This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Robert ( Bobby ) Reed, 40 years old, born on September 8, 1970, and passed away on March 1, 2011. We will remember him forever.
Posted by jean snyder on March 4, 2021
Love and miss you Bobby
You were a man are truly missed
You were so loving and kind and were the man who loved my sister with all your heart ❤
Bobby now WE ALL MISS YOU 
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on March 1, 2021
I miss you love
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on September 10, 2020
Happy heavenly 50th birthday my sweetest husband !!! I couldn't log in here on the 8th for some strange reason nor yesterday either  so I don't want you ... well I know you know .... i think about you everyday not just on special days. You know this though ..... dont'cha ? Yes you do ..... since I'm the only one who comes on here anyways i love you always sweet man of mine . Till we meet again ....
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on June 13, 2020
Good God I wish you were here !!!! 10 years already you been gone for 9 . But we did have many years , didn't we ? Yes we did . I'm grateful for EVERY SINGLE SECOND WITH YOU !!!! You always made me laugh , never once did you raise your voice to me , never once did you not love me with ALL your heart , never once did you put your hands on me , never once did you not put us 1st , never once did you not truly be my best friend . Never once could I NOT COUNT ON YOU !! Never once were you NOT the man I fell so deeply in love with . No matter what we went through you were my rock , my love , my bestest friend , my everything . Without you life has kicked my ass . Three only time life didn't kick my ass is when you were by my side loving me .... well it was always kicking me in the ass you were just here for me an I miss that so much it hurts STILL like this shit happened yesterday and not 9 yrs ago when you had to leave ..... please keep close with my surgery around the corner love please please watch Jesse he did good with this yr of school 3.7 grade all A's & a few B's pretty proud of our son . Everyone else is good too ..... I miss you Bobby EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF EVERY SINGLE DAY ♡
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on June 3, 2020
Hi baby I sure do miss you are anniversary is coming up june 13th . WHY CAN'T I STIL BELIEVE YOUR GONE ????? I cry everyday wishing you were still here .... I can't stand it here without you .... plz watch out for us love .... me & the kids the babies .
Bet you seen your great niece graduate man she's sure beautiful Destiny ....
I don't tt ANYONE from your family mine either. Just like you said.

You mean the world to me Mr.Robert Reed my husband my best friend my heart

Kisses & hugs for now I miss you
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on March 1, 2020
I hate today the day you left us .... it sure don't seem as long as it has been I love you forever my sweet husband my forever bestest friend . Life is so hard without you in it I can't wait to see you again ♡
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on September 9, 2019
Happy happy birthday the 8th idk why this says the 9th lol its still the 8th it's only 10 @ night wth ??oh well my sweet Bobby hard to sleep missing you horribly as I do ALWAYS ... crying doesn't make anything better you know the guy wrenching kind !! I wish you where here with us everything would be different . Jess would be working an driving I wouldn't have 2 want for nothing . I wouldn't struggle just to live . Wouldn't have gotten our house ruined trying to make it better NOTHING WORKS . Still don't tt your family or my sister just like you said would happen. I do tt you tho everyday an I just miss you so bad Bobby so very very sad your gone my best friend my husband my buddy partner my babies grandpa a daddy my gosh sweetheart you are missed so very very much
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on March 2, 2019
Here we are again another year passed still I'm the only one who talks on here an the times get longer an longer I suppose ... I should be updating pics at least huh ? As I will I miss you to to the moon an back ! But I'm always going forward always trying to do the right thing in this life !! YOU'D BE SO proud of me an our boys an the daddies they are an the young man jess is holy moly .... you'd be sooooooo very proud I love you till we meet again ❤
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on December 2, 2018
I LOVE YOU HUBBY ALWAYS AN FOREVER it was are grandsons 1st birthday today Everett's ...just thought I'd share I miss you
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on September 15, 2017
Bobby I couldn't get here on your bday the 8th cuz there was a bunch of crap i had to go thru 2 get on here !! I had to change emails not fun ! I want u to know im ok i gave it my all with trying to move on . It's been almost 8 months now since everyone left me flowie, tim, this yr was a yr since my sissy has been with you too just alot but even having moment's of i should sell this house i still may have to..but I've had 3 friends that helped me out an churche the Mormons the church you went to with my friends they have helped me alot then my mely an lori you know them girls they have helped me have the best summer ever even with nothing but ME been along time since I've felt good an happy im so thankful for them girls ! Jess is playing football you'd be so proud of your boy ! I'll shoot u some pics of course ! I struggle DAILY and EVERYTHING seems so hard I know it's for something else idk what yet ... who knows Bobby Reed who i miss everyday ... I'll always miss tt you i don't care who it is I end up with if anyone ever again ... so many things I know now that I didn't b4 same'ol same'ol lol I'm learning as i go along I guess both boys are having boys in December Cory an Ash 1st then Forrest yes Forrest is having his 1st 2 with Syd im so hoping that when Forrests baby comes ill see them more then I do now , it's been well the last time i seen Forrest is well when he made reservations 4 him an I and took me out to dinner so months an months oh well cant make anyone love you still don't tt my lil sis either crazy how the 3 things you told me b4 u left came true EVERY single 1 of them from my heart being broken from my sis 2 ur fam too crazy how spot on you where well like they say you know that kinda stuff when your riding the line between here an where u r now ! I can't believe it's been so long already too so much has happened in our lives since u left do know that i won't be dumb and not have another place to buy know that ok ... I know you already know all this stuff but it always feels good 2 tt u here too. Forevermissed has been working their butts off 2 get me on 2 our page i was so sad I missed your birthday on here ! Jess loves high school too it's all gonna be ok i jus keep telling myself that and it will i love you ALWAYS and you are NEVER forgotten xoxo
Posted by Rebel Crooks on June 14, 2017
Happy 8th anniversary today 13th of june !! Gosh i miss u so much u have no idea what its like here without u ive been going thro it bobby i know if u wouldn't have left none of this would even b going on no matter WHAT was going on youd never have left me so screwed either when you died you didn't leave me screwed I thank you for that my love my friend you r missed so much I can't believe my life is in the situation right now and you're not in it help me you always helped me no matter what no matter where you are always there for me and Jess and Cory and Forrest even dying you would've never let me down buddy ever I don't think there could possibly be another human being on this planet that was as kind and loving as you were and a better friend and partner big shoes to fill Bobby Reed big shoes to fill my love and that you will always be not like I had a choice to let you go not like anybody help me get you out of the bathtub try to save you again and I feel so robbed and alone i really tried my hardest to love and i did fall in love an got crushed again u called that too lol i gave my all an my all wasnt good enough thats ok it will be 4 someone 1day i wish you were here so bad sometimes i feel like im gonna puke it hurts so bad an this place SUCKS WITHOUT YOU but u know me best an i will keep on keepin on at all cost jess is already going into high school youd be proud of what a good kid ur boy is hes helped so much only 3-4 more yrs an im going on a singles cruise lol bet ur crackin up on that 1 hahaha let everyone know i love them overt there or everywhere lol know your NEVER FORGOTTEN ALWAYS MISSED .... ALWAYS
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on March 1, 2016
5 years buddy I can't believe it. I wish I could just talk to you left you some pic's and a big story know I am really trying to be happy Bobby I know that's what you would want for me .... so you need to help me send me a sign about what to do about timmy I don't want to not have him cuz I love love love him he just don't believe me ... you know me I'm not a liar he was my 1st love good guy we were together 4 a lil over a year I miss him .. everyone leaves me in one way or another wish I could tt you on what to do I miss you i still have to get you to the ocean and to your mom and I will I promise!!! I love you always <3
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on March 2, 2015
ALL i did was cry cry cry yesterday uhggggg
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on March 2, 2015
I can't believe that I havent been on here since your bday .. FOUR LONG YEARS you been gone i miss you Bobby and love you . Today has been extra hard cuz my 1st boyfriend EVER has been BACK in my life although I said i wasnt 100% he said that he'd be here i know you want me happy and to feel love again .. instead I got a fuck off and im more mad at me then anything YOU told me my heart was to kind i wish u were here and im done wasn't even out lookin either WHY WHY did u go i hate your gone :( surgery is soon i know you will be w/me i love you ALWAYS my sweet friend and love beautifully broken i remain until we meet again....4 years i can't believe it
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on September 8, 2014
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOBBY !!! I miss you sooooooooo much where ever you are know I LOVE you and miss you with all my heart ... I hope you are riding your motorcycle without a helmet and your going really fast and the wind in your face I always see you looking back at me .. I talk to you all the time I hope you hear me things are the same always crazy more so since you been gone .I wonder what things would be like if you whete still here if you would be fixed and everything would be ok ? Bet they would be good or at least you would be here to help me .... Jesse misses you more then anyone he's mad I had aunt Tracy take him to her house the day you passed he wanted to say good bye .... conflicted I am :( but he feels you and never wants me to have anyone else lol that will change when he gets a lil older and wants me out of his business lol you'll see I still hurt so much just cuz I miss you so much guess that won't ever change . But I will love again Bobby I will be open for love of all kinds how could I not ... with all that you have me ..... you ALWAYS loved me with everything you had SO how can I NOT give tgat back out to the world ... I don't know alot but I do know life is different without you my best friend ....I LOVE YOU forever !!! Jesse loves you too so much he misses his dad and you helping with his homework too I still suck at it lol I miss you happy birthday my forever love !
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on August 28, 2014
Hey honey pie I miss you sooooooooo much Bobby I hate that your gone I hate that even tho I talk to you you don't talk back !!! Over 3 years now and it isn't any better things are so worse since I got Hurt at work and they treat me like a criminal . When what I should have done was not pay 5,000.00 of my own $ to get my self fixed when I got hurt trying to save you 9 months later to get injured at work . And still fighting with work comp grrr !!! Sucks so bad !!! I wish you would have never left jess abd me you were also soooo spot on when you told me that your family would never be there for jess or me man you were so right bub and my heart is to big and ppl were and are going to use that in a bad way and something is really wrong with my sister I didn't see it when you were here and we may have faught about it a few times well right again ! Not only has she still not given me or my kids the Indian shares but we started the process while you were still here I spent so much $ on birth certificate's next day air notaries you name it I have done it all along she is leaving out the tax info so she also has all my 12 birth certs. Too yah it's so sad cor lost his mom and she didn't even go :( I feel really bad for the kids that I can't see . It's a mess all the crazy shit she had said about me all the while I lost you got injured trying to save you an emergency surgery that didn't happen until all my patients were covered you know me .... 5 thousand dollar surgery too and then our move and then I got hurt at work :( I tried to just use my insurance but I was doing my 12 days in a row and had to tell my boss I needed a few days off .well here I sit no income and broken nothing is good oh and I think 100% gut feeling that she called work comp too cuz the doc was gonna fix me and we got in fight and a week later im cut off and that's not the worse she has done ... everything you said is true everything you told me would happen has happened just wish you were here with me I have never missed you more than I do these days .I remember even sick you got up to work to help our family now I have to go thru he'll and back for help and boy nothing is free Bobby it has cost me a fortune for shit that hasn't even been finished ... they don't make ppl like you anymore . I love you always and I still will keep my heart open for love . But it will be with a man who can work and care for us like we were his own .I will not take care of grown ass men who are capable of taking care of themselves and their own families and CHOOSE not to don't need it or wavt it ... it will be me and Jess forever until its right I promise you that anyways I miss you baby my bestie my favorite human ever ♡♡♡ always loving you until we meet again ♡
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on March 21, 2014
Hey friend...So i wanted to tell you....when you ask for something you get it...i said i would be open for love...and it feel in my lap but i just cant get over the things you used to tell me member when we used to talk about with your income and mine all the places we could go and take the kids to see the world.God sure wish there were more men like you out there i miss you Bobby talking to you i seen you sitting in the chair in my room i love the guy that fell in my lap but i think we will be better as friends .he is a good guy i know he loves me but he isn't in love with me and That's ok too i know now that i can love again and be loved i think him.for that but this time around in gonna not be the caregiver the one doing everything like always ....i will.not settle for nothing less for jess or me .im.sad Bobby i hate this month and love June on our wedding day im.going to take some of you to were we got married..i took some off you too the bridge wish i could walkie talkie you in.the other that.....the next relationship i get in will be with someone stand to be away from me and can't wait to cuddle with me at night and just lovrs me more then anything idk if its out there but ill wait.....b4 i settle i promised you that and almost slipped up but im just confussed .i took jesse's have away for a while month till he bought up his grades i didn't falter held steady it worked ok best forever friend know i love you always 3.4,5,6 it won't matter cuz i always Love you jess and me love you
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on December 31, 2013
We are coming into a whole new year Bobby Reed and i love you just as much or more...This year i will try and have more fun go out live a little.I know you would be kickin my butt out the door alreay lol i just miss you and still feel like your gonna walk thru the door.....if their ever is another person like you in.the world i hope creator brings him to me until then i will miss be loving you and missing you with all my heart...Happy new year bub
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on December 20, 2013
Miss you bubby <3 i always miss you soooo much i miss you and wish you were here still awwww shm had a good dinner at Bridget and Sheldon house tonight it was super great....everyone miss you soooo much too love you baby
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on December 13, 2013
Missing you'd be proud of jess he is growing up so good....good lil boy you helped mold that thank you so much for all you did while you were here....i will always love and miss you my sweet love my best friend.
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on December 2, 2013
Letting you know my love i had a chance to save someone very close to me....thank the universe bubby i couldn't save you or make you better i miss you so much i wish i could have saved you too i will always love you and miss you .my brother was close to meeting you who knows maybe u help me help him i LOVE YOU FOR that !
Posted by Brandy Butterfield Graunk... on October 11, 2013
I miss you so much Bobby! We used to laugh so much! Thank you for the gift of Rebel and Jesse! They are so awesome and beautiful! Call not wait to cross paths again my friend, love and respect forever ♥ B
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on October 7, 2013
Good night Bobby i love love love you.....he's misses you d and the boys too everyone i hate you are gone over 2 yrs still feel like that !!!
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on October 6, 2013
Hey bub i got this site worked out so we that live you can come visit you i am feeling more at peace since i scattered you Bobby Forrest and Anthony took you up to parasailing just like you wanted it was a great day much has gone on since the last time i was here but what hasn't changed is my love for you and missing you....
Posted by Shane Kitson on March 2, 2013
You were apart of a big revelation that changed me for the better. Never forget that day or you. Lots of love buddy
Posted by Shane Kitson on March 2, 2013
Hey Bobby , I'm not sure how it works on the other side but if you are listening I want you to know you are not forgotten... This world is getting crazier and more corrupt as we go, needless to say life is very short and we can only hope people remember us when we pass. I will always think of you. We had a time together that changed my life and you, Rebel and I know when and where it was.
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on February 24, 2013
i love you forever i will miss you forever....i hate that your not here with me your my best friend just missin you bad bub it's been a long time since i've been on here...much has gone on and happened life and this world isnt the same with out you !!!!!
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on April 15, 2012
still missing you still loving you still heart broken....still wish i could just wake up from this very bad dream !! you are soooo missed bobby !! jess has his first game on thursday~~~playin with the big boys now minors woohoo well my sweet i'll always be loving you and missing you too
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on March 1, 2012
well here we are one year ...
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on February 3, 2012
almost a year bub ! i can't believe your gone and i'm alone..without you ! i cry everyday for you and what we had and lost.i just love you bub and i miss you so bad.nothing is the same without you.and time isnt making anything better...not yet i guess i love you bobby soooo very much and miss you ! just not fair...
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on January 1, 2012
10 months....still so broken
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on December 28, 2011
its hard to think that march 1st is going to be 1 year already my sweet sweet love best husband !! i miss you so much bobby still so very hard with out you i wish you were here everyday.i quit smoking cigs lol you were right it wasnt that GOD i wish he didnt have to take you from us.....i feel so lost sometimes
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on December 2, 2011
9 months yesterday....still waiting for it to not feel so bad and be so hard !! miss you bub wish you were still here i miss laughing with you and talking to you !! sure not the same without you ! i am not smoking anymore its been 2 whole days woohoo huh..i'm not gonna die from cigs thats 4sure ! i love you with all my heart i have to get ready 4 work
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on November 19, 2011
i miss you so much...i think about you almost every of my pt's passed away in my arms the other day and i think i may have felt you right by me....i hope it was you bobby i love you forever and always
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on October 4, 2011
7th month ...lame !! i miss you so much
Posted by Shane Kitson on September 25, 2011
Hey Bobby, just sitting in the Catalina Island finishing up a dive trip thinking back on the times we spent together. I was going through my phone erasing phone numbers of people from the past and I want you to know I can never erase your number. Lots of love and respect.
Posted by Weegie Beasley on September 25, 2011
I think when we lost u I was in shock. But when I read gramma Judys tribute, It mad me cry. I truly do miss your smile. I still think back the the last time I talked to you, it was at Maverick and you were getting a ice cream cone. God you looked so cute and that smile.
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on September 24, 2011
and also being there for my mom and showing her love. for that right there my love and my heart goes out to you bobby may you be at peace in a beautiful place my friend. we love you.
your step son cory
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on September 24, 2011
love you bobby N we all miss you with all our hearts. you thought me more than most, i learned alot from you in the last couple years. even through the bad N crazy times you were always there. thanks for everything. thanks for being a father to my brothers and myself bobby n
Posted by Tracy & Jeff Reed on September 12, 2011
We miss your smile so much! Jeffrey still tells us that he misses his Uncle Bob, and we'll make sure he never forgets you! You're going to have a new niece very soon. Wish you were here to meet her, but we're thankful that you brought Reb into our lives to share these moments :)
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on September 8, 2011
happy birthday my bobby now your as old as me lol member how you use to call me old cuse i was like 9 months older i miss you and are laughing life isnt the same without you in it..pretty lonely these days 6 mn later and a bday now i am glad your not hurting anymore i love you
Posted by Tory Twisleton on September 5, 2011
Probably too too many party moments.....but funny I used to cut his hair and he would fall asleep every time!! Wish I could have seen your beautiful moments with Reb. So happy to hear she is where you spent your happy days!! Doesnt surprise me a you both!
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on September 1, 2011
today is are 6th month mark !! i hope i can try and bring a smile to my face and my friend planted a tree for you yesterday i miss you so much and love you more and more each day that passes..thats what you used to tell me...what to do without you ?
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on August 31, 2011
tomorrow is your 6th month.unbelievable ! i got a deal on some sod for are new place and me and 2 of my friends put it down it looks good you would love it.your birthday is just around the corner on the 8th.what to do ? i would like to do something nice for you you are so missed
Posted by Garrett Carel on July 21, 2011
hey its garrett i just want to say thanks for the help with the motorcycle and i wish that we could do it again. and im doing good and i hope you will as well. jess is doing good to we played in a bucket of water today and were soaced head to toe. we will get in touch soon bye.
Posted by Doreen Carel on July 21, 2011
We all love and miss you, thanks for being such a wonderful man. Garret will never forget you helping him learn how to ride a motorcycle. The love you and Rebel shared will last forever, and the father figure you have been for her boys will guide them into men. Thank You!
Posted by Judy Lindberg on July 20, 2011
Candles couldn't shine as bright as your smile, stars didn't sparkle like the glint in your eyes. The kindness and caring you showed all of us came from a place of love beyond this world. You are just a breath away and I know you are watching out for Reb, Jesse, Forrest and Cory.
Posted by Patty Holmes on July 12, 2011
Bobby is the kind of person who you meet and come away feeling friendship and acceptance, you're part of the family. I wish I had that ability!! Loving, open, funny and genuinely interested in what you have to say. My only wish is to have known him longer. Reb & Bob, awesome!
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on July 9, 2011
we've shared our lifes these many've held my hand;you've held my many blessings,so few tears yet for a moment we must part the memories you've given me are times i've shared with my best friend ill hold them love right here until we share our lifes again my luv
Posted by jean snyder on July 9, 2011
some people go through there live not ever making a diffrence we cant say that about you you are 1 of the most amazing kind loving funny men i ever met & you showed jessie what a real man is a real father someone who loved his mother unconditionally in tell we meet again love you

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Posted by jean snyder on March 4, 2021
Love and miss you Bobby
You were a man are truly missed
You were so loving and kind and were the man who loved my sister with all your heart ❤
Bobby now WE ALL MISS YOU 
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on March 1, 2021
I miss you love
Posted by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on September 10, 2020
Happy heavenly 50th birthday my sweetest husband !!! I couldn't log in here on the 8th for some strange reason nor yesterday either  so I don't want you ... well I know you know .... i think about you everyday not just on special days. You know this though ..... dont'cha ? Yes you do ..... since I'm the only one who comes on here anyways i love you always sweet man of mine . Till we meet again ....
his Life

Happy birthday Bobby

this pic was your last suprise party I had or we ALL had for you I miss you so much Bobby ... not a day goes by that I don't miss you or shoulda coulda woulda you US ... I wish I coulda did more i love you 


Hey you we are here again another year. Another year without you kids are well babies are getting big ... jess is growing up blown away only 2 more yrs an im free lol last of my tribe remember how we used to laugh I'm so sorry that I don't come on here much anymore  ... just life happens and trying to live  ..... so I have a unk Wayne but a brown one lol hes awesome an amazing brother just like unk Wayne was 2 me I dig him he helps me 2 my appts youd love him true blue I miss you and I know you see all this crazy ass shit around here and I know you've been getting ALL our friends too ur work isn't done either is it ? NOPE !! I know everyone misses you sweets know that not a day goes by that your not talked about or a laugh isn't shared forever in our hearts ❤❤

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Shared by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on September 26, 2019
I love you Bobby I miss you so much uhggg so much time has gone by I hate that your gone I effin hate it...never did we go without never did we ever have to worry I want you back here with me dammit. I know your ok but this is horrible this feeling of not having you , even though I talk to you an know you're watching out for me an the kids an grandbabies  death of our bodies sucks an its awful plz stay closer to me plzzzzzzzzz I miss you so bad I love you so much nothing will ever be the same EVER !!!
Shared by Rebel LouAnn Crooks-Reed on December 2, 2018

I miss you soooooooo much Bobby today was Everett's first birthday,  Knoxxy's will be 1 on the 21st I still hate everything without you !!! Nannie just left here /passed she said in her note to me she'd hug an kiss you for me ?? I ...hope she did ♡♡ everything still super hard without you Gemmas getting so big too !! You would adore her.  I know you don't worry about much here of things going on here .... suppose I wouldn't  .... well I worry to much not to look back . I cant believe that I've gotten this far without you ... I miss an love u so fuckin much time hasn't healed ,kept shit at bay but not a day goes by that I don't think of u jess is 16 needs a job a man needs you dammit idk when I'll be back Bobby everyday is work without you


Shared by Rebel Crooks on June 14, 2017