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June 9, 2017
June 9, 2017
To the Daughters Of Rebecca Brown.... In 2016 I lived in Neenach. I pulled to the side of the road one hot afternoon to let my truck cool off. My husband and I got out of the truck to take some nearby shade. I noticed (I'm the curious one!) a lot of papers and toys and broken furniture all thrown on the ground behind enough trees that you could not see it from Ave D. Long story short... I found tons of personal papers belonging to your parents. (I know they are both gone...) then I found immunization cards belonging to both of you and your sister. I found you dads orginal birth cert, your moms drivers license... Then I moved to Mojave where there was a fire on Nov 22, 2016. All the things I had gathered together to one day give to you was burnt by a crazy man who lives next door to where we were.... So I returned to the place where I had found those things and I found only a cou[ple ot items. A pay check stub for your mom and part of a check book. I would really like to talk with one or both of you.! I also went to the house and found a few thinks there too. My phone is 760-384-8458 any time! PS I remember seeing your mom at work at Albertsons! I lived in Rosamond back then.

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