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Without you life can be hard sometimes...I miss you and think about you everyday. I know you are in the arms of God and that he is taking care of you, but still I wish you were here with mommy. I think about all the things I never got to do with you. I however am so proud of you while your life was short on this earth you touched the lives and hearts of many people. You gave hope to so many people in the world. You were special and God needed you at home so I am glad that he gave you to me for only a short while, but taught me so much. I cannot wait until I can come and be with you and hold you in my arms again. I will always carry you in my heart. My new mission is that you will NEVER be forgotten and will always be my sunshine, the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow, my snowfall in the winter, the leaves changing in the fall, the leaves that change in the fall, and the first blossom of the spring, the dew on the roses in the morning, and the warm breeze on a summer day. I Love you baby girl and just know nothing or no one will ever compare to you.

January 25, 2011
January 25, 2011
Sleep well sweet baby Raylee. My little Lucas is with you in your new home.

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Gracie's First Snow

January 24, 2011

Baby Gracie was so blessed to have Martina and Eric.  These parents love and adored this very special gift.  A baby is a bit of heaven blown from the hand of God.  Baby Gracie will live in the lives of everyone that knows this couple and her family forever.

Martina was sad at Christmas because baby Gracie was with Jesus and not at the home of her parents where everyone expected her to be. 

Baby Gracie came to visit her Mommy and Daddy on Christmas morning.  When Martina and Eric awoke on Christmas morning and saw the first snowflake, they knew that was Jesus carrying baby Gracie to visit them and let them know she is safe and loved.

One day Martina and Eric will see baby Gracie again.  She will know who they are when they get there, by the strength of their faith.  Jesus has told her about them, He has also told her how much they love her.

Children are only ours to borrow, they belong to Jesus.  Sometimes we must let them go sooner than we want to or are ready, as is the case with baby Gracie.

Fortunately, Martina and Eric are children of Jesus.  Baby Gracie is an angel.

We recognize her in a tiny snowflake, the warm sunshine upon our face, the gentle rain, Gracie is present at all times and is always loved.





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