This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Valerie Francis, 67 years old, born on August 23, 1953, and passed away on February 19, 2021. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Caswell Morant on March 6, 2021
Valerie, as my batch mate (1972-1975) I remember you walking around The Mico Campus.
You were very shy & quiet but ready to blend in.We never had a conversation but the memories are fresh in my mind. My sympathy to your entire family and friends. God will stand with us during our mourning.Rest peacefully my dear.✝️❤️
Posted by Beverley Lashley on March 5, 2021
The National Library of Jamaica pays tribute to Valerie - please click on the link to view the video of tributes from past and present NLJ staff members
Posted by Benie Conolly on March 5, 2021
To my dear Friend/Sister in Christ- Valerie.
Life on earth is a short journey
during which time we love, we care
And take time to make a difference
for a better world.
Sis, you really made difference
I am very thankful that God sent you to walk this journey with me too.
Very glad that I got to know you
as a loving and caring person.
Will miss your messages, your early morning meditation readings
and most of all will miss our get-togethers when I visit Jamaica.
With a heavy heart I say until we meet again, my friend, my Sister,
Sleep and Rest In Peace in God's divine presence.
Posted by GILBERT HARRIS on March 5, 2021
Valerie was a special person. Every time I remember her I see her warm smile and welcoming posture. She genuinely loved people and you knew that by the way she made you feel like you were the most important person in the world, when interacting with you.
Valerie lived out her faith before all of us and it was that faith that sustained her through the difficult years dealing with this disease. My last face-to-face interaction with Valerie was at the funeral service of my own brother many years ago. It was really good catching-up and seeing that she had not changed. She was the same jovial, loving, warm cousin I knew all my life.
Sincere condolences to my cousins, George, Ralston, Pauline, Courtney and Charmaine. Know that we are praying for you at this difficult time. Be assured, as the Scripture says, "The Eternal God is our Refuge, and underneath are the Everlasting Arms." (Deuteronomy 33:27)
Posted by Donna Francis on March 4, 2021
From the very first day we met, you declared that we were cousins because we shared the same last name. Even when I told you I acquired the name by marriage that didn’t matter to you, I was still your “cuz” Little did I know that when I visited with from the United States in December 2019, that that would be the last time I would see you. I promised that I would see you in March 2020 and would bring the things you asked for, but that was not to be because of Covid. I always looked forward to your devotions and I didn’t know that November 29th, 2020 would be the last one. You have enriched my life immensely. Your flight has landed cuz and you disembarked in the arms of your Savior. Rest well.
Posted by Delores Walters on March 4, 2021

Tribute to Valerie Glynnis

“The measure of a life is not in its duration but in its donation” Corrie Ten Boom

Valerie - qualities that exude from her: welcoming, persevering, creativity, strong professional work ethic, A heart of thanksgiving, honest, trustworthy, good friend, woman of God.

Valerie was my senior in college (Mico College). In those days you never really spoke to your seniors unless you really knew them. So we didn’t interact much on campus. I, however, learned we had one thing in common, we were from the same Church of God of Prophecy. Valerie from the Annotto Bay church and I from Maxfield Avenue, in Kingston. Somehow we were introduced to each other by Gladys Thomas (Tommy) from the Point Hill, Prophecy Church in St. Catherine. We resided in the ladies hostel back then on Trevenion Rd.

I recall a spiritual experience that changed Valerie’s life when we were in college. Students attended a secular concert one Saturday evening, then we all returned to the hostel and retired for the night. Later that night, Valerie woke up like a storm in the dorm from the top bunk bed speaking in unknown tongues loudly (you can imagine the commotion). Now imagine a number of us in our early late 20ies trying to analyze “the experience”. In our “church world” at that time, for such an experience to happen, you would expect to be in what is called a “tarrying service” or a prayer meeting for the infilling of the Holy Spirit. (None of that).  I remembered Valerie saying, “I didn’t have anything spiritual on my mind, before I went to bed, I wasn’t thinking about anything”. Can you imagine the shock in the hostel, because many people didn’t understand what was happening. She was a marked woman from then, because that happened in public, outside of church (Christians and non-christians were there). I am sure that as word got around, students watched how she lived on campus after that. For me the message was that the Holy Spirit does what he has to do anytime He wants.

We left college and went our separate ways. A few years later, Valerie joined the Kemps Hill Secondary School staff in Vere, Clarendon, where I was already teaching. We shared a flat on the school premises which deepened our relationship.
Valerie, Eileen Marshall and myself spent many nights making booklets and other materials for our struggling readers. Here, Valerie's creativity stood out in the kind of content that was produced, as she thought of each student’s needs and we could support them, especially because the struggling readers were mainly boys. If we had a function to attend, we three, would spend nights creating styles and making dresses. We had so much fun living on the school campus at Kemps Hill. Valerie was quite the horticulturist. She made the surroundings so beautiful by planting lovely flowers around the flat. She actually talked to plants but she wasn’t crazy. The plants seemed to take a liking to her voice and nurturing care. The flowers thrived.

When I introduced my soon to be husband, Owen, to Valerie, she was so welcoming. She never saw him as a threat to our relationship and so our friendship circle widened, with Owen.

Valerie never forgot birthdays or anniversaries. If the phone rang early in the morning on the birthday or the anniversary it was usually Valerie on the other end of the line.

We have a 40 year old joke about a white handkerchief. You see, Valerie was the Maid Of Honour at our wedding. She bought this special handkerchief just in case, I had a tear in my eye or if I was sweating to mop my brows and to keep me calm at the wedding. Low and behold, Valerie was the one sweating profusely and needed the handkerchief. We have laughed about that situation for 40 years, although, in the 40th year she couldn’t find the handkerchief (that was mainly because she wasn’t in much control of things in her surroundings anymore). She said, “Del, I can’t tell where the handkerchief is”, but we just laughed it off. 
Valerie dear, you won’t need that handkerchief any more. You're with the Saviour now and you won’t be sweating or having tears. The Saviour we talked about has you in His arms.

Valerie, Owen and myself spent many days talking over the phone about the goodness of God and how he charted our paths. She trusted the Lord with everything she knew. She was an avid worshipper and shared devotional thoughts with us regularly. The last time I spoke with Valerie, she had a different voice and she said “Del, I can only give you two minutes.” Of course, we talked for about four minutes but she was the one who wanted to talk (to express how she felt and what the doctors were doing). We ended up blessing each other and as usual talking about the goodness of the Lord. Valerie was really tired.
In all of her illness, Valerie never complained but was alway grateful for being allowed to live yet another day. She used her illness as a platform to praise God and to make Christ known to others. Valerie spent her influence well as a classroom teacher, librarian, friend, family member. She didn’t waste it.

Valerie dear, you are home at last, we will miss you but we have many precious memories.

She now can confirm her song 
I am in Canaan's land, where the soul of man never dies
My darkest night has turned to day, where the soul of man never dies
I am in that place where there is no sad farewell, no tear dimmed eyes, where all His deeds, His joy and love and the soul of man never dies.
I have received her rose that was blooming there for me where the soul of man never dies
And I shall live eternally where the soul of man never dies
There is no sad farewell, there is no tear dimmed eyes
Where all His deeds, His joy and love and the soul of man never dies

To the Family
To Sharmayne, Pauline, Rolstan, George, Courtney, Niece and nephews,  Valerie loved you. She talked about you. I have a void inside of me, and yet I can’t imagine your void. But take heart in this, that Valerie is one saint that has gone home and I join with the writer of Psalm 116:15 who penned “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his faithful servants” NIV. Be comforted. He (the Lord) has given you beauty for ashes, the oil of Joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that you might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He might be glorified. (Isaiah 61: 3)

My family prays for your Comfort - From Owen & Del Walters, Earldene, Hillaire and Kirk
Do accept our condolence

Posted by Jamila Whitney on March 4, 2021
I remember the very first day Miss Francis walked into the IT department at the National Library "Greetings and Salutations one and all", which immediately put a smile on my face.

And from that day until now, it has always been the same, she was someone who always encourages me to do better, asking about my kids whenever she sees me and literally waits for me to give her an update on how they doing in school and church.

I look forward to the Bible verses that she use to send every morning. Miss Francis never ever forgets my birthday, she remembers even when people close to me don't, not a year goes by since we've met, I didn't receive a birthday message from her. The love and support was appreciated.

It's sad to see you go, but you are in your resting pleace, so sleep in peace Miss Francis, you will be missed.
Posted by Audrey Saddler on March 3, 2021
Valerie Francis or VGF as she referred to herself was truly God's masterpiece, a gem, filled with quiet dignity and an assurance that she was the child of the King. She lived her life as such bringing words of encouragement and seeking to uplift the lives of those she touched. She was a friend, counsellor, advisor and confidant. Greetings and Salutations were used to share God's word and to bring words of encouragement. Praying and fasting was a way of life.
Valerie enjoyed life to the fullest, her life as a Librarian, her family, her church family and her friends. She never missed a birthday or an anniversary. She also made sure that her friends never missed these important dates as well and would call just to remind of upcoming milestones. 
As I mourn her passing, I reflect on her strength and her Faith in God, that despite her illness and the challenges that it brought, she continued to live a life of hope.
I give thanks for our friendship, for her many words of encouragement and counsel, for her many calls just to check how the day went, the birthday greetings, the prayers on my behalf.
I give thanks for Valerie, my friend who lived her life in service to God and others.
As we mourn, let us take hope in the words of Ecclesiastes 3, which reminds us that "to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven". VGF has passed through her seasons, of birth, of a life filled with purpose, with love, with joy, happiness, laughter, sickness and pain and in all of this lived in service to God.
Rest in peace my friend.
Posted by Nola Jackson on March 3, 2021
                                                  By Nola Jackson

As I reflect on the over 20 years that I have known Valerie (Princess) it gives me confirmation that God knows exactly what is children needs and then provides. This princess that God placed in my life was more than just a friend; she was a very good friend and confidant. Although she was a direct or a no-nonsense person, her words were always said with love. She has taught me so much, for which I will forever be grateful.

I recall the time at church when she stated, "if I'm a child of the king, then I am royalty". She then named herself (princess) and she truly lived up to that name. She walked like a princess, behaved like a princess, and talked like a princess. Even when she spoke Patois, it sounded like Standard English; that's how royal she was.

As the time Drew close for her to meet her father, the king, she dropped subtle hints that she had only a few days left with me, but she did it in such a royal and loving manner, that I missed what she was really saying. Her last two days were filled with her constantly telling me to take care of myself, or calling me to pray with her, or asking me to hold her hand, and asking me what time it was ............and saying she was ready to go home.

Princess continue to show love and continue to give advice, even during the hours she was departing this world .I will miss my sister and friend, but I take comfort in knowing that she is at peace, and I know that you are reigning Supreme in your Royal Kingdom
Posted by Dorothy Noel on March 1, 2021
From the first time I met Val in the 1990s I knew I had met a true professional, warm and caring and fun! I was then the publishing manager at Carlong Publishers (Caribbean) Ltd and had a great relationship with the National Library.

I remember her teaching me some of the ins and outs of copyright and legal deposits and being the expert teacher that she was, shortly after she organised a workshop and asked me to be the presenter on the same topics!

I always looked forward to meeting her at events organised by the BIAJ. The ever present smile, the positive energy were hallmarks of this beautiful lady.

I am still in shock as I did not know she was ailing.

And now, as the tears dry up I will always remember that wonderul Acquisitions manager.

" A beautiful spirit was with us
And God called her home".

Walk good my dear Valerie and as Horatio said to his friend Hamlet in the Shakespeare play "Hamlet",

"Good night sweet prince
 And flights of angel sing thee to thy rest".

By Dorothy Noel, Retired Publishing Manager, Carlong Publishers (Caribbean) Limited
Posted by Alan Cobley on March 1, 2021
Valerie always had a greeting to share with me on Father's days, anniversaries and birthdays - sometimes with a biblical text - so I hope she would forgive me for paraphrasing a text that sums her up so well: 'Her ways were ways of pleasantness, and all her paths were peace.' (Proverbs 3:17) Rest in peace, my dear sister.
Posted by Marjorie Bolero-Haughton on February 28, 2021
A Brief Journey Through Time (for Valerie)
A breath. For some it is a little longer breath
   But not all breaths are the same.
Some are deep and refreshing.
Some are short and shallow.
But, breath it still is.
Make your breath count,
Whether long or short,
Deep or shallow.
It is life. A breath.

Sleep well my friend. I miss your laughter and the way your eyes twinkle when you laugh.
I'll miss you calling and leaving a message on the phone when you know I am returning home after travelling over seas. I missed you calling me for my birthday that just went. I thank the Lord for the many years of friendship we had.
Bless you girlfriend. Rest well.
Posted by John Aarons on February 28, 2021
From John Aarons
This is my personal tribute to Valerie. The other one was written on behalf of the Retired Members Group of LIAJA. I worked closely with her during my time at the National Library especially when I became Director. Indeed her office was close to mine so we interacted on a daily basis. Both the present and former National Librarians have written about the excellent work she did as Acquisitions head, so I have not got to repeat it. I will write instead about another aspect of her work and that is the concern she had for the welfare of staff – both material and spiritual. I believe that at one time she was staff representative on the Board of Management and/or the Human Resources Committee. She would have been a good HR Officer. I recall that our monthly staff meetings always started with a prayer which she very often offered. Then one day she suggested that we include some choruses and a reading from the bible. This was agreed and she organized this aspect of the meeting, ensuring that each department took it in turn to lead the worship session. The staff responded very well to this.
We maintained contact after I left NLJ and on my birthdays and Father Day I was certain to receive greetings from her. On 19 November last year, International Men’s Day, – 3 months before her passing, and despite the fact that her illness was taking its toll on her - she sent me greetings and wished me well. During her illness, whenever I spoke to her on the telephone or visited, I came away feeling stronger as her spirit was always so positive and full of hope that it radiated to me.
As we remember her and give thanks for her life, may we all face the afflictions thrown at us by life with the same Christian spirit of conviction, hope and courage which she showed in her final illness. May her Soul Rest in Peace.
Posted by Tricia Lawrence on February 28, 2021
From our first introduction she said I was her cousin and as such she only called me "cuz". We spoke in December 2020 and I promised to visit by the end of February 2021. I told her that I just wanted her to peep so I can see her face. I also apologized for the delay in contact. She laughed with her usual calm and grace. And if you know her well, you would know that no message ends without her reminding you of God's grace, mercy, love and blessing etc. It has been a while that death has impacted me so significantly but as I try to navigate through my own emotions and memories of "cuz"...I am comforted that she was a gem and hard fighting soldier of the Lord. May her soul rest in peace and light perpetual be hers. Blessed love.
Posted by Winsome Hudson on February 27, 2021
Almost a week later I am still grappling with the fact that Miss Francis is dead; even though I knew she was ailing. When I think of her the first thing which comes to mind is her standard hello: "Greetings and Salutations" with an accompanying wave with which she would grandly enter the monthly staff meetings at NLJ. I also fondly recall that she was NLJs resident grammarian, any issue with a grammar matter, call Miss Francis. She was a gifted English teacher and a born teacher; she even got me to think about writing in shorter sentences. I will always be grateful to her for that. She told me once that it was an allergy to chalk dust why she had shifted to librarianship--good for us; especially for the fact that she was at NLJ at the time when the Legal Deposit Act came into being. NLJ could not have had a more enthusiastic advocate for the first years of legal deposit, a role she took on with passion, commitment, and style and which resulted in many new friends and admirers for the NLJ. She enthusiastically attended all the book launches and staff would know Miss Francis had a book launch event to attend after work as her attire would be extra elegant that day.

Heaven and the NLJ are very pleased with her work at the NLJ and it was my pleasure and benefit to have worked with her between 2003 -2017 and to have been on her mailing list for her online devotions. Rest In Peace, Miss Francis
Winsome Hudson
former National Librarian/ CEO NLJ

Posted by Carene Hardware-Baugh on February 26, 2021
I'm really gonna miss our talk and prayer time. Even though I knew you for a very short time, it seem like years. Sleep on, soon we'll hear the voice of our Lord and saviour saying "welcome home to the marriage supper of the lamb".
Posted by Genevieve Jones-Edman on February 26, 2021
I worked with Ms. Francis for 10 years at the National Library of Jamaica (NLJ). I loved her vibrant, beautiful energy. I remember how she was regal but not pompous, dressed beautifully and was cognizant of her style and attire but was not consumed with material wealth. As a young research officer, I recall her admonitions when we, in the office next to her's, got too rowdy. She was firm but gentle and her corrections were never belittling or humiliating. She gave us space to express our youthful exuberance because she was youthful at heart. To this day, I vividly recall one of her grammar tips. I regard her as one of the key persons at NLJ who helped to shape my career as a librarian. Above all, she was a faithful Christian.
Rest in peace Ms. Francis.
Posted by Leleka Johnson on February 26, 2021
Ms. Valerie Francis was an enthusiastic, library professional, and God-fearing person. She was warm and caring and always looking out for the best interest of others. It was indeed a pleasure knowing her. Rest in eternal peace, Ms. Francis.
Posted by yvonne clarke on February 26, 2021
Valerie Francis was able to light up her environment and the people she touched like a full moon on a dark night. She was able to connect with the young and the not so long on a human and spiritual level. I still experience shivers as I remember some of her testimonies of God's favour and love on her life. I am so thankful for having had the experience of working with Valerie, a true professional and a child of God.
Posted by Nicole Prawl on February 26, 2021
Miss Francis was indeed the consummate professional. She was a warm, kind and caring person. I truly admired her as a professional and as woman who was truly "rooted and grounded" in her Christian faith. Despite all odds she remained positive.
Sleep well, thou good and faithful servant!!
Posted by Beverley Lashley on February 25, 2021
In Tribute to Ms. Valerie Francis- Librarian/Information Professional par Excellence

Valerie Francis was a daughter of the parish of St. Mary and a proud graduate of The Mico College (Now The Mico University College). She joined the National Library of Jamaica as a Senior Research Officer in 1990 and was placed in the Automated Systems Department. Having been granted one year’s study leave, she pursued a master’s degree in Library Studies in September 1992 and, before completion, was appointed Senior Librarian. She was assigned to the User Services Division in 1993.

Throughout her tenure, Ms. Francis acted as Deputy Director for User Services Division on several occasions. Her dedication and passion for the profession of Librarianship led her to exploring other aspects of leadership through the Technical Services Division where she was appointed head of the Acquisitions Department where she implemented the legal deposit legislation (when the law was passed) with energy and enthusiasm.

In 2005 Ms. Francis was selected to participate in a two-week professional development course in Stockholm, Sweden on “Copyright and Related Rights in the Global Economy”, a fully funded endeavor by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA). Ms. Francis was awarded this scholarship having been considered the employee “best positioned to disseminate the knowledge”. The following year, she attended the World Intellectual Property Office -Sweden Training Course on Copyright and Related Rights in the Global Economy held in Manila, Philippines. Completing these courses of study further equipped Ms. Francis with the tools of pursuing her deepest convictions concerning bettering Jamaica’s Intellectual Property frameworks, recommending the need for the country to “consider enacting legislation for a system for voluntary registration of copyright and related rights”.

In 2008, Ms. Francis received the Executive Director’s Award for her achievements in building the national collection and earned the title of “NLJ Ambassador at Large”. The record shows that her “exuberance for building the national collection by way of getting internal and external support for voluntary and Legal Deposits [was] inspiring.”

As head of Acquisitions Ms. Francis had to interact with publishers, book sellers, producers of audio-visual materials, media and public relations practitioners, where she demonstrated a high level of professionalism and efficiency. Notably, Ms. Corina Meeks, the Managing Director of Creative Projects Ltd. was pleased with her work and remarked that Ms. Francis displayed “a level of efficiency which, unfortunately is hard to find these days”. Her rapport with colleagues was also excellent as she was referenced as “…dependable; of a pleasant demeanor; cooperative and helpful; [having a] positive and unflinching work attitude”.

Ms. Valerie Francis retired in the year 2015 but was later granted an extension of service beyond the retirement. By 2017 she was engaged on a part-time basis assisting with the manuscript collection, and only parted with the organization in compliance with newly instituted Government workforce regulations.

During her retirement ceremony, Ms. Francis was commended for a “quarter century of excellent service.” The Board of Management and Staff of the National Library of Jamaica extend our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Ms. Valerie Francis.

Jamaica has lost a truly committed servant of national development.
Rest well, Ms. Francis.

Posted by John Aarons on February 25, 2021
Tribute by John A Aarons on behalf of the Retired Members Group, Library & Information Association of Jamaica (LIAJA)
The late Valerie Francis was an active and enthusiastic member of the Group being a regular attendant at our meetings and gatherings. She assisted with our outings and other social activities until she could not manage for health reasons. 
She won our admiration by the courageous way in which she dealt with her illness and in conversation spoke frankly about her diagnosis and how she felt. She was a person of strong Christian faith and this enabled her to remain positive and cheerful even in the face of a terminal illness.  By her actions and behaviour she demonstrated how one should manage life’s challenges and this is a lesson she has left to us.
Her friend and colleague Maureen Webster-Prince expressed it well when she said, “she never focused on her sickness but on what else she could do to improve someone else’s life”.
In the LIAJA members Google group there are some heartfelt tributes from some of her former colleagues at the National Library of Jamaica. I can relate to them all, having known and worked with her for decades. A true professional, she was lively and enthusiastic and was committed to her work. She made an invaluable contribution to the work of NLJ, especially as head of the Acquisitions Department. As Winsome Hudson, former National Librarian, said, she was NLJ’s “first Legal Deposit ‘Ambassador’”
We give thanks for her life and work and offer our sincere sympathies to her sisters and to other members of her family.

Posted by Eppie Edwards on February 25, 2021
In our end is our beginning; in our time, infinity;
In our doubt there is believing; in our life, eternity,
In our death, a resurrection; at the last, a victory,
Unrevealed until its season, something God alone can see.   (From Hymn of Promise)

The imagery of this Hymn speaks eloquently of Hope. God delights in keeping His promises; death is not the end, but a part of the victory.
Walk good my dear friend.
Posted by Christopher Cobley on February 24, 2021
You were more than Auntie, you felt like a second mom.

Your love and support was felt heavily throughout the years and I will be eternally grateful for the love you have shown me.

There will never be another as wonderful as you.
Thank you for being such a bright light in my life.
Posted by Pauline Francis-Cobley on February 23, 2021
Missing you. Our family is lost without you!

Thank you for all your love and the wonderful memories!

No more night, no more pain, no more tears, ..........

Rest in eternal peace Sis!
Posted by Pauline Francis-Cobley on February 23, 2021
Forever in my heart - my sister, my friend!
Your light will forever shine because of your good works

Matthew 5:16
Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

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Posted by Caswell Morant on March 6, 2021
Valerie, as my batch mate (1972-1975) I remember you walking around The Mico Campus.
You were very shy & quiet but ready to blend in.We never had a conversation but the memories are fresh in my mind. My sympathy to your entire family and friends. God will stand with us during our mourning.Rest peacefully my dear.✝️❤️
Posted by Beverley Lashley on March 5, 2021
The National Library of Jamaica pays tribute to Valerie - please click on the link to view the video of tributes from past and present NLJ staff members
Posted by Benie Conolly on March 5, 2021
To my dear Friend/Sister in Christ- Valerie.
Life on earth is a short journey
during which time we love, we care
And take time to make a difference
for a better world.
Sis, you really made difference
I am very thankful that God sent you to walk this journey with me too.
Very glad that I got to know you
as a loving and caring person.
Will miss your messages, your early morning meditation readings
and most of all will miss our get-togethers when I visit Jamaica.
With a heavy heart I say until we meet again, my friend, my Sister,
Sleep and Rest In Peace in God's divine presence.
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