and katie.xxxx
Posted by Mowunmi Ashiru-Williams on March 25, 2021
Dearest Uncle Yemi, I still can't believe you're no longer with us, I still remember your beautiful smiles and ever caring nature. We love you but God loves you more. Continue to rest in His presence until we meet to part no more. We love and miss you.
Posted by Keith Greene on March 25, 2021
To family and friends
We first met yemi and his family nearly 13 years ago when he popped his head over my back garden fence to ask me if I could help him remove 1 of his doors as the new carpets he got fitted had jammed the door and from that day on I knew he would become a good friend and not just a new neighbour He never seemed in a hurry each time we chatted and 1 thing I miss was he laugh and his massive smile.he was a true gentleman,great father ,a loving husband ,great neighbour and a hard working man who gave his time to the most are sadly missed everyday my friend.
Sleep well til we meet again
Ps! And don’t worry about your family,we will always take care of them
Posted by Mary Adeyanju on March 25, 2021
My darling brother, I can't believe it is a year since you left us. You were a honest, loving and caring brother to me and I appreciate the time I spent with you. You are dearly missed by me and my family. You have played a good impact in my life, also learned alot of things from you. I Miss you dearly, I will always remember how much you advised me. Thank you and continue to rest in the bosoms of the Almighty God till we meet to path no more.
Posted by Funmilayo Cole on March 25, 2021
To my personal person UNCLE DAVE as I fondly call you , you left without saying goodbye,WHY.

The news of your demise was a shock to me n my family, is it your jokes and fun we share together right from Letterkenny and Lucan

Till now still surprises me.

But who are we to questioned God,hummm it's well. The Bible verses in Ecclesiastes 3 vs 1... that say To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. I believed that you are in a better place now and

I pray that God will comfort the entire family and may your gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace till we meet to part no more

Gone but never forgotten. UNCLE DAVE.
Posted by Gbenga Adeyanju on March 25, 2021
Mr yemi shobowale a.k.a baba feranmi as I always call you. You are a such a good person to everyone that knows you and you have been a  good impact in people's life. We the Adeyanju family in Dundalk really miss you because you are always there for us every time we call on you for advice since we have knows you almost 20 years now .
May your soul continue to rest in peace and may the Lord continue to be with the family you left behind .

Posted by Kareemat Adekoya on March 25, 2021
My dear brother Yemi it is still like a dream but sure heaven has gain a soul, we find solace that you are now in a better place where there is no more pain, sorrow and tears . We missed your smile , jokes and that brotherly love oh no two FCC Yemi in the whole of DePaul, very direct bold and straightforward Man. I called him my egbon and he was indeed my egbon looks after you and your interest, he will correct you with love and listen to your counsel despite the fact that we are far junior to him. Egbon we love you but God loves you more. Gbe ori le aya Olugbala e. Sun re . Didun ni iranti olododo.
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Posted by Reis Adebola on April 1, 2021
I knew uncle Yemi as far back as i could remember, guess i was 19 years then, i knew him and aunty Shaki, the love they shared, it was profound, they were so close knitted that you would agree that it was true love, i wish sister Bola cherishes the love they both shared forever. He was genuinely in love with sister Shaki. Well, it is appointed that every soul must taste death. Egbon , wish you surely find peace in the bossom of your maker. And may God comfort the good family you left behind.
Posted by Folasade Bello on March 31, 2021

I can hardly believe that it is already one year since you departed 'Mr Sho'.
We were colleagues in Respond Housing and Depaul; a knowledgeable and unassuming gentleman.

A diligent, kind, effortless comic but pragmatic colleague; one would hardly be caught-off guard during a shift with Mr Sho.

You are greatly missed!

May your soul continue to rest in peace and may Almighty God overshadow the family that you have left behind with his steadfast mercy and love in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen

Adieu, Adieu, Adieu!
Posted by Omowunmi Ghanni on March 31, 2021
I knew Yemi though his Senior Sister Mrs Martins as far back as 1979.I ve always known him to be a gentle person,I never heard him raise him voice in anger,not at all.We were always making a joke about his height yet being a gentle person.I know how painful your death is to us all especially your is well Yemi ,sleep well and have your rest in the bosom of God.God please give comfort to the family left behind by Yemi.Sleep well dear brother.
his Life


Prince Adeyemi Abimbola SOBOWALE was born in Lagos, Nigeria on the 21st of May , 1963 to Late PA Emmanuel Abolade SOBOWALE ( LAPO descendants of Ikenne Remo ) and Madam Elizabeth Olabowale SOBOWALE. 
Prince Adeyemi's late father was a very hard-working man indeed his children's education and success was very paramount to him. He gave Prince Adeyemi the best education in Nigeria . For his primary education Prince Adeyemi attended Methodist school Yaba, Lagos State from 1969- 1974. He sat for his first school leaving certificate examination in June 1975 and proceeded to Federal Government College , Odogbolu ( FEGO ) for his secondary school education between 1975 - 1980 . He was diligent in school and represented FEGO in the hockey game. He was fondly called Sobo 1 ( Sobo one ) by his friends in school . He earned this nickname because he was sociable and friendly. 

From 1981 - 1983 Prince Adeyemi did his A levels at FEGO, thereafter he gained admission into University of Lagos ( UNILAG ) to study psychology from 1985 - 1988. He was the national president of the Nigerian Association of Psychology students between 1987/ 1988. At the 12th National convention of Psychology students that held at University of Nigeria , Nsukka on May 20,1989 , Adeyemi was given special recognition and a merit award for his positive and selfless contribution to the association.

He did the mandatory one year National Youth service at Custom and Excise, kaduna state and from October 1989, he started work at FAM advertising Nig. Ltd.

Being a self motivated person Prince Adeyemi soon started his own business . He went into partnership with an old friend to start an advertising company in Lagos. Generic communications Ltd, commenced operation from April 21, 1995. However in 1999,Prince Adeyemi had to relocate to Ireland to devote time for his family and for personal development. 

Prince Adeyemi was a resilient worker and a team player amongst his colleagues. He was gainfully employed at the following organizations :

Depaul Ireland ( Relief Project Worker) 

Exchange House Travellers Service ( Outreach Drug Worker) 

Respond! Housing ( Project Worker / Case Manager) 

Coolmine Therapeutic Community ( Relief Project Worker) 

Dublin Simon Community ( Relief Project Worker) 

Coolmine Therapeutic Community ( Placement) 

Clue Health Care ( Relief worker/project worker)

And at Depaul Ireland (Project Worker) which was his last place of work.

For his career progression Prince Adeyemi obtained the following qualifications and certifications in Ireland

Donegal County Enterprise Board Ltd, Business Accounts Training

Addiction Training Institute, Professional Diploma Addiction studies

Accreditation with Athlone Institute of Technology

Higher Certificate, Applied Addiction Studies, Addiction Training Institute/ Athlone Institute of Technology

Certificate in Housing Level 2 ( Respond / CIH )

Care & Case Management - Continuous Professional Development Modules ( Homeless Agency / Dublin City University )

B A Applied Addiction ( Addiction Training Institute/ Athlone Institute of Technology )

Certificate - Managing Organizations in the voluntary and community sector ( National College of Ireland) 

Prince Adeyemi's desire was to see unity within his extended family, a trait he inherited from his late father. He started an annual family meeting for the SOBOWALE's at Ikenne from 2015. This effort endeared him greatly to one of his uncles the Oni Rolu of Irolu ( Oba Adeyiga ) and several members of his late father's family.

Marital history

Prince Adeyemi fell in love with his friend and sweetheart of thirty five years. They courted for several years before they eventually got married. Their union was blessed with children.

Shortly before his transition Prince Adeyemi gave the best gift to his family, by accepting and dedicating his life to Jesus Christ. 

Prince Adeyemi slept in the Lord on the 31st of March at the age of 56

He is survived by his wife, children , aged mother and five siblings

He was truly a dutiful, caring husband and father.


Prince Adeyemi Omo-Oba,
Omo Itun-Idomole-mole ni Iseri
Omo Olu-gbedu Merindinlogun
Mejo ni Ilishan-Mejo ni Ikenne.
Omo Menu Menu-Mefun miii.
Omo Eluku medenmedon-Omo- Itunla.
Omo Omo Apena-la-oloko aroti -Ni Itebu.
Omo Itunkija.
Omo Alase -Asewa.
Omo Alara Mesi.
Omo Moko-Oluna-Akoda-ni- Ikenne.
Omo Onipakala,Agbeni Ma- Deyin.
Ara Itanjirin ti nba Ajeji leru,
Omo Akenugbo Keru Ba Ara- Ona.
Omo Ogere Ota,
Omo Regberegbe Lona Erii,
Omo Moko-Oluna-Akoda-ni Ikenne.
Omo Oba ni Itun- Legunsen/Idomole ni Irolu.
Recent stories
Shared by Olayemi Shonubi on March 31, 2021
I have known Yemi since 1975 when he joined my class from Mayflower Junior School.

Yemi was a stickler for details, kind, hardworking, generous and very warm personality who loved his Family dearly and never forgot his friends.

When he called me sometime in October 2019 that he would be home to mark the Final Burial Ceremonies for his Parents-In-law, little did I know that he was also preparing for his Exit! When I saw him at the Ceremony, it was evident that he was gravely ill but what was not evident then, was his determination to ensure that the Exit did not happen outside his homestead (“Ori Ade ki sun ita” i.e., a Royalty should never be buried outside the homestead).

Although his last few days were quite painful, yet he took it all stoically like a true Royalty that he was, brave and courageous till the very end.

May Almighty God continue to grant him eternal bliss and give his Family – Mama, Bola and the children, his siblings as well as all his loved ones, the solace to bear his loss through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen!

Shared by Klaudia Wolna on March 30, 2021
I didn't know Mr.Yemi Sobowale for a long time , only through his wife, dear to me Bola . I met him few times though but from first meeting I felt great respect towards him , he had this aura..
He was noble man ,  great father and committed husband but also active member of society and his own community. Such a loss ... I would remember him dearly and I hope he would look after his family from above.
Shared by Aderonke Olajide on March 30, 2021
Mr. Yemi Sobowale, hmmm! How do i describe the most selfless person I know? How do i describe your brotherly love? How do I begin to recall the support and assistance you gave me whenever I needed it during my studies in WIT Waterford which made me called you my lecturer. You were such a caring, loving brother and a true friend. A family man to the core. Thank you for the beautiful memories of the great times we had with you and your family. Heaven gain a star the day you left. You will be forever missed.