Shared by Duke Holder on 23rd November 2016

One day we was at my mother's house in V.A and i opened a box of Heineken 

And drank one. Then Naan said "ya mother was taking that back".

And i said "so what are WE going to do?"

And she said "We didn't drink it" "YOU!" drank it... So figure it out!!


Love you Naan. 

Fanti Shirt

Shared by Edward Gilman on 23rd November 2012

As a little boy, Naan always made me Fanti Shirts and Suspenders Trousers. My shirts came from scrapes from the clothers she made for people. One day, I went to the market with my brother George to look for our Aunty who sold fish from Harper. As we got in the market, one of his mother's friend saw me with a Fanti shirt on, and she began to say, "look Wade, this is my cloth, Rose didn't sew my Lappa, but she made her son shirt". I ran from the market, went home, and changed my shirt. I never wore that shirt again. Each time Naan asked about that shirt, I told her I did not know where it was. I never told her what happened in the market.

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