Posted by Kathy Sharpe on March 4, 2021
Although I had not seen you for 25 years, rest easy in Paradise RB 'forever Free" xoxoxo <3
Posted by Lori-Ann Thomas on March 3, 2021
I'll love you forever, and forever more after forever♡ you were not from this world...of this is swear...charismatic and your cheshire smile , that masculine, strong nature, your gorgeous captivating blue eyes, and the ability to make everything that was wrong, right.
You helped me, and stood by ensuring I was ok, through pretty well every phase of my life thus far. It's truly mind blowing and heart shattering to have learned of your passing. Not at all expected or prepared for you to leave this world. I wish I could have had that one last bear hug and hear you say hi there and tell me to look out the window, and look at everything I could see.. and telling me anything I saw I could have as my own.. the girl gets what she wants right;) you've gained a magical set of wings and I know you're by my side everyday watching over us while riding your bike, visiting with those who've passed on, and your niece and your beloved mamma♡ rest easy ♡ until the day we meet again...I love you rawr♡♡♡
Posted by Jay Hardick on March 3, 2021
Posted by Brandice Hewitt on March 2, 2021
I still can't believe you're gone. You were always there for me anytime I needed you. I always felt safe with you. You were one of the smartest men I've every known and you always knew just what to say to make me smile. I just wish we had made the time for you to come meet my baby girl, we both thought we had more time I guess. I'll never forget you. Love you always.

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