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May 13, 2018

Outside our first “home” together. It was like living on a houseboat. You could stand in a room and look out any window and see water. Florida! One of my favorite pictures of you,  Bobby!

March 29
Bobby loved music, I remember him learning how to play a guitar as a young teen. Partly to impress the girls of course but also because he genuinely loved the music of the times and wanted to learn to play it. He got pretty good too!!!

I Loved Her First-I Held Her First

March 29
I remember the day she was born. Too exhausted and sick to hold my baby, I was shown her, held up high. She was so tiny, perfect and beautiful.
I gave birth to her, sure, but you held her first! You sat there with her for 45 minutes. No matter what life brought to us all those years, following the birth of Tara, one thing was certain, you loved her always. There was nothing you could do to make me believe otherwise. Life is funny. There are good times and bad times but when you love, no matter what someone does or doesn’t do, you never stop loving. It is a love that has no conditions because the condition of the heart can not be changed once it has experienced true love. True love is everlasting.
So I alwqys remember this day when you held her first. 

Loving You Is Easy

May 16, 2014

Just found a card that I wrote on July 18, 2008.  It was true then and remains true today....
Loving you is the easiet thing I have ever done.  It is like breathing to me--no thought, effort or trouble.  It is natural.
You are the only one in this world that I could sit quietly with for hours, never saying a word, and have a perfect conversation with.
Your smile, to me, is like sunshine lighting your face and making my world glow with warmth.
Your laughter, too seldom heard, is like a beautiful melody that touches my soul.
You are the missing piece of me that makes me whole.
I don't need to love you for any reason at all, even though you give me many reasons to love you.
I love you because you are a part of me.  The part that I needed to find and that no one else can be. 


March 14, 2012

We talk everyday. You know how I feel and how much I wish I could change our past. But you got your wish Dad, Tara and I are the sisters we should have always been. There is so much I want to tell you. So much I wish you could hear me say. I know you do but for me it's just not the same. I am so sorry I believed her. I let her keep us apart. But I hope somewhere deep inside you, you knew I needed you. Knew I loved you. I read the letters from you every week. You told me you were proud of me...I never heard that before. Only from you Dad. I love you and I miss you so much. I promised you along time ago to be a good sister to Tara, I hope I am doing all that you have wished. I love you dad....wish you were here. Thank you for looking out for me from above. One day we will be together...until then....

Bobby's Song To Me

April 20, 2011

Bobby was a hopeless romantic.  His song to me was Brian Adam's, Everything I do, I do it for you.  He left a pink rose on my door before we even had our first date.  I would leave my job and find a rose, usually pink, under my windshield wiper for no reason at all.  He just wanted to let me know he was thinking of me. He was always thinking of me.  He surprised me more days of our marriage than not with a gift, a hug, kiss or just his loving words. 

April 11, 2011

Bobby, this is how I will always remember you---Young, handsome with a life full of promise and forever ahead of us......Until the day where we can begin "forever" again.

Third Christmas 1993

April 11, 2011

Every Christmas was special with Bobby.  Sometimes we didn't have any money to buy gifts.  That never stopped us from decorating the tree, playing music and planning on celebrating the holiday.  All of my Christmases spent with Bobby were magical. I think he thought I was the child around Christmas time.  He always thought he should have money to buy me gifts.  His standard Christmas gift wish was , "get me a card." 

Getting Married--AGAIN???

April 11, 2011

From Sharon's Journal-Dated 09-08-1992

Well here I am, Mrs. Robert James O'Brien!  My wedding day was perfect! Everything went right for me.  I looked exactly as I had hoped to look.  I will never forget standing at the end of the isle and looking up.  It was just one split second-Bobby and I looked at one another.  I'll never forget the look in his eyes.  It said everything that a bride dreams of being told on her wedding day.  I walked up the isle on Mom's arm, looked left and right and smiled and nodded to both sides of the empty pews (just like I kiddingly told Bobby I would do).  Bobby held on to my hands like he was holding onto his life. When we turned to say our wedding vows I saw two tears roll down his cheeks and wanted to brush them away, kiss him and tell him everything was going to be just fine.  He swallowed several times just trying to get his emotions under control enough to say his vows.  He made it!  It was my turn.  This was the moment I dreaded - when I would really be nervous.  But somehow that moment never came.  I think I concentrated so hard on making Bobby calm that I just never got really nervous myself.  I said my vows, we exchanged rings.  The next thing I knew the bride was being kissed by the groom & we were being introduced as Mr. & Mrs. Robert O'Brien!  Bobby and I walked down the aisle and than hugged each other!  We finally made it!  We were really husband & wife!  I never saw a man look so relieved in my life!  I would say that Bobby was close to being petrified!" 

Hole In One

April 10, 2011

 Bobby started golfing several years ago.  Perhaps 5 years.  His daughter, Tara and he would sometimes go together.  In the beginning neither of them were very good but it gave them 3-4 hours of quality time together with no one else around.  Bobby continued golfing whenever he got the chance….One day about 3 years ago he was golfing and got to the 14th hole.  He took his shot and the rest was total confusion.  He could not find where the ball landed.  After searching and finally becoming disgusted he decided to check the hole and found the ball.  A HOLE IN ONE!  So he started yelling and screaming.  The golfers on the 13th hole heard him loud and clear but didn’t know who or what the idiot in front of them was yelling about.  The golfers, Judi Sweet and Jackson, made their way to the 14th holed surprised to see that the idiot was Bobby. Bobby told them what happened…As he would always say to me, “You know it wasn’t skill.  It was just a fluke.”  Of course, Bobby I know this, but a hole in one is a hole in one, no matter how skilled or unskilled or how it happens.  I would tell Bobby, this, “The hole in one is yours, fluke or no fluke.  Golfers play all their life for that allusive hole in one.  You got a hole in one, it belongs to you no matter how it happened.”  So I guess you could say that Bobby was a very good, unskilled golfer!  


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