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January 3, 2022
Niece Chelsea described my feelings perfectly in a quote today ...

“I’ve got plenty of people I can do something with - just no one I can do nothing with"


November 16, 2021
In the late 1970s, Bobby made the decision to leave his career as yacht captain and pursue a new profession.

At that time I suggested he sit down and write his thoughts and goals. I just found that original list and could not believe what I read:

1. Freedom Personal/Business 
2. Responsibility 
3. Location (15 minutes travel max)
4. Boating Industry
5. Consulting
6. Teaching/Public Speaking 
7. Good Income
8. Self Employment
9. Being in Charge

Wow! All those years ago, Bobby was able to define his life and career goals, managed to stay focused on his dreams, and take the initiative to make them happen. He studied constantly, always wanting to learn something new and challenge himself.

In the next four decades Bob became a regarded yacht broker, consultant on new boat construction, and successful in the field of marine insurance.

In his volunteer service with the SD Police Department, the SD Sheriff Department, Sheriff's Weapons Training Unit, and as a SD county Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper, Bobby continued to learn, teach, and become a significant contributor to the San Diego community.

I still miss him every day but find comfort in knowing he really did realize his dreams and accomplish the goals he set for himself so long ago.


October 12, 2021
Today is our wedding anniversary and I am in Poros remembering the accidental visit we had to this lovely island. I asked the hotel for "our" room, the room where we watched the waiters in the restaurant below dancing with ouzo and candles on their heads. The restaurant is gone but the memories so vivid they make my heart hurt.
I am on board with a Canadian Greek friend who met her late husband here on Poros ... she spread his ashes in "their" bay and returns each year as I will return to Sechelt.
This is part of a poem she shared with me last year ...
"To the living, I am gone.
To the sorrowful, I will never return.
But to the happy, I am at peace,
And to the faithful, I have never left.
I cannot be seen, but I can be heard.
So as you stand upon a shore, gazing at a beautiful sea – remember me.
Remember me in your heart, your thoughts, your memories of the times we loved, the times we cried, the times we fought, the times we laughed. For if you always think of me, I will never be gone."
I lit a candle for you in a beautiful small church we discovered on a walk.


March 15, 2021

Morro Bay Yacht Club's First Annual Estero Bay Cup for Blue Water Sailors got off to an unexpectedly thrilling start last week when a committee boat coming up for the race - the SUGAR SHACK out of San Diego - was holed through the hull by an angry swordfish.

The 45-foot SUGAR SHACK was about 80 miles out of Morro Bay when the crew spotted and harpooned a 9-foot Swordfish. The huge creature, which later dressed out at 237 pounds, apparently took exception to being harpooned and retaliated. Furious, he immediately sounded - swimming deep towards the bottom - then turned round, and with true swordsman precision, swam upward at full tilt and attacked the SUGAR SHACK with his bill.
There was a tremendous thud - and the great bill smashed through SUGAR SHACK's hull and deck plates until it protruded a full two feet inside the engine room.
SUGAR SHACK's crew realized they were taking on water as the fish thrashed back and forth underwater, still impaled in the boat's hull.
Finally a crew member was sent down to saw the bill off - still attached to the angry fish. They limped into Morro Bay eventually with bilge pump running at full speed.
As committee boat for the race, SUGAR SHACK's primary duty will be keeping a lookout for any boat in trouble.


January 27, 2021
ACAPULCO - August 22, 1971
PICHILINGUE BEACH, the millionaires water sports ground in Acapulco, can only be reached by boat.
You can rent a sailboat at Puerto Marques Beach and point your nose north and around the coves - you are there. Always several large yachts are at anchor while guests sip on cool drinks, nibble on shrimp dips, swim, water ski - and flirt with passing sailors.
The SHADY LADY was there this weekend,  captained by Bob Parsons with his wife Beverly who brought the beautiful 80 foot yacht from San Diego and whose owner, Mr Jenkins, will jet in from Hawaii to join her here.
In the meantime, long time friend of the Jenkins, the lovely Christina Brittingham, socialite of Acapulco and Monterey, is entertaining beautiful people on board. Antonio and Lala Zouza, owners of one of Acapulco's most advanced art galleries on Paseo de la Reforma, Ignacio Orendain, Juliano Gerini, and Maruca Palomino from Mexico City. Maruca is manager of Christian Dior in Mexico.
Beverly and Bob have their own LOVE STORY. Beverly was a librarian from Canada on vacation in Mazatlan when she met Bob Parsons, "it was love at first sight", and Beverly returned to Canada only to find herself on a plane as often as possible to visit Bob wherever he and the SHADY LADY had anchored. 
They decided ir was not fascination alone but for real and Beverly typed out her resignation at the library to become Mrs. Parsons. Quite a decision when it comes to packing to spend your life on a boat. A sewing machine and a camera were the two major items on her list and Beverly now makes her own clothes and camera records all the exotic places they visit.
LOVE is strongest in pursuit; friendship in possession. 


May 29, 2020
Something happened today which really blew me away ...
A little  background:  In the early 1980s I worked with a great young captain named Keith. Keith and I made news together when he skippered an adventure charter in the Sea of Cortez for Krov Menuhin (son of renowned violinist Yehudi Menuhin). The charter was complicated and difficult but Keith pulled it off and the resulting documentary won international awards. 
Through the experience, young Keith became my star captain. It wasn't long before Bobby and Keith became fast friends too.  Weekends often found them diving for abalone in the Pacific kelp beds off the San Diego coastline.  Of course the days  concluded with a seafood feast at our house. Keith's girlfriend, Rhonda now becomes a big part of the story.
Around the same time, I had the opportunity to book several charters to young Saudi prince Fahad.  These charters we always difficult ... I  had to secure very large deposits for the inevitable damage to the yacht.  Keith and Rhonda both worked these charters and, although I was always involved with the business end, Keith often confided more details to Bobby (like the time the prince paid his body guards extra to water ski naked in front of the waterfront restaurants.)
At the end of one such charter I was presented with a delicate gold pendant with small sapphires and rubies from Prince Fahad. I seldom wore it but when I did I was proud to know it was a gift from a prince!
In ensuing years Keith became involved with drugs causing a sad end to a great relationship. Rhonda, Bobby and I  moved on to the next chapter of our lives.
Decades later, about 2 years ago, I received a call from Rhonda.  She was living in another town now but had heard about Bobby's dementia.  She was caring for her mother-in-law who was suffering the same affliction.  We rekindled our friendship and began sending each other texts every couple of weeks.
After I lost Bobby, Rhonda still stayed in touch but our conversations moved from illness and support to memories of happier days.
This morning, Rhonda happened to ask if I still had the necklace I bought from her.  I was confused and let her know that I never bought that necklace, it was a gift from the prince. I  would never have purchased that necklace ... As pretty as it was, I  didn't  wear such delicate jewelry.

Clearly our memories were very different but we put the story together:  The prince gave Rhonda the necklace as a gratuity for working on the charter (Keith got a Rolex!) but at that time she wore no jewelry at all.  She didn't even pierce her ears.  
We now realize that Keith went to Bobby and between them they decided that Bobby would purchase the necklace for me on the condition they told me it was from the prince.  He gave  Keith $300 which Keith passed on to Rhonda in lieu of her necklace.

That all happened almost 40 years ago and my wonderful husband never once let on he bought me that necklace!

So you can see why the tears are flowing today.


April 5, 2020
Wow!  Going through our file drawer I found the letters Bobby and I wrote to each other between the week we met in Mazatlan in late June 1969 (where we were never went out alone) and the July weekend in San Diego/Ensenada (where Jenkins were taking an offshore delivery of Jerry Lewis's SHADY LADY). Our "courtship" consisted of only three letters each, and not one phone call.
Then there were two more letters from me and one from Bobby in the three weeks it took to quit my job, end my 3-year relationship with Doug, give away everything I owned, and try to explain to my family and friends what on earth I was doing. Truly I didn't know myself. I only knew that if I didn't do this I would wonder and regret the rest of my life.
The letters showed excitement and anticipation ... And although we both made a commitment to meet again in Mazatlan, there was also a slight fear that one of us would wake up from this crazy dream and call it off.
We didn't even know each other well enough to say I love you in any of the letters!!!!  A line in one of mine sums it up: "I feel like an excited schoolgirl, but also a woman who (at least thinks she) knows what she's doing."
Looking back, even I am surprised I dared to give up my entire life in Canada and move to Mexico for a someone I knew only 10 days.  Although the next 50 years weren't always perfect, I want my family to know that I never regretted - even for one moment - heeding the feeling of that moonstruck moment in the lobby of Hotel Playa Mazatlan. I could have looked for years and never found a more wonderful man to spend my life with.

At Bob' Celebration of Life, I had words ­­I wanted to say but could not get them ­o­ut at the time:

March 13, 2020
If you find yourself in a situation wher­­e someone you love is stricken with Dem­e­ntia or Alzheimer’s, try not to be int­imidated by the­ manifestations of this ­disease. Do not­ correct your loved one ­when their sente­nces come out jumbled. ­Do not fear the­ir delusions and halluci­nations. Do not­ feel anguish if words o­r actions are hu­rtful. It’s not about u­s. They are the­ ones frightened, confused a­nd suffering.
Their minds may­ be jumbled but they sti­ll know and feel love. Buy special soaps­ and offe­r warm towels when they shower­. Bring i­n a masseuse, a barber, and a ­physical trainer. Surprise them often wi­th comf­ortable new clothes. Show them f­amily p­hotos and crazy pet posts on Fac­ebook. T­ell jokes. Play music and sing­ to them. ­ Get them out on car rides an­d visit friends and favorite places. Tel­l them you love them over and over again. Take them out for fish and chips and other finger food when they can no lon­ge­r use utensils. Invite friends over (­in­ small groups) and include them. Never l­eave them alone. Never show anger or fru­stration (their mood will reflect yours)­. Most ­of all, be fierce in your love fo­r them.
To stay strong for them, you will need h­­elp from family and friends. Ask fo­r h­elp and tell them what you need, even­ i­f it’s just a shoulder to cry on. You­ ­will be surprised at how many do, and ho­­w much support comes from unexpect­ed pl­aces. There will be many tears, bu­t muc­h laughter t­oo. Helping a loved one nav­igate dementia with dignity can be one o­f the most meaningful times in your own ­life.
January 25, 2020
Bev and family,
Our memories of Bob go way back to the day of your wedding.  I remember how you looked at each other with complete love and passion.  
We found Bob to be a good, kind and generous man with a sense of humour.  We experienced many times of laughter throughout our trips to Tahoe, Big White, Carribean, SanDiego, and Sechelt.  Our last trip with Bob was on our boat “Bizarre” to the Great Bear Rainforest and the Octopus Islands on the northern BC coast.  We are so happy to have had this opportunity with him.  He will be greatly missed by ourselves and our family who love you both.  
Cheryl and Ted

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