Shared on 14th March 2017

On Saturday, March 11, 2017 Romayne Hope Gorman passed from this life to her next.  She is our mother, grandmother and mother-in-law.  To others she is friend.  Her grandmother name is Gogo.  A name she more than lived up to.  She has been a centerpiece for the heart of our family.  Her late husband Bill would – even now from his more heavenly point of view – smile and agree with that.  

Romayne, aka Gogo, thrived in her family; in her marriage, her friends, her beloved dogs and her creative arts and play.  Her character has been one to be generally uncooperative with the boxy facts of the ordinary, predictable and mandatory.  It was not uncommon for her to dress in silly costumes or put on a puppet show especially if kids were involved. When it came to parties she was an opportunist with shiny things and decorations on the standby.  She could find an opportunity for a party where an opportunity didn’t previously exist.  And when it came to travel she was ready to go, near or far.

 She studied drama in college where she met the love of her life and eventual husband, Bill Gorman, at what is now OSU (formerly known as Oklahoma A&M).  College was the beginning of their love adventure and the catalyst of many beloved and lasting friendships.  The interweaving strands of Romayne’s loving-playfulness and Bill’s loving-kindness began the weave of a fabric enfolding so many of us and the stories of our lives.

 Their network of friendships and spiritual life grew within and through Wesley Methodist Church and the long relationship to the B&F Class.   Romayne’s last years were enriched and enhanced by her beloved friendship with and from Kimberly Hill-Shaw to whom we are all grateful.       

 Romayne and Bill had two sons Mike and Mark who were joined by their wives Wendy and Melissa.  They had two beloved grandchildren Chelsey and Sean who were joined by their spouses Brant Deakins and Megan Gorman.  In all Bill and Romayne had three great-grand children, Cole, Wyatt and Merrick. 

 Bill and Romayne built their “new” home in the late 70’s that would become the hub for the wheel of family life: weddings, funerals, holidays, cinnamon toast and mealtimes of Mom’s reinvented recipes and party favors. 

 Our mother, mother-in-law, grandmother has also had a capacity for tenacity and a strength of endurance which she tapped in the hard times.  For example, after Macular Degeneration took away most of her functional vision she continued to create paintings and crafts.  She showed and sold her art at the ProCure Cancer Center art show for two years.   For as long as she could she cooked food and delivered to the homebound. Romayne trained her dog to be a therapy dog.  She and Teddy Bear comforted patients at local hospitals.  She attended any party she could and stayed gratefully active with PEO.  As we said, her handle is Gogo.

 We are saddened to see you go.  You are both departed from us and part of us.  We love you Gogo, Mom, Aunt Romayne, Romayne, Miss Romayne.