This memorial is dedicated to the loving memory of Ramon Francis Rodriguez, who joined the Angels peacefully on March 1, 2019, surrounded by family.

Help us to remember Ramon by sharing
 your memories, photos and videos on this memorial. 

A Celebration of Life will take place on Sunday, March 24, 2019.  Details to follow. 

His family deeply appreciates the loving care and friendship shown toward our dear Ramon throughout his life.

In lieu of flowers, the family appreciates expression of sympathy through memorial donations made in Ramon’s name to the Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness (GLAD, Inc.) or Deaf West Theater

Cindy, Ally and Nick

Posted by J Pie on March 26, 2022
Missing the best roommate a guy could ever have and your funny emails!-Jimbo
p.s. Tell God I said "Hi"!
Posted by Cynthia Waddell on March 6, 2022
Dearest Dad, 

Ally, Madi, Connor and I are remembering your fun and lively spirit and missing you so very much. All our love!
Posted by Pattie Kelleher on March 1, 2022
We sure miss you, Ramon!
xoxoDaughter #2 - Pattie
Posted by Paula Holbrook on March 1, 2022
Dearest Ramon - I miss you daily - so many wonderful memories we all shared. The family talks of you often and it's always about the good times and what you taught us, what you brought to our lives.

Until we meet again, be well my dearest friend.


Posted by Cynthia Waddell on August 30, 2021
Happy Birthday, Dad! I miss you so much but know you are in good company up there with Nick at your side…no doubt you’re both enjoying margaritas on the 19th hole! 
All my love,
Posted by Deborah F Titus on April 5, 2021
Greeting/Shalom to the surviving Rodriguez and Waddell Families, it has been two years and a month passed before I google-searched Senor Ramon Rodriguez's demise this afternoon of 04-05-2021. I remember 'hearing' certain folks from the Washington DC area calling Senor Rodriguez the "silver fox" which I didn't first understand years behind. Well, he used to be one of the (now defunct) A. G. Bell School Day Oral School for the Deaf staffers in Cleveland, OH and Gallaudet University faculty members while attending in Washington, DC. His first wife, Mrs. Rodriguez used to be my home economics-sewing instructor at A. G. Bell School. Wow, our time is just fleeting by! Grateful that somebody had notified that Senor Rodriguez had passed otherwise I would still not know. Shalom! (former Deborah Freeman from Cleveland, OH now living in the Commonwealth of Virginia)
Posted by Nicholas Waddell on March 1, 2021
Hey Ramon,
Just checking in and to let you know we still love and miss you so much...
Hope the tamales, margaritas and fairways are good up there ??!!
Much love,
Your 'son',
Posted by Pattie Kelleher on March 1, 2021
Sure miss your dad!! sending
Posted by Dorothy Floyd on July 12, 2019
I already send you the long message that he was my former teacher English and Reading since 1956 and was graduated in 1959 that he left at TSD. I always informed him that he was taught of his student passed away He was appreciated that I keep up to share with him as we had been talked a lot on VP to chat lately. He will see them in Heaven also he will see my husband Max in the Heaven right now. I will forward to my friend your picture and when death in the Senior Citizens Newsletter in Austin, Dallas and Houston as I hope you get my first message and seem not send out let me know I was told him Please let Cindy to inform about his death and last time I see him in the bed ridden as we still chat each other and told him I still praying for him as I will miss him in my whole heart. He was a wonderful friendship.
Grace and Blessing,
Dorothy Miller Floyd
Posted by Carol Nickens on March 25, 2019
Oh that Ramon! 
What a guy!
A bit of a rascal too.
What I adored about him:
Fearlessly affectionate with everybody.
Perpetually optimistic.
Recklessly friendly & outgoing.
Passionate living and loving.
Proud papa and grandpa and father in love.
A trusting soul for God.
He lived life fully and happily.
Embracing family, friends, faith and pursuing joy.
Intelligent, kind and caring.
What more can we ask for?
He led the way.
We are merely steps behind.
ILY Forever!
Ramon is survived by 3 of his Missouri State School for the Deaf (MSD)’s childhood classmates. My mother Bernice Baker Wormley was one of them. She is very fond of their lifetime friendship and said he was like her brother - they all became family. She appreciated his sweet heart and the time they spent together reminiscing and enjoying their golden moments - he teased they were dates at last. She said he was always dashingly handsome and winsome and very smart and a flirt and just fun to be with. She misses him already and looks forward to their reunion in eternity. 
Sending all our love and condolences to Ramon’s family.
You are the wonderful legacy he is leaving us.
Posted by Gary Toops on March 24, 2019
When Cindy joined The Festival Singers, Ramon was always at the performances. He had a front row seat so that he could easily see and hear the group and Cindy. He always had a smile on his face, and it was always clear how proud he was of Cindy and how much he enjoyed the programs, particularly when she had a solo.  His positive and enthusiastic enjoyment of the music inspired the singers to do their best. We miss him and think of him whenever we have a concert.
Posted by Pattie Kelleher on March 22, 2019
Boy will we will we all miss dear Ramon! I can't remember the first time I met him - but I loved him the first minute! He was always a light in the room and full of smiles and joy!  Me and my kids became his extended family and always felt his love when we would drop by!  I always envied Cindy having such a present, loving father - in her life daily!  His presence brought a sense of a complete family - full of love and support! We celebrated many family milestones with him present. But, the best part was his "STRONG" margaritas!!! And his cooking! Wow! What a gift when he came to live in California!  His aging seemed to happen so quickly.... One day he was taking care of the Waddell house, the next he was in bed... Way too fast and way too spiritually young to be heading towards Heaven. Ramon, keep smiling and we will all see you again for more Margi's, love and kisses from you in Heaven! XOXO your Daughter#2, Pattie + Ryan, Jack and Addie Kelleher
Posted by Gerry Wilkins on March 22, 2019
Ramon was one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. His never ending smile and positive outlook cast light on all those in his presence. He exuded grace, kindness and warmth with every word, gesture and smile. I loved hanging out with him talking golf and baseball. An absolute gem of a man who will be sorely missed. Thankfully his spirit lives on in his wonderful daughter and granddaughter. Farewell my fine friend. I loved you and will miss you greatly.
Posted by Carl Jensema on March 20, 2019
I first met Ramon in 1973 at Gallaudet and have kept in touch since then. He was always up-beat and friendly. A really nice guy. He will be missed.
Posted by Karen OMalley on March 19, 2019
Cindy threw a huge 60th birthday party for Nick last year, however, Ramon absolutely shared the spotlight that evening as he chatted with guests and enjoyed mingling with all of us. This was one of the many events throughout our years of friendship, that Matt and I were fortunate enough to enjoy time with Ramon and to be touched by his magnetic spirit. I see so much of him in you and Ally Cindy, you carry his smile, charm, and warmth. Thanks for introducing us to him. All our love to you, and prayers for rest for Ramon.
Posted by Herbert Larson on March 19, 2019
It's so hard to put into words how great a friend Ramon was! Even though he was my "brother-in-law" (he married Caroline's older sister), he and I spent many days, months and years as true friends doing fun things like attending stage performances, playing golf, poker, checking out the restaurants and just sitting by the pool drinking scotch or wine, trying to find ways to resolve the problems of the world.
I met Ramon at Gallaudet in 1951 and in all those years I've known him, I've never once seen him say anything negative about anyone. He was always positive, caring, fair, and a pleasure to be with. 
It's so quiet around now.
On behalf of the Larson family (Caroline, Johanna, Pamela, and Reid), who have known him all those years and truly miss him, may he R.I.P.
Our deepest condolences to Cindy, Ally, and Nick. Thank you for taking such good care of him.
Posted by Steve Longacre on March 16, 2019
Thank you Ramon for allowing me to be a part of the poker club! Being 'new' to the club I was just getting to know Ramon and enjoyed every bit of it. I also enjoyed his perspective and past history of deaf education. You will be missed!
Posted by J Pie on March 13, 2019
Best roommate ever. Always beaming and always a pleasure to be with.
What a great life and a great light.
Wonderful tribute site .
Love you guys,
Posted by Scott Kramer on March 10, 2019
Ramon always was a friendly and generous poker player. He had a tendency of throwing his chips into the pot. We missed him.
Posted by Gregory Lynch on March 10, 2019
I remember attending many parties at the Wadell’s home and Ramon always participated in many fun conversations. Ramon was a special human being who lit up a conversation and was always smiling. 
Thank you Cindy and Nick for sharing Ramon with all of us. 
Gregory and Cheryl Lynch
Posted by Robert Davila on March 9, 2019
Ramon Francis Rodriguez
I first met Ramon in September of 1949 when he arrived at Gallaudet to begin his first year and I was starting my second. I was 16 years old and he was 18 that year. We instantly became friends and began a very close friendship that was to last beyond 70 years until he passed away at 88 on March 1, 2019. The friendship that he and I shared was even closer than it generally is among family members. We shared everything and had the good fortune to work in the same organizations for many years. He was beloved by my brothers and sisters as well as my wife, Donna, who died nine months before him, and my sons and grandchildren. On top of this, we also shared a large group of common friends.
I had the distinction of being the first Latino to graduate from Gallaudet in 1953 and he was the second in 1954. The fact that we were both Latinos, and there were few higher education programs serving deaf Latinos, compelled us to work with other interested colleagues to establish and manage a national organization for deaf Hispanics. Over the years, the organization, now re-named Council de Manos, has prospered and grown in its purpose and composition and continues to serve the needs and welfare of deaf and hard of hearing Latinos.
Ramon and I developed the same interests in sports and played tennis once or twice weekly for almost 35 years until we switched from tennis to golf. We played golf at least once weekly. One of our life highlights was attending the Masters tournament in Georgia in 1991. For the last five years or so, Ramon nursed back injuries that were the result of a fall while we were playing golf together.
Ramon and I had the good fortune to hold down faculty positions in Gallaudet's education department and pre-college programs. He was an outstanding teacher who received positive evaluation reviews from his students, colleagues and supervisors. When I was appointed to a senior position in the United States Department of Education, I arranged for his hiring to lead a unit that managed grant programs serving deaf and hard of hearing persons and which also included competitive grants to the National Theatre of the Deaf and other deaf community theatres. He received great marks from everyone throughout his government career.
Over the years, especially when Ramon and I were living and working on opposite sides of the country, we would manage to find the time to get together at meetings of organizations serving the deaf, such as the NAD, TDI, DSA, etc. He had a very involved passion for service to the deaf community and attending conventions was also one of the best ways to visit with friends while serving the cause of deaf persons. One year, he and I flew to Rome, Italy to attend the Wold Games for the Deaf and spent two weeks touring the country and making new friends. I will never forget that great trip.
I have lost a great friend and losing him has been very painful, but the memories that I have of our great friendship and wonderful experiences will sustain me. I consider myself blessed for having such a great friend.
Robert R. Davila
March 2019
Posted by Jim Seeger-Newby on March 9, 2019
I am so very sorry to learn of Ramon's passing. He was a unique and dear friend whom I admired greatly. From him I learned much.
He always beat me in tennis.
Posted by Marietta Philpott on March 8, 2019
Ramon was the best! You were such a great daughter & he was so blessed to have you in his life! What a great tribute Cindy! I am so sorry! i know what it is like to lose a father! Not Easy! Can't wait to hug you.
Love you

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Posted by J Pie on March 26, 2022
Missing the best roommate a guy could ever have and your funny emails!-Jimbo
p.s. Tell God I said "Hi"!
Posted by Cynthia Waddell on March 6, 2022
Dearest Dad, 

Ally, Madi, Connor and I are remembering your fun and lively spirit and missing you so very much. All our love!
Posted by Pattie Kelleher on March 1, 2022
We sure miss you, Ramon!
xoxoDaughter #2 - Pattie
his Life

Tribute to a Life Well Lived

Ramon Francis Rodriguez transitioned peacefully, surrounded by family, on March 1, 2019, at home in Coto de Caza, California. Ramon was a devoted father to his surviving daughter, Cindy, and loving grandfather to Alexandra “Ally”.

Ramon was born on August 30, 1930 to Mary Ramirez in Kansas City, Missouri. Although he never knew his biological father he was lovingly adopted by Mary’s husband, Raymond Rodriguez, a decorated WWII veteran.

At age five (5), Ramon suffered a bout of Scarlet Fever, resulting in a painful and severe infection. His mother, who worked tirelessly as a maid for the local Bishop and his family, was unable to afford medical treatment. But the family so treasured her that they arranged for treatment of her son’s infection. Despite treatment, the infection resulted in hearing loss, which never stood in Ramon’s way of a joyful and accomplished life.

Ramon was “the apple of his mother’s eye” and a loving and dedicated son. He grew up with mom, stepdad and his loving sisters Mary Irene, Jeannie and Mona. When he lived in California, and although a distance away, Ramon made it a point to visit with Mary Irene and her husband Jesse at least annually, treating Mary Irene to her favorite steak dinners. His niece and nephews Debra, Adrian, Steve, Mark and Greg enjoyed many happy times with their Uncle Ramon.

Due to his hearing loss, Ramon was a “late bloomer” in school as his attendance was delayed until nine (9) years of age. He attended the Missouri School for the Deaf, where he not only caught up on the education track, but excelled.

During school summer breaks, Ramon loved working as a busboy and kitchen/ pantry assistant at a resort in the Catskills. He treasured these summers where he learned the many skills that made him an efficient and excellent cook. He bragged that he could slice and scoop 90 grapefruits an hour!

Ramon would go on to attend Gallaudet University, where he graduated as a proud member of the Class of 1954. It was there that he met the love of his life, Bernice Clara McMullan, whom he married in 1958. Only child, daughter Cynthia Maria “Cindy”, arrived in 1959. Following graduation, both Ramon and Bernice taught at the Texas School for the Deaf, Louisiana School for the deaf and A.G. Bell in Cleveland.

As a young father, in an effort to provide the most for his family, Ramon worked two jobs in addition to his teaching position. This afforded the many wonderful and educational cross country family trips, providing Cindy with amazing and exciting travel experiences to just about every state in the country.

Ramon highly valued education and so continued his trajectory through to California State University at Northridge’s first Leadership Training Program. Next, he attended a Ph.D. program at the Rochester Institute of Technology and would later return to Gallaudet as a popular instructor. He adored his students and would remain in contact with many until his last days. 

Following Gallaudet, Ramon became an Education Program Specialist in the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services at the U.S. Department of Education in Washington, D.C. In this capacity, he oversaw federal grant funding for post-secondary education and training for the deaf.

Ramon had great pride and passion for his work and in being productive. As a result, he did not finally retire until 76 years of age. In 2008, his family invited him to join them in California, where he enjoyed many years living in a bright, spacious condo near a beautiful lake in Rancho Santa Margarita. When climbing stairs began to be a challenge, he eventually moved in with Cindy, Ally and beloved son-in-law, Nick.

Ramon and Ally shared a special bond, beginning when present at the moment of her birth welcoming her into the world. For many years, as long as “Grandpa Ramon” was able to drive, he loved chauffeuring Ally to and from school during which they would enjoy “grandpa and me” time. He never missed Ally’s volleyball games at which he was her most fervent (and loudest!) cheerleader. He proudly and joyfully attended every choir performance. 

Nick was Ramon’s loving and dedicated “son”. They shared many good times and Nick regarded Ramon as his own family. Nick worked long hours and many days lovingly preparing Ramon's retirement condo. Ramon literally arrived from Virginia, unpacked his bags and hung his toothbrush. Nick brought Ramon great happiness and made a profound difference in his life, never wavering in assisting with his care through his remaining years.

During his remaining years, Ramon enjoyed time with his family and loved being helpful in the kitchen, cooking his famous delicious Mother Mary’s Pork Chops, beef stew, chili and performing clean-up duties. He looked forward to monthly poker games with his Poker Buddies, which we would occasionally happily host at our home. Keeping up with friends from afar during long VP (video phone) sessions brought him great pleasure, as well.

Ramon was a Renaissance Man, enjoying a wide variety of interests, including sports, music and theater. He shared tales of playing football in college as among the smallest but fastest players on the team. Nothing could sway him away from his beloved matter their win-loss record. His birthday celebrations at Angel games were a joyous annual occurrence, to which he religiously wore his Albert Pujols #5 jersey. He was an avid tennis player, bowler and loved spending time on the links.

Music brought Ramon tremendous joy, which he was able to enjoy by virtue of his hearing aid. His favorites were Big Band, Nat King Cole and even the group Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. He even endured Ally’s rap and hip hop when in the car together. His love of music permeated Cindy's childhood home and the appreciation of it was passed to Ally as well

Ramon was a fixture at all of Cindy’s choral performances with The Festival Singers. The group treated him like a king and guaranteed a front row seat to ensure he heard every beautiful note and could see his beloved daughter sing.

Ramon’s love of theater led him to join the thespian troupe while at Gallaudet.He shared the love of theater and ballet with Cindy and they would attend annual performances of “The Nutcracker”, as well as, variety shows and plays. He was an ardent supporter of the National Theater of the Deaf and even produced a play with Bernard Bragg.

The family's Ragdoll cats, sisters Dolce and Gabbana, brought Ramon great pleasure. He was particularly attached to Gabbana who would make daily visits to his ottoman for a thorough brushing. When Gabbana was ill, he held her close like a baby. When she passed away he cried with the rest of the family.

In Ramon's later years, he never allowed himself to feel down when it became increasingly difficult for him to walk and he experienced accidental falls. His health was precious to him and he worked tirelessly in physical therapy to regain strength and balance. Toward the end of his life, when his body battled congestive heart failure, he never lost his smile. He was an inspirational light and positive spirit in our home, helping us all to walk a bit lighter.

Ramon’s life was defined by overcoming adversity, all the while never losing his passion for family and friends, commitment to excellence and a deep generosity, charm and sense of humor. He rarely complained and was a loving ear and best friend to Cindy.

We thank you all who was privileged to know Ramon for being kind and caring friends and associates. Know that you brought him joy and helped him to live his best life. He was loved, and in turn, loved us all.

Recent stories
Shared by Debra Martinez on March 23, 2019

Heaven has gained a pair of Angel's, within three months, we lost our mother (Ramons), sister and now our Uncle Ray, the opportunity to spend time together was not often but when they did the smiles and laughs showed how much they meant to each other. 

Uncle Ray was a great man, always a kind word and was so genuine when he asked how are you? He really wanted to know..

I wish we could be there for his celebration, but know we will celebrate his life, during the rest of our lives.......


Shared by Nicholas Waddell on March 7, 2019

Although Ramon was actually my father-in-law since marrying his beautiful daughter Cindy in 2009, to me he was really my second Dad. As my own father passed away in 1994, having Ramon in my life to fill the role of 'dad' was very precious and dear to me. And we had a lot of fun doing the things that a Father & Son do; playing golf, drinking scotch and smoking cigars on the back deck, cooking together, road trips & vacations, watching football, going to the movies, great dinners, many parties and family events, and long talks about his many & fascinating life experiences.

When Ramon moved out to California, and ultimately to live with Cindy & I, he quickly became part of the fabric of our lives, and was easily accepted & loved by our visiting friends and family members. He was the most easy-going and low-maintenance person I have ever met - game for anything, never complaining and always easy with a smile and a twinkle in his eye. I will so miss his contagious optimism and easy temperament. Even towards the end of his days when his quality of life was becoming restrictive, he still savored the smallest moments with joy - he is an example to us all when we are frustrated by our First World problems..!!

Well Dad, RIP - I miss you already and wil never forget you and the fond memories we shared. You made me a better man...and Son ..XOXO


My Best Friend...

Shared by Ally Etheredge on March 8, 2019

My Grandpa lived with us for about  7 years. We'd like to think of each other as roommates because our bedrooms were on the same floor. I remember as a young middle schooler and high schooler that he would always wake up before me and I'd find him in the kitchen preparing breakfast. Whenever I'd wander upstairs in the morning he would be slaving in the kitchen, making scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, you name it! His favorite breakfast item was definitely bacon because I remember he would make about 3 packs of them in the morning for us but there were never any leftovers. The amazing thing about my Grandpa was that he loved doing things for others. He truly loved making our family feel appreciated and taken care of. Since my mom and dad had work on the weekdays, my Grandpa would take me everywhere. We've shared countless memories in the car on the way to school and volleyball practice, always playing his favorite music, i.e. Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole. As a young child I grew to appreciate and love jazz and to this day it will always be my favorite genre. I was in choir for about nine years and my Grandpa came to every single performance I had. It didn't matter if I had a solo or was singing with the choir in the back, he was always there. My Grandpa was loved by so many people, especially all of my friends. The first thing my friends would do when they cam over was "go see Grandpa" in his room and say hello. They brought so much joy to his life and he brought so much joy to theirs. I'll always remember my Grandpa as a selfless, generous, and beautiful spirit.

I'll always love you Grandpa