Dear Friends and Family,

This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved, Roger, Dad, Papa, Papa Bear, Rog, Roggie..  He was born on November 29, 1943 in Berwyn, Illinois and passed away on April 28, 2016 at his home in Lake Havasu City. He will be in our hearts forever.

 He brought so much love and laughter to all of our lives, as seen in these photos.  He was a wonderful friend, partner, father to Amanda & Michael, Jeffrey & Rachel, Christopher, Jonny and Deanna & Brad.  Proud grandfather to Graydon, Maslowe, Hutchens, Grant, Jac, William, Sydney, Harrison and Callie, Brothers, Ken, Lloyd & Vivian, Bob & Rosemary. Special friends, Scott & Kathy, Casey, Christina.  Many lifelong and dear friends from the aviation industry.  Rob and Moe... you were constants.  We all were so special to him!  He was truly a bright light in our world and I have no doubt Heaven will never be the same!!!    Rest in peace dear Roger!

Blessings and love to all of you,

A Celebration of Life will be held at 4:00 pm on Saturday, May 21, 2016 at the Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort, The Point,  3075 Carlsbad Blvd, Carlsbad, CA. Cocktails (of course) and appetizers. 

NOTE ON PARKING: There is not a lot of parking at the hotel. There is public parking in the area, but if you are having problems finding a place to park, there is public parking near Senior Grubby's just east of the hotel and at the Carlsbad Village Rail Station a little further north east. 

Please RSVP if you plan on attending.

Posted by Judy & Richard Depagter on April 28, 2022
We will always remember Rogers’s kind and most generous spirit. RIP
Posted by JeffandMarianna Falco on April 28, 2022
You are missed, Thinking of you on this day. Jeff and Marianna
Posted by Judy & Richard Depagter on April 28, 2021
There will be only one Roger Smith in our lifetimes !!!! 
Your smile, kindness, and sense of humor will remain in our hearts forever. 
Posted by JeffandMarianna Falco on April 28, 2021
Still thinking of you, We miss your voice and smile.
Posted by Jesse Kauppinen on February 9, 2021
I am so sad to hear of Roger's passing. One hell of a guy that I always enjoyed chatting with. Fly high brother! We'll have a cocktail again someday. Jess
Posted by Jill Bishop on April 30, 2018
I am a true believer that love never dies. Your love and presence is a constant. You are so missed! Never a day goes by you are not in my thoughts. I look forward to seeing you on the other side dear Rog! XO
Posted by Maria Eckardt on April 30, 2018
I had the honor to do several aircraft deals with Roger and to meet him and have lunch with him. Roger was a wonderful guy who had a kinder spirit and was always nice to be around him.
Posted by Bryan Bruno on April 28, 2018
Hey Roger Dodger

Thinking about all the good times... time for a road trip !

Posted by Judy & Richard Depagter on April 28, 2018
Your incredible generosity and lightness will remain in the memories of those who loved you, dear Roger. Always in our hearts.
Posted by Deanna Davenport on April 28, 2018
Today we lost you, but we will never forget you. Brad and I talk about you often and share our stories with the kids. Your loss changed lives and hearts and I pray one day all may find peace in your memory and love without condition, just like you! Missing you forever! All my love, Dee Dee
Posted by Jill Bishop on February 6, 2018
Missing you Rog! Never a day goes by that I do not think about you! I know you are ever watching over me! Sending love to you in Heaven! XO Jill
Posted by Judy & Richard Depagter on November 29, 2017
We will always remember your kindness and generosity and of course your wonderful sense of humor! You will always hold a special place in our hearts, dearest Roger.
Posted by Bryan Bruno on November 29, 2017
Miss ya buddy !

Till we tip one again someday

Happy Birthday !!
Posted by Judy & Richard Depagter on May 2, 2017
Your light of laughter and sharing and friendship is still shining as bright as ever, dearest Roger. Continue to rest in the peace that you so deserve.
Posted by Deanna Davenport on November 29, 2016
Happy Birthday, Roggie! I miss you dearly. Hugs and kisses being sent out to you. I love you. Dee Dee
Posted by Judy & Richard Depagter on November 29, 2016
Your spirit is shining even brighter today, on your birthday, dear Roger.
You will remain in our hearts not only on your special day, but every day!!
Posted by Maria Eckardt on June 3, 2016
Roger was a great person who will not be forgotten. I am very glad I had the opportunity to personally meet him and do business with him. His family will miss him I'm sure but they must have many happy memories to remember him by. God bless.
Posted by Scott Windau on May 22, 2016
Never in all of my life have words failed me so perfectly. I've literally tried hundreds of times to explain in writing what Roger Smith meant to me over the last 15 years of our friendship. None of which has even come close. Maybe someday it will come to me, and if it does it will probably fill a book. Until then I am left only with what I feel.

I will say what comes to mind easily for me, and to anyone that ever knew Roger. He was a great man. He was a friend and father to many, kind-hearted and compassionate, and one of the most positive and funniest people you would ever meet.

To me he was as important as anyone has ever been in my life.

Roger... you will be dearly missed by me and many, many, many others.

Life sure won't be the same without you.
Posted by Robert Smith on May 20, 2016
Little Brother, we will miss you very much.
Wish we could attend your memorial service, buy we are unable to be with you in Carlsbad on Saturday, only in our hearts you will be remembered.

Lloyd & Bob
Posted by Judy & Richard Depagter on May 19, 2016
Dearest Roger- you lit up every room you entered and every situation you encountered with your big smile and your sunny disposition. You will always be remembered for your joy of spirit and your generosity with your friends, and they were many. Rest in peace and know that you will remain in the hearts of your family and the numerous friends who loved you so much.
Posted by Bryan Bruno on May 18, 2016
It has taken me a day to collect my thoughts and emotions and come back to write this

Roger was more than a friend for more than 25 years. Colleagues in business, friends that were pals in the truest sense..

From California to Texas, to, Mexico, Fla, La and beyond his ever present humor masked only his deep concern and dedication for those he cared about.

I remember vividly jumping in a car with him more than once at midnight in TX to rush off to TN to make sure his the teenage daughter, Amanda was OK..

I never had a phone call from Roger where he did not talk about how wonderful daughter she has been to him.. and how proud he is of her achievements and family.

I was honored to play a part in his meeting Jill Bishop .. and write here without any hesitation that he loved her dearly till the end... and he was always loved his dogs as well..another attribute else we shared :-)

Roger was the one person who you could always count on... in good times and bad.. he was there for me in times of tribulation, celebration and thankfully even my wedding..

It will take me a long time to grasp that he is not here with us physically... but he will always be with me in spirit and I will keep in touch with that memory for ever

Till we meet again my friend at that great beach bar in the sky... I will forever your memory and good works near

Posted by Jaime Zazueta on May 16, 2016
i will miss you roger(smitty) you always treat me right even thought you call me my favorite mexican,i remember last time we came to havasu to visit you and we went for drinks i had the greaters time thank you my dearest friend you always be in our hearts
Posted by jeff falco on May 16, 2016
We will miss him very much. He was always happy and was a good friend.
Posted by Mike Riedmiller on May 13, 2016
I enjoyed working with Roger when I worked for Controller airplane magazine and was his advertising representative. He was one of my "All Time Favorite Clients"!! We had many fun times at lunches, dinners and drinks. I will never forget Roger . . . his memory will live on!!
Posted by Pat Hosmann on May 13, 2016
i had the pleasure of working on a few projects with Roger last year. He was an absolute gentleman in every regard. in addition to his impeccable manners, he was hilarious. i really enjoyed working with him because no matter what went sideways on the deal, every time i hung up i was left smiling and laughing. He had a great ability to brush of all adversity and had a great outlook on life. this industry needs more people like Roger. He will be missed but also remembered.
Posted by Colleen Love on May 13, 2016
I will miss Roger so much. No one has ever been so kind and generous in always making me feel like family! His passion for people and fun was contagious.I have been blessed with so many incredible fun times with Roger and Jill and those memories will last a lifetime. Roger, you will forever be on my heart! God Bless you for your'e giving heart.
Posted by Jim Cash on May 12, 2016
Wow, how mortal we all are, Roger and I were the same age. Dear Jill thanks so much for remember me. Our times sailing together on Santa Monica Bay are pressious memories that will never be forgotten. Roger was and will always be a friend that made me laugh, and helped me enjoy life...thank you Roger for making my life more fulfilled. Rest in pease my friend, hope to see you again in the future.
Posted by Jill Bishop on May 12, 2016
"High Flight" by John Magee

 Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth,

 And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;

 Sunwards I’ve climbed and joined the tumbling mirth

 Of sun-split clouds – and done a thousand things

 You have not dreamed of - wheeled and soared and swung 

 High in the sunlit silence. Hovering there,

 I’ve chased the shouting wind along and flung

 My eager craft through footless halls of air,

 Up, up the long delirious burning blue

 I’ve topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace,

 Where never lark, or even eagle, flew;

 And, while with silent, lifting mind I’ve trod

 The high untrespassed sanctity of space,

 Put out my hand, and touched the face of God.
Posted by Bo Fielding on May 11, 2016
I worked with Roger on many projects over the years, we were not always successful but we always had fun. Roger was always truthful you never had to worry about him. He will be missed by many people in this industry and A lot by me.

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Posted by Judy & Richard Depagter on April 28, 2022
We will always remember Rogers’s kind and most generous spirit. RIP
Posted by JeffandMarianna Falco on April 28, 2022
You are missed, Thinking of you on this day. Jeff and Marianna
Posted by Judy & Richard Depagter on April 28, 2021
There will be only one Roger Smith in our lifetimes !!!! 
Your smile, kindness, and sense of humor will remain in our hearts forever. 
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Needed a ride

Shared by Jesse Kauppinen on February 9, 2021
I met Roger while working for Beaudry RV. At that time I was the guy that would work with each customer after a purchase was made and set up the delivery. Turned out I would get to do this several times for Roger! Over a few months we got to be pals and would chat from time to time and I would always make sure to help him if he had any RV troubles. "Bring it in Rog! No appointment needed. We'll get it handled." Roger would always call afterwards and say, "Look in your top desk drawer".... There I would find some cash. Always wanting to give it back to him, he would insist to keep it. Not long after he bought his place in Havasu, we would meet up with him for some fun as one of the guys from Beaudry had a place there as well and my Dad and I along with a couple other guys from work would head out there for a weekend. Always a fun time! The story that I have told countless times and will always be thankful for is this: On the eve of Christmas Eve, I had arranged for a couple to take delivery in Yuma, AZ the next day (Christmas Eve) of a new RV as they lived out of state and to avoid CA sales tax, out of state delivery was required. Around 5:30 that evening while having a cold brew my driver called and said he couldn't make it. UH OH! So I phoned Roger who if I recall, was having his Christmas party. I explained the situation and he said, "Don't worry about it, got you covered. I'll have a plane their for you. The pilot (Dave if I recall) will phone you in the morning with the tail number."  Sure enough, next day I drove the RV to Yuma, had the customer paperwork signed and they dropped me off at the good ol bustling airport of Yuma, AZ. Jumped in the right seat of a Beechcraft Dutchess and we were off to Carlsbad. Upon landing, Roger was there to greet us. I asked him what we owed him and he said "Don't worry about it. Did you have fun?" I am still thankful to this day for his generosity and I have always thought to try and emulate his persona. Such a peach of a man. A true gentlemen gone too soon. My sincere condolences to the entire family. Rog, I got you back pal, this memorial with stay published for life now. Least I could do. See you again someday 'ol friend!
Shared by Deanna Davenport on May 13, 2016

Share a story....but there are SO many!  I will share how our story began.  During a very hard time in my life, Jill and Roger came to my resuce.  Roger not really knowing  me very well, opened his heart, home, and life to me.  We immediatley connected and had a very strong bond.  He was my friend and he was a Father to me  and treated me like one of his own.  He loved with his entire heart without ever passing judgement.  He encouraged and guided me to becoming an adult.  Not to mention all of the fun adventures from soaring the skies over Maui in a helicopter to getting the RV trapped at San Diego Airport, to the beaches of Mexico and the waters of Lake Havasu  (to name a few).  I am forever indebted to him.  Thank you Roger for your devotion and your understanding, caring, loving, and funny self.  I am heartbroken and will miss you along my journey.  I know when I get to heaven you will  have the best damn margarita I ever had ready and waiting.  Until I see you again....I love you.  Dee Dee

Shared by Scott Windau on May 10, 2016

This picture is from one of my favorite days ever.  It was the day before my wedding and Roger and Jill were there to help us setup and to enjoy the warm weather by the pool where I worked.  We talked, drank, and reminisced for hours.  It was so strange that he was actually in Ohio.  I had known him for years, but he had never known my life at home.  It was an amazing experience getting to show him that.  Just one of the great days spent with Roger!