My Friend / My Mom

Shared by Debbie Normand on October 23, 2011

I was sent to care for Ro-Ann by a nursing agency about 9 years ago. Ro-Ann was not getting the care she truely deserved. This bothered me so as she had MS just as my mom did and was such a lovely cheerful down to earth loving woman. She deserved all the good care and love she deserved. Over the Years we grew VERY close to one another. She had not had the chance to do much over the years she had MS. I made sure she saw the beach,mountains, country fair, and comedy show. I also took her to my twin sisters house where we lifted her out ofher chair and placed her in a pile of leaves where her and I played and laughed together.  After every Dr appointment we went out to eat for lunch or coffee together. We would sit in a quiet spot and eat our lunch and chat. Her limbs were so tight and stiff but over time they were so limber with proper therapy. I enjoyed dressing her up to look like the fine lady she was inside. Her best friend and I helped organize her garage one day and allowed her to help where she could. She was so happy through these years. We had obsticles come our way but we did not let them stop us from enjoying each others company. We laughed and cried together. She too was a nurse in her younger years so we related to one another in that way too. She knew my mother before I was born. This made good conversation. I could go on and on about this crazy, fun loving, thoughtful, kind hearted, and adoring lady. She entered my heart and there she will always stay forever and alway!! As she looks down on me from above I look up with a kind loving smile as I have always done and will always do!! Oh How I will miss our one on one vsits together!!! 

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