Posted by Mary Fox on September 30, 2021
Bob was one of those people you never forget. Calvin and I both spent some great times with Bob. There were car shows, motorcycle rides and even a vacation cruise. Bob was always ready to go anywhere, just had to tell him the time and place. The thing we remember most was that we always had to stop for ice cream on the way back home from a ride, even if we had done lunch. He will be greatly missed by all.
Posted by Maxx Sample on September 30, 2021
As recent as one month ago, I spoke with Grandpa about how many motorcycles he owned throughout his lifetime. Without any hesitation, he proclaimed, "11!". He took me on a stroll through memory lane as he began to accurately rattle off each motorcycle's make, model and year followed by a short anecdote before moving on to the next one. He started back in the late 1940s all the way up until present day 2021. He had been riding for over 70 years and tallied up over 100,000 miles on the road. As I sit there stunned, I thought to myself, “…Wow, that’s incredible. He absolutely loves riding”. 

The entire time I couldn't look away from the massive smile on his face during this hour-long segment. It was quite infectious, there was no way around it…I couldn’t stop smiling.

For me, I’ll always think of how much peace and happiness that brought Grandpa to ride on his motorcycle. It’s a great reminder to never trade or give up the small things in life that make us happiest. Love you, Grandpa - thanks for sharing this with me.
Posted by Herbert Eichen on September 29, 2021
  Bob had a most wonderful spirit about him! Not only was he was friendly and cordial to me when I moved here 8 years ago from NYC and made me feel like a true member of the family, but he was simply fun to be around and always up for any type of game or activity!
  The first Father's Day I was here, Bob, Gregg, Barb, Becky, Maxx, Jillian, myself and my girlfriend at the time, Karen, who is Gregg's sister and now my wife, took the Segway Tour of Downtown Cincy and it was a blast! I marveled at how well Bob did on the Segway and how great a shape he was in for his age, and thought to myself, "I hope when I'm that age I can have the courage to try a physical activity like this and pull it off as well as Bob did!" I say, "Bravo, Bob!" It was a testimony to a life well-lived!
  After the Segway Tour, we all went back to Gregg & Barb's house and celebrated Father's Day with a wonderful meal amid a festive atmosphere and I very much enjoyed being around Mr. Becker right from the start! Having no living family members of my own, it was heart-warming to me to be a part of such a loving and delightful family and the relationships have only gotten deeper and more loving over the years!
  So, I proclaim my infinite gratitude to all of you, and especially at this time to the patriarch of your wonderful family, Mr. Robert Becker! Karen & I and all of us will miss you very much and the Holidays will not be the same without you!
  Thank you, Bob for your service to our Blessed Nation and the friendship and love you bestowed upon me!
  May you rest in God's Peace and Love, unto Eternity!
Posted by Barbara Sample on September 29, 2021
We love you Dad, give Mom our love, and a big hug. oooxxx's
Posted by Lusain Memorial on September 29, 2021
Bob was a proud Navy Veteran and active in many American Legion Posts, Commander in most of them and participated in the parades with The 40 & 8 Box Car. He ran the Cheviot, Ohio Memorial Day Parade for many years. Bob’s profession was an Auto Body Repairman and his specialty was painting automobiles. He enjoyed restoring Antique Automobiles, and he was a member of the South Western Ohio Conversation Club and enjoyed shooting.

Bob and his wife, Alma E. Becker (Ricky), (passed in 2007) raised 5 children, Bob Jr., Bruce (Cheryl), Barbara (Gregg), Rebecca, Barry (Jennifer), who gave them 11 grandchildren, 19 great grandchildren and 1 great- great grandchild, and another great-great grandchild on the way. Bob enjoyed life and everything it had to offer. He will be truly missed by all.
Services will be held on Friday, October 1st, 2021 at:
Saint Martin’s Church, 3720 Saint Martins Place, Cheviot, Ohio 45211
Visitation will be 9:00am – 10:00am
Catholic Mass 10:00am – 11:00am
Following Mass, family will be going to Final Resting Place…
Crown Hill Memorial Park Mausoleum, 11825 Pippin Road, Cinti. OH. 45231

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be sent to the Ohio Patriot Guard in honor of the deceased.
Mail a check to:
“Ohio Patriot Guard”
8631 Monticello Drive
West Chester, Ohio 45069
Or online at:

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