A true SuperHero
Richard Hudson
  • 56 years old
  • Date of birth: Nov 15, 1959
  • Date of passing: Nov 16, 2015
'Huddo' you will be remembered forever.

We have created this site in memory of Richard Hudson. For many years Richard has been a much-loved and pivotal part of the IHG Australasia Regional Sales and New Zealand team and the hotel industry at-large.

Richard was without a doubt a larger-than-life character, bringing humour, compassion, warmth and love to all who knew him. He will forever be known to many of us as Huddo, Huddy, Rich or, of course, The Rock.

A pleasure to know, Huddo was and will continue to be loved, without doubt all will feel his loss greatly and for those of us who knew Huddo; our hearts are richer for having known him.

Our deepest sympathies and support are with Richard’s family at this time.  

He will be remembered forever. 


Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 9th December 2015

"Dear all,

On behalf of Richard's family they would like to extend their thanks and heartfelt gratitude for the outpouring of beautiful messages that you have all contributed to the site.

It has been quite overwhelming and such a comfort knowing that he touched and had an impact on so many people's lives. We know we are all better people for having had him in our lives.

Many thanks
Richard's (Rock & Huddo) family"

This tribute was added by Ken Pereira on 24th November 2015

"Richard, it has been a privilege. Rest in peace mate. You will be missed.

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 24th November 2015

"Your infectious laugh and wicked sense of humour made some dull days all the brighter. You will be sorely missed on the team. Thanks for the laughs and the memories. Rest in Peace, Dee Irish"

This tribute was added by Jenny Snow on 23rd November 2015

"Richard was one of the biggest characters in the NZ tourism industry. A larger than life gentle giant. We had a running joke over the years that he was Meatloaf and I was Celine Dion - we would have ruled the world of music! He had a genuinely warm heart and he will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace Meat xxxx"

This tribute was added by Jennifer Morrell on 23rd November 2015

"Richard Hudson

I am honored and humbled to be speaking today on behalf of Richards IHG family many of whom are here today but all of whom will be raising a glass of red in Huddo’s honor.

For all of us past and present from IHG there was no such thing as being a colleague of Huddo’s and there was certainly no such thing as being a boss, that is not how Huddo saw us and that is certainly not how we saw Huddo... put simply, we were friends.

Huddo had this extraordinary ability to charm and disarm making everyone feel equal, important and most of all cared for. No conversation ever started with work nor did it end with work, you were always totally engaged from the first word and usually in hysterics by the second; how's the family, how's you, how are the kids, how's your love life, did you watch the game on weekend, how big was that fish you caught on the weekend and so on. Inevitably conversation would always turn to his family for as much as Huddo cared for others he was also just as open with the love he had for his wife Meripa, family and how immensely proud he was of his daughter Natasha. More often than not there was no work discussed at all he was simply checking in, showing he cared, in true Huddo style.

On those occasions when we did get down to work the conversation would be no less hilarious. Annual goals was a document that got printed once a year and used as the desk coffee coaster for the rest, targets were those bags full of sand and performance was the routine on the dance floor in the bar the night before. Huddo had no use for or reason to conform to the typical corporate way of working and for my part that is what I loved most about him, his ability to bring his genuine, caring and humorous approach to all he did, when they built Huddo they broke the mould.

And like his IHG friends there was also no such thing as a client in Huddo’s world again there were only friends, many of whom are here today. Huddo's care and love for those he did business with was extraordinary, he worked tirelessly to balance the needs of the business and those of his clients, and in a rapidly changing environment Huddo stayed true to what I think would be one of his defining principles, look after your friends and they will look after you...you only had to be on the tradeshow floor at TRENZ New Zealand's major industry event when Richard Hudson, aka Huddo, aka the Rock walked into the room...it was then you truly knew you were in the presence of an extraordinary man... I swear I could hear a murmur Rock is in the house, Rock is in the house and I swear you could feel a wave of fun and laughter move through the hall... I honestly don't think there was anyone more loved across our industry nor will there be again.

When it came to putting down in words a closing paragraph it was just too difficult, tears would start flowing and I couldn’t get past the first few words. So I decided not to write one.......but then some words sprung to mind, I then realised the words belonged to a song, a movie soundtrack in fact..... That then led me to think about that movie and the video clip to the song....and that made me smile and think of Huddo.....

So here are my closing words....

To know him, is to love him!!!!!!!

With love from Jenny Morrell and the entire IHG Family. xxxx"

This tribute was added by Linnie Osborne Jones on 22nd November 2015

"Wow Huddy you are so going to be missed, just looking at your photos and reading the tributes speaks for what an amazingly fun, funny, warm, generous and kind man you will always be to anyone who knew you. Fun is my word mostly, that is how I think of you and remember you!  Such an awesome guy.  I am sorry you had to leave this world so early, Steph, Dave, Jerome and Aspen's lives are richer for knowing you and what you taught them and all of us. Live Life to the Fullest. RIP Huddy, love to Natasha and Meripa, and Aprille, the mother of the beautiful daughter you brought into this world. Love and Blessings x x x."

This tribute was added by Jo Brownie on 21st November 2015

"Huddo, you are truly a great man, gone too soon and will be forever missed. Great times were had at IHG Welly and these will always be treasured. Now with the angels in heaven. RIP xxx Jo"

This tribute was added by Tash Lloyd on 21st November 2015

"Rocky/D.O.M... This sense of loss and grief will be a long hard road for us all however I am eternally grateful to have had you in my life and to count you as a dear friend. Heaven is certainly shining an awful lot brighter.

I feel honoured to have met the lights of your life today, Tash and Meripa and share those special memories with your nearest and dearest.

Rocky, you were one of my best mates in this amazing industry and looked out for me like a second Dad, memories that I will always treasure. Here's to you my dear friend! If only I could hear that horrid nickname (that you knew drove me absolutely mad) down the phone or across a function room one more time... Panties aka Lloydie-Pants (Tash) xx"

This tribute was added by david metcalf on 20th November 2015

"Huddy,  my mate of 35 years, these tributes sum up the person you were, the greatest person I have known in my lifetime.Always there in good times and bad and my life would definitly not be as joyful and happy if you had not walked into  Air New Zealand those many years ago. We connected immediately and our friendship just got stronger and stronger over the years. I feel your spirit all around me and i know you will never really leave , you are too close to my heart for that.Of the thousands of wonderful, funny times together the memory of watching the World cup Final in Auckland together will remain in my mind forever. My head buried in your large chest in those last 10 minutes reassuring me that it would be alright, the All Blacks would pull through like a metaphor for life as you were always my rock and if huddy said it was okay then that was good enough for me. Words cannot describe how much I loved you through all those years. Every drink together, every phone conversation I came away always with a smile and my heart was gladdened. Wow, the ability you had to do this was your real genius, and you touched so many souls. My mission in this life is far from over but when it is i know you will be there for me again as the true mate you were."

This tribute was added by Judith Boeren on 20th November 2015

"Richard, such sad news, you will be missed by many. Thanks for the copious amounts of advice, encouragement and good humour, you were the absolute bright star around the office. Rest easy xx"

This tribute was added by Cilla Poa-Heighway on 20th November 2015

"Oh Richie Rich, I cant believe you've left us... But its time for you to fly high up there spread your joy, love and soulful laugh. You will be missed by all the lives you' ve touched!!! Thanks for making me fall in love with chocolate dipped strawberries and bubbles. Rest in peace my dear friend... Love Cilla xx"

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 19th November 2015

"One of Life's gentlemen
Farewell Rocky"

This tribute was added by Brendan Davies on 19th November 2015

"Rock, with that larger than life smile and infectious laugh you will be sadly missed my friend, RIP, Brendan"

This tribute was added by Sharon Martin on 19th November 2015

"Richard you were a great industry friend to me. I enjoyed our regular drinkies where we problem solved and laughed and laughed. I will be always grateful for you coming to visit me just before your treatment and having a big hug. Your one of the great people in my life. Rest now my friend. Sharon xx"

This tribute was added by Lesley Immink on 19th November 2015

"Hey Rock - we (Walter, Lynda and Jim Moore in Queenstown) all toasted you when we heard the news adn the shared stories about our best times with you. I'll miss you at our industry functions and it was a pleasure knowing you. Rest in peace!"

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 19th November 2015

"Rock, New Zealand Tourism just won't be the same without you !!....you're energy and zest for life was infectious and uplifting. I feel honoured and blessed to have worked with you. Rest easy .....Blair"

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 19th November 2015

"Huddo - You were a great man! You always made me laugh - especially when we schlepping the street of Christchurch doing sales calls or crazy TRENZ nights with Thacks & Ms Moore!
Thanks for the great memories and it was such a pleasure to know you!
Simon J"

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 18th November 2015

"Huddo, I will miss our chats and working with such a funny, positive person.  It has has been a pleasure working with you over the years, and you will be missed so very much.  I will miss your smile and larger than life personality.  Rest in peace my friend xx Jen (Ricey)"

This tribute was added by Teresa Gabler on 18th November 2015

"Ricardo - I struggle with the thought that you have gone... With tears in my eyes I remember all the amazing times we spent at work together and then I need to smile again. That was your magic way about you - if I was upset - sad - grumpy ... one call or smile from you changed that right away! You cared, you listened - you gave advise like I was a daughter. I will miss you forever! Thank you for being this amazing human being and being there for me. Lots of love from your Austrian daughter xxx"

This tribute was added by Stacey Hart on 18th November 2015

"Richard, what an incredible loss, your number was called way too soon! I'll always remember the fun times working with you at IHG, our phone conversations & meetings were always a laugh a minute! The world was a much richer place having you in it, your way of being made everyone that interacted with you feel good. Never a dull moment, you will be missed. My sincere condolences go out to your family & loved ones. RIP until we meet again, Stacey xo"

This tribute was added by Nancy Yu on 18th November 2015


You always brought a smile to my face when ever I got the chance to catch up with you. You're cheerful personality was a delight. Thank you for all your advice and support at work, I am so privileged to have gotten the opportunity to know you. You will be missed greatly. Rest in peace my friend,

Love, Nancy"

This tribute was added by Felicity Barr on 18th November 2015

"So saddened to hear of your passing Richard. You were a wonderful character, full of life & laughter. You always gave me a chuckle.

Your spirit will be missed


This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 18th November 2015

"RIP Richard! We will miss you.  Thoughts and prayers are with your family. Elizabeth xx"

This tribute was added by Stuart Neels on 18th November 2015

"Richard - Sue and I were really sad to hear of your passing. Over the years at IHG you became a Rock. A very special person who was professional, always ready to help, who cared and always had a smile and a friendly comment to make.
You will be sadly missed. My condolences to your family, friends and colleagues.
Rest in Peace

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 18th November 2015

"The world was a better place with you in it, Rocky.  I'll remember the hugs, the smiles, the beers and the knowledge shared.  Condolences to your family who have had their hopes of your recovery so suddenly dashed.  When I see you next time I know you'll be 'laughing in the Purple Rain'.  Go in peace, Wellington Jo"

This tribute was added by Julie Butler on 18th November 2015

"Dearest Richard, you were always part of the Metcalfe family. Mum and Dad loved you, you always organised special seats and priority baggage on their flights to Sydney which Audrey loved..thanks for that. You were the best friend to my beloved brother ...thanks for that. A great Dad to Tash..and always a fun guy to meet up with and have a laugh. The last photo I have of you is a cheeky one with your tongue in my ear !! Rest in Peace darling."

This tribute was added by Michelle Caldwell on 18th November 2015

"Rock, an absolute rockstar, one in a million! I still clearly remember meeting you for the first time at the Centra, I stopped in for one drink at your networking session and ended up having to book a room! Your love of life, infectious smile and professional approach to business is unique and you will be certainly be missed. It was an absolute pleasure to know you, work with you and share a laugh and more than a few drinks with you.  May you rest in peace my friend. Michelle xxx"

This tribute was added by Paul Ellis on 18th November 2015

Will miss that great sense of humor and the laughs we had, Perrys 50th was you at your best.
Chopper and Hank"

This tribute was added by Lisa Miller on 18th November 2015

"Rich...it was a blast!  
Your wicked sense of humour and the amazing way you knew when we needed a ROCK, is what I remember most about you.  
Thank you for all the laughs and the huge amount of support you shared without condition.
The world is a better place for your visit, now the angels have you stirring them up xxx"

This tribute was added by Maria Nobilo on 18th November 2015

"Sad news about this gentle giant, the world has lost a great block.  Rest in peace 'The Rock', we'll raise our 'hands in the air' for you one last time this Saturday.  Condolences to your family and friends.  Rest in peace.  Maria x"

This tribute was added by Aspen Brookes-Metcalf on 18th November 2015

"Huddy, my god father was such an amazing, funny, heart warming human. He called me every single year on my birthday and Meripa and him sung happy birthday to me. I can't believe he's gone, it really doesn't feel like it because I know he's still here. My parents have lots of friends but Huddy was my favorite :) he was always a kid with me. I love you and you will be so incredibly missed. Rest in peace"

This tribute was added by Ali Mehdi on 18th November 2015

"Rock, you had a heart of gold. Cant believe the news... what a loss! Condolences to the family. I am sure you are at a better place... RIP!"

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 18th November 2015

"Devastating loss for the IHG family. Rest in peace Huddo xx Gina"

This tribute was added by Amy Vogel on 18th November 2015

"Richard aka Rocky, I still can't believe this news, il never forget your loud bellowing voice that could be heard from the other side of the office, or your little fridge of treats (lots of wine!) that we enjoyed on Friday afternoons. You were one of a kind, always so much fun to be around and just an all round lovely guy. You will be missed. Gone too soon..... Thinking of you and best wishes to your family. I will have a nice glass of Pinot for you. Amy xx"

This tribute was added by Benz Sittidatgunlasin on 18th November 2015

"What a sad news to be heard, the path we have crossed will definitely be cherished within me. RIP, you are now in the better place. I am truly honor to know you.


This tribute was added by Cecil Potatau on 18th November 2015

"Rocky!!  Mate... your smile always lit up any room.  Your raised eye brow greeting from one side of the room... backed up by a raise of the drink you were holding would always make me smile.  I am hurt and saddened by this news!  It was an absolute pleasure knowing you bro.  My sincere sympathy goes to all of your closest friends and family.  Cess :(  RIP Rocky!"

This tribute was added by Paula Ritchie on 18th November 2015

"Such sad news.  Great memories of working with you.  Always made time for people, always smiling and positive.  I can still hear you laugh.  Rest in peace Richard x"

This tribute was added by Peter Jones on 18th November 2015

Sorry to hear of your passing.
It's been a while since we had a beer or three, but doesnt lessen the fond memories of the fun had in years gone by.
The next time our old group from Wellington gets together, we will toast an absent friend.



This tribute was added by Shelley McWilliams on 18th November 2015

"Oh Huddy. You have left your memories and love with so many people. Aspen was a long long time ago eh? We were all so young and fresh faced. And through our dear dear friends Steph and Dave we got to catch up every now and then. Always a big hug and lots of laughter surrounded you. Thank you for  takin ing me to see Dido many years ago. Ever the gentleman you were. We had a laugh. My heart and love  goes out to Meripa, Natasha and Aprille and to all your family. It was a pleasure to have known you Huddy. Have fun wherever you are. I'm sure all the Aspenites will catch up in the forever mountains one day. Love Shelley xx"

This tribute was added by Maureen Styles on 18th November 2015

"Oh Richard – what a great loss this is to everyone who knew and worked with you in this amazing industry. There are no words to describe your professionalism, sense of fun, your dedication, your “ leave it with me honey and I’ll get it sorted” approach. We all laughed with you and sometimes at you, loved you, hugged you, admired you and shared many great times and memories together.  No more will I hear your amazing cheery voice smiling and saying “Hi Maus,  how are you and how are the girls”.  Remembering a fabulous guy with great fondness who will be sadly missed. Condolences to his family, friends and his IHG colleagues.
Richard - you will be missed.  RIP. xx

This tribute was added by Deborah Kennedy on 18th November 2015

"To our dearest Richard.

Words just cannot authenticate all the thoughts, emotions and sadness we are all feeling right now. I think I can talk for everyone when I say, we are all extremely devastated. Your story got wrongly changed last minute.

You listened with 100% concentrated attention, and with that ‘rare trait’ you were always able to offer the right advice. (Come to think of it, you were my sponge lol)...

No matter what was going on in YOUR life, you ALWAYS put everyone else first.

You always had a big smile, they happen in a flash, but the memories will now last forever.

You were there, you were Loyal.

RIP my dear friend xx

x deb"

This tribute was added by Martin Horgan on 18th November 2015

"Rock, my man.  Can't believe you 'checked-out' early as we had you staying with us for much longer :-)  You're within the cancellation period too mate so sorry no refunds.  Rock, you were a champion of a man, the industry has lost a stalwart and we have all lost a very special friend.  Can't believe you have gone buddy.  Go well mate.  Martin"

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 18th November 2015

"Huddo. Your infecious laughter and love for life is what you will be remembered for. You were such a darling and always offered hugs and good jests about rugby and how wonderful NZ was. I shall miss your sweet smile and being such a true part of our team. I am also thinking of your wife and precious daughter and pray they are surrounded by love and family in this tough time. God bless and have fun up there. Candice Pether."

This tribute was added by Paul Walters on 18th November 2015

"Goodspeed Huddy...  know that you will be missed


This tribute was added by Jacqui Brookes on 17th November 2015

"Dearest Huddy - we first met at my Rose Bay apartment in 1986 - what a laugh we had. Always enjoyed seeing you and Meripa when Stephanie and Dave were in Auckland. Great fun, larger than life and you always made me feel welcome. Very heart felt condolences to Meripa and Natasha and Aprille. RIP Huddy xxx"

This tribute was added by Stephanie Brookes on 17th November 2015


My dearest friend - through life, through laughter, through many great conversations, through your best friend David Metcalf, who allowed the connection, some thirty years ago, for you to become my friend too.  I love you. You will live forever in my heart.

I am glad I have told you I LOVE YOU so many times. At the end of every telephone call actually. That was the effect you had on people. Love.

In my heart I feel and always have felt an amazing bond - like a 3-way circle Dave, you and me.  My love extended to your beautiful partner and best friend, Meripa - the most amazing woman ever, when she entered your life.  When your gorgeous daughter was born, Natasha - this love circle expanded.  Natasha shines with YOUR light and Aprille, my dear, friend, who CARES SO DEEPLY and created with you together, a beautiful daughter, the love circle continues.  

Mother, Father, Child.

Aprille understands other things and other worlds - the one we all go to.  Her presence with you when it was your time to go, was important. She is a pure soul and so loving - the moment you passed, which  I believe was around 9.00 am Jakarta time, Aprille and I were deep in conversation - but I am yet to establish that exact moment when you decided it was time to go and it was safe.  I will hold this conversation - where we spoke of deep matters,  the one where we were connected.

Life is for the moment and you lived this every day.

I am with you on this journey.  You are my dearest friend. I will continue love you. I have been burning a beautiful white candle for 3 days now - to help you, to assist you in your next journey. You are safe to go.

To you and your beautiful family that surround you now - I send you loving light and positive energy.

Stephanie Brookes
......on my way to your party - Jakarta/Bali/Syd/Auckland - Celebration of your life - see you Saturday in a melding of friends that span 30 years ++, family, work colleagues - together, for you, because we love you."

This tribute was added by Michelle Massey on 17th November 2015

"Huddo was such a delight to work with and so very very funny, I don't think one conversation was had where we weren't crying with laughter. He was such a huge character and will be sorely missed but remembered forever. Huddy have a great time up in the clouds and i'll await the day till we can meet again and cause thunderstorms with our laughter xoxo Michelle (aka Britney)"

This tribute was added by Suzie Wilson on 17th November 2015

"Such sad news. Great memories of working with you and Skilled and of course,FreedomAir parties and strawberrys dipped in chocolate for the staff. RIP Richard."

This tribute was added by Bill Wirth on 17th November 2015

"Richard was my best friend in Aspen, CO. I cried when he went back to NZN and I cry now. Much love...

This tribute was added by Anne Marshall on 17th November 2015

"You Rocked my world for the last 14 years...our friendship was truly special and I will treasure the memories forever.
Every time I've thought of you over the last few days... Purple Rain by Prince comes to mind.  I know you loved the concert and it was the last song he played...

Miss you longtime... Love and Hugs Anne xxxxxxxxx

I never meant to cause you any sorrow
I never meant to cause you any pain
I only wanted to one time to see you laughing
I only wanted to see you
Laughing in the purple rain

Purple rain, purple rain
Purple rain, purple rain
Purple rain, purple rain
I only wanted to see you
Bathing in the purple rain

I never wanted to be your weekend lover
I only wanted to be some kind of friend
Baby, I could never steal you from another
It's such a shame our friendship had to end

Purple rain, purple rain
Purple rain, purple rain
Purple rain, purple rain
I only wanted to see you
Underneath the purple rain

Honey, I know, I know
I know times are changing
It's time we all reach out
For something new, that means you too

You say you want a leader
But you can't seem to make up your mind
I think you better close it
And let me guide you to the purple rain

Purple rain, purple rain
Purple rain, purple rain
If you know what I'm singing about up here
C'mon, raise your hand

Purple rain, purple rain
I only want to see you
Only want to see you
In the purple rain"

This tribute was added by Rob Finlayson on 17th November 2015

"With the passing of another iconic Totara tree today mate, we know you are now in fine company up there. We know you will enjoy each others infectious smiles and personalities, just remember to tackle him low when you see him - good luck with it. Again, we will miss you but will always remember you. Rob"

This tribute was added by James Sands on 17th November 2015

"Richard- to soon and to sudden. My memories of you are filled with your smiles and your compassion for people! A mentor and a friend! I will miss the fact you are with us."

This tribute was added by Jason Baker on 17th November 2015

"Rock mate, we’ll miss you not being around. The words that come to my mind when I think of you buddy are Integrity, Honesty, Courageous, Humorous, Loyal, Trusting, Kind, Warm, Generous, a true gentlemen, all the traits of a very special man and whom I had the pleasure of knowing. So thank you Rock for allowing me to be a small part in your life, the memories and these special values you lived by will stay with me forever. RIP great man."

This tribute was added by Georgina Grey on 17th November 2015

""such a sudden and sad loss to one of the industry's finest, I will miss seeing you around the traps.  Rest well...sending much love to Meripa and family" George"

This tribute was added by Georgina Torrington on 17th November 2015

"Ahhh Rocky, Larger than life, a heart bigger than Texas, a laugh that just made you feel good, hugs when we needed them and that wicked, wicked sense of humour.  The world is a poorer place without you, but I feel all the richer for having known you, worked with and for having the privilege of being able to count you as a friend.  Miss you big guy. G"

This tribute was added by Vanessa Arnott on 17th November 2015

"Rest in Peace Rock!  Your larger than life smile, laughter and personality will be missed!"

This tribute was added by Ryan South on 17th November 2015

I loved our catch ups whilst I've had the pleasure of working with you in Auckland.

You were such a ripping bloke. Quick with a smile, a laugh and a yarn.

We will miss your drop ins at Holiday Inn Auckland Airport. Your personality was infectious and you lit up the room when you entered.

I hope wherever you are that you are kicking back with a cold beer and the All Blacks are up by 8 with 2 minutes to go.

Vale and rest easy my friend.

This tribute was added by Renato Gualberto on 17th November 2015

"Richard, a great human being of whom we had the privilege to meet and share some good laughs. Your love and kindness will perpetually stay amongst us "big man". God bless you and your beautiful family. Renato and the girls."

This tribute was added by heather cornish on 17th November 2015

"Richard - the Rock. I always enjoyed working with you - so much fun and such a big heart. You will be missed, my friend..."

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 17th November 2015

"Huuddddooosssssss! I'll definitely be missing the echo back of you yelling Striiiddddyyyy!. Thank you for always making me laugh and putting a smile on my face just by being the beautiful man you were! Don't be too naughty up there! Forever in my heart...Striddy xxx"

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 17th November 2015

"Ricardo!!! Words cannot express what I am feeling right at this moment. You're such a wonderful person. You've inspired me so much. Your positive outlook in life has been just amazing.
It has been a pleasure knowing & working with you all these years! You will be missed dearly. Rest in peace. "Lindsay""

This tribute was added by Guy Robinson on 17th November 2015

"Ah  Rock. I will miss seeing you at functions. I will miss opening your sly cheeky emails. I will miss our chats and laughs and the understanding we had. Rest in Peace my friend. Love to your family. Guy"

This tribute was added by Simon Watson on 17th November 2015

"Rocky Mate, I'm not even really too sure where to begin.....I was completely shocked when Holt sent me the text.  We had some awesome times together and I really enjoyed those chats in your office or over a coffee downstairs at the cafe.  Like everyone in the industry has said, you were a true friend and I am very humbled to have called you that.  You always had time for everyone, no matter how busy you were. Were you a consummate professional who always put everyone else first!!  We won't forget you mate!!!  Looking forward to having a drink to you on Saturday!!  Go well my good mate!  Simon"

This tribute was added by Melissa Tan Wegener on 17th November 2015

"Huddo, you will be so sadly missed but remembered forever. You welcomed me to the team all those years ago and quickly became my friend. I'll always remember our hilarious phone calls and your take on life! Your family & friends are in my thoughts and prayers, keep smiling down on all of us and may you rest in peace x"

This tribute was added by Sandy Hyland on 17th November 2015

"Such a wonderful man with the biggest heart taken from us way too soon. RIP dear Rock. We will miss you. xx Sandy"

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 17th November 2015

Couldn't believe the news..,last time I saw you in NZ was early September and you looked so good...2 months later in time and your smiley face is no longer around to please us all on a daily basis. You were and are a legend my friend and I so treasure all the memories of our lunches together, drinks (Mt Difficulty) and of course that first combined HI and CP trip down to the Waikato.....now more than 10 years ago. Always loved your sense of humour and our world is such a less brighter place now that you're gone....but somewhere there will be much more laughter because you and your smiley face have arrived!
RIP my friend!
Ronald (from Brisbane)"

This tribute was added by Natalie von Dincklage on 17th November 2015

"Malo Richard, Even though I’ve known you only for a few years, it always felt like a lifetime.  Full of life, laughter and funky dance moves :) I’m truly thankful and blessed to have shared some great memories. My thoughts and prayers are with all your family and loved ones as we celebrate your wonderful 56 years! I’ll have my glass raised for ya! RIL Richard. Ia manuia lou malaga. Nat.x"

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 17th November 2015

"what a guy, genuine, and so down to earth is Hudson, we all know you were a real friend to so many, and yep, we are really going to miss you man...!  coates"

This tribute was added by caroline horton on 17th November 2015

"Richard. In shock.  The world is a little dimmer with out you but I won't forget you.   Used to love just ringing you for nothing just to hear your dulcet tones.   RIP."

This tribute was added by Michele Cole on 17th November 2015

"Rocky...You always put a smile on my face and you were such a happy, positive and genuine guy.  Such a shock to hear of your passing.  Keep smiling!  Michele xxx"

This tribute was added by Jamie Cant on 17th November 2015

"Hey mate, so sad to hear of your news. Will always remember the great chats and yarns we had, your valued contribution to the wine list and the forever smile you carried everywhere with you. RIP Rock."

This tribute was added by Nicky Busst on 17th November 2015

"Huddo, just heard, couldn't believe it.  You will be truly missed especially at the industry get togethers where I always looked forward to your smile, your laughter and the joy and warmth you always brought to the room.  Am pleased I have those memories and thank you for making me smile and laugh countless times.  Rest in Peace! x"

This tribute was added by Gil Abercrombie on 17th November 2015

"Richard, your friendly presence and generous professionalism will be missed from our industry gatherings. My sincere condolences to all your family, friends and colleagues. Gil."

This tribute was added by Hannah Callesen on 17th November 2015

"One of the good guys, gone too soon. Oh the memories of the laughter you created with everyone around you. Always a smile on your face, and full of life. Desperately saddened by the news and sending love to your family and many many friends who like myself will miss you dearly. Keep smiling down on us Rock. Xx"

This tribute was added by Max Aversa on 17th November 2015


You're happiness and joy of life was contagious. You were able to make such an impression to everyone you met from the first time. You will be missed, the Industry will miss you, a great achiever and a solid settler for IHG here in New Zealand. Rest in peace mate. Max"

This tribute was added by Nienke Jansen on 17th November 2015

"Rock, you were an amazing person and I will miss you, your warmth, humour, laughs… way to soon Rock!  You always made me smile and I will keep remembering you with  a smile on my face. Nienke x"

This tribute was added by Nhing Sabal on 17th November 2015

"Mr Hudson - you are the Reservations Team's pillar of strength. Always there to listen and give advise to everyone. A man who had kept his feet on the ground regardless of what he has achieved. You always made sure to put a smile on someone else's face. I will definitely miss you my confidante! Rest in peace my friend, no more suffering."

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 17th November 2015

"Richard, thank you for bringing so much light and joy to all your mates at IHG. Reading all the tributes to you made me think of one of my favourite quotes....'There is only one happiness in life. To love and be loved.' Rest in peace. Karin"

This tribute was added by Josefine Wenck on 17th November 2015

"Sittning on the other side of the world just found out that you have past.  you have been my friend and colleague, you where always there for me at work, you helped me more than you know.  i will always remember you with a big smile. Richard you will greatly missed <3 love josie"

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 17th November 2015

"Richard - you have been a force in our office. Working off in your corner, always welcoming anyone for a chat and to check on their well being, not only contributing but keeping our Friday office drinks alive and a great partner to laugh and work with.
Your passing is an incredible loss to all of us, especially me as you kept both my feet on the ground so often and made me discover fishing in the Hauraki gulf, as well as enjoying life on the water with your annual client boat trips.
In these testing moments it is good to have faith that you will be in a better place, however always around us.

This tribute was added by Leigh Stock on 17th November 2015

Mate, we never missed a beer together when we caught up over the years. Industry functions aren't going to be the same without our catch ups. Will miss you big time Champ. Rest easy"

This tribute was added by Nadia Francis on 17th November 2015

"Rock.....I am truely shocked and so deeply saddened by this news. You were always a highlight to my day. We shared many secrets and yarns together over the years I worked in the industry. Always guaranteed to have a great time when you were involved. Take care up there xx"

This tribute was added by Kelly Bennett on 17th November 2015

"Rocky …where to begin….
Gone too soon, but what incredible memories and fun times we have shared over the years, which I will continue to hold close to me.  You were not only a fabulous industry colleague (and icon) but a true friend who I’m going to miss dearly.. Rest in peace Rock, KellyMate xxx"

This tribute was added by Teina John on 17th November 2015

"Richard,  it was a great privilege working with you over the years. Your bubbly,  smile and just the person you are will be missed dearly. You fought a great fight, you never gave up. Now you are with the angels, no more pain,  no more suffering,  fly fly high my dear friend,  you're free.
Rest in peace Richard. May our heavenly father watch and comfort your family through this time of sadness and  sorrow.

Kia Manuia"

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 17th November 2015

"You will be dearly missed Richard! Your emails starting with "Kia Ora from the country of the long white cloud" as well as your joyful nature, the laughs we could share brought always happiness to me. I thank you for all your support and guidance you have given me and my team colleagues over many years, you will never be forgotten Richard. Rest in Peace and my thoughts are with you and your family."

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 17th November 2015

"The world is a lesser place without you in it, Huddo.  You always knew what was most important in life.  Rest in peace my friend and thanks for the great memories.

This tribute was added by Danielle Genty-Nott on 17th November 2015

"The ROCK-star. I'm speechless - and that's saying something. Gutted. Sad. Tears. But much laughter and chuckles as I remember your wonderful sense of humour, friendship and spirit. I have no photo's of you (on hand in London) but I do have memories. Positive, happy and entertaining memories that I will cherish. ROCK on upstairs and keep the party going for us. Rest in peace.
Danielle x"

This tribute was added by Rob Finlayson on 17th November 2015

"What a shock you have gone so quick yet far too soon. The GCC has truly lost a stalwart as has the wider industry. Always so funny and giving and need I say willing. Was so glad I rang to talk to him when I first heard of his prognosis and to see him again only a month or two ago. So saddened that I won't be there to toast you on Saturday with all the other GCC members. You will be deeply missed by all in the industry. See you again one day mate. RIP"

This tribute was added by Rebecca Farmiloe on 17th November 2015

"Rocky - it's hard to believe you're gone already, way too soon buddy. You were one of the bright lights from my time at IHG - my ally up on level 14, always there for a chat, time out or a Friday vino. I'll be having a pinot or two for you my friend. Thoughts are with your family.  RIP Rocky.  You'll be very much missed xx Rebecca"

This tribute was added by Stephen Susabda on 17th November 2015

"Rock you have been one of the GOOD GUYS in this industry, it is so sad that you will no longer be around to make us laugh With your amazing humour and love for life attitude. Always great hanging out with you, wish there were more people like you in our industry. You will be forever missed ROCK-STAR!!"

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 17th November 2015

"So many fond memories of you Huddo.... From cutting up a dance floor, to riding the luge.. or simply a big 'Thacckkkkkers' from the other end of the phone line.  The world is less sparkly without your larger than life personality in it.  Lots of love Amy Thackers. xxxx"

This tribute was added by Jarrod Byrne on 17th November 2015

"Huddy - absolutely gutted mate. I've had a few cracks at writing this message to be honest. Setting aside the obvious sadness at this time, when I think back to when you were living in Welly, the overriding memory is of your infectious and cheeky smile. Always happy, always willing to help and always happy to have a beer (or two). You'll be sadly missed mate and thoughts and prayers are with your family. RIP Huddy. Cheers JB"

This tribute was added by Ross Spencer on 17th November 2015

"Richard, you brought such laughter and warmth to those who encountered you.  You will be missed.  Rest in peace"

This tribute was added by Ajay Vagha on 17th November 2015

"Rock - what can I say - one of THE BEST blokes I have known with a larger than life attitude and cheeky bugger sense of humour that never missed a beat. Mate you brightened a lot of lives - you will be sorely missed - RIP Rock.
Thoughts with the family at this time
Ajay Vagha"

This tribute was added by Julie Hollis on 17th November 2015

"Huddy, I remember those early mornings in Wellington ringing you at the airport on our way to AKL for work and needing to get our boarding passes printed so we didn't miss the flight. At 5.30am without fail you always had a smile on your face. We shared many a laugh and good times with friends. I can still vividly hear your laugh it was awesome. Thanks for the memories it was lovely to know you although it's been a long time. Rest in Peace. Jules"

This tribute was added by Jana Kingston on 17th November 2015

"I was so saddened to hear of your passing Richard, but am comforted by the very happy memories I have of working with you, and the completely inappropriate jokes we used to tell each other. You were one in a million and I feel very lucky to have known you. HWW forever my friend! xxx Jana"

This tribute was added by Kerryn Ralston on 17th November 2015

"What a genuine good guy, gone far too soon. I'll never forget your humour and all the laughs we shared. You fought so gallantly and bravely, rest in peace and know you are much loved and sorely missed xxxx."

This tribute was added by Andrew Alleway on 17th November 2015

"Huddy we go back a long way and I can only say that wen have had many many great times together your always larger than life personality has caused some minor strife over the years but I miss you buddy and like so many others wish I could have had the one final chat with you. Thanks for all the memories Huddy, you maybe gone but never forgotten. RIP my friend you will be sorely missed. Drew"

This tribute was added by Anna Black on 17th November 2015

"Rock, what are we going to do without you....truely one of the greats of our industry, always there with a smile and a joke (often inappropriate but always hilarious!)! Even our last site inspection when you had just gone all Kojak on us, you were laughing and made my client's day even though you'd never met her before. And who is going to be my 2nd back up for the rugby season....I'll miss you dearly my friend xx"

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 17th November 2015

"Huddos, our world is a little less colourful without you. You have always been such a beautiful, kind hearted and sometimes naughty man. You will always have a place in my heart and I'm jealous of all the people in heaven who now get to laugh along with you. I will see you again one day. Rest in peace, Skilly xxxxx"

This tribute was added by eddie aspell on 17th November 2015

"Huddy. Thanks for the memories , will never forget our time driving around America in 1980 and the times we spend since.  You were a good friend   Eddie"

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 17th November 2015

"Malo lava Uso, can't believe that's the last time I will type those words to you. So many wonderfully hilarious conversations we've had over the years about the things that really matter like Family and the All Blacks. Even though I only really got to see you on those short family holidays to Auckland, there was always time for a long lunch and a few beers. I will never forget your warm kindness and words of encouragement over the past year, even in the fight of your life you were always putting others before yourself.  Fa'atai lava for those big bear hugs. Tofa soifua Ma'a, la manuia le malaga, O le a ou misi'ina oe, alofa atu my friend. xx Les."

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 17th November 2015

"Rest in peace Richard. The industry and the company has lost one of its great characters. You will be sorely missed. David"

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 17th November 2015

Such a great man, one person that had an awesome spirit and always brought happiness to everyone . Even thought you are not longer with us, you will be in my memories as happy man and I will remember you with a smile in my face. RIP you will be missed Carmen XX"

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 17th November 2015

"King Huddo you will forever make me smile. Make sure you create as much havoc up there as you did down here! So much love Princess Moorea xxxx"

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 17th November 2015

"One of a kind, Mr Hudson, one of a kind. With a warm, funny, positive, and generous personality. Totally genuine too. The world's a lesser place without you. And we're all the richer for our association with you. Rest in peace. Anthony"

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 17th November 2015

"Rocky, I am moved beyond my expectations to hear you're gone. You were such an impactful person during my time in NZ and Ive just been sharing with my team here your humour and zest for life as well as your realism and just what a truly special bloke you were.
You'll be missed mate.


This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 16th November 2015

"Richard, you were worry about my family rather than yourself when I met you this September... Never selfish, always loving and kind and many beautiful memory of you. There are no goodbyes for us, wherever you are, you will always be in my heart. Big Hug    Yuki"

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 16th November 2015

"Rest in Peace Richard- the world has lost an amazing person - you will always be remembered. Jason Cook"

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 16th November 2015

"The world has lost a whole lot of sunshine.....My lovely memories of Richard which was experiencing my first ever (and daunting experience) travelling to NZ on my first ever sales trip (first ever ever sales trip) in my new role with IHG as a fresh faced  BDE.

Richard was kind enough to give me traffic advice in busy Auckland, even drove me to an appointment , mapped me out where to go and how to crack the leisure movers and shakers in Auckland and stayed back one time to help me entertain clients when more turned up then expected!  Every visit I had to Auckland it was a pleasure to catch him for a coffee.

I am sure given his tanner in his role he saw faces come and go however really took the time to explain the world of his market to me and assist with some great guidance and welcomed me back on my second (current chapter) with IHG

I am very sad to hear of this news and my love to his family xoxo

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 16th November 2015

"Rocky, the world has lost one of the good guys and you will be missed by many. Thanks for the great memories and gut-wrenching fits of laughter dear friend. Not too many days go past without a Rocky story being shared, you are one of a kind. RIP, Troy"

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 16th November 2015

"Huddo, a legend of the industry and more importantly a legend of a bloke. You welcomed me to IHG & your generosity of spirit is amazing. No doubt you would want to "raise a glass" and I will do so mate. Cheers, Chris H."

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 16th November 2015

"Rest in peace Richard.  You were one of the first to welcome me to IHG, having known me from my time at ATS Pacific.  I will always remember your kindness, professionalism and your sense of humor. You will not only be missed by our IHG Family but also your many clients throughout NZ. Sian xxx"

This tribute was added by Lisa Rangitutia on 16th November 2015

"E ngau kino nei te aroha...farewell to one of the most exuberant, loved and gentle men I have had the pleasure of getting to know.  It was always wonderful to have a fellow Kiwi to bash the Wallabies with and although we actually were never in the same country at once, the support and friendship you gave myself, my team & our wonderful clients will never be forgotten. Haere pai atu, hoki pai mai Rock.  Arohanui Lisa xx"

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 16th November 2015

""Rest in peace Huddo. I remember looking up to you as such an awesome DM at IC Wellington. All of us young bucks thought we were the business and you had such a gift for keeping us in line but teaching us as you did it. A true professional, gentleman and someone that always had time for those of us wanting to take on the world. In our thoughts and prayers mate. Gareth""

This tribute was added by Abbey Madden on 16th November 2015

"Richard, you brought so much fun to the business and you will be missed dearly.  I remember the last client Christmas party on the Gold Coast where you rocked dressed like Meat Loaf - memories for a life time!  So saddened by your passing. Rest in Peace xxx Abbey x"

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 16th November 2015

"Huddo - mate you will be missed, I for one was drawn to you like many others by your larger than life personality and warmth for people. Thank you for the great memories and laughter buddy.  

This tribute was added by Annmarie Mansour on 16th November 2015

"Richard, I was given the greatest privilege to have known you and to have worked with you, we only worked together for a short time at IHG, however the love and support that you have shown me over the years previous to that, never forgetting those AZNCRO functions! being able to call you a friend will never be forgotten. Rest in peace. xx Julie"

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