This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Quen Ako, 53 years old, born on October 16, 1966, and passed away on April 10, 2020. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Veronika Tamfu-Nchanji on April 10, 2022
Mummy Quen, I still miss you.
Posted by GIA NCHANJI on April 11, 2021
Ms Quen, Its been long and I really miss you. May the good Lord continue to comfort your lovely family. May your beautiful and loving soul continue rest peacefully.

Veronika Tamfu
Posted by Osereme Agboifo on April 10, 2021
Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord until we meet to part no more IJN
Posted by Gwen Shang on April 10, 2021
My sweet sister Quen, one year already? One year.. one year without you... sometimes we don’t need to say much, yet we say everything. You left us without warning, just as you loved us without warning. We have learned so much from your life, and that will always be our greatest blessing. This dagger in our hearts shall take a while to pull out. But we trust in your unconditional love and God’s Grace to live through the pain.

It still felt like a dream, till I was able to touch the place you now call home, wipe your headstone with my tears, speak to you one more time. I know you could hear me.. I could also hear you in that very loving voice calling me “my Gwenda”... it still feels like a dream, but now I know where you live now and where I can find you.... I know where you are.. in the best company one could ever hope for.. papa, daddy and most importantly, our Blessed Mother Mary, our Lord Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father God almighty, whom you served so faithfully.

Continue to REST in PERFECT PEACE my queen. Your candle shall always burn in our heart, your warmth shall always fuel our lives.

Love you always... my queen Quen.
Posted by Deborah Thacker on April 10, 2021
Quen was such an amazing woman and friend. Always loving and caring. I was so fortunate to have known such a wonderful friend. I will miss her for the rest of my time on earth. I have such good memories of her. My she rest in peace with the angels. She was a angel here on earth, she definitely is an angel in heaven. Forever in my heart. I miss you my friend. Until we meet again. 
Posted by GIA NCHANJI on June 14, 2020
Ms Quen, Aunty Quen,
         I have been waiting for a call now for over two months. I have difficulty understanding what is going on. Why would you do this. We spoke on Wednesday and you said we will talk on Friday. That Friday you left without a word and am still waiting to know why. I can't, Ms Quen. Why would you let this happen, where was our logo "Person must Strong". I am not strong enough to accept this new reality. God help and comfort your family and I. Thank you so much for all, you were there for my family always, celebrated your grand babies Germayne Jr and Gigi. We missed you so much. May your Beautiful and Gentle Soul continue to rest with the Lord.
Veronika Tamfu
Posted by Thomas Tsanga on April 22, 2020
Dear Quen,
Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure, you are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.
Rest in peace my dear friend.
Posted by A Su on April 18, 2020
Aunty Quenie, thank u so much for everything. You took upon yourself to celebrate me six weeks ago.

Memorable moments we’ve shared, advice and peace you shared. You always showed your deep love for me and vice versa while forever reminding me that love, togetherness and spending quality time are shared/done while alive not when we’ve departed from this world because after we depart we hear and see nothing.

Kindhearted and God fearing you’ve always been. You thanked and praised God daily for everything with your usual phrase “we thank God”.
I ❤️ and miss you deeply.
Posted by AYUK PARKER on April 17, 2020

Magbor dear,
You forgot to remember many things.
You forgot to take time to talk to your family-Sesseko Jean-Jacques, children, mother; still waiting for directions to do this or that at home.
You forgot that your home will be empty without you.
You forgot that you were called Sister, Auntie, Mbanya, leader by many. 
You forgot that even Ma Martha called you, 'Sister' when you are her daughter.
You forgot to say goodbye to your bosom friends- May, Constance and others can not stop the tears.....
You forgot to tell your colleagues that you'll return. 
You forgot to tell your association members-Mohwa USA, Mamfe Central, Upper Banyang, that it was time to go.
You forgot to say just one word to Mohwa DMV-they went everywhere and could not hear or see you.
You forgot that they trusted you and saw something in you to crown you as Vice President and Treasurer in these meetings.
You forgot that we are still waiting for you to fere monekwai when the DJ's music has a hitch. 
You forgot to teach us your dance moves for Monenkim in preparation for the Mohwa first Convention.
You forgot to take up that position in Mohwa and display your traditional values.
You forgot to mention to us that you were moh'fak ntangntang, my strong twin sister.
You forgot to tell us in the January 2020 meeting that your time was near as you sat quietly smiling beautifully.
You forgot to sing for yourself on April 16. 2020 when nobody was there to sing and warm up that vast lonely field where you were laid to rest.
You forgot to dance and show your style in the traditional regalia when nobody was there to dance.
You forgot to tell Mohwa National Exco that you would be the first person to transition to the world beyond.

You did not forget to sing and dance for all of us, for the dead and the living.
You did not forget to share a smile and laughter.
After all these, we expected that when you leave one day, the way you left, we would sing and dance for Magboranyoh in reciprocity. We all have boils in our mouths and on our soles-no singing, no dancing for Magboranyoh, yet you danced all over this DMV and beyond. We tried but COVID-19 sent us a strong warning. 

We understand Morfak.
Nekoh, nekoh, nekoh,
Nekoh nerere. 2X
Nekoh nerere, nekoh nerereeeeh, nekoh nerere.
Nekoh eeeh, nekoh nerereeeeh nekoh nerere.
By: Ayuk Parker, Mohwa USA National President
Posted by Francois Ntchombou on April 17, 2020
My memory of you is that of a warm person, one that will break out in songs of joy en enjoin others to joyfully do the same. A leader and a caring person to the end, you gave you life in service of others. May the peace of God be with you as carry onto your journey. And for my brother Jean Jacques and the children, I pray that the Lord may bless you and keep and may the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace.
Posted by Rakia Logan on April 17, 2020
I've never met you but your smile brought me here May God bless your husband and children siblings and family and friends May you rest in heavenly peace
Posted by Osereme Agboifo on April 17, 2020
I'm short of words at this time. I heard about the unfortunate incident this morning and I have been so so devastated. Quen was indeed a role model... always smiling! The last time I worked with her , I teased her by saying " miss Quen you dont need to be stressing here, u need to be home relaxing and she smiled and replied mami... I need to put body and soul together " little did I know it will be the last time I will ever set my eyes on her. May the spirit of the comforter comfort the family left behind.... May God grant her enternal rest and may his perpetual light continue to shine upon her IJN . Adieu Quen till we meet on the resurrection morning. It is indeed so sad!
Posted by Cristina Sebastian on April 17, 2020
Hello my beautiful rose Quen of light and life.⚘ May your soul rest in peace till we shall meet again..HE called you home into HiS garden of flowers, so soon... Your death news spread so shocking like a solemn and painful elixir. You would be dearly missed! 
There is no more gazing eyes and allure of your intoxicated smile that seduce and lifts up the ambiance like loving blaze. So glad I met you...till we cross pathways again.
A good soul has ascended to heaven
But the Angel's never dies.
You are loved and missed beyond words can measure
My deepest condolences to your family & all friends. May God continue to give us the strength, comfort, protection & healing as we all going through this difficult grieving period and global pandemic.
May you have the eternal life my beautiful Quen!⚘
Forever loved, used to call me - chuckles in tears. ❤
Posted by STELLA BOLLE on April 17, 2020
Quen, I am still holding that bitter pill in my mouth unable to swallow it. When we met at that wake keeping on March 6th and I called you that nick name that I used to call and we laughed did I for one second think that I would never hear that resounding hearty laughter again? I can't say all in my heart ;if I do I will blur that your beautiful smiling face. I will just hold on to it. As I mentioned in another forum; you are in the ranks of God's chosen where there will be joy and laughter in Jesus name Amen. RIP
Posted by King Myuzik on April 17, 2020
Rest in peace
Posted by LANAYA JOHNSON on April 17, 2020
Quen. I'm still so shocked and hurt by your sudden and unexpected transition. You were truly EVERYTHING your obituary says. I only worked side by side with you for one year, but your vibrant and genuine personality I will always remember. Your family will be forever in my thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Cami Vincent on April 17, 2020
Although I did not know you personally, I came across the story of your passing online. May God grant your soul eternal rest. Thank you for your service. As all of us fight for PPE nationwide in order to complete our duties as nurses I will be reminded of you. May God grant your family peace and comfort during this difficult time off loss. I thank u with all due respect Ms Quen
Posted by Kenneth Ojong on April 17, 2020
Madam Sessekou you will be remembered forever. You where a special lady in the community. Allah knows why.RIP.
Speechless speechless speechless.
Posted by Vanessa Reid on April 17, 2020
I've never met this lady and I just happened to go online for something and I saw this lady in a beautiful yellow dress with such an infectious smile and I was drawn to the entire obituary. And after reading and going to all 173 pictures I feel or felt as though I knew her personally. she has such an infectious smile such a warm God-fearing Spirit about her that even her anointing came through. I know it's going to be hard for her family any and everyone that ever came in contact with her because I felt she gave her all she gave from the heart she was a giver and I know she is truly going to be missed , but if you continue her Legacy by putting God first he will see you through this. And the tears will be less and the smiles will become more . you are in my prayers. May God continue as he always will be with you for he said I would never leave you nor forsake you I will be with you until the end of time. Allow God to heal your heart!
Posted by Manso Arrey on April 17, 2020
Your smiles brightened atmosphere. Your kind nature made you unique. It's unfortunate you will be missed forever. Sleep well Ms. Beauty. May your soul rest in Peace. Adieu my dear.
Posted by Gwen Shang on April 16, 2020
On April 10th 2020, a deep dark cloud settled over my life. I lost one of the very few people in this world I could confidently call my best friend, my confidant, my inspiration, my strength, my sister.

Yes, I lost my Queen Quen, as I fondly called her. It all feels like a terrible nightmare, and when those bright rays of California sunshine piece through my curtains waking me up in the morning, I’ll breathe a sigh of relief, curse at myself as I roll out of bed. But something tells me that will not is real. She is gone. Yes, COVID - 19 got into our home and snatched one of our own.

I have known Quen since I was 5 years old. The bond we shared defied distance, time, our differences and celebrated the power of that very simple act of friendship. She always found a way to always be present for me, through thick and thin, heartache and joy, Keeper of my deepest teenage secrets. All Quen.

It wasn’t just me, Quen was that way with everything she touched, everyone she met, every community she lived in. She was the living embodiment of love, kindness and generosity. Quen was everything precious about friendship, about humans, about lessons of trust, forgiveness and tenacity. This world has lost a gem.

But for some reason, after all the shock and despair, my heart is very much at peace, as strange as it may feel. Because I KNOW my friend, my sister d'une autre mère as she would say to me, is resting in the HOUSE OF THE LORD.

Quen, my Queen, listen to me... You lived your life loving people... You lived your life taking care of people... You spent your time serving others.. You got sick because you were taking care of people.. Now, let your God and Creator take care of you.

We loved you, but God loved you more. I will do my best to keep on following in your footsteps and by your spirit, till we meet again. I will miss you more than the desert misses the rain.

Rest in Perfect Peace my boh... My sister d’une autre mère
Posted by Gwendoline Egbe on April 16, 2020
My dear sis may your gentle soul Rip. Thanks for your advice and positive outlook on life. Your constant smile is all we have now engraved in our hearts.
Posted by Agnes Njaba on April 16, 2020
My dear friend what can I say that hasn't been said about you? Words that come to mind when I think about you- compassion, love, kindness, laughter, selfishness... I can go on and on. These will stay with us forever. I am not sure what our gatherings will be or feel like after this. We will do our best to pick up where you left off because we know that's what you would have wanted. Rest in God's bosom our Queen Quen till we meet to part no more. You are forever loved ❤
Posted by Shannon Hafner on April 16, 2020
Quen, I’m still in Shock to hear of your passing. My heart breaks for your family. I enjoyed our many nights working together. You were so supportive of me helping me through night shift. I am so grateful to have had you as a co-worker and a friend. You were an absolutely amazing nurse and I learned a lot from you and will be forever grateful to have met you. We will meet again one day my friend. RIP Quen Ako
Posted by Bouldwin Enohmbi on April 16, 2020
Ma-Agbor, you were the light that took away the darkness in any room you entered.
Your smile was the piercing arrows of brightness that shattered the worries of any moment.
You were kind, friendly and a peoples' person.
We remember the pivotal role you played in DC at our first Ntai Egbeareng global Convention.
No one can forget your deep commitment to community. We still see your smiles at the United MECA convention.We will never forget your thrilling Monekim performances. Deepest condolences to the entire family.
You were a true Manyu Queen.
Rest in peace Sister. Nekoh petih, nekoh petih!!!
Posted by Pauline Abunaw-Njomo on April 15, 2020
Quen, you were taken from us so suddenly. We are missing you dearly. Our Lord had other plans for you. Our hearts are bleeding in your absence. We appreciate your time on earth, your smile, your singing, your dancing . You were always bubbly and happy. Gone too soon but never forgotten. Rest In Peace, MOHWA Queen.
Posted by Salomon Enow-Mbi on April 15, 2020
She was the beloved wife of my Senior Brother of Quartier Bayangui! God Called her towards Him as she was trying to save others! May her soul rest in perfect peace!
Posted by Deborah Thacker on April 15, 2020
Quen, yo were a wonderful friend, nurse and lady. When I heard you passed my eyes filled with tears and my heart was broken. I loved you my friend. You always were a wonderful person to be around and friend. Always positive, loving and caring. There will never be another you. God has another angel. One of a kind. Rest In Peace. God took you way to soon. I will always hold you in my heart friend. I am blessed to have you as my friend.
Love, Debbie Thacker
Posted by Georgiana Koko on April 14, 2020
Where will I start my "boh". Agbor, never called me by my name. It was always "boh'. Boh, so you left without saying goodbye.
I met Agbor, in 1986 in the University of Yaounde. She was introduced to me by Florence Vega and Mrs Beatrice Agbor Sobeh. After, the University and Ecole Normale, she and Jean Jacques moved to Bamenda to work while I in stayed in Yaounde.
In 1999, I moved to the United States and then Agbor joined in 2004. Upon her arrival with the kids, my daughter quickly found love. Daniela and Ashley became inseparable. I remember calling the house to check how my 'emergency" (Daniela) was doing and my friend warned me to never call again to check on Daniela because Daniela is her daughter and even named her Daniela Ako. Yes, Daniela has been in good hands since then. Michele is their role model. I am weeping in two fronts. First, as a friend and sister and then as a mother to Daniela. The girls (Michele and Ashley) usually report me to my "boh", when Daniela is not happy with me and my "boh" will also take Daniela's side. My "boh" trusted me with the kids as well. When I asked my "boh", if I can take Ashley and Daniela to DisneyWalt, Florida for their spring-break, she did not hesitate to say yes. I want to ask everyone, if a friend shows so much love to your only child, how will you feel about that person. I am heartbroken, i am helpless, I am lost. I can't fill the gap she has left in Daniela's life. What am I going to do? Michele, Ashley, Taboh and Brandon, you know aunty Koko. What am I going to do? I am still speechless.
Last month I traveled to Maryland for a funeral. My "boh" had already taken off work because I was coming as usual. She cooked and cooked. I could not make it to her place because my program was tight. My friend and the husband understood and came to the wake. "Weheee boh, ah understand" were her words. My friend cried because she could not visit my niece's dad (late Vincent Ngu) when I told her he was in Maryland and sick.
Our last conversation was about the upcoming wedding. Yes, I have lost a friend, sister, a confidant, my daughter's second mom. I can write all day. I am not even sure if it makes sense. I am just pouring my heart. Please "boh" bear with me.
In short, "boh" you do me oooo. She supposed to come to San Diego in February to celebrate my birthday unfortunately brother George Njenge funeral was that same weekend, so we postponed the planned celebration and was planning to go the Hawaii next year with the kids. Boh, nah wow!!!!!!! Boh, who go pepper for your friend again? Boh, boh, boh !!!!! 
Boh salute papa, salute Rita Mforsong, salute Jane Achuo. 

Only God will comfort us.

RIP my 'boh"
Georgiana Koko Asah
Tracy, California
Posted by Brendabell Tong on April 13, 2020
Ah ah,big sister, I did not see this coming. Visiting with you and family last August is the best ever memory God left with us about the true person you were. You set up the table like it was a party. Thank you so much for the special love you showed every single one of us who were privileged to know you. From Yaounde, to the US after several years, your personality and love for us never changed . I learnt a lot from you not to spare any moment from spreading love whenever, and whereever opportunities come because tomorrow is not guaranteed. Big sisi, I know you are celebrating with papa as you reunite to part no more. Be our guardian angel as we continue serving our own purpose in this earth. Mama sleep well, and good night.
Your strong head small sister, as you always said.
Dr. Brendabell Njee
Posted by Rachel Muchina on April 13, 2020
I still cannot wrap my mind about your passing... I wish you would have stayed longer...But God has you in heaven, and I have you in my heart. I miss you, I love you, and always will. Rest in peace, Quen. Rachel
Posted by GINA COOPER on April 13, 2020
Quen you were a remarkably fine lady. A dedicated and committed nurse. You will be missed by many. God Bless you. Gina

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Posted by Veronika Tamfu-Nchanji on April 10, 2022
Mummy Quen, I still miss you.
Posted by GIA NCHANJI on April 11, 2021
Ms Quen, Its been long and I really miss you. May the good Lord continue to comfort your lovely family. May your beautiful and loving soul continue rest peacefully.

Veronika Tamfu
Posted by Osereme Agboifo on April 10, 2021
Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord until we meet to part no more IJN
her Life
Quen Agbor Ako was born on October 16, 1966 to Joseph Tabi Egbebot and Martha Tambong Egbebot. She was the first of seven children. Throughout her lifetime, she had several careers, all of which involved helping people. She was a teacher and guidance counselor in Cameroon, and later on a nurse in the Unites States.  She was positive, vibrant, and always put God first. She preferred to look on the brighter side of life and always believed that everything would work out for the best. Her family was her utmost pride and joy. She made sure everyone felt special and knew how precious and important they were. There are many people around the world who consider her a sister and a friend because no matter what, she was always ready with encouraging words and a home cooked meal. She enjoyed pictures, videos, singing and dancing—anything to make and save memories. She was a true fashionista, always fully dressed with a smile. Quen is survived by her husband and four children as well as her grandmother, mother, six siblings and many other relatives. She loved with her whole entire heart and in turn that is the type of love she received. She will be greatly missed by everyone who ever had the pleasure of meeting her.
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remembering this beautiful lady

Shared by Ann W on April 21, 2020
My sister was at this future care  she was singing as she came in the room . She was the best nurse there RIH   you will be truly miss.