His Life


my dad was born in wisconsin he had 2 sisters 1 was lat she passed at 42 an siste laren who is still living an a beauitfil wife of 50 years 4 kids N his baby dad loved dishing,sports an GREEN BAY PACKERS HE ENJOYED WORKING an he was in the Army in feb.9 1968 an honorable discharge feb.9 1969 he enjoyed teaching his baby girl all sportz enjoyed going ro his granddaughters soccer games an grandsons soccer game jessica25 an jordan 13 an jacob 12 an susan 45 his baby girl he was great father he did so much for his family he married connie krueger in 1968  they was married 50 years he loved her so much  on feb.9 2017 he was diagnosed worse brain cancer ever an geb.9 2018 he left us all.we miss an love u every day  an all things happen in his life was feb.9 i hate that day he was the best miss so dearly ...