This tribute was added by Nana Brit on July 20, 2018
We are thinking of you greatly! We are all at home tonight enjoying each others company and you came up in conversation. Thank you for the foundation you laid for all of us. You are forever missed!
This tribute was added by Mrs Grace Oppong Britwum on January 31, 2017
' Dee ' it has been six long years since that fateful day, I miss you so much!

I pray that the Lord keep you and your Soul continue to Rest In Perfect Peace. Amen 
This tribute was added by Sammy Brit on June 16, 2013
Happy Father's Day!!! Dad! on this day June 16th 2013. Love you and be bless.
This tribute was added by Sammy Brit on January 25, 2013
It's has been 2 years since yet it feels like it was only yesterday. Thanks Dad for everything you did for me. I will forever be grateful. May the Lord keep you until we meet again.

Fondly remembered by Sammy & Naa
This tribute was added by Samuel Agyeman Britwum on October 28, 2011
Death is the destiny humans all share in common - we celebrate your life in rememberance of your 81st birthday anniversary. On this day, onto your parents a son was born and a gift from the Lord. You graced the earth with fear of the Lord and touched many lives until your purpose had run its course. You're foundly remembered; abide in our Creator's bossom until so decreed.
This tribute was added by Sammy Brit on October 28, 2011
Dad, the memories are still fresh, i could still visualized you dancing to Sugar bum bum on your 50th birthday celebration. I know you're enjoying your time with your maker. May the God Lord keep you in perfect peace!

Happy Birthday Jack!
This tribute was added by SAMUEL BOADU on August 15, 2011
May your soul rest in perfect peace Daa. You are sorely missed!
This tribute was added by Leo Barbee Jr on March 23, 2011
We are praying for you in this hour of bereavement. We pray God's blessings upon you and your family. We are sure that the homegoing of your father will be a joyous celebration. May God bless you. Pastor Barbee and Victory Family.
This tribute was added by Agnes Oppong-Baah on March 14, 2011
tk & aggie oppong-baah
"The righteous perish and no one ponders in his heart, devout men are taken away, and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be apared from evil."Isaiah 57:1.
Daa we remember the good times we shared together as a family. With this exhaultation from Isaiah, we all know that you are highly spared for eternity.
This tribute was added by Gifty Dade on March 10, 2011
I believe that we cannot feel life's loses without feeling the blessings of its fullness.I'm glad I saw you during the holidays. The memories are still fresh/treasured ; I will hold onto them & take comfort that, you are at peace with your God.Thank you for being part of my life. I will miss you dearly.Rest in perfect peace & may your legacies live on.
This tribute was added by Reggie Onyinah on March 9, 2011
Opanyin Robert K.M Britwum, You lived a life worthy of Emulating and it's so sad that you left with all the wisdom almost untapped. Though we learnt a lot from you,we know there was more to be tapped. Dad,fare thee well,we miss you so much.Fondly remembered by your wife(mum), children Bro Sammy,Frank,Agartha,Yaw and myself your social Son,Reggie Nana Yaw Onyinah.
This tribute was added by Ernest Britwum on March 9, 2011
where ever there ocean meet the sky there will be memories of u and i while there's a heart in me u ll be a part of me
This tribute was added by Samuel Agyeman Britwum on March 9, 2011
We are ever so grateful for the unique memories and insights. The lit torch still burns and has been handed down onto the next and future generation(s). Your values in its simplicity is nothing but an engravement on our hearts of a life well lived and a reflection in its fullness in your children.

This tribute was added by Frank Britwum on March 9, 2011
As u told me on that friday before i left to come back,that everything will be fine and you held my hand,least did iknow that was going to be the last time i will ever see or hear your voice,but as you thought us to be strong and go through the storm, i know you gave us something that no one can take it away from us,thank you so much for taken care of kay,my family & i will 4ever be greatful to u.

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