This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Quinta Ayafor, born on November 27, 1981, and passed away on February 22, 2021. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Brun Hilda on February 22, 2022
To a lady who embodies her name, A Queen in the heart, a Queen in her unbeatable beauty. Kindness in person, full of Grace and simply an Angel. No wonder God decided this world was too unholy for you so He gave you your wings and now you have flown. To a better place where you are with your kind(the Angels.)
Dear Queen, Dear Mother to many, More than a mother, more than a Sister to me, you mean everything to me. If only tears can bring you back I will cry an Ocean.
You me everyday to make sure I am fine, and now I know you are in the mist of saints intervening for all our well being.
Death must be beautiful, because it took you away from us. I know heaven is a place nearby, and we will meet again to part no more. I love you forever. Its been a year, and it seems like an eternity. My love my mother my all.
Posted by Añğĕł Sãïđá on December 19, 2021
Aunty Quin... ❤.A woman with the heart of gold. A QUEEN indeed.Worthy of everyone's love.Mother to many. She was a kindhearted lady. I didn't really get to know her much but the time I spent with her was an unforgettable moment. Mommy continue to rest in the blossom of the lord.. FOREVER MISS YOU ❤
Posted by George Mbah TIMAH on June 6, 2021
Dear Quinta
I am George "Congo" as u commonly called me. Your final departure here on earth gave us à big shock & surprise. But all what we know is that God loves you more and decided to call you into His kingdom.I simply say we will forevermissed you but continue to remember your love for friends and the family.In your life..all was love and happiness..and moments of sharing life in togetherness. Stay blesséd in His Kingdom. RIPP
Posted by Vera Mapi on April 3, 2021
Dr Emmanuel Wembenyui 

Brisbane Australia. 

We are here today not to mourn, but to celebrate a life, the life of Ms Quinta Ayafor. She has left a big void that may be difficult to fill but if we put together all the smiles, the kindness and good impacts she left on our lives, then that void will overflow. As a people person, she basically lived her life for others and expected nothing in return. 

As you return to your Lord and parents, you have demonstrated the emptiness and vanity that characterizes life here on Earth. To celebrate your life and give you a befitting good bye, we promise not to burden our lives and those of the kids you left behind will undue grief and sorrow because whether we live or we die; we are the Lord's as stated in Romans Chapter 14 verse 8. You certainly belong to the Lord now who chose to call you home at this time. 

Let us continue to cherish and celebrate this beautiful life by turning to the left and right and greeting whoever is sitting next to us because today marks a day of reconciliation and healing. Adieu Aunty Queen till we meet again. 

Posted by Vera Mapi on April 3, 2021

Quinta, each time that I think that a dame so soft and sweet like you is gone so soon it breaks my heart. Yes, you left when we all thought that the best was yet to come. Death, how can you be so unfair? Why do you always snatch the most beautiful ones from us? Heartbreaking! Yet I can only console myself with these words from the book of Ecclesiastes:
There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die...a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance. Yes it was your time Quin and we will weep and mourn now because we know that when we meet again we will laugh and dance together under the bossom of our Lord Jesus. Goodnight little sis. till we meet again.
Posted by Fofung Finlay on April 1, 2021
Derick your brother.
To my lovely sister in heaven. Everyone who knew you wishes that you weren't gone. I don't get to see your perfect smiles any more, there are so many things I want to tell u if I could see you, I miss u since the day you left. I think about you every single day, I wish u could be here more than anything. You were a huge part of my life that will never be replaced. I grew up with you in my life and one day you were just taken away from me. I still can't understand why you had to leave. We have shared so many laugh, smiles and tears together, how am I supposed to be ok with you missing, the truth is am not. U left too soon, there was never a time I thought u wouldn't get to be by my side. I never thought loosing you will take a part of me away, I feel so much emptiness and pain in my heart and I don't think it's going away. U were my strength and inspiration in every need. How can I replaced your love and care, now I have just your memory am lost without you. I love u now and forevermore. Continue to rest in the Lord and in peace. My heart misses and love you forever. Till I will See your beautiful face one day.
Posted by Vera Mapi on April 1, 2021

Quinta, my little sister, you were the jewel of the people, the love of the family and the ultimate mother to your three lovely kids; how could the ugly hands of death snatch you so soon?
Your kind heartedness and your smiles coupled with your many good deeds will never be forgotten. You were very young, yet you had accomplished in your short life time what many people older than youself still see as a dream and of which will never get to do.
Rest assured that we will endeavour to be there for your children, as you pray for us until we meet again!
You were such a darling!! I am consoled by my believe that you are one of the Heavenly Angels serving the Lord as you served the world, both professionally and socially as well as your immeasurable support, love and care for your family and friends.
Rest in perfect peace my little sister, God alone knows and sees.
Posted by Vera Mapi on April 1, 2021
Elder Wilson

Many have written, spoke, sang and preached about love but you demonstrate it to everyone around you by making them comfortable, you have taught us by action how to demonstrate love in any way possible and make our world a better place, your actions are my inspiration, we will miss you greatly but we are confident that we will meet again
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 31, 2021
Pauline Matichi

Quinta, you were my best daughter who knew how to bring the family together, soft spoken,always laughing and now you have taken those qualities to the grave. When I visited you last December you were so full of life and more beautiful little did I know that it would be the last time I would ever see you. How I wish I could see you just one more time again. One thing is certain, the Lord is on the throne. Farewell.
Your aunty
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 30, 2021
Ayafor Vivian


 It's with a very deep and heavy heart that I write this in your memory sweetheart. CAN BELIEVE YOU'RE GONE !Only God knows how I'll get pass your sudden and very unpredictable departure to the land of no return. Just at the very moment when you and I were about to get together and change lives, God decided that it was time. My dear Queen, my only memories now are your soft spoken voice messages never to be forgotten. You know how I felt about you and no words will ever describe the pain that I carry  knowing that you're no longer there. I understand that we will be meeting pretty soon to part no more but I'll have to bare this burden until we meet again baby sister. You were truely a beauty queen and your memories will last eternally. We'll do our best to uphold your legacy and fill the shoes you've left for us. Love you loads and missing you tons. REST WELL MY QUEEN AND SAY HELLO TO MOM AND DAD.
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 30, 2021


My dear beautiful and gorgeous little sister, you are gone! But, forever will be with us spiritually. You left us beautiful and sweet memories, that will forever be engraved in our hearts ♥️! “Sweet Queen”, continue to rest in power until we meet to path no more.

Posted by Vera Mapi on March 30, 2021
Frank Solo

when I got informed about your demise, I was in complete shock .it took me days to come to terms of your passing away and right up till now its still
very difficult for me to accept it growing up with you as a kid sister was one of the best gift I had from God you've always been a friend a sister and a mother to me in every way and loosing you feels like a big part of me has been taken away I.
dont know if I'm ever going to fill this void you have left In my heart you were a perfect example of a selfless being you lived an exemplary life of a true samaritan .I might not have told you very often how much I love you and If I could get a minute to bring you back I'd tell you just how dear you're to me . it's a shame you left so soon . Forever in my heart
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 30, 2021
Rosemary Makemteh

I still can’t believe my precious friend Queen is gone. Queenta and I connected when we were in the university in Yaoundé. We live in the same mini cite ( Awin embassy). We called each other Darling.
Queenie Darling was a shining star, kind, loving, gracious, humble, giving. I meant it. Queenie has positive energy and made sure every one around her was happy. Queenie was selfless.

Her time on earth was royal. I will miss you darling . You will never be forgotten. You are now an angel watching over your lovely children.
Rest is peace our Queen till we meet again.
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 29, 2021
Aba sylvane

Quinta was a sister. She was the kind-of sister that stood by me no matter what. She would go out of her way to express her love. She loved her creator and also the creation of the creator. She believed Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.

Quinta was a hard-working, intelligent, caring and very thoughtful person. She was very close to her children, friends and family and had a lot of people she cared about.

What will I remember most about Quinta? Her heart of gold, her laughter, her love for her children, her make up skills, her kindness and sincerity, and her general belief that everyone is good and means well. 

Quinta's death was sudden, but her life was not faint. Her memory will always be with us, and her legacy will continue through her children.

Quinta would smile if she were here with us today. She would have tried to make everyone comfortable, and we would for a moment forget our sadness. I will miss Quinta dearly, but I am so grateful for having known her.
Posted by Fofung Finlay on March 29, 2021
Aunty Quin... my second mum... my favorite cousin
My heart still bleeds to think you are gone and ill never see you again
I can still remember all the love and care you showed me when i was a kid
You gave me everything i wanted and so much more
They say gems are hard to find but you were a thousand of them
I dont know how any of us will cope with your absence
You’ve always been a pillar to so many people
People might say perfection doesnt exist but you were perfect effortlessly
They say that nothing grows without the rain but the storm is so much to embrace
I hope you find peace
I promise I’ll treat my younger ones Jayden and Sasha with all thesame selfless and unconditional love you gave to me
Am grateful for everything and i love you so much
Rest in perfect peace
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 29, 2021

Quinta has always been a strong = minded independent woman, fearless and street smart, both stern and very caring since she lost her parents.

She was so loved by everyone, known for her style, Beauty and Extensive Charitable works. Quinta was the very essence of Compassion, of duty, of style and of Beauty.

She has been a faithful, Loyal friend who actually became a family member as our both families are together because of our friendship.

She was so brave that most of her friends were her Elders.

I am still in shock that Quinta is no more!

We spoke six days before her death and she never complained of any pain. Vera sent me a message four days later telling me Quinta was complaining about her chest and breathing and she was worried.

I called Quinta, s phone to no avail but I knew she will always call back when she gets a chance. Three hours later, I got this phone call with shouting, crying, infact the only word I could get was Quinta then it dawned on me what had happened.

What a tragic death? What a wicked world?

Quinta was a harmless human being always making sure everyone around her was comfortable. Why? Why? Why? If I may ask.

I am comforted today because I know where we going to meet someday to never be separated. Quinta gave her life to Christ, and even won souls for Christ. I remember us praying together during any of our challenges and she will point out her weakness and say,” if man no careful man no go make heaven” then I will say He is a forgiving God! Ask for forgiveness and stay away from sin then we shall all make heaven.

All I can promise is I will be in Shasha and Dube,S life more than ever before!

I had loved you, still love you and will always love you!

Rest in perfect peace my Love!
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 29, 2021

Am paying this tribute to a kind soul, an indulgent heart and a disciplined mind — A precious person: Ayafor Quinta M.F (Queen)

Thank you all for celebrate Queen's life and share grief at her passing.

Queen was truly extraordinary. So was our friendship. She was strong. Her life could be all kinds of chaos, but she never wore it on her face; she would steer her focus towards the lighter side of things and taught everyone to do the same. “There is always more in life to be thankful for than there is to complain about,” she once told me.

She made sure she treated everyone as precious. Hers was a life that shined brightly just so the paths of others could be illuminated. Hers was also a life that exemplified brilliance in every capacity.

I don't know what it's really like under the hood, but I, for one, never witnessed an angry Queen, she is the type we will always remember, and inspire to be. Apart from being my big sister, she was mother, father, my bossy elder sister, an empathetic sister, and an entertaining and cynical brother — depending on the need of the hour.

I am crippled and crushed to the core. And, no I am not mad, I’m simply in pain and no matter what tomorrow brings, I will embrace tenacity, compassion and selflessness, just the way you would have. It is one of a kind experience to have meet and been with you. Your love and care with give me the courage to carry on and your light will keep shinning.

Rest in peace Mam Queen. Love you and hope you feel at peace just like you always make me feel.
Posted by Shey Emmanuel Bandin on March 29, 2021
From Houmi Mbenmouyie

My dearest Queenie darl

You left like the wind without good bye.
With the sudden heartbreak of your departure our hearts were overwhelmed with grief.
A wound with a scar that will never disappear.
My being mourns you Queenie darl!
I pray everyday for the Almighty Creator to compensate your loss.
You had always kept that positive spirit even in the very toughest moments of your existence. Your positivity impacted many people around you; mother of all.
You have touched the lives of many with your extreme selfless and kind-hearted nature. You were a hope for the vulnerable and had never looked down on anyone. The old like the young and the less privileged were your friends. Anyone could feel comfortable around you.
The terrible emptiness of your absence can never be replaced.
We’ve been through a lot, many happy and tough moments only for you to leave me alone in the wilderness my twin sister.
You were born as a queen, was named Queen, lived like a queen,
Died like a queen and shall continue being a queen while resting with the Almighty
You leave many behind to mourn you Queenie darl. I love you Queenie darl.
Adieux my bestie.

Posted by Shey Emmanuel Bandin on March 29, 2021
From Ngong Aloysius
Quinta, the news of your death came to me like a sword piercing my side. It is hard to believe that I will never see you. I was still preparing to meet you one day so that we will talk about the old days in Fundong . Then, you were still very young and tender, naïve, full of vigour and humour. I would have liked to remind you of the nick names that we use to call each other in the house (Mami Achu’s house). I DIDN’T SAY GOOD BYE TO YOU
Quinta, I did not had the opportunity to know you in your ripe age. I can only testify your beauty ,whose match I am still to perceive. I was still waiting for the day I will see you face to face and believe my eyes and tell you how much I have longed to see you. I DIDN’T SAY GOOD BYE TO YOU.
Quinta, the eyes of the world have seen, the ears have heard about your unconditional generosity, your philanthropic deeds. God alone has a reason for your departure. I know that you are already in house our father almighty; you have seen your father and mother and told them about the cruelty of this earth. If only I was there to say good bye. I DIDN’T SAY GOOD BYE.
Quinta, your friends loved you, your brothers and sisters loved you, your neighbours and admirers loved you. Even if the world loved you, God loved you more and that is the reason you are gone. The conditions surrounding your departure matter less. What matters is that we shall meet on the resurrection morning.
                        FARE YE WELL OUR BELOVED
                                          NGONG Aloysius
Posted by Shey Emmanuel Bandin on March 29, 2021
By Anna Fien
I know it’s hard to believe you had an early flight.
The flight that would not crash,
because the Pilot has supreme powers to guide you to the land beyond.
We will miss you every blessed day of our lives,
How we wish you stayed with that golden smile that empowered us,
that positive spirit that motivated us,
that loving and caring heart that gave us hope
that kind and charitable attitude that gave hope to the needy
that passion to succeed that kept the lazy busy.
You led life like a candle blowing in the wind.
At your tender age, you led a fulfilling life.
At your tender age you were an inspiration to all.
It’s true “Good things do not last”
Like your name Quinta, you were indeed a queen,
Physically you glowed like a queen,
Socially you hugged all like a queen,
Intellectually you impacted lives like a queen,
Morally you were a queen. Adieu my Queen.
I remember as little children, growing up in the same quarter in Fundong,
You would invite us to come watch TV together,
You would visit and we roast fresh corn together.
You were down to earth,
You made new friends everyday but never forgot the old.
Your legacy will forever inspire us. You are forever in our hearts. By Anna Fie
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 29, 2021

My Eulogy:I am honoured that Quinta was my sister.she was an example to every one she met till the day she passed away.Always smiling,cared a lot and would do anything to help.I will always remember you for your positive attitude,compassion,generosity and love for life.your memory will live on in my heart forever.Go well sister.May you find comfort beside the Almigthy God.
Your cousin .
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 29, 2021
Valentine Awonem

I do call u Quinny or Quin for Shot and u always call me back Macdon. U took me in when I had nowhere to go or who to help me back in School, U gave me Shelter ,food and more over Love me like a Brother. Advice me and make me to understand the reality of life in so many ways. Overlook my mistake and easily to forgive ,have a heart of gold and open handed .Can't count number of times I have eaten ur change when ever u sent me ,the ones u know and the ones u forgets with me . U make me become one of the best driver today bc of ur fear of my instability in driving, so I always wanted to prove to u that am a better driver.We suffered together in and out of Transport office ,moments we leave office at nite and very tired but still u still stand strong .The memories are still as fresh as Yesterday,Can't forget all the Soya we always buy on our way back from office. U also confided in me ur own little worries and and gave me all the trust bc u knew I could be trusted. U didn't just love only Ur Family but everyone that comes close to u, U recieve with an open arms just like a mother Hen. In all ur stay on this Earth, I know not the least of people u have impacted positively and still counting but u don't care weather they come back to say thank u. But still it doesn't change u to be otherwise. Ayafor Quinta Mefor Fozoh, u may sleep death or seems death but the memories we had are still in me like u just besides me,I hear ur voice every now and then bc we have been so closed that I couldn't just imagine myself to handle ur dead but I still give thanks to God. Quinny I have cried u enough and say I won't cry anymore, I will forever Celebrate u and make sure in my own little way to take care of those u left Behind. If is to write the History that we had in just a very short period of time that God brought us to each other ,there will be no space in the book for me to complete it . Can't forget the day u shouted at me to take life serious and that I should know am a man and should be more Responsible in life, but u couldn't stay alive for me to reap the food of ur efforts. It took me a whole 5 to 6 months before accepting ur stay in Prison now Death came in. A sister that God gave to me and now has taken the priceless Jewelry back,God why? If I have to choose in my next life ,is to have a hundred of u as a sister. Rest on Quinny and may God continue to bless ur soul. I love u even in Death. Don't forget to tell God that Macdon needs u back home. Bye Quin.
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 28, 2021
Funkuin Belta

My darling sister. You are so special to us and will always be loved for who you are. We Cherish you in every way and appreciate your loving, caring, humble and God fearing nature.its unfortunate I couldn't always be around you as you have always want to remind you of your wealth and how special you are to us. I rejoice in your joy and share in your pain. I love you so much my sister and I will do everything I can to make you happy that you know. Your quiet nature, your love for God and family creates a space which I can't go beyond. Your spirit lives and the love I have for you will always grow as I will be sharing with your two beautiful kids. I talked with you daily and thought you don't answer back I feel your spirit. My Queen Rest well and be free from the troubled world, You turn came. Everyone has his trun. You were such a soft spoken person. I will remember you each day I live. I hope you are happy where ever you are. I LOVE YOU, I MISS YOU and for now good bye my Queen it's well with you it's well with us all
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 28, 2021
Vera (elder sister)

Ooooooh gosh where do I begin from. Ma lovely sister , ma sunshine , da air that i breathe, da appel of ma eye , ma mum, ma best friend.
Where are you? What happened ? Where did u go to? Not even a word?
Please teach me how to live without you. Da pain is toomuch. Ma life is so empty without you. Ooooh our lovely conversations, your laughter, gentleness, compassion, kindness, empathy, beautiful inside out.
Nobody can ever fill this gap in ma ❤heart. Da pain is deep.
Ya death is a great loss to humanity. You were an epitome of beauty and ya humanity was beyond.
Ooooh 22nd of February 2021 is a day I'll never forget. Ma light suddenly went off without a warning.
Sweet lil sis I can never forget you cos you're irreplaceable. Humans like you are hard to comeby.
Am so proud and privileged to have not only known you but lived, dined, laughed, sang, dansed, prayed and drank with you. Guess what "U" are ma sister. I'm one of da luckiest persons on earth cos I lived and dined with a real angel.
I'm missing you like crazy, with whom will I gist eeeeeeh!!!!
There's one thing that consoles me, I know you're  dancing with da angels. Heaven gat a new visitors and heaven will never be da Same cos you added some sparkles.
Sweet baby Quin please let your spirit dwell in us and stay close to us, we need you closer.

   Adieu lovely and peaceful soul
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 28, 2021
Allo promise

To my cousin big sister
I write this with tears in my eyes. I couldn't believe it when I received a call on February 22, 2021, about your departure from this world. This was one of the most shocking news I ever received in my life. Indeed, tears can't bring you back because if tears could bring someone back to life, I bet you would have returned the exact minute you left because you are loved by so many. You are never sad for any reason. You were always joyous; you loved everyone who crosses paths with you. You were a blessing to everyone who came across your way. You were so down-to-earth and never complicated life. I can't forget all the lovely memories I had with you; I keep picturing your smile and style. You will call me in your room and talk to me about any concern you have as any lovely big Sis would do. If I'm to write about you, I will never finish. I love you; we love you big sis. We will greatly miss you. I know the God we serve will avenge your death.

Adieu Mi Big Sis "Aunty Queen" 
Your baby cousin sister
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 28, 2021
Ayafor Princely

Hello, everyone. I know most of you here today, but for those who may not know me, my name is Prince(.. or anyother name..), Quinta's younger brother.
Before I begin I want to thank you all for being here today as we've gathered to honor the life and legacy of my sister Quinta.
Quinta had many passions in life. Passion for her children, for ensuring we were all taken care of at all times. She also had passion for arts, design and most of all passion for God.
She was hard-working, fun, a good woman with an infectious laugh and genuine smile and loved her family deeply.
Though death is the road everyone will take, but sadly she left us early(God knows why)
It will give peace to know that her and our parent are together in God's Almighty wonderful bossom.
She held a special place in each of our hearts that can never be replaced, but will always be remembered with great love.
Each of you were special to Quinta in one way or another, and I want to thank you for being here today
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 28, 2021
Yvonne Mengwe

Those special memories of you will always bring a smile.
If only l could have you back for just a little while,we could sit and talk again just like we used to do.You always meant so much and you have never been forgotten.The fact that you’re no longer here will always cause me pain,
But you’re forever in my heart until we meet again.Your life was a blessing....You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measures.Until We Meet Again.
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 27, 2021

My Queen, my Teddy Bear, my One and Only sister. It's breath taking for me to write this tribute.

Just as sunshine is precious in the rainy season so you were in my life. You were there for me despite all odds.
You were one of a kind, loving, forgiving, my adviser, a shoulder for me to cry on, a listening ear when no one wanted to hear me talk and above all a sister I never had.

We promised taking care of ourselves and spoiling ourselves with love and care here and after but little did we know that wasn't God's plan for us.

Queen, you are gone but your memories live on.

We love you but God loves you better.

Fare thee well my sister.
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 27, 2021

My dear Quinny, there is never a day that goes by that I don’t think of you.
I miss you so terribly. Dying so suddenly left a hole in our hearts.
I never got to say that final good-bye and tell you how much I loved you and appreciated all the things you did for me.You were a sister and a friend, and a second mom to me. You were the best sister-in-law to me. Very kind hearted, charitable, loving person.
Loved by one and all, far and near, memories of you will never fade away. I will remember you always.
Words cannot express the depth of pain I felt after you passed on to glory. I know you are now an angel up above.
Although I was just your brother-in-law, in you this is what I saw
"PURE PERFECTION". I love & miss you so much. You left a beautiful woman (my wife, your sister Stella)
to remind me so much of you. You will never be forgotten.
You were not only my sister-in-law, but also a sister and friend.
You are missed daily. I never knew how much my family and I loved you, until you were gone. I will always love you because you were an angel sent from heaven
to give lessons down in this earth for others to learn & keep you in our hearts. We will always remember you
Love you forever.
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 27, 2021
Gein Fodje

My dear Queen, it’s so hard to comprehend your journey to eternity. You were such an outgoing, compassionate, loving, caring, optimistic and a kindhearted person. Though you encountered some predicaments during your last moments on planet earth, you still stayed positive and kept the vibrant smile rolling. I was so appalled with the news of your death. My dear we are all passing  and we will definitely meet one day though we don’t know when and how. Rest in power my dear Queen and remember you will always be loved
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 27, 2021
Nambu bridget

Quinta, you have left me without a word. You have been a loving sister, always smiling, caring and generous. Quinta, I did not know that you were to abandon me so soon. Quinta, when I met you at the end of the month of January 2021, you did not tell me that you were sick. I was planning to meet you in February, not knowing that we were meeting for the last time. I was shocked when I heard that you were no more. Well, it's the road to everybody but Quinta, you have gone so soon
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 27, 2021
Josiane Ayafor - BOLLE.
Douala Cameroon

My Queen!

I Never knew that I will write a eulogy for you so soon.
I am so grateful for everything you did in my life and the impact you had on Most of us (Family and Friends).
I thank God for your Life on earth because you Lived like a Queen and thought us to follow suit.

Go in Peace La Plus Belle
Rest Well my Diva
Protect your kids from Above.
My Love to all our family membres who left before you.

I Love You my Sister.
Keep Shinning and Smiling In Heaven.

Posted by Vera Mapi on March 27, 2021

It’s disheartening to know you had to leave me on the way... after all we’ve planned and worked together for, you couldn’t wait to see them all come to pass... it’s so sad, really sad I had to lose someone like you...always there, ever present not just for me but for everyone else whom you came across with. Thank you so much for the many life’s you’ve touched and the rewards for your work here on earth lies in heaven. Find peace wherever you are now my dear princess and rest in the Lord’s arms until we meet again. The world will miss you and I most especially will miss all the encouraging words and support you rendered to me for so many years... “He sets the time for birth and the time for death “ Ecclesiastes 3:2
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 27, 2021

Quinta where are you my Angel? It's been 42 days now that I haven't heard your voice, is it really true that you are gone? Quinta you showed me the meaning of love, you gave me Hope's where there were none, you came to my rescue when others were running away. You told me, Ferdy don't worry we are in this together but today I can hear you anymore. Whether your departure is by faith or the will of the wicked, you shall remain in my heart forever. Safe journey my angel for we shall meet again for you shall never be forgotten.
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 27, 2021
Nkeh Esther

Anty Queen as I always called you. It is so hard to accept the fact that I'm writing this eulogy to bid you farewell. I wish I could hug you and just see your face again. But now I have memories to stand in your place. I wish I saw death coming, but unfortunately, God willed it this way.You were such an amazing sister and I'm grateful to God for the time we spent together and I'm particularly grateful to God for letting me be by your side till your last moments. Thank you for the love you had for me and thank you for
all that you did for me. If I had powers then I will ask God to bring you back, but he alone has the final say. We love you,but Jesus loves you most. You are gone but not forgotten. I will miss you so dearly my size mate. All I can say is may your soul find rest in the bosom of the Almighty. Fare thee well anty Queen
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 27, 2021

Quinny my sister, my friend and mother, it's unbelievable I'm writing this farewell message. I'm heartbroken than words can describe. Quinny, you were always there for me during good & bad times. The memories we shared will live forever. What happened to all our plans? You were & will forever remain my model. I learned a lot of kindness, forgiveness, & love from you. Rest well in the bosoms of the Lord till we meet again. From your star
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 27, 2021
Judith Afeh

My beloved sister Quinta Ayafor
  Those special memories will always bring a smile to my face. I remember all the laughter we shared and the nick names u always gave me. If only I could rewind time then we could sit and talk again,like we used to do. You meant so much to us. It breaks my heart that u are no longer here. But u are forever in my heart until we meet again. May ur sweet soul continue to rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 27, 2021
Chefor Benjamin

Quin! The news of your sudden passing on hit me like a ton of bricks. What came to my mind was the memory of Lady Diana. Permit me borrow a few words from candle in the wind to bid you farewell because it really seems to me that you lived your life like a candle in the wind. Not knowing who to cling to when the dark days set in. So your candle apparently burnt out before you actually did and even after that you were still hounded. I will forever miss your gentle smile. Rest in peace in the bosom of the Lord for death has failed.
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 27, 2021
  Wainfen victor

    Those special memories you will always bring a smile .If only I could have you back for just a little while. Then we could sit and talk again as my Best Best friend from school days till now just like we used to do. The fact that you're no longer here will always cause me pain ,But you're forever in my heart Until we meet again.              
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 27, 2021
Penn Khan Terence

You're not here Quinta Ayafor, but your presence lingers in the shadows.
You don't see what I see, but I hear you laughing with me when I laugh and shouting at me for being too secretive and I will just laugh and say
"Quinie,this struggle and politics has taught me to be stingy with information but do not bother,at the appointed time,I will be more open to you".
You didn't wait for that appointed time as the ugly hand of death snatched you away from me. You don’t know what I feel, but I feel you, feeling for me as has always been the case.
You were more than a friend and a sister to me. You were a support system. It's hard now waking up and not getting some silly commands from you. I haven't had a good meal since you departed from this wicked world because you left no one behind to cook. The sick and the needy who looked up to you for assistance still can't believe that you are gone, neither do I.
You were an Angel in the world of men and your Father who created you called you back to be in His bossom. We weren't ready to loose you but only He who is seated on the throne knows why.
Take care of our ancestors gone before us. Give them that nice Angelic touch you gave to all of us on this cursed earth. Let your beauty and good heart light your path as you transcend into the world beyond.
We will forever miss you NoNous.
Rest in Power until we meet again.

Your bestie
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 27, 2021
Tapih colette

Dear sis, it is so painful for me to accept that you are gone. You were like a mother and a freind to me. I feel like I can never find your replacement because you understood me more than anybody else despite my imperfections, you still loved and cared for me.Your kind and loving heart as impacted so many lifes. You are a great woman of virtue. As painful as your departure is , we can only accept it and celebrate you for the life you lived. I will hold on close to my heart your word of encouragement and our bond of friendship forever.go in peace till we meet again
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 27, 2021
Ataindum Gladys

Where have the years gone baby Quin? How great are the memories we shared. The joy, your laughter, your endless love was a blessing to those aound you. Every time i pictured your face i know it's irreplaceable. You are never tired at the end of the day as you were selfless to others. You were so so kind and thoughtful. Oh and full of fun and life. I'm so proud to have known you as my little sister. Rest well brave one.
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 27, 2021

My friend, big sister and my confident is gone.
I'm so heartbroken, I almost don't have words.
Queeny, we had plans and we were most getting there!!
Ohhh! A light from my life is gone.
A voice I truly loved is still.
A place is vacant within my heart which can never be filled.
A bouquet of beautiful memories filled with tears.
Every second of my life with you was an honor and inspiration.
How i wish that God would have spared you even just for a few more years.
I wish I could give you one last hug and tell you the gist I had for you before you left.
The pain in my heart is so much Queenyy!!
Thank you for all the advice I will keep them dearly.
And thanks for all you ever did for me.
I pray that God gives you the crown you truly own cos you were truly a Queen.
Your vacant space no one can ever fill.
God has you in his keeping but we have you in our hearts.
God broke my heart to prove to me he only takes the best.
I miss you now and forever.
Until we meet again
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 27, 2021

I still remember that day when we had our first phone conversation and listened to your sweet voice giving me advice while giving me a taste of life. you have not only been a friend to me but a true friend, mother, confidante and above all an incomparable mentor in my life. I understood that there are people in this world who are a true blessing, thanks to you my Quin. This day February 22nd 2021 took your life abruptly and in such a tragic way, this day our hearts were torn to thousand pieces and we do not know when or how to put it back together. Your memories are in our hearts forever my Quin. we just accept the will of god for it is he who gives and takes. Each day that passes we will always remember you  because we know that you are so present in our hearts. you have accomplished your mission on earth and your passage will forever mark our lives. Thanks to you many hearts rejoiced and flooded with happiness, be it friends, brothers, sisters and children. You left us two little angels and such a wonderful family to which you care so much. I promise you to always watch over them as you so desired and know that together we will break mountains for your sake. May our God grant you a place fit for a Queen cos you have always been by his side . From this place you can watch over us as you always have done. rest in peace my love. 
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 27, 2021
Emmanuel Beri aka Mabuh

Dear Petite sis Quin!
It is unbelievable to know you have returned to the dust we were all made of at your young and vibrating age. What a loss! The cruel death which no one could see coming! I wish I had the eyes and strength to protect you from it. Words seem so feeble in moments like these, when everyone’s head is low, hoping to see you appear and to say it was a lie. Life is so precious, and death is such a thief
I wish I could hear your voice one more time, but I now realise how impossible that can be. I know you can feel my tears as we expect the impossible. My heart is so broken and I can not understand why someone so precious, intelligent, soft spoken, kind hearted, jovial and funny could disappear in to the Heavenly Kingdom so soon.
Our last chat on the 15th of January 2021 was such an interesting and memorable one. You gave me assignments to take care of the 2 children. You asked me to be their ‘father’ when the moment comes. ‘Mabuh’ or Beri as you fondly called me ‘if you disgrace me eh, me and you go get wahala’ . I promised not to forsake them and I promised not to have any wahala with you, as I assured you everything will be fine.
Quin, you have forsaken me, your ‘Mabuh’ your Beri!! I try to seek for some respite by telling myself that you just travelled and will be back, yet reality hits my ribs that you are no more. My heart jerks when I think of the good and ‘brotherly’ family moments we shared in Bamenda right down to Yaounde.
I travelled from thousands of miles away, swinging on an OKADA in the potholed and dusty ways leading to your hibernating place, just to have a glimpse of you. It was my very first experience setting eyes on those moulded, old and barricaded 10m walls. My thirst and zeal to see you surpassed any huddles I had to go through with a foreign passport to see you! And yet, I found my way in and was warmly received by the guards, yet their suspicious stares pricked my body as if I was on thorns of roses. When you stepped through that giant door manned by some men In green, you grabbed me with so much love and the ferocity of having missed a dear one could be felt in your huge arms that engulfed me. I then realised how small I was, as I struggled to have a glimpse of your face and that smile I had missed.
We chatted about stories of then and now for more than an hour and your time to get back in was announced; I shed a drop of tear in saying good by, but you smiled with your own tear of having seen your ‘Mabuh’.
Little did I know that would be our last meeting in person!
Your death was a shame. It brought us shame and those who took you away had no shame!
Rest well my ‘big small sis’ Quin! May the heavenly angels sing their beautiful songs and ornament your entry into the Kingdom with joy until we meet again!
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 27, 2021
Mammy Ndah

Quinta was a daughter to me, a sister and a friend. Every moment spend with you was memorable. My heart bleed over the sudden news of your death. I can't believe you are no more! You were more concern about the happiness of others than yourself. You relentlessly put in your all to make the entire family and friends better. It hurts to say rest in peace dear. Am still in shock over your passing away. Rest in peace my selfless Queen.
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 27, 2021
Kubu Gilbert

Quinta, i will always miss you my dear sister/friend, you made me laugh and you were always there to help others with no heart feelings, you were always there to listen to others issues and cheer them up when they were down. I will always miss you my dear sister/friend, Till we meet again.
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 27, 2021

Like the sun shines ,on the earth and lights up the world,you were the brightness of this family,and though I was not your blood sibling,I found an angel in you.your presences inspired ,impacted and brought happiness to me and so many others who can testify and your death has created a vacuum in my life and the life of others.oh what a lost.this vacuum shall for ever remain the same for no one can fill it as you did.i wish you are happy were ever you are and for ever your sweet memories shall shall be engraved in my heart.and though you live not,you will forever live in my heart.
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 27, 2021
Your daughter verand indem

When I lost you I lost my life I never thought I could lose you so soon dear mom it hert to know that your no more . you are missing from my world and there just aren't any word that could describe how truly difficult it is. I remember happy times and the lovely things you do but today feel so sad but I still thank the lord for the time I had with you I will for ever remember you were ever you are sweet mom I love you so much a pray may the heaven welcome you the way you welcome everyone in your life all I wish for you now is happiness were ever you are sweet mom. I want you to know how I really care till we meet again I love you I miss you for ever in my heart.good bye
Posted by Vera Mapi on March 27, 2021
Ayafor Berry-Ann

From berry;my dearest and loving sister I will always remember you each passing were such a good person both in and out with so much to were a sister ,a friend and a mother to us.we were an angel because you had a heart of gold.such a privilege to have you as a sister.i hope you are happy wherever you are.Even though I never had the chance for the last time to say I love you,I miss you,I have you in my heart no matter how far.its so difficult to accept the fact that you are the heavens above I wish I could fly only to give you a warm good bye.the only reason we have an empty space is because we were blessed with some one who loved us occupy an entire part of our hearts and there you shall remain.untill we meet again.

Your lil sister
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Posted by Brun Hilda on February 22, 2022
To a lady who embodies her name, A Queen in the heart, a Queen in her unbeatable beauty. Kindness in person, full of Grace and simply an Angel. No wonder God decided this world was too unholy for you so He gave you your wings and now you have flown. To a better place where you are with your kind(the Angels.)
Dear Queen, Dear Mother to many, More than a mother, more than a Sister to me, you mean everything to me. If only tears can bring you back I will cry an Ocean.
You me everyday to make sure I am fine, and now I know you are in the mist of saints intervening for all our well being.
Death must be beautiful, because it took you away from us. I know heaven is a place nearby, and we will meet again to part no more. I love you forever. Its been a year, and it seems like an eternity. My love my mother my all.
Posted by Añğĕł Sãïđá on December 19, 2021
Aunty Quin... ❤.A woman with the heart of gold. A QUEEN indeed.Worthy of everyone's love.Mother to many. She was a kindhearted lady. I didn't really get to know her much but the time I spent with her was an unforgettable moment. Mommy continue to rest in the blossom of the lord.. FOREVER MISS YOU ❤
Posted by George Mbah TIMAH on June 6, 2021
Dear Quinta
I am George "Congo" as u commonly called me. Your final departure here on earth gave us à big shock & surprise. But all what we know is that God loves you more and decided to call you into His kingdom.I simply say we will forevermissed you but continue to remember your love for friends and the family.In your life..all was love and happiness..and moments of sharing life in togetherness. Stay blesséd in His Kingdom. RIPP
her Life


 Ayafor Quinta Mefor Fozoh passed on on Monday 22nd of February  2021 at the Yaounde  regional hospital. 
Ayafor Quinta was born on the 27th November 1981 at the Bamenda regional hospital. Daughter of late  Ayafor Paul Chungong  and Anastasia Nkemachi. She was the third child in a family of six.
Quinta started school at the Catholic primary school Fundong, where she obtained her first school leaving and common entrance certificates respectively. Later on, she was admitted into Government High school Fundong where she spent 3 years before being transferred to Presbyterian secondary  School Bafut, where she completed and obtained her Ordinary levels certificate. She then proceeded to high school in Longla Commercial College (LCC) Mankon where she obtain her Advance levels certificate. 
Quinta was granted  admission in the University of Yaounde I (Ngoakele) where she graduated with a degree in African Literature  after 3 straight years.
After having graduated from the university, Quinta enrolled in a computer school for 1 year while searching for a job.  She finally obtained a job in the transport sector and had to spend 3 months job- preparation training  in Yaounde. At the end of her training, she was posted  to Bamenda to head a department  in transport office know as HTT(HIGH-TECH) where  she was the chief of Office. She worked there for 10-11 years and was transferred to Bafoussam. From Bafoussam she was moved to Yaounde due to circumstances beyond her control. After having spent about 3 years in Yaounde,  she was confronted by the shocking, tragic and unexpected death.
Quinta was a single  mother of 3: Verand 13, is the eldest daughter, Paul-Jayden 9, the only boy and Sasha 6, is the last daughter. She was an extra ordinary loving and caring mother not just to her biological kids but to every child or human who came across her way.
Her sudden tragic death is not just a heavy loss to her kids and family, but also  to  all those who met her on earth. She was such a beautiful soul, an open minded person with a pure heart. Queen knew no evil but unconditional love and compassion for humanity. The testimonies of her kind-heartedness can best be narrated by all the thousands of friends and family members who had the opportunity to meet her while she was still alive. She was a blessing to many, a down  to earth person who dedicated her whole life in helping any one in need when she had the means. 
Her sudden death has created a painful vacuum in the hearts of those who loved her. Quin, you are irreplaceable. 
We thank God for her life here on earth because  she lived like a true queen both within and without. Above all, she was a God fearing woman and a true example of love. 

We will love you forever Ayafor Quinta Mefor Fozoh. Fare thee well! Adieu!
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Shared by Merci Durant on June 6, 2021
From your Friend (Germaine)

It's had Queen, you chose to spend your last days with me and now i am writing a tribute for you.
You came into my life, turned everything around, you became the sister i never had, We fought for each other, gossiped, shared our worries, did everything as one person and suddenly you left me in thé middle of nowhere
M'y sister, my Friend, my all in one, my Teddy bear, my Queen you left without our usual goodbyes. 
Whereever you are, know i'll forever miss you my darling sister. It's a pain in me that will never heal.
Sleep well my sister.