Her Life

Renee Gill Loving Mother Sister & Friend.

Renee was a Beautiful women! I learned a lot form her. She taught me how too cook. I got my Shop Til U Drop habit form her. She was a great big sister also she was my second mom. When Renee had Keyron her first born she didn't deny me attention. I remember how pretty hair hair turned out when she dyed it frosted tips. Renee was before her time when it came to Fashion. I admired her because she never depending on a man to support her. She started her own Daycare Business at age 26. Renee was a out spoken person. Sometimes it would upset people that didn't want too her the truth including myself! I always respected her even when I became a women of my own. Renee heart was Big & loving she was always there to help those in need! Renee was a true believer in Jesus Christ. She encourage me to live a Faithful life! I have no bad remember of my sister she was the best!! It hurts everyday when I awake and not be able to talk too my sister because we spoke everyday! I became a teen mom who experienced Drama because I said a Guy was my baby's Dad! I became to talk of the neighbor but my sister advised me to keep my head up! Don't worry about what people say! I later moved too Atl Ga to pursue a Music career in which I never achieved again Renee was there to enlighten me. Without Renee being my Big sister, I wouldn't be the woman I am today. Apart of me is gone! I live now with the memory of Renee but her words of Faith & encouragement is in stilled in me. I pray we will see each other again Some Day! I love you Renee were you are I hope still to make you Proud of my Achievements. Renee I miss you everyday!!