His Life


Richard was born on January 13,1978, This was a friday the 13th. I remember the day he was born.I was at 5:23 in the morning and I was very happy to have my little boy. He was a normal birth and we went home in 2 days and every thing was fine.In those short 7 weeks he became the joy of my life . He became sick the last week in February I took him to the hospital every day and told them something was  wrong. they told me it was all in my head take him home and take care of him. So I took him home once again. I lost him with double pnomonia and traecobronchitis and an indirect hernia which he was shedule for surgery to repair .But the pnomenia got him and the hospital would do nothing.they said nothing was wrong..I lost him on March 1,1978. Now its been 34 years and still seems like yesterday.He was a happy baby and a joy to his sisters. Now I have another son , but I will never forget Ricky.