7 year hole

Shared by Ted Uber on November 20, 2018

7 years ago man, and it is hard to believe. Miss you bro, the hole in my life as been open for 7 years now and not going away. Wish you were here to see Kyle's wedding. Supposed to be sharing times like this. Think of you all the time and then again when U2 comes on the radio. Love you sir.

Shared by Scott Uber on November 20, 2018

Man. Here it is again. Guess  another year has gone without you and mom. God I miss you both so much.  I really hate the holiday seasons now. Remember I love you both. See ya on the other side.

There are so many...

Shared by Myra Uber on September 23, 2012

   I remember going to your condo one March when I was there. We were all
 going to watch March Madness Basketball...we were all watching the game and cutting up and suddenly Dawn walked right into the glass sliding doors.
   You two were always so close and even though you were upset that she really made everyone else feel at ease with your manner of always being in charge of the will never be the same .

Love you dude...and miss you...but know your in a better place and with some really great company...

                                        love Aunt Myra       

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