Oh my we done pissed off Frog

Shared by Denise Lindsey on July 28, 2016

We couldn't go with Him anywhere not even to Midway Store.  Without one of us saying something rude or we would be picking on him and he couldn't stand that. (I miss the late night adventures we had going to the Pony (your favourite place) you, Stevie, Uncle Frog (Babe) (inside joke on why they called one another BABE, just one of those things you had to have been there, I guess).  But anyways, this one time we went to Walmart on a late night trip?  Uncle Frog ( Babe) was buying us the You Hoodie, but you had to see someone you didn't like because you was cursing up and down, then I started.  Uncle said if yal two don't stop it now we leave the store now and I won't by yal nothing no FOOD either and I meant it straighten up and Behave.  So we had to hurry up and pay, but that was fun aggravation him with me.  This is one of many memory 1/100000000000.  I'll even tell stories about her when is was a wee one!  I sure do miss her everyday still.  Man it never gets easier, just Gotta Keep on Living L*I*V*I*N*G (favorite line on DAC *Wooderson*)

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