This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one,
Robert J. Koechlin, Jr. (AKA Bobby Joon)
We will remember him forever.

A tribute to him will be held
Sunday, December 2, 2012 at 5 pm

Robert would want you to come as if you were
just hanging out with him.
So please avoid all black; jeans and casual attire
will be perfect, and we will serve his favorite drink, scotch!

 Darling & Fischer 
 Memorial Chapel
231 E. Campbell Ave.
Campbell, CA 95008 

A reception dinner will immediately follow
Villa Ragusa
35 South Second Street
Campbell, CA 95008

RSVP is not required but appreciated
Parvin Jahanbakhsh

If you have pictures or written memories you would like to share
please bring it to the event so we can create a memory book for Nilufer and Kiana.

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It would truly mean the world to us.
Thank you. 

Nilufer Koechlin

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Posted by nilufer koechlin on November 27, 2021
You are missed every minute of every day. What’s amazing about you is how you are so alive to all of us because we are continuously keeping your memory alive by sharing great stories, goofy moments, kind moments, and loving moments of you.
We love you forever. You’re stuck with us ❤️
I love you.
Posted by Karin Trinkler on November 25, 2021
Love and miss you, my sweet friend! I think of you often and sometimes silly memories just pop in my head. Miss your kind heartedness, your laugh, and your positive outlook. Sending lots of love to you, Nilufer, and Kiana. XOXO, Karin
Posted by nilufer koechlin on August 26, 2021
Beautiful Bobby,
Ah how I wish I could hold you and kiss you just one more time. And how I hope you are watching Kiana daily.
I am so glad you picked me as your wife. Lucky lucky me. And thank you for all the life lessons you embedded in me. You may not physically be here but you are very much alive with how you touched our lives, made us better people, and left a world a better place than you found it.
I love you always.
Your wife.
- me
Posted by Monsieur deLoiseau on August 26, 2021
I can still hear your Dad’s words clearly during your memorial as he tried to assuage our sense of loss by counseling us not to focus merely on the dates you were with us, but on “the dash”… What you achieved during that time.

Well, Robert, I’m looking at the dates now and I can’t believe it’s been 9 years since your passing…. And it’s making “your dash” all the more bold. 

You are so missed. Yet every time I see your picture or think of you - which is very often - I smile.  I wonder, frequently, what you would think of the events that have unfolded both here at home and around the world and I imagine the insightful or sometimes humorous perspective you would share with us to make us feel a bit better, find laughter - or our humanity…. The truth is that the world could use more “Robert Koechlin’s” in it….

I sincerely hope you are hosting the most outrageous parties in heaven…. And that you know how much you’re - still - cherished and missed my friend…

Love you bro,

Posted by Karin Trinkler on August 25, 2021
Thinking of you often and miss you always. Love you, Nilufer, and Kiana. Karin
Posted by Julie McKnight on August 24, 2021
We miss you Robert! You are forever in our hearts! ❤️
Posted by nilufer koechlin on July 26, 2021
You are missed every single day. We love you so much and think of your beautiful smile snd heart daily. Love you eternally.
Me and Kiana ❤️
Posted by nilufer koechlin on August 24, 2019
Happy birthday our love.
We feel you all the time with us and through various signs. Kiana is all you. I swear it’s like you live in her and I love it.
Not a day goes by without thinking of you and your love and goofiness. Your joy for life and being your best is always inspiring.
We miss you. We love you. Someday, we will see you and hold you again.
- me
Posted by Sue Koechlin on August 24, 2019
Beautiful flowers for the altar, random acts of kindness, Nilufer's neighborhood ice cream social, heartfelt posts on Facebook are some of the ways we feel connected to you and those who love you today, your birthday. Oh, how we miss you and wish you were here! The years go by but never a day goes by without loving you and the way you enriched our family.
Posted by Karin Trinkler on December 5, 2018
Bob, I think of you often and miss you much. You were such a positive and energetic person!  Many of your kind and wise words are still with me . . . I feel lucky to have had you as my friend.  Love always to you, Nilufer, and Kiana. Karin
Posted by Karin Trinkler on August 26, 2018
Best wishes to the Koechlin family on Bob's birthday. Sorry I'm a little late. I think of Bob often and miss him. He was such a positive influence and I still smile whenever I think of time spent together as neighbors, with our large group of South Bay beach friends on local outings and trips, and with Nilufer. Much love, Karin
Posted by Sue Koechlin on August 24, 2018
Happy 51st, Bobby! While everyone else is posting on Facebook, I'm back here again. We miss you always but your birthday reminds us in a special way of the happiness you brought to our family throughout the years. We still see signs of your love, especially in June when you sent a sun beam over Kiana in our beach picture. We KNOW that was you! Love, Mom & Dad
Posted by Sue Koechlin on November 12, 2017
In all these five years, never a day's gone by when I didn't feel your spirit in a special way. It was mostly in songs, whether 80's music or the country hits we both liked. Growing up with you, there was that cool disco light, your boombox, Walkman days, and your famous karaoke hit CA Girls. Then came that cool keyboard for the VW dashboard! I could go on and on, but my favorite song memory is what you chose for our dance at your wedding...I Hope You'll Dance. It was perfect b/c it's the greatest advice you could give me. You had a gift for balancing fun and responsibility in a way that people like me can only wish for. I'm writing this early b/c we're heading for Atlanta tomorrow, where there's sure to be plenty of talk about all the positive ways you've influenced our lives. After five years, we all still miss you like it was yesterday.
Posted by nilufer koechlin on August 24, 2017
Our beautiful Bobby,
Tomorrow is your 50th birthday. Oh how you used to joke about it 5 years ago saying "I'll be half a century old!" and things like "I need to do something about my crows' feet around my eyes." And of course I used to tell you how amazing you are and look and don't need to do a thing. I hope you knew I was right. We miss you. We wish we could plan that France bike ride for you. So many wishes and dreams for this birthday. Most of all, I hope I dream of you tonight and know that you are loved and missed every single day.
I love you always. Kiana loves you too.
Happy birthday in heaven.
Posted by Sue Koechlin on August 23, 2017
Your 50th birthday is here! Well, tomorrow. It makes me wonder how you'd celebrate this milestone. No doubt there'd be a big party, thanks to Nilufer. Maybe Dad and I would fly out to get in on the fun. You'd get lots of "over the hill" cards and jokes about AARP. You'd laugh it off and say it's just another day. Or you might take a trip with Nilufer and Kiana to a favorite place, like Hawaii, or indulge yourself in a new state-of-the-art bike. The bottom line is, we wish you were with us for your 50th. It's like that country song, "You Should Be Here", but you're not, and we're all missing you tons. Send us a beautiful sunset tonight! We love you, Bobby!
Posted by nilufer koechlin on November 25, 2016
Our love,
It's hard to believe it's been 4 years. There are times it seems like yesterday you were with us and other times it feels like it's been forever.
We had so many fun Thanksgivings in Tahoe and today we are going to honor you by doing our first ski run on Thanksgiving day. I think you made snow potion for us yesterday and dumped some good snow. Now it's blue skies and beautiful day for skiing. Love you always.
Posted by Sue Koechlin on November 23, 2016
Thanksgiving Day...the's been four years. I like to remember the fun Thanksgivings you spent with your cousins when you were a kid. Grandma loved hosting the family but you kids could be a challenge. One year, it was even reported that one of you went down her clothes chute! Then there was the Thanksgiving, in high school, when you were interviewed for the school paper. You said you were most thankful for photosynthesis. How you thought of that I'll never know!  Another favorite memory is when our family attempted to walk in our first ever Turkey Trot. You were home from college, less than enthused, but willing. We woke up on Thanksgiving Day to a light rainfall and decided it wouldn't be worth it, only to find out that 10,000 people attended that year. We made it a tradition after that and are thankful that you, Nilufer, and Kiana went with us a few years ago. We miss you, Bobby, and treasure so many more memories. Your family, whether in CA, OH, GA, or FL will be saying a special thank you on this day that you were such a blessing in our lives. We love you forever!
Posted by Stephen Byrd on August 25, 2016
Dear Robert,

This would be incredulous for you to fathom, but I'm quite literally speechless and at a loss of words that it's been 3 years...

What I wouldn't give to catch up with you on everything in life that's ironic, beautiful, laughable, humbling, and hilarious....

Happy Birthday, Bro!

Miss ya, Man...

Posted by Holly Shearer on August 24, 2016
Happy birthday, Robert. We miss you so much. We hope you have a wonderful time celebrating in heaven. You will always live in our hearts. Love, Ty, Holly, Lydia, and Liam xoxoxoxoxoxo
Posted by nilufer koechlin on August 23, 2016
Tomorrow is your 49th birthday. It is always hard leading up to your birthday thinking about what we would have been doing. Nevertheless, I always focus on thinking of all the great things about you. I want you to know that Kiana is a great biker. She did her first triathlon, showed up with no prior experience and came in 4th place. She has your athletic genes! I know you would have wanted bike components for your birthday! :) I hope you hear us every night saying good night to you, sending you kisses, and Kiana telling you about her day.
We love you. We miss you. Every second of every day.
From the book: Proof of Heaven

When tomorrow starts without me,
And I’m not there to see,
If the sun should rise and find your eyes
All filled with tears for me
I wish so much you wouldn’t cry
The way you did today,
While thinking of the many things,
We didn’t get to say.
I know how much you love me,
As much as I love you,
And each time you think of me,
I know you’ll miss me too;
But when tomorrow starts without me,
Please try to understand,
That and angel came and called my name,
And took me by the hand,
And said my place was ready,
In heaven far above
And that I’d have to leave behind
All those dearly I love.
But as I turned to walk away,
A tear fell from my eye
For all my life, I’d always thought,
I didn’t want to die.
I had so much to live for,
So much left yet to do,
It seemed almost impossible,
That I was leaving you.
I thought of all the yesterdays,
The good ones and the bad,
The thought of all the love we shared,
And all the fun we had.
If I could relive yesterday
Just even for a while,
I’d say good-bye and kiss you
And maybe see you smile.
But then I fully realized
That this could never be,
For emptiness and memories,
Would take the place of me.
And when I thought of worldly things
I might miss come tomorrow,
I thought of you, and when I did
My heart was filled with sorrow.
But when I walked through heaven’s gates
I felt so much at home
When God looked down and smiled at me,
From His great golden throne,
He said, “This is eternity,
And all I’ve promised you.
Today your life on earth is past
But here it starts anew.
I promise no tomorrow,
But today will always last,
And since each day’s the same way,
There’s no longing for the past.
You have been so faithful,
So trusting and so true.
Though there were times
You did some things
You knew you shouldn’t do.
But you have been forgiven
And now at last you’re free.
So won’t you come and take my hand
And share my life with me?”
So when tomorrow starts without me,
Don’t think we’re far apart,
For every time you think of me,
I’m right here, in your heart.
Posted by Sue Koechlin on August 21, 2016
We love it that Nilufer is having another ice cream social for your birthday. Since we can't be there to share Bobby stories, we're left to do our own thing. You know how deeply we miss you and want to make it a special day. The other night, I dug out Chicken Soup for the Koechlin Soul and read the endearing words you wrote in letters from camp, Southwestern summers, college and beyond. Priceless! One thing we're going to do is watch the sunset at the marina. Everyone who loved you should watch and feel your presence in the setting sun. You always said to stay an extra 15 minutes, and we will, for the grand finale. We locals will go to the Mass being offered in your memory on Sunday and toast you at the brunch that follow. And you can be sure I'll give the robellini palm some extra TLC in honor of you, Nilufer and Kiana. We all love you and miss you forever.  Love, Mom and Dad
Posted by Holly Shearer on November 24, 2015
Hi Robert, we can't believe it's been three years since you've been gone. We miss everything about you especially all the great times that we shared together. There just isn't anyone like you, Robert. You have left a permanent imprint on our hearts and you will be forever loved and forever missed. 

Love always, Tyson, Holly, Lydia, and Liam Robert (your little namesake).Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Posted by Julie McKnight on November 24, 2015
Robert....we miss you so much! There isn't a day that goes by without thinking about you. You live in our hearts, your laugh, your smile, your larger than life personality, our memories, they live on in our hearts and in our dreams. We love you! Xoxo Julie, Tom, Shane and Kylie
Posted by Sue Koechlin on August 23, 2015
In honor of your 48th birthday, I'm going to try my darndest to be a blessing to everyone I meet throughout the day. You were that way without really trying! We like to remember all the fun birthdays you celebrated for 45 years. The ice cream, balloons, prayers, donations, and memories shared tomorrow make us smile and miss you.
Posted by Sue Koechlin on November 24, 2014
~~Always on our minds and in our hearts~~ Two years hasn't erased any of the pain of losing you. We know you're still with us in so many ways. We see you in the sunsets, hear you in the music, laugh with you at our idiosyncrasies. We love you more, Mom and Dad
Posted by Holli Roever on August 25, 2014
Happy Birthday Bobby!  I am sure you were just bombarded with thoughts yesterday. You will always be remembered and loved by such an amazing group of family and friends.
Posted by nilufer koechlin on August 24, 2014
My dear Bobby,
Every year on this day, I would make sure you got the longest bike ride that you wanted and always planned something fun and outdoors for you. We miss you so much. Kiana has been talking about you all week. We celebrate your life and greatness again with our 2nd annual neighborhood ice cream social. I love you forever. Kiana loves you forever. You will always be with us no matter when you or we are. I love you.
Nilufer and Kiana
Posted by Sue Koechlin on August 24, 2014
Bobby was born at Good Samaritan hospital in Cincinnati on this very special day. He was a joy right from the start. His first home was an apartment he shared with Mom, Dad and Kathleen. Three months later, we moved to our first real home on Veazey Ave. Oh, how he loved growing up there. Happy birthday, Bobby! We love you forever!
Posted by Sue Koechlin on November 19, 2013
Robert, 8/24/67 - 11/24/12

~~~ In Loving Memory ~~~

Your devoted family that misses
you so much!
Posted by nilufer koechlin on August 25, 2013
Happy birthday to an amazing man that lived well and made many lives better. I miss you so much every second of every day. We hosted a neighborhood meet and greet in your honor today to meet all of our neighbors (100 homes or so) and toasted you. I love you forever my love.
Posted by Gloria Walker on August 24, 2013
Happy Birthday to Bobby! I'm thinking of you and your loved ones today and every day. I know how missed you are and how many memories you left behind.
I read a quote somewhere that made me think of you:
"Life is not about days lived ~ But the memories made"
We love you all,
The Walkers
Posted by Samira Jay on August 24, 2013
Happy birthday to a guy who I truly loved like a brother. I know the perfect celebration of your birthday would have been all family and friends with a backyard BBQ and some cold beers. We've had some great times in that backyard that you and Nilufer remodeled and I know how much you loved it out there. I will never forget those times. I know your spirit lives on through your family.
Posted by Sue Koechlin on August 24, 2013
Last weekend was our first family reunion without Bobby. He always added so much to our family gatherings. He'd have had a blast with his cousins and all. He's dearly missed again today, on his birthday. He would be doing something special with Nilufer and Kiana, for sure. He loved to talk about his happy childhood in Ohio and wanted the same for Kiana. He made every day special.
Posted by Ryan Fix on December 14, 2012
Kiana, I worked with your dad and still consider him a dear friend. He inspired me w/his passion of life & love for you and your mom. Be thankful for your time with him and know that you were his pride & joy. You were the center of his conversations and rightfully so. I have a deep respect for the time commitment he made to you and will pass that onto my children one day. Isiah 26:19
Posted by Kathleen Mason on December 3, 2012
We met both Robert and Nilufer through mutual close friends, Darlene and Joe Hensley. Although it was a friend of a friend acquaintence, Robert made such a lasting impression on us. His dedication to his family and friends, and the warm and friendly aura he had about him was so endearing. Our deepest sympathy to the family.
Posted by Sheila Wood on December 2, 2012
Although I only met Robert within the past 6 months his love of his family shone through as did his passion for all aspects of his life. He will be greatly missed by all that he touched. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
Posted by Rick Olive on December 2, 2012
This tragedy is truly stunning. Robert was a wonderful spirit with a delightful sense of humor. Words fail at a time like this, but even those who knew him for only a brief period of time feel the loss and know the world is a poorer place without him.
Posted by Van Vu on December 1, 2012
I only met Robert recently through work at Level 3 but he made such a great impression on me. Always greeted me with a big smile and his demeanor just inspired trust. I kept thinking to myself that this was a good guy that I wanted to work closely with. Sadly my wish would never come true. My deepest condolences to his family for their immeasurable loss.
Posted by Andrey Dolgachev on November 30, 2012
Shocked and truly saddened. Robert was always a blast to hang out with and a truly good guy. I so regret not staying in touch since moving up to SF and will always remember and miss our bike rides and hanging out together. Nilufer, Melanie and I can only send you our condolences from NZ but we are thinking of you and Kiana from afar and sending you all our best wishes.
Posted by Gordon Macpherson on November 29, 2012
Have only great memories of Bob aka BACARDI Bob from our days working together in So CA to the trips to Puerto Rico, Italy, Tahoe etc. So many stories. His sense of humor, positive attitude and outlook on life was contagious and is something I have always admired and tried to mimic. I am praying for comfort and peace for all of us but especially for Nifuer, Kiana and Bob's family.
Posted by Vanessa Seidler on November 29, 2012
Although I never met Robert, having worked with Nilufer in the past and hearing her talk about her husband, I knew he was the light of her life - a "super keeper" as she once said. The family photos say it all. Nilufer, my heart goes out to you, your daughter and Robert's family. I hope you all find peace and comfort in the many happy memories you keep.  Big hugs.
Posted by Patrick Burke on November 29, 2012
Robert and I had just begun our much anticipated working relationship, there was very little I knew about his personal life so these wonderful pictures have allowed me to fill in the blanks and experience what an exceptional father, husband, friend and adventurer he was.
Posted by Scott Jacobs on November 29, 2012
Kiana, I met your Dad at a start up where we began our working friendship that continued at AT&T and lasted over 10 years. From the beginning, his personality created an atmosphere that drew people to him. He glowed whenever he talked about you and your Mom and loves you very much. He passed doing what he loved...riding. I can picture him riding, with a huge smile and the wind in his face.
Posted by Blaise Brady on November 29, 2012
I met Robert recently at a Level 3 training and although we only spent a matter of hours together I knew that he was a good person and cared about his family and enjoyed life. Remember the good times and how he made you feel, and he will always be with you. 

he will be missed.
Posted by Rebecca Macdonald on November 29, 2012
Greg and I wish we could be there for you Nilufer. We will always remember the love you two shared and how we planned our weddings just weeks apart. We've been thinking of you a lot in the last few days and want you to know we will do anything we can to help.

Sending love and hugs from Colorado.
Posted by Chuck Cate on November 28, 2012
I am so thankful to have known Robert since 2006. He was a great man, father, co-worker and friend. I recently had the opportunity to catch up with him about life, faith, career and family around a fire pit under the Colorado night sky till the wee hours of the morning. My family is praying for the strength that Nilufer and Kiana will need. We will see you again in Heaven soon.
Posted by Ramon Periquet on November 28, 2012
Being an avid cyclist, I got to know Robert more the first time I saw his bike on the car at work (ATT). Always enjoyed talking about some trails or roads that we did or didn't do. Great and humble guy that I will always remember. Now he gets to ride the roads/trails in the sky. We'll miss you down here.
Posted by Erik Takaoka on November 28, 2012
We recall good times in the past, remember you now and will never forget you in the future. Thanks for the good times Robert.
Posted by Josh Roza on November 28, 2012
I met Robert at AT&T and worked with him for a few years on a number of different accounts. Robert was one of those people you just had an instant connection with. It is not a surprise to see how he touched others. May his memory be a blessing to all who knew him.

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Recent Tributes
Posted by nilufer koechlin on November 27, 2021
You are missed every minute of every day. What’s amazing about you is how you are so alive to all of us because we are continuously keeping your memory alive by sharing great stories, goofy moments, kind moments, and loving moments of you.
We love you forever. You’re stuck with us ❤️
I love you.
Posted by Karin Trinkler on November 25, 2021
Love and miss you, my sweet friend! I think of you often and sometimes silly memories just pop in my head. Miss your kind heartedness, your laugh, and your positive outlook. Sending lots of love to you, Nilufer, and Kiana. XOXO, Karin
Posted by nilufer koechlin on August 26, 2021
Beautiful Bobby,
Ah how I wish I could hold you and kiss you just one more time. And how I hope you are watching Kiana daily.
I am so glad you picked me as your wife. Lucky lucky me. And thank you for all the life lessons you embedded in me. You may not physically be here but you are very much alive with how you touched our lives, made us better people, and left a world a better place than you found it.
I love you always.
Your wife.
- me
Recent stories
Shared by Holli Roever on August 27, 2018

Hey Bobby,

Did you feel it yesterday?  The love?  You must have.  So much energy focused on you.  I am truly humbled by how much love Nilufer and Kiana have for you and how they have kept your memory alive in everyone.  It must be the hardest thing to feel all of the love (and pain) and not be able to hold them.  Just know that you are truly missed.  I can only imagine how much you want to just grab hold of your beautiful Kiana and just snuggle her.  She is growing up to be quite a strong young lady (and she is the smitten image of you more and more each day).  Happy Birthday!  I hope the thoughts directed towards you made it a bit better.

Happy 51st birthday

Shared by nilufer koechlin on August 24, 2018

My dear Bobby,

Wish we could celebrate with you in person but today is a day the whole world became a better place because you were born.  I know you would have wanted some kind of sports equipment or clothes since you hardly ever shopped for yourself. We miss you very much but I personally love to see you live in Kiana.

Until we see you, hugs and love being sent to you daily.

- me and Kiana

Another year missing you

Shared by nilufer koechlin on December 30, 2017

We just skied our first two days in your honor. I remember when Kiana was born and we barely skied that year. You said it was the time when you felt things had really changed in your life from your 20’s when there were no friends on powder days ;) but you also said there was nothing in the world you would rather do than to hold Kiana and spend time with her.

I wish you had more than 5 years with her. But I tell you: you are living in her.  She is so much of you in so many ways: temperament, athleticism, goofiness, kindness, and intelligence.  I love watching you in her soul.

We love you and miss you. Every day.