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Amazing mother

December 26, 2011

My mother (Mama) was one of the most amazing people I have ever met and will probably ever meet. Her name “Imah”, in Ibibio language means “love,” marked her out as a special person; a carrier of love, faith, hope, and wisdom. She spent her life caring for others, She never put herself before others. She would often go out of her way to reach those who were in need. She was also often a counselor when the times called for it. She was devout Christian, God was number one in her life, and her work as a deaconess in the church was remarkable. I knew I could come to her no matter what the reason or circumstance, because she was not only my mother, but my best friend as well. She was our example of persistence, courage, service, faith, hope, love of beauty and the ongoing quest for truth. I know she is resting peacefully in Heaven. I truly miss her, but will always remember her as a wonderful mother.

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