Posted by Janese Starrett on March 10, 2022
Posted by Sharon Irelan on March 10, 2022
Little brother, hard to believe it has been a year. Miss our birthday calls. Know you are watching over us.
Posted by Marcia Vest on March 10, 2022
Bob I am getting ready to play our two favorite songs and think about all of our memories. I miss you and love you. Hope you stop by today
Posted by Sherrel Miller on March 10, 2022
I miss you everyday sweet brother but know in my heart you are doing well. Love you
Posted by Marcia Vest on September 1, 2021
Bob, I hope you know how much I miss you but am so glad you are not hurting any more. I miss you every day but there are many things that help. Chris is so much like you sometimes and even Bo can give me the stink eye or supervise me when we are in the car together. I know someday we will be together again but until then remember I will always love you.

P.s. I listen to a lot of our music and feel you with me
Posted by Janese Starrett on September 1, 2021
Happy Birthday Uncle Bobby! 
Posted by Chris Vest on September 1, 2021
Happy Birthday Dad! Miss you every day, hope you had fun at Norwalk with us. Finally was able to get the motorhome and race car ready, just a few months too late. I know you were with me going a couple of rounds, thanks for the help. I’m still not you behind the wheel, but I will keep trying. BTW, of course Lora went further in her class with the Challenger than I did. Love you and hope you’re having fun.
Posted by Sherrel Miller on September 1, 2021
Happy birthday sweet brother, i miss you so very much
Posted by Joan Nyberg on March 12, 2021
Bob and Marcia lived across the street from us in the 70s. We were all from Creston(?) and quickly became friends, also they were godparents to our oldest daughter.
Prayers go out to Bob’s family. Glad you are out of pain!
John and Joan Nyberg
Posted by Deborah Reese on March 12, 2021
Uncle Bobby. I have so many wonderful memories of you. You teased me endlessly about the "ring around my butt", even just a week ago, which I will cherish forever. I will miss you, but am so glad you can rest in peace now. Hug everyone for me, especially my baby brother. ❤
Posted by Janese Starrett on March 12, 2021
Uncle Bobby, you could always put a smile on for everyone and that made me smile. Memories of going to the Circus for my first time and seeing A Star Is Born with you and Aunt Marcia, bring so much happiness. You always had the hottest cars! 

I love you Uncle Bobby❤
Posted by Kayla Miller on March 12, 2021
My sincere condolences to the Vest family. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.
Posted by JEFF HEFFELFINGER on March 12, 2021
sorry for your loss Chtis
Posted by Holly Randolph on March 12, 2021
Thinking of you Uncle Bobby and your family. You will always have a special place in my heart even though you threw me in your swimming pool when you lived in the trailer court. God as another special person in heaven. Rest In Peace. Love you, Holly
Posted by Sharon Irelan on March 12, 2021
We will miss our baby brother. Yes, you will always be the baby. We will miss you,, but know you were very sick. God knew it was time to take away your suffering. We will cherish our memories. You have given us lots of love and laughter.
Posted by Sherrel Miller on March 11, 2021
Dick and I will always love you and will miss you forever. We were not ready to say goodbye but God had a plan and made you his newest Angel. You were the best, "little" brother and may you rest in peace.
Posted by Angie Forsberg on March 11, 2021
Oh Uncle Bobby...from day 1 you always teased me. I would get so frustrated...but every time I got a chance to see you I got so excited. You were a great man. Thanks for being you.  Guess speed limits in heaven!

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