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July 12, 2021
July 12, 2021
One summer evening after another unsuccessful attempt of getting dates, as we drove along University Ave in Palo Alto, we spotted an animal. For some unknown reason we cornered it and captured it , it was a possum. We brought it back to my parents house and tried in vain to feed it lettuce, After a few hours we realized we were about to have it die in our hands so we took it back to Nature along the Palo Alto creek and let it go, we were lucky it did survive. Another exciting night, a story now I can only share. Happy Trails Richard see you in heaven.
June 8, 2020
June 8, 2020
Richard and I were born in the same year 1946, lived in the same town of Palo Alto, went to the same High School. Were inseparable up until both being drafted to the Vietnam War. After coming home I should have listened more closely to his advice and not marry a younger woman than myself. We had many adventures together after the war, we both tried to make up for lost time. We drove my sports car to Las Vegas and visited his half brother's, went to the Casino's. Richard had a a scheme to win at Roulette, by betting a penny at a time, you could do so if you played in the mornings. He lost his money, but never discouraged enough to not dream of his next money quest. That night we went to a stage show and saw the opening act of Red Fox, followed by Ike and Tina Turner, that show will forever be in my mind. That Girl with legs from here to there strutting her stuff, singing with all her energy.
When I first met Richard, he was living with his Mom in an old section of Palo Alto, his Mom owned a T-Bird with the Port Hole. In the basement were huge boxes of kept empty boxes of Marlbor Cigarette boxes. He must of had hundreds of them already, waiting for some kind of promotion to be recognized in the near future. I don't what ever became of either.  His Mom was an Astrologer she did my chart, it was pretty acarate. Richard was neat as a pin, kind of guy, in high school I would come over on Friday night to find him ironing his slacks. I'm in jeans and a short sleeve shirt and Richard is neatly dressed white shirt, nice slacks, polished shoes. On top of it we were Mutt and Jeff, he's 5 foot 6" and I'm 6 foot 2. We would begin our quest of looking for skirts. We experienced the Beatnick era, coffee houses, poetry reading, and heady girls. Richard was a handsome young Man and usually was the one, with the girl friend. I miss you Richard, I have experienced many losses of friends and family, as it said life goes on, we must endure.
July 31, 2017
July 31, 2017
Richard and I had a off and on relationship. We were friends in the last two years of High School together at Palo Alto (Paly High). We were both loners who together had no car for the most of that time. Abut still managed to cruise University Ave in search of Women.
We had many adventures together, spent many hours shooting pool, wherever their was a table.

Richard got to Vietnamin in early 1967, and got to know the US Army system. By the time I was drafted in May of 1967, he was sending me information, that saved my life. Richard sent back a blank US Army Driver's License, with instructions of how to fill out and have signed by a General (signed by my brother-in law).
Needless to say, after my arrival at my Base Camp for the next year (Dau Teing) about 30 North of where Richard was in Saigon. I explained how my orders were mixed up and sent to the wrong location. I was told if I could survive 3 months out in the field with Infantry unit ( *the 25th Infantry Division"_ I would be brought back to the base camp an made Company Clerk replacement. As I had passed a 'Typing" test they had devised. It was just as dangerous in the base camp as in the field.

Again Richard was home to the world of Round Eyes, He stayed with my parents until I returned for good after I spent another 6 months in Georgia, We hooked up before shooting pool looking for Women. By now Women were looking for us, and every day was an adventure. We had a fight after I got married and broke apart after my divorce and my haste moved 150 miles East of San Francisco.

It was 28 years later, after my wife of 25 years died and I went looking for my old friend. I found Richard taking care of his GrandMother in the Marina of SF. We took up our friendship once again, trying to revive those most years.
Richard and I were best of friends, for all seasons. He had a way of looking at his life, differently than myself. Eccentric and yet my life is filled with all sorts of 'Train Wrecks' as well.

I'll miss getting boxes from Richard, I have so many books to read that he sent me, it will be my quest to read them all. He was always confident,no matter how difficult a situation. He was very stubborn individual, but to hear him talk of helping people less fortunate has to warm your heart. Good bye my friend.
July 24, 2017
July 24, 2017
Richard was my first cousin once removed.

I did not know him very well.

We did spend some time together. Most recently was about 20 years ago. We rode in his taxi cab to see a movie. I forget what movie, but Richard was a good conversationalist. We discussed many family matters and the conversation was both interesting and informative. He seemed to be a good person with strong values.
July 22, 2017
July 22, 2017
Richard was a man full of wisdom and curiosity. Every time I would be out working on some project, he would always drop by to chat for a little while and give me some perspective, or even a cold beverage to drink. I'll never forget the last time I saw him, when he had given me a Starbucks drink after I was finished doing landscaping. A man who cared for others and was professional. Our staff will definitely miss his kindness.
July 21, 2017
July 21, 2017
His birth name was Howard Walter Rowe, Jr.  Sometime after the divorce of his parents, Gertrude Marla Taliaferro and Howard Walter Rowe, Sr., he changed his name to Richard Jones Rowe. Jones is the first name of his maternal grandfather, Jones Taliaferro. 

His father went on to remarry and father two half-brothers, Craig and
Mark Rowe, who were also an important part of Richard's life.

Richard and I spent a lot of time when we were very young with our maternal grandparents Jones and Mary Taliaferro. Richard's mother worked for many years for an investments company and was a professional astrologer. After her divorce she married and divorced again with the last name Roe.

Richard was a collector from a very young age when he found that wealthy people in his neighborhood threw away new or nearly new
valuables or left them at the curb. He would bring them home, store them in the garage and sell them later at a yard sale.

He served in Vietnam in a clerical unit and was upset to learn that military superiors were counting dead civilians, children, and livestock as
slain enemies. He was unsuccessful in trying to change to that practice.

After returning to the U.S., he served as a civilian Army clerk in San Francisco, managed a dry cleaning business, and moved in for a period with his maternal grandmother to care for her.

Always a curious researcher with interests in many subjects, Richard was always cheerful, fun to talk with, asked a lot of questions, and had many interesting facts he had uncovered through reading periodicals and computer research.

When Richard began to suffer from Crohn's Disease, most of his
attention was focused on his illness, and he moved in with his mother while continuing to work part-time. When she died, Richard was forced to give up her condominium for financial reasons, and ended up living out of his car in San Francisco for over a year before moving to a series of rentals in Ukiah. 

Richard was a lifetime smoker, and he continued to receive regular treatment at the San Francisco VA Medical Center for Crohn's disease and pulmonary emphysema.  He also kept up longtime friendships with John Marrs of Sonora, Steve Lyras in San Francisco and later Florida, and also with his brother Craig in Las Vegas.

Richard's passion for collecting and documenting also continued, such that he left behind many boxes of files and things he found at yard sales he hoped to find someone to give to. Some of those items, as well as gifts of money, went to homeless people he befriended.

Richard was found dead on the floor in his room after his landlord and friend, Nick Patel, noticed that Richard was not out and about as usual.

Please add your own remembrance of him on this page to help add to the picture of who he was and what he did.

My profound gratitude to all who befriended Richard and to the VA for all its services and medical card given to him.

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