• 73 years old
  • Born on May 9, 1936 .
  • Passed away on January 3, 2010 .








This is an exerpt from something dad recently wrote: 

"If there was some thing foul about myself I would have been thrilled to write about it, I’m not referring to the feelings of those who just didn’t like me and there are plenty of those, and those kind are in all our lives; I will admit I never understood my unpopularity. However later in life with so many things going my way, clothes, adventure, cars, money, wonderful children, great houses, beautiful gardens, and good health (till now) what’s to write about.  I’m happy nobody ever took a shot at me, must have done some things right.  So before I drift into death or senility (death I hope) I bid you a delightful life—"

Posted by Robin Cleary on May 9, 2019
Love you dad! Happy Birthday. I found some fun, old photos today and posted them on Facebook. I thought people would get a kick out of seeing them. You were always quite the character. I tell dadism's on a regular basis, I feel like Tony knows you just from all of the stories I tell. I miss you!
Posted by Robin Cleary on May 9, 2018
Happy Birthday Dad! I love and miss you all the time. Your adventures live on in stories that I tell of you often. You were one of my biggest champions and I hope I made you proud. 
Love you!

Posted by Robin Cleary on January 4, 2018
I miss you as much today as I did the day you left us. I lit a candle for you last night. I took you to Spain with me in October and left you along the trail you walked nightly from our apartment to Salon Varietes. Lots of great memories of Spain thanks to you and mom. I taught Tony how to ask for the check a la dad! "Oye, cuenta por favor" with hand gestures included. Besos!
Posted by Robin Cleary on January 12, 2017
You are a frequent visitor in my thoughts and your life and stories are told to friends and loved ones often. My heart is full of cherished memories of our life together. I hope you see the lives we lead and how well your grandchildren are doing. Miss you King!
Posted by Al Molina on January 3, 2017
Well, here we are in 2017...... at 81 years..... reflecting on our companionship and past moments, and fortunately we had some doosey's, along with some life firsts. Climbing San Bruno Mountain among the pre-teen experiences, exploring the crooks and crannies of that still pristine hill that was the living area of the Ohlone Indians who left relics for two young hikers to discover. And these childhood treasures, literally in our own backyard provide memories to keep our spirit bright and present. Cheers , my old friend !
Posted by Al Molina on May 9, 2016
Well now, Roberto, I share the 80 years of time passed since our birth. It's a signal for all of us remembering your presence in our life to lift a glass to your essence and say, Happy Birthday! But wait ! Wait until we can hear your voice sounding, " It's Post Time."
Posted by Mark Lawson on January 3, 2016
With thoughts about you today, Dear Ole Bob, as always on this day. Bear hug and I'll lift a glass of decent Rioja in your memory......Mark Lawson
Posted by Al Molina on January 3, 2016
Bob, old chap, I tip my hat to you as a gesture of a acknowledgment of your memory. Knowing that you would be pleased that I ran into some of our friends from Sacred Heart High. Your name was evoked and the stories began to flow. We sighed, we laughed, and some of us had a silent tear. We made a toast, "to you. Old man ! So, As Bob Hope sang at the close of his shows, "Thanks for the memories."
Posted by Al Molina on May 9, 2015
Another milestone, a birthday to mark the passing of time and recollection of moments that standout, that bring a smile, laugh or a tear.
I have many with Bob from ringing his doorbell and seeing the face of Tom or Marge or Myrtle or Mr. Cleary, when he wasn't working at the store. And , of course Robert ! We would usually end up in the Guadalupe Grammer School yard shooting hoops with the Lucas brothers, Bill & Joey ! We had some competitive games and always wound up in a conversation about the celebrated Pro-players. It would all end when one of our mothers would call us home for dinner, from 4 blocks away. Amazing - "no cell phones!"
Posted by Robin Cleary on January 3, 2015
I can't believe yet another year has past without you in my life. I tell stories of you all the time. I share "bobisms" and know that you would find it all delightful and funny. You are missed today and always. Love you dad!
Posted by Mark Lawson on May 9, 2014
Happy birthday, Bob, Ole Bean. The Lawsons are on a rare visit to a rare event now- a wedding in our home turf of Manchester, UK. The cycle of life keeps turning, and we all hope you are at peace. Abrazo
Posted by Al Molina on May 9, 2014
Having Bob as a childhood companion and later, dating Barbara's good friend and neighbor, Dolores, has me wondering if I was responsible for introducing Bob and Barbara ??? It's a good thought at a milestones in our time - a sweet remembrance !
Posted by Marjorie Armas on May 9, 2014
Miss you Bob, think about coming home from work and rushing to run at the lake. Going down to Safeway to pick up artichokes for dinner. Taking Mom shopping, and her famous line "I will get that tomorrow." Meaning that would either be you or me doing the shopping. Some of the little things that mean so much and that we miss and treasure.

Cheers, love you,

Posted by Driekje Lawson on January 3, 2014
Dear Bob, over Christmas I often think about the few times we spent Christmas and New Year with you and family over in USA. Great fun, with great memories. xxx
Posted by Mark Lawson on January 3, 2014
Dear Ole Bob,

It is with great memories of true friendship that I remember you- it seems a little while ago that you left us, and yet that is some measure of the magnitude of the hole you left on your departure. I think of you often and smile at the good times we shared in this tapestry of life. You enriched mine a great deal- for which I thank you. God Bless.
Posted by Al Molina on January 3, 2014
As if growing up together on Baltimore Way, S.F, CA is not evidence of quality time spent together, Bob's invitation to spend 2 weeks in Malaga, Spain at Mark Lawson's place, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. - investigating Andalusia, Alhambra, Flamenco, where the Cleary family lived and jogged , was the best of times shared and never to be forgotten.
Posted by Peter Indelicato on January 4, 2013
Thinking of Bob and how great of a neighbor the Cleary's were growing up in L.V. Too many memories to isolate 1. Love and miss U guys!
Posted by Al Molina on January 3, 2013
Remembering you ! Here's a particular memory that sticks with me and always makes me smile. I lost touch with you, Kennedy, Warneke & the guys . I was sitting in the barber chair at Louie's Barbershop and you walked in. I said "Hello" and you responded with "What's doin' Al?" (in a barrelhouse voice).  "Geez, Bob! What happened to your voice?" You said, " I joined the S.F.P.D.!"
Posted by Robin Cleary on May 10, 2012
I missed you yesterday, today and will miss you again tomorrow. Happy Birthday King! From your baby precious
Posted by Mark Lawson on May 9, 2012
My Dear Ole Fellow, Ole Chap, thinking of you today and the wealth of human kindness your imparted on us still here- will raise a good glass of Balvenie to you and your eternal memory, Old Chap! Godspeed!
Posted by Marjorie Armas on May 9, 2012
My dear brother,

Woke up this morning wishing you a happy birthday. Walked the lake and remembered rushing to Mom's, changing, and we were off to run, meeting back at the car. So many fond memories, you are loved and missed. Mimi
Posted by Scott Cleary on May 9, 2012
Happy birthday Dad!
Posted by Driekje Lawson on May 9, 2012
A special Cheers to you today, Bob! We miss you. xx
Posted by Marilyn (& Tom) Mulkeen on May 9, 2012
Bob, HB2U wherever you are. Hope you are marching to the tune of 76 trombones in celebration of the day you were born! You were always a bigger-than-life kinda guy who deserves a parade. I'm sure you are in your Porsche riding behind the band givin' out the royal wave. You may not be here on earth, but your memory lives on!
Posted by Benjamin Simone White 3r... on January 4, 2012
Keep His Love alive in your Heart..I shall Never never leave your side..I may be Millions of miles away..But I feel your love and pain..
Posted by Marilyn (& Tom) Mulkeen on January 4, 2012
We just went thru the photo gallery again which brought up the memories of good times. Had a few laughs remembering the good ole days....Bob with Tom at work and the 4 of us socializing. We miss both Bob and Barbara and are thankful they were in our lives. Hugs & Kisses to all three of you "kids".
Posted by Corinne Rutner-Afanasieff on January 3, 2012
I can't beleive it has been a year....thinking of you all and sending hugs and warm thoughts....wow....no words....
Posted by Michelle Davenport on January 3, 2012
Hard to believe it has been two years. Know I am thinking of you and praying your dad whispers sweet stories into your mind this week. Have lots of warm memories this week too! Love you.
Posted by Robin Cleary on January 3, 2012
I don't think there is a day that goes by that I don't think of you and mom. Scott, Tyler and I often share stories of times we spent with you. You are truly loved and greatly missed!

your baby precious
Posted by Marilyn (& Tom) Mulkeen on May 9, 2011
HAPPY 75th BIRTHDAY, Bob, wherever you are. There's no doubt that you are still dapper and surrounded by beauty of all sorts. Enjoy our dear friend. Rest & Relax in
peace! Marilyn & Tom
Posted by Driekje Lawson on May 9, 2011
We will raise our glasses to you today, here is cheers to you, Bob. Hug Driekje
Posted by Barbara Cleary on May 9, 2011
"The quality and fullness of our lives is not measured in length, but in the love and examples we leave those we left behind"....remembering you on your birthday Bob.
Posted by Mark Lawson on May 9, 2011
Always remembered..... My Ole Mate never forgotten. Just got back from my home town of Manchester and the game against Chelsea- which we won. I am sure you would have enjoyed the celebration, people and good beverages, ole friend. Keep tight... And s
Posted by Marjorie Armas on May 9, 2011
My Dear Brother,

I reflect so often on you, and the positive effect you had on my life. I am grateful for that -- your words of wisdom. That aside, you were delightful and charming ju
Posted by Marjorie Armas on May 9, 2011
My Dear Brother,
I think of you so often and the positive effect you had on my life. That aside, you were delightful and charming just like "Cary." Miss you and love you.
Posted by Al Molina on May 9, 2011
The best memory Bob and I shared, as time and travel took us to very vivid & separate experiences, is/was: meeting at the corner of Naylor and Baltimore Way and playing Superman on the top of a tall building. You had to be there!
Posted by Peter Indelicato on May 9, 2011
One Great Friend and Neighbor!!!!!!!! Spirit will live forever!!
Posted by Donna Cleary on May 9, 2011
Dear Bob,
Scott, the boys and I miss you so much. I think about you every day and wish that I could talk to you and hear you laugh. Love, "Deena"
Posted by Ilene Greene on January 20, 2010
Robin, Scott, Tyler,
Remembering when I first met you all in Fuengirola. Your mom has kept me updated on your lives. I'm so saddened by your loss.

With thoughts of peace and courage for you,
Posted by Tim Seufert on January 19, 2010
Your friends in San Francisco are thinking of you, and hope that you all find solace by remembering the good times with your Dad.
Tim, Yolanda, Lukas and Niko Seufert
Posted by Mark Lawson on January 17, 2010
Dear Bob, today your friends over here in Spain attended a memorial mass for you in the church in Fuengirola.We celebrate your life and of knowing you- it was a pleasure and privilege. God Bless
Posted by Ryan Richardson on January 16, 2010
 My humble prayers are with you & your brothers for your loss. You painted a wonderful picture of him in our talks. I pray that your hearts heal quickly through the fond memories you have.
Posted by Daniel English on January 12, 2010
Posted by Driekje Lawson on January 11, 2010
Dear Bob, when we met for the 1st time in Magnolia I wished then we could all live on the same continent. There are many unforgettable moments. Driekje
Posted by Lise Mapletoft on January 11, 2010
Dearest Barbara, Scott, Tyler and Robin

I was so sad to hear of your father's passing. I remember meeting him for the first time and what an impression he made-he was a delightful adorable man xxx
Posted by Peter Indelicato on January 10, 2010
Dear Barbara,Robin,Tyler,& Scott,
When I herd the news I was deeply saddened.Growing up in Loma Verde across the street from your family was delightfull.May his sprit live forever in all of you.
Posted by Marjorie Armas on January 10, 2010
My dear brother, I am greateful for all my memories of you. Your charm, your wit, and your humor, will be dearly missed. You will always live on in my heart.

Love you,

Posted by Rick Martin on January 10, 2010
Dear Scott, Tyler and Robin,
I was so sorry to hear about your dad.I have such fond memories of him and I know how much he meant to all of you.Wish you the best during this difficult time. God Bless
Posted by Muriel Jenny on January 9, 2010
Robin, Scott & Tyler, I am saddened to learn about your Loss, but don't forget that by loosing your Dear Dad you gained an Angel Guardian. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Love, Muriel
Posted by Todd Legg on January 9, 2010

May the wonderful memories of your father sustain you.

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