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February 22, 2020
I remember hearing his voice during a service for the first time at Mt. Bethel and it was magical!  My husband and I looked forward to hearing it every Sunday.  
February 21, 2019

Bananas. I cannot buy bananas without thinking of Robert and how he loved to eat them! And Hugo’s. I will always think of Robert and the good times shared there, and how much the people of Hugo’s loved Robert, every time I drive by or dine inside. There are so many wonderful memories that I will cherish, but most of all, I will remember how he road in like a night in shining armor (with a bow tie of course) and swept my precious friend (and her children) of their feet with his infectious smile, his sincere charm, and his abundant love. Chivalry is certainly not lost. He was an example for all of his girls, that they would know how a gentleman should treat them. And he was an example for Preston, that he would know how a proper gentleman is to treat a lady. He was the real deal. A smile and hug from Robert would light up your whole day

Be careful what you pray for...

February 19, 2019

We loved to share the story with people that Robert used to pray for the Lord to bless him with a wife and a family.  What he didn't know that his prayer would be answered all at once and he would go from a single bachelor to an instant husband and father. I know he wouldn't have wanted it any other way though. 

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