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happy 70th Daddy

July 26, 2016

Happy 70th Daddy.
I miss your stories. I miss your company. I miss your laughter. I miss you like it was just yesterday you slipped away from my arms.
RIP has become such a common cliché that I don't want to use it anymore. If there is a life after here, I'll like that you be my Dad over and over. If there's none, then it breaks my heart even more. That's why I'll never let go of your memories.
I remember India Daddy. I remember when you came to stay in Abuja with me. 
You were always my first caller every morning. Mummy is doing a good job at it now.

The world gets crazier each day. Your absence gets tougher to handle each day. Kosi still has a good memory of you. Kamara is making do with just your photo and the stories Kosi and I share.

I will celebrate 26th July until I make the journey you've made. says we have to pay $75 to keep this page for a lifetime. I hope I live my life so well that someone misses me so much to put my memory here too.

Love you Daddy. Love you forever and a day after!

~ Oma Nchakarakata  

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