Her Life

Mama Priska Mosinya and her health

Mama Priska generally enjoyed a robust healthy life most of her life as a senior citizen. In 2019, she underwent a hip replacement surgery and travelled to the US for  specialized treatment under the care of her children Petronilla (who is a nurse) and Simeon. She was there for 2 years and returned to her community in December 2020 after successful recuperation.

Mama Priska generally enjoyed a healthy life after returning to Kenya and earlier this year she started experiencing recurring back and joint pain. She travelled to Nairobi for review and effective treatment in March 2021. During her stay in Nairobi for this treatment, she contracted COVD-19 and was admitted at Bellevue Hospital in an isolation ward and later transferred to HDU to receive specialized treatment for COVID-19 complications. Her condition improved for some  days and there was hope that she will pull through but unfortunately succumbed to the pangs of the disease on Sunday 18, April 2021 at 9.30pm.

Mama Priska Mosinya and Family

Mama Priska Mosinya wa an outstanding wife to the late Alois Nyamwamu whom she wedded in 1964. Together, they were blessed with 9 children: Gekonge (Late) and Tabitha, Constance and Samson, Gladys and Solomon (Late), Patricia and James, Nancy and Caleb, Cyprian and Joan, Petronilla and Simeon, Lillian and Abraham and Anzelem and Sarah. Mama Priska was blessed with 31 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.

Mama Priska Mosinya and Church

Mama Priska Mosinya was a devout catholic who throughout her service in church was renowned for her commitment and dedication in growing Sengera Parish and later Ogembo where she served as the Chairlady of The Catholic Women Association.  Her devotion in supporting church activities earned her the name, Mama Mkatoliki, as she relentlessly supported young seminarians to undergo their training until their ordination. She also supported countless priests and and catechists in the cause of their ministry in different churches. In addition to this, Mama Mosinya was instrumental in building of churches, growth of small Christian groups and formation of young Christians in the faith being very active in the Mercy Ministry.

To many, she was a lay Apostle who lived out her calling to the fullest; and this is what gave her the greatest joy.