Posted by Stephanie Marshall on June 2, 2021
To my dear aunt and cousins, my heart is with you during this time of sorrow. My deepest, most heartfelt condolences are with you all. I am lost for words, I pray God grant you all comfort and the strength to find peace. His memories will live on forever in our hearts.
Posted by Chevelle T on June 2, 2021
Mrs.Douglas Although no words can help ease the loss you bear, know that you are very close in every thought and prayer. Angels are always near to those who are grieving. To whisper to them that their love ones are safe in the hands of God.
Love you miss ❤❤❤❤
Condolences to you and your family
Posted by Kerrianne Douglas on June 2, 2021
My heart is broken, I cant believe your gone. I am going to miss your smile and jovial personality when I visit Jamaica.
I remember when I was about 11 years old and we visited you at Waterhouse and you sang a song to me "If Jesus said it I believe it, his words cannot lie, it is written in the bible I'll believe it till I die". And that you did my uncle! I remember when you and Auntie Karlene came to Canada and stayed with me... that was some of the best meals I've had.. because uncle Mitchum could cook!!
God called you home and we dont know why but you have left so many wonderful and unforgettable memories with those left behind. Your infectious smile, your bubbly personality and your kind and gentle soul will never and can never be forgotten.
Sleep well Uncle Mitchum, I believe you are in the arms of God. You have carried him in your heart while on this earth and I know he now holds you close saying..
Love you Uncle... ❤
Posted by Christal Douglas on June 2, 2021
Dearest Uncle Mitchum, the sudden news of your passing has reminded us just how fragile life can be. Tommy and I are happy that we got to visit and spend some time with you when we last visited Jamaica. He always made it a point of duty to visit whenever we were able to travel as you were his “favorite Uncle” as you are to many and for so many reasons. We are deeply saddened by your passing and thought that we would have had much more time with you. I will forever be grateful for your openness and ease of welcoming me to the Douglas family. It was truly an honor to know you. You have left a lasting impression on our lives and you will always be loved and remembered until we meet again. Love always, Tommy, Christal, Madison, Makenzie. Meghan and Mason from the Cayman Islands. ❤️
Posted by iolyn Donald on June 2, 2021
My condolence to you and family dear Leodis my friend. Know that you are never alone as you will remain in my prayers. Despite the solemn occasion, death creates an opportunity though for all of us to draw closer to our God, Jehovah. What a joy it will be when we all experience the fulfillment of the resurrection hope that he promises at John 5:28! Let's keep this hope alive. Love you. iolyn
Posted by Jillian Gayle on June 1, 2021
Leodis, I am so sorry for your loss . I have been saddened ever since I learnt of Mitch's passing. I have been praying for you and family that you will find a peace that passeth all understanding, that you know that at this very difficult time there is only one set of foot prints in the sand because our Father is carrying you. I know that you both are Christians and I pray that Mitch's soul RIP You will see your soul mate, best friend, husband and cheer leader again in the new Jerusalem. Please hug Lori for me and I am hugging you. My family and I continue to pray for you and family.

I recall the many times I came in contact with your hubby, always a pleasant, calm and peaceful soul. I remember when you, Tamara and I were talking on the beach at Jewels Runaway Bay (one of our retreats) trying to roast marsh mellows and we were sharing how we met our husbands. I remember the love and warmth in your eyes and voice as you told us how you both met. Keep those glorious memories that you share in your heart. That's how he will live forever❤️
Posted by Pauline Small on June 1, 2021
In memory of a wonderful Brother Mitchum I hold onto our memories the ones that are so dear to me, I will keep you always close in my heart. You we’re called, it was your time but you left us with great memories there is no one like you my brother I will never forget you And I know I have been blessed To have you for such a long time. So I said see you my Brother you will always in my heart But as God’s call us one by one the chain will link again I Love you. Gone but not forgotten. Your Loving sister Pauline.
Posted by Valrie Thomas on June 1, 2021
I have so many memories of you dear Mitchum, to put into words. You were the fun cousin, always at family gathering, where we all had such good times. But what I remember most about you, was your kind, gentle spirit, never one to make a fuss. Your pleasant demeanor, charm and wit, made it easy for people to gravitate to you. It is with these fond memories that I will hold dear and knowing that you were loved dearly by so many . Rest in peace Mitch
Posted by Jody-Ann Carter on June 1, 2021
Truly sorry to hear about Brother Douglas' passing. I pray the Lord's comfort on Sister Leodis and the rest of the family in this difficult time.

Every blessing to you all!!
Posted by Antonia Joseph on June 1, 2021
All the way from St. Lucia and visiting Jamaica for the first time I met Mitch in May 2018 through my dear friend Leodis. What struck me about him was his calmness and reserved nature. A man with a big heart I know he will be missed by all who knew him especially his family. I am so happy to have met and spent time with him. Mitch may your soul rest in perfect peace. Gone but not forgotten.

My condolences to Leodis my loving friend and family. My darling you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Love you!
Posted by Yvonne Douglas Lue on June 1, 2021
Gone too soon my brother, I wish we had more time, that God had made you stay a little longer. My brother I have only the memories now of how we played as kids, we fought and always overcame our differences. You were a brother unlike any other and though you are no longer here, I will cherish the memories forever. It is easy to remember you, it is just the heartache of losing you that will never go away. Rest well my brother your spirit will carry on, until I see your smile again I'll hold you forever in my heart.
Love you dearly your sister Yvonne.
Posted by Yvonne Bogle on June 1, 2021
My dear friend Leodis, I know your pain, but rest assured Mitchum is safe in the arms of his Lord. He was one of the most loving and caring person I know. A gentle giant of a man, he loved you and the children so so much. His cooking I will miss especially his curry dishes. Sleep in peace my friend.
Posted by Tami Thompson on June 1, 2021
Through Leodis, I met Mitch, who demonstrated such a calm demeanor. So accommodating was he to travel with Leodis as she had her various professional or social engagements - it was admirable to watch.

Leodis, a Darling, my deepest condolences to you, your Children and your Grandchild. While the timing of Mitch’s passing was unforeseen, and somewhat surreal, I know that he has left precious memories with those he met.

Love you Leodis,
Posted by Angela Brown on June 2, 2021
Just lost for words at this moment .
Karlene I know you understand.
Posted by Jollette Russell on June 1, 2021
Heartfelt condolences to Mrs. Douglas, Lori and the rest of the Douglas family. It is never easy losing a loved one. May you find strength and comfort in the precious memories you shared and the hope of meeting Mr. Douglas again
Posted by Yvonne Blackwood on June 1, 2021
Leodis I am dumbstruck although I shouldnt be.God knows best.Sincere condolences to you and the kids.One school of thought says here today gone today.Another says We are all in the departure lounge.My dears cherish the beautiful memories you have.We will see him in the morning.You are in our prayers.       Yvonne &Hugh
Posted by Davie Morrison on June 1, 2021
Mrs Douglas,
My sincere condolences to you and family

“I know it must feel like this pain will never end. But I believe in my heart that comfort Holy Spirit will find you when you’re ready. I believe you’ve got the strength to come through. And in time, I hope you’ll believe it, too.” I'm praying for you. Shalom.
Posted by Elaine Reid on June 1, 2021
Just met but you've been a big impact on our lives. You'll always be remembered for your friendliness and concern for others in the neighbourhood.
We wanted to have with us much longer but the Father called you to greater service.
Fond memories will remain
Posted by Joy Douglas on June 1, 2021
My beautiful brother Mitchum,
My heart is so full of love for you. I have known you from a little boy to a man, loving husband and father. You were the best but the Lord had to take you home because he has a job for you, do your job my brother. You will do it well with a smile. You will always be loved!
Posted by Shadisha Douglas-Mitchell on June 1, 2021
Missing you Uncle

Shared by Shadisha Douglas-Mitchell on June 1, 2021

It was so sudden, the news was just too shocking. We were together in January of this year, not expecting that God would have been ready for you so soon. I thought I had time. There were questions I wanted to ask you specifically and I kept putting it off, because I thought I had time. You were the uncle who I could always go to, or you would give me a check up call and be present in my life since my dad died. Who do I ask these questions now?? You were cool and always inviting. You gave my husband a stern warning about how he should treat me and what you would do if otherwise and he remembers it to this day. Your personality, love and care knew no bounds.

I love you Uncle Mitchum, then, now and forever ❤️
Posted by Arthur McIntosh on June 1, 2021
Mitchum my friend, you have fought a good fight, you have finished your course, you have kept the faith; and henceforth is laid up for you a crown of righteousness reserved only for the sons of God among whom you are named. Rest in peace my brother.
Posted by Carvalo Cooper on June 1, 2021
Today it pains my heart to see my friend and brother leaving without saying good bye. The last time I saw him he was putting on a gate on the bottom road so I had go get his honey for sure and carry it back to him. Sis Douglas happy you could share the last moments with him true love never dies. Pray God will continue to strengthen you and the family. My prayers are with you. Jesus loves and care for you.
Posted by roxann linton on June 1, 2021
Dear Leodis, please accept my deepest condolences on the loss of your dear husband, Mitch. May your beautiful memories sustain and bring comfort during this time of grief and may the pain you feel now, be transmuted to a greater purpose as God deems fit.

My memory of Mitch is just how joyful and sociable he was and how easily he blended with us at the 2017 FHC Christmas Party.

Always remember, “When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight" ~ Khalil Gibran

Leodis, know that you and your family are on our minds and prayers during this time, with thoughts of love and prayers.
Love and Blessings.
Posted by O'Neil Grant on June 1, 2021
Dear Leodis,
It is with profound sadness that I send this tribute to you and your family on the passing of Robert. He was a gentle soul and a very lovely gentleman. Always smiling, warm and welcoming.

As your friend and chairman of the Board of First Heritage Coop Credit Union, I send you my deepest condolences. May his eternal soul rest in peace and light perpetually shine upon him.

Blessings to you and yours.
Posted by Leodis Douglas on June 1, 2021
Family and friends, my heart is sooooooo sad even right now. But I continue to rejoice in the fact that Mitch gave over an hour and a half of praise, worship, bible reading, and praying just minutes before the Lord called him home. We had just decided to go to bed. With a kiss on my forehead and tummy I rushed off to the bathroom to brush my teeth which is always the final thing I do before sleep, only to hear a choking sound coming from my husband. Despite every earthly effort made, both at home and when rushed to the hospital, God took him while at his best. 

I met my husband in a unique way....( walking to the bus stop to George's College Extension School).... he was driving passed and slowed the vehicle...pushed out his head through the car window ...and shouted, "THATS MY WIFE." Never ever seen this man before.

38 years later...And now, with a kiss on the tummy and forehead ( interpreted by my Sister in Law as the forehead for me and tummy for the children I bore him...he closed his eyes to this world Forever, leaving me in a unique way.

I love you Mitch...through all the good and bad times, sicknesses and good health, joys and successes to us and our children....we weathered them all for 38 years and I will never ever forget the deep, true and infinite love we shared until Christ comes and we meet again. You were my one in millions. Forever my love..
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