Wii Bowling

Shared by Steve Reeb on May 6, 2011

When we first got a Wii, I invited my family over for Wii Bowling.  My friends, The Dyers, also stopped over.  My dad was always pretty decent at video games until this came along.  My friends pointed out that I used to talk to my dad like he was stupid because he wasnt "Wii Bowling" correctly.  If I did,oops.  He didn't take it that way.  Love you always Dad.

The awesome Blimit

Shared by Gina Carl on May 2, 2011

I was so blessed by having an opportunity to rent a room from Richard and Donna. He had an issue with Blimits (overflowing garbage cans or boxes and bottles not crushed). We had a game where I would intentionally make a blimit. Everyone would laugh hysterically while he again and again gave me lessons on how to crush bottles and boxes.

He was my brother and truly a great friend and protector.

Luv ya Richard!


Shared by Amy Reeb on April 30, 2011

I remember gambling with dad in Reno. I kept saying that I did not want to waste my money on gambling but everytime I would walk by him I would take a handful of his winnings out of his bucket and run away. The more he won the more I played and he just kept smiling and acting like he did not notice the handfuls of change was missing. If I ever win the big one in lottery I will know that it is him looking down and I will be sure to share my bucket of change with others. :)

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