Mrs. Regina “Imah” Etim Akpan Etuk, was born on December 20, 1932 as the third daughter to the family of late Chief Isaac Okon Umoh of Okop Ndua Edong and Jenny Atta of Obot Atakpa, both in Ibesikpo Asutan Ekpe Local Government Area in Akwa Ibom State. She attended Qua Iboe Church Mission School for a couple of years, but had to discontinue due limited educational opportunities and resources at that time. She was introduced by her teacher to marry her beloved husband Elder (Mr.) Etim Akpan Etuk-Ikpa of Nung Ukana Ibesikpo in 1948.


She was an excellent Sewing Professional (Seamstress) who made her living sewing, teaching, and retailing sewing supplies. At one point, she had over twenty apprentices, and majority of them lived in her house. She was a blessing to her husband, and her legendary entrepreneurial acumen helped them excel in Transportation, Real Estate, Convenient Stores, Palm Produce, and Sewing enterprise.


Fondly called “MayenEka” by her Nephews, Cousins and Nieces; and Imah (meaning Love) by husband and others, this woman was greatly respected and loved by her family. Her family looked up to her as the standard for everything good and she lived up to that expectation. She was a mother of 11 children, two of whom she has reunited with in heaven. Her husband and best friend of 63 years loves and adores her immensely. She had a character of the highest caliber, that represented sensitivity and consideration towards all people, near and far, as well as extraordinary generosity and an unparalleled level of community and family involvement and dedication.


Above all, she had a personal relationship with God through the Lord Jesus Christ. She was a devout Christian, God was number one in her life, and her work as a deaconess in the church was remarkable. She was an active and critical member of the Lutheran Church, and instilled God fearing principles in the lives of all her children and those around her. She was generous, kind, loving, sweet, caring, elegant, energetic, thoughtful, hopeful, resilient, and many more.

The following family members miss her earthly presence, but rejoice at her home going: Her mournful husband-Elder (Mr.) Etim “Tailor” Akpan EtokIkpa. Children-Alice, Uduak, Emanuel, Christiana, Comfort, Dorothy, Mercy, Enobong, and Itoro. Grand Children-Idara, Uwem, Nnene, Etewan, MfonObong, Kokoette, Imabong, Nsikan, Enoemem,Itoro, Ufot, Keminie, Meyene, Ediana, Obongawan, Kokoeka, Idara, Uyai, Etieno. Great Grand Child-Stephinie, as well as in-laws, cousins, sister, half-bothers and sisters, nieces and nephews.