Posted by Charles Adams on April 17, 2021
You are always in my thoughts and my heart. Rest in peace, with love, Charlie.
Posted by Krystle Sanchez on March 31, 2021
My dad was an amazing man. He was the life of the party and he loved his family more than imaginable. He would do anything for his family. He fought hard and long with Alzheimer's and maintained a positive outlook throughout. Despite this disease, he worked out and stayed active. As we've crossed these hard times, memories have rushed to mind. Our trip to Guam, Las Vegas and his slot machines, how fast he was whenever we ran or worked out (not many know this, but despite his condition he always could out perform me!), his laughter, his dancing (always!), his nervousness when he walked me down the aisle - yet he wasn't nervous at all when it came to our father daughter dance, our Winerschnitzel meals, our iHop meals, his amazing cooking.
Alzheimer's took a lot from him - and it took a lot from all of us, but it did not take his passion for life and his love for his family. It's a hard time, but I know he is fully healed and dancing with Jesus. He's just paving the path for us. So often he would get up early in the morning and surprise us with breakfast (croissants, chorizo burritos, eggs and hot dogs, etc). He also made an amazing feast when it come to holidays and even everyday cooking. His meals were legendary. I know he's cooking up in heaven. He's paving the way for us - he wants to make sure things are ready when our time comes.

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