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Shared by Swetha Jordan on July 15, 2021
My effortlessly Beautiful and Graceful Rathi Naynaamma, 

I still can't believe you are gone. It doesn't feel real. I haven't held you or hugged you or touched you or kissed you. Sometimes, I feel like I am going to come back and see you at Chinkle's place and ask you to say my name or sing a song together.. . How could you have gone without a last goodbye?  This past one and half year seems like a blur .. and I suddenly feel like where have all the years gone by? 

Anyway without trying to sound too morbid, cuz life just feels like that right now.. I will try and share my most treasured memories of you and with you.

My summer holidays are etched with memories of Thatha and you.. the lunches, the birthdays, the much dreaded afternoon naps, the devotion times, the Telugu gospel songs, the old English hymns, Sunday mornings when Thatha and you would dress up so elegantly and gracefully and go to church and earnestly sit in the front and make sure that we would all also attend. Thatha and you were such an A class team..  you did everything together, your secret jokes, your disciplined timing, how you coordinated your clothes, your evening walks, your prayer times together, your friendship and companionship which is so rare to find. How blessed! I always wondered Nayanamma how you had the strength to carry on after Thatha passed away. A woman of inner strength - even though you used to worry  - you always carried on each day Nayanamma.. each day every day for 20 years more.. How strong a woman are you!

I will remember your sweet voice that I used to wake up to when you came to Doha after Thatha passed. Something about the way you sung really used to stir up my heart. Thatha and you have highly influenced our walk with God and have laid very strong foundations for all of us. Thank you for that - I am grateful. I will always cherish your hand written letters and greeting cards that you never missed to send for our birthdays and other important events. 

Thatha and you were the connection to all of us Nayanamma - we all stayed solid and strong because you brought us together and we continued to do so after Thatha passed away because of you.  I hope we continue to connect and love each other in your memory. 

Thank you Nayanamma for all that you have done for us. For being an amazing testimony for Jesus - for clinging to him despite the odds and for making it through till the end. You fought the good fight. Thank you for praying for us and for loving on us till the end. Sorry if we didnt serve you well enough.. sorry if we have hurt you in anyway... 

My trips to Hyderabad will always be incomplete without you. I will miss you terribly. 

I love you my beautiful Nayanamma -  Keep smiling always even as you enjoy your carefree and unending days with Jesus and Thatha and all our loved ones. 

See you on that day again!! 


Your Pinky

My Mother-In-Love

Shared by Raj Pereji on July 14, 2021
I have been fortunate to have a loving mother-in-law like aunty. She was more a mother-in-love to me than an mother-in-law.
She had a call on hrer life to love and serve people which she exemplified with her dedication to fulfilling her responsibilities as a mother, wife, daughter-in-law and an excellent grandmother.
She was always supportive and understanding in every situation. Aunty spent a lot of time with me and helped me during my pregnancy and also after the births of my two daughters when my own family members could not be near me. She was kind, affectionate and considerate towards the entire family.
She prayed for my whole family and even stood by me when my mother passed away, taking the initiative to help prepare the body and standing as elders in the family along with uncle. She was also very supportive when Chris was away and helped me with the children during family gatherings. 
All my siblings also have high regard for her and made it a point to visit her whenever they travelled to India. We all share the grief of losing her and offer our condolences to the entire family.

2 Timothy 4:7- I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.
She has been a fighter all her life and a woman of who stood up to the task at hand. She was truly a hero who was sacrificial in serving others. She was a blessing to everyone she encountered.

Nainamma You are Missed!

Shared by Pereji Sandeep on July 14, 2021
My fondest memories of Nainamma were those 2 ½ years that I and my brother Pintu lived with David Thatha and Her. I was very young probably 8 or 9 years old. Being away from Mom and Dad both did the best to nurture us into being independent and strong Individuals from a very young age.

Thatha was a strict disciplinarian person and Nainamma was the saving grace. I was a very weak and skinny child and Nainamma used to take special care of me. I still remember those days in our nampally house where all of us to sit at the table and have our meals and I used always sit next to her and she would pick out the best chicken/ mutton pieces and give it to me. She used pack extra food in my tiffin almost every day.

I Used to always get in trouble because I was a naughty child and Thatha used to try and discipline me and then comes Nainamma Saying “ Ey Ukko Aiyaa nuvvu eppudu vani embadi paduthavu nuvvu” and Thatha used say “ Atla Kadu amma discipline undaley “I will never forget those days!

The little Telugu that I know how to read is all because of her, She taught me the whole Telugu alphabets and reading in Just two months( summer Vacation). She took it upon herself saying that’s our mother tongue and you should know how to read and write. After learning the basics she used to make memorize bible passages in Telegu and recite back to her. Most of the Telugu Christian Hymns that I know is because of her persistence.

I love to Cook, That’s my way sometimes to Unwind… but when I look back the liking towards it was probably because when I used to always help Nainamma in the kitchen as kid , While Thatha taught me how to pick the Veggies Nainamma taught me what each ingredient does to the curry. We used to hate eating vegetables but she would make them anyways to make us eat and Thatha being around you wouldn’t make a sound and just eat them.

Nainamma loved all her Grandchildren and I being one of the eldest got to spend good quality years with her, her Loving nature, her cooking, her reverence to God. I am Just glad that she played an Important role in my upbringing. All through her life she worked hard and she contributed a lot to the community wherever she was.

Nainamma, you are a pillar of Strength! When Thatha was hospitalized for over a month you were there as a constant and even after he came home you never deterred from your duties, even when Munny attha was hospitalized you were there and also when Pintu had his Surgery you were there. You did it because you cared! Wish I had that fraction of patience, endurance and strength as you did!

You taught us well Nainamma! You will be Missed here but “In the Sweet by and by We shall meet on that beautiful Shore”

Love you!

Tributes by Pastor. T. Abraham, B.Th., B.D

Shared by Christopher Pereji on July 14, 2021
Sowing the seed of God's invaluable and incorruptible Word
In the fields of the hearts of children bearing the likeness of God
With God's love and a burdened heart she planted the seedbed
With devotion and loving nature, she waterlogged them
Nourished precious lives with a hedge of discipline and protection
Fulfilling well, life's purpose with responsibility
God's helper in God's field - Pereji Rathnamma 

Being the beloved and faithful life partner of Pereji John David
She was a loving and inspiring mother to their four offspring
A spiritual mother to quite a few orphans
Me being one among them, a blessing in God's service.
A Representative of humanity, proclaiming God's attributes
Offering great services with a good conscience
A testament to Christ Jesus - Pereji Rathnamma

She did not preach from pulpits, yet never ceased to spread the divine Word
Deeply influencing their hearts and preparing them to become preachers
She was a refuge to the orphans at Bagamma Home
Providing educational, medical services and divine wisdom with fine sayings and Andhra Christian Psalms
By skillfully teaching and providing creative inspiration
She forever remains in our memories
A Residence of the Holy Spirit in this world - Pereji Rathnamma

That they might pursue their dreams by studying hard
That they may shine like lamps of wisdom in the darkness of ignorance
She harvested golden results through hard work,
Dispersing the essence of goodness and emulating a model path
Living her life by setting an example
Being a thoughtful and good-natured person, being a Loving light of the Almighty
She shone as God's light for 92 years - Pereji Rathnamma

~Pastor T. Abraham
Currently serving as Pastor at Bethel Prayer Fellowship (An Independent Church Ministry)
Jonnabanda, Old Alwal, Secunderabad.
Wife: Rosy Abraham
Son-in-law & Daughter: Robert Franklin & Sumarchana
Younger daughter: Miss. Blessy Suzanna

Memories of Aunty Rathna David Pereji - Narmala Yesumani

Shared by Christopher Pereji on July 2, 2021
Memories of Rathna David Pereji

It’s a great privilege to share loving memories of Rathna David Pereji Aunty – memories that will always live on with me.

It was around 1973, during the early years of my married life…my husband Gaddam Samuel, and I, Narmala Yesumani, moved from Kamareddy to Sangareddy to join a private English medium school as teachers. We had our interviews at the Collector’s Office and were asked to start immediately. At that time, our firstborn was just 8 months old. We used to call him ‘Babu’.

We were searching for a rental house, and a maid to take care of Babu. We were new to the place and did not know anyone. It was difficult to find a place to rent; however, we found one place where nine families were living as tenants in adjacent quarters. Initially, we used to carry Babu along with us to school, where a maid at the school used to take care of him.

After a few days, we were given strict instructions to not bring Babu to school. We used to leave Babu with neighbors/housewives, or with their maidservants, or a certain lady who used to work at the local cinema hall. I used to cry bitterly (and my son as well) as it was heartbreaking to leave Babu with people we did not know well. They used to tie a cotton rope around one of his ankles and secure him to the leg of a table or a cot, to prevent him from crawling away out of sight! I had no help from my mother or my in-laws. I lost my dad when I was sixteen years old.

Around that time, “David Aunty” (she insisted we call her so) came to Sangareddy and rented a quarter adjacent to ours! She was a nurse at the government hospital. She was a young lady, very fair, beautiful, with a very sweet smile. She was very energetic, and did all her work by herself. She was well-dressed in her white uniform, was highly disciplined, and was always punctual.

In the evenings,” David Aunty” and I used to draw water from our neighbor’s well. The tap water supply from the River Manjira would hardly be enough for the nine families. We used to fill hardly one or two vessels of water, just sufficient for the whole day.

“David Aunty” and I used to go grocery shopping at the local vegetable market. Often, we used to wait in long lines to buy kerosine at the ration shops. She used to look very neat and dignified in her nice sarees.

Aunty taught me how to cook tasty curries in a simpler way. Since I was at the boarding school from 3rd grade till the completion of Teacher Training, I did not get a chance to practice cooking. Whenever I see spinach, I remember her. We used to sit on the floor while cooking on a kerosene stove or on a firewood stove in those days.

After her shift at the hospital, she used to carry my son Babu into her house. She used to sit and play with him, sing lullabies, feed him, and put him to bed. Babu became so attached to aunty that he would wait for her eagerly. The moment he saw her, his face would light up with a big smile. He used to crawl into her house by climbing up the steps. Even after a whole day of hard work, aunty was always energetic. She was very gentle and kind to Babu. SHE WAS A GREAT HELP TO ME! I was able to do all my household work while aunty took care of Babu.

David aunty used to call Babu SAMSON and used to say he looked just like her own son SAMSON. So we named him SAMSON!

Auntie’s husband Uncle John David used to visit her in Sangareddy. He was tall, young, handsome, and very sharp. He was dignified and well respected. On Babu’s first birthday, we didn’t have any idea of celebrating, as it was very difficult for us to make ends meet with our meagre salaries. And I was pregnant with my second child.

Aunty and Uncle came to our house, brought all the necessary things for cooking, baked a Birthday cake, cooked Biriyani, and celebrated Babu’s first Birthday! That was our first homemade Biriyani! WE WERE BLESSED! We were very happy. I thanked God. God heard my and my son’s cry and prayers. He sent His angels who showed MOTHERLY and FATHERLY LOVE!

How the couple cared for others! How they were always loving, willing, and ready to help! Not everyone has such selfless, loving, and helping nature! A Beautiful and Handsome couple made for each other!

After five months, my second child, a daughter was born. Aunty was with me and helped me a lot. She took care of my daughter whenever she was free. She never minded when my children made the floors or the bed dirty. Aunty called my daughter “MUNNI” after her own daughter, also called “MUNNI”.

Shortly thereafter, I got a job as a teacher at the Government Girls’ School. I used to take both my babies to school with me. Until then, aunty used to work night shifts whenever possible, to take care of my children during the day.

Eventually, Aunty was transferred to another town and left Sangareddy. My husband and I met Aunty and Uncle in 1998, after twenty-five years! I will share more on a couple of reunions with Aunty in a separate story.

~Narmala Yesumani

Surprise reunions - Narmala Yesumani

Shared by Christopher Pereji on July 3, 2021
First surprise reunion:

After a gap of 25 years, I met Rathna David Aunty in New Jersey in 1998, along with her daughter-in-law Rajkumary (wife of her second son Christopher), at the residence of Adarsha Akka & John Moses Anna Kamatam. Both of us felt very happy and re-lived our memories of Sangareddy. Aunty felt very happy to learn that my son SAMSON (Babu) and daughter MUNNI (Sumana) studied at CMC Vellore, and are working as doctor and B.Sc. Nurse respectively.

Second surprise reunion:

In 2017, I was living in Kamareddy. My son Samson sent me a photograph, and wrote, “Guess! Who is this in the red sweater?”. It was David Aunty, with her son Wellington and my son Samson! Immediately I called and obtained Wellington’s phone number, called him, and visited them on Dec 26th. It was my birthday, but I did not tell them. I was eager to see David Aunty.

Wellington and Merlyne received me lovingly and took me to David Auntie’s room. Aunty looked very tired, but her beauty and her sweet smiling face were just the same as before, 45 years ago! She recognized me and took me into her arms, and asked me to pray for her. We prayed together and talked for a long time. Wellington took me to Ms. Susheela Purushotham and Ms. Prema Benjamin’s rooms and introduced me.

The three ladies and their separate rooms were very clean. They had their meals at the dining table and were taken out on their wheeled chairs to the corridor for some fresh air. Wellington and Merlyne took very good care of the three elderly ladies, so lovingly and selflessly. God bless them and their family!

I stayed with them the whole day and had delicious lunch with them. They even packed dinner for me as I was heading back to Kamareddy. David Auntie’s eldest son Samson was also there. When I went to Aunty to say bye, she repeatedly asked me to pray for her. I never thought that I would not see her again. I had the great satisfaction of spending my birthday with David Auntie’s family.

We saw David Auntie’s daughter Munny at Sangareddy. We visited Christopher & family in Rhode Island, USA along with John Moses Anna and Adarsha Akka. They received us warmly.

I liked and learned to follow the very good nature of David Uncle and Aunty – to be loving, kind, helpful, be within my limits, and not be a spendthrift. Most importantly, from Aunty, I learned to lead a VERY SIMPLE LIVING!

My first-born son SAMSON (Babu), and my daughter SUMANA (Munni) got all the good qualities of David Aunty: God-fearing, loving, gentle, hardworking, humble, kind, helpful, caring for others, and so on…Aunty carrying Babu and Munni in her arms when they were infant babies, and naming them after her own children were a Great Blessing!

I can witness to the fact that David Uncle and Auntie’s legacy, good nature, respecting and caring for others, loving, kind, being willing and ready to help, and doing good selflessly are passed on to their four children. It is a great blessing to remember the life, love, memories, and ideals of parents, to celebrate the memories of parents, and pass them on to future Pereji generations! It is said in the Holy Bible “Honor your father and mother, as the Lord your God commanded, that your days may be long, and that it may go well with you, in the land that the Lord your GOD is giving you!” And “The memory of the righteous is blessed!”

David aunty fought the good fight, finished her race, kept her faith, and there is laid up for her, the crown of righteousness! She has been called back to the Lord and is safe in His arms. And we have hope and faith that the dead in Christ shall rise first! As Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life, whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live.”

I thank Christopher Pereji from the bottom of my heart, for inviting me to this Memorial Website, and for giving me an opportunity to share sweet memories of Aunty Rathna David, who was really a “JEWEL”.

~Narmala Yesumani

From Rev.Dr.Bandari Prabhaker Rao. MA.,B.D.,D.D.,(Ph.D)

Shared by Christopher Pereji on July 2, 2021
It is not fortuitous but a divine design that our Bandari families found a lasting relationship with the Perejis, that goes back to a couple of generations. My stay in Siddipet Pastorate as the Presbyter-in-Charge during 1974-78 brought me close to the Late Sri Pereji John David's family. 

Late Mrs. John David was a Staff Nurse at the Government Hospital, Siddipet. She was such an unassuming simple lady who always sported a gentle smile. She hardly spoke but answered inquiries with a smile and a glitter in her eyes. Her quiet composure and taking things in their stride and not overreact is a sure solvent to be learned to make one's life easier than be sullied down by them.

Her children inherited these characteristics, non-interfering but focused on their careers. At the very sight of her, Munni would start smiling. 

My association with the family continues long after my Siddipet years. 

Let the memories of mother Late Mrs. Rathnamma David Pereji be a beacon of light to all in life's journey.

Rev. Dr. Bandari Prabhaker Rao. MA.,B.D., D.D.,(Ph.D)
Former General Commissary,
Treasurer, Medak Diocese,
Former Chairman, National Council of Churches in India, Unit III, National Issues,
Former Secretary, CSI Commission on Political Questions

Tributes, thoughts, chat etc., shared by family and friends on social media

Shared by Christopher Pereji on July 4, 2021
Mr. Sunder & Family (Mom & Dad were very close with this family when they were in Doha)
Dear Samson sb,
We had the biggest Honour of love from yr parents, who became our symbol of pure affection (LOVE). It is not that easy to win anybody's heart with love.
Amma is the luckiest person to have relished the total bliss of love, blessed for their virtues. Her presence is not there, but she lives in our hearts forever. her love n blessing for us forever...
You are the luckiest son to have parents like them, we had the opportunity to have shared it with you.
We pray for her to Rest In Peace. Amen.
Kamal Sai

Sanjeev (Former student of Bagamma Memorial Home)
Sad to hear about the demise of Amma! She was like a mother to all the children of Bagamma Memorial Home. May her soul rest in peace, and my deepest condolences to all family members.

Ps. T. Abraham (Former student of Bagamma Memorial Home)
Our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family. We are blessed with her service and teaching of GOD's Word. Now we are doing GOD's ministry, serving people.

Samuel Pereji
Hi Munnakka,
I am really sorry for the loss of Rthanunty. I very much wanted to call on you that evening, but I know you're a very emotional person, and I know how much you were attached to Rathnaunty. I could not attend the funeral as well...but you all are in my prayers!!
Take care for John Chinnayana and Aunty are now in the waiting area with their loved ones!!! Amen.
~Samuel Pereji

Gordon, Ingrid, and Margaret (From Australia)
Sorry to hear about the demise of your mom.
Our deepest condolences to you and your family. 
May God grant you all the blessings, courage, and strength to cope with this painful loss of your beloved mom.
Love to you and your family.
~Gordon, Ingrid, and Margaret

Narmala Yesumani
Munni - our deep condolences to you and your family. Praying for you all.
May mother's soul rest in peace.
~Yesumani Akka

Good afternoon Miss
I am extremely sorry for your loss. My heartfelt condolences to you and your family. It is indeed a great loss; one of the strongest pillars of your life that indeed was is and continues to be an extremely important source of who you are and what you are to us as well.

John Diwakar Pereji
Dear Munnakka,
Very sorry and deeply saddened to hear about Peddamma...
May God be with you all and give you comfort, peace, and solace.
Rest in eternal peace, Peddamma.

Merlyne Akka and Bawa, so sorry to note that athamma is no more. She was very very good to us. We used to spend our time in their house whenever we had a holiday. She was a very loving, patient, and gentle lady, down-to-earth, and graceful too. Because she was so blessed and good, she is blessed with a daughter-in-law like you and Bawa too, who used to take care of her so well. The credit of her long life definitely goes to you. May God bless you for all the patience, love, and care you've shown towards her.
My deepest condolences to you both and the entire family. Samson Bawa, Chitti Bawa, Munni Akka, and their families too. Undoubtedly, she has left for us, a great lesson of a God-fearing and blessed life...
Love her...

Annie Vitus
Dear Sujatha l  firstly want to praise and thank God for the gift of a wonderful friend like you I give credit for the person you are first to God and then to your parents In the course of our journey in life we had so many similarities mainly being the only daughters with only brothers as our siblings We used to share so many things feelings emotions sometimes breaking down and comforting one another Mostly it used to be talks about our mothers Here my heart breaks because most of our stumbling steps in our life were always steadied by their words of wisdom and love Anything thing troubling we run to them for we didn’t have sisters They are our lifeline Today mamma is up in heaven rejoicing with daddy She is an angel now ever close to you and your family Though her presence physically is missed in spirit she is there with all of you interceding with Jesus for the well being of her children and grandchildren So please take care of your health eat well for this is what your mamma wants May He grant eternal rest unto her and let perpetual light shine upon her and May her soul rest in peace
~Annie Vitus

G.M. Mohiuddin
Sincere and heartfelt condolences Sujatha Winston Ma'm. Pained to learn about your mother's demise. May she rest in eternal peace. Your mother will be in our prayers.
~G.M. Mohiuddin (1983-84)

Mrs. Gabriel, Principal
Very sad news. Will pray for the repose of her soul and for all her family to bear this great loss. You now have an ADVOCATE IN HEAVEN TO PLEAD FOR YOU.
May God grant her eternal rest, and strength to her family to bear this great loss. God will comfort you ma'am and your family. Isaiah 66:13
~Mrs. Gabriel

HMT Alumni
Om Shanthi
Saddened to know about the irreplaceable loss to your family ma'am. Hope you will find peace and comfort in the difficult time.
~HMT Alumni

Captain Sohan
Sad news indeed dear Sujatha Ma'am. Losing parents is one of the most difficult situations we can face. But I'm sure she has gone to a better place. God bless her soul, ad give you all the strength to bear this irreplaceable loss. Praying that you'll find solace during this terrible time.
In grief with you...
~Captain Sohan

Samson David Pereji
You have been called to glory. GOD will give you peace and you will be with HIM. Neevu Dhanyuraalavamma. Thank you for everything you gave us Mummy.
I miss you, Mummy.
~ Samson

Christopher David Pereji
Yes, Mummy. You have been a blessing to us, your children, and everyone in your life. We will always be thankful to you for your selfless love, sacrifices, and hard work. Your service to thousands of people with sickness and disease is a great example of your kindness. 
Precious in the sight of the Lord, is the death of His saints. 
Love you, Mummy.

Wellington David Pereji
Yes, when she was being shifted to the wheelchair for a bath, it looked like a regular routine. Felt like she is alive. 

You were a virtuous woman. Your worth is far more than rubies. You taught us to be humble, loving, caring, god-fearing, and to be cheerful and thankful. You inspired us in a number of ways, which words cannot express. 
You were an inspiring, noble character. The verse from Proverbs 31:28 is very apt for you Mumma. It says, "Her children arise and call her blessed."
Thank You, Lord, for giving us such a beautiful Mumma who along with daddy made us what we are. Thank You, Lord, for the hope that we have, that she is with you. She lives through her deeds. Thank YOu Lord for granting her eternal peace and rest.
Love you, Mumma.

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