Let the memory of Rosie be with us forever. Loving Mother, Sister, Daughter, Grandmother,Cousin, Niece, Auntie and Friend.
  • 60 years old
  • Born on January 7, 1953 in Pensacola, Florida, United States.
  • Passed away on October 3, 2013 in San Diego, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Rosalinda (Rosie) Toledo Guerrero-Martino, 60 years old born on January 7, 1953 and passed away on Thursday , October 3, 2013 at 8:15 am, we lost our loving sister, daughter, mother and grandmother. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Maya Gilbert on 3rd October 2018
You are always in my heart ❤️ and my mind . I think of you often .luv u always your sis Maya
Posted by Alex Guerrero on 3rd October 2018
I love you Rosie!!! Love always your Lil’ Brother Alex
Posted by Maya Gilbert on 14th August 2018
Dear Rosie, on Wednesday 7/25/18 we lost our Kuya Johnny. Words cannot express the emptiness I feel knowing that he has passed. Rest in peace my brother Johnny. In our hearts and mind forever. Love, Maya
Posted by Maya Gilbert on 7th January 2018
Thinking of you today, miss you so much. Luv you your lil sis Maya
Posted by Debra Davis on 7th January 2017
I miss you sis, I think of you so very often , I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday , Christmas just isn't the same , leilani and kailea send their love as well as seth, we miss you . I see your grandbabies and my heart grows a little bigger , I know your smiling and watching over them . As well as AJ and Jessica. thank you for all the love and laughter you brought in my life . Happy birthday sis . Love always your baby sis Debra
Posted by AJ Martino on 7th January 2017
Hi, mom! Even though I think about you and talk to you everyday! Just thought it fitting to leave a message today on your birthday. Adriana misses you, she sure is growing up fast. Joey, you'd love Joey... He's growing fast, almost 2 & turning into an amazing little man. Jessica says Hi and happy birthday. I hope you're getting this and all my prayers. I sure do miss you a whole lot! I love you more than the whole wide world! See you in my dreams... Love, your son, A.J.
Posted by Maya Gilbert on 7th January 2017
Dear Rosie, I will never forget you. I went to your columbarium in CA. Dad & family put a little xmas tree and put some beautiful poinsettias. Miss ya sis. Luv ya May
Posted by Trina King on 3rd October 2016
Always missing you, never forgotten. I can still see that big smile and hear that infectious laugh. So thankful that you were in my life and for all the memories.
Posted by Lisa Gilbert on 3rd October 2016
Thinking about you Auntie, I miss your beautiful smile and wonderful hugs. ❤️
Posted by Debra Davis on 24th August 2016
I really miss you sis, i went looking for you at your final place of rest , st bartholamews in poway, i couldnt find it and i felt so sad , I have so many memories of you , they never leave my mind like youll always be there in my heart , i know well see each other again . thats all i know , i miss mom so much i dont think that feeling will ever leave me , so i hang on and lcherish these pictures of all of us ,. family is everything me leilani Kailea ans seth send you all the love in our hearts . i love you rosie . your lil sis Debra
Posted by Frank Guerrero on 2nd August 2016
Hi Sis, I just wanted to update you on the latest gossip, well today has been a very warm summer, but Betty and I are staying indoors till the sun set. Then I would feed the animals, water the grass in front, plus the grass in the back yard. Yesterday afternoon Laura and her baby daughter “Liea” stopped over for a visit and that is when Betty gets’ all excited. I found a baby picture of you Sis, I also showed the photo to Laura, and she also said that her baby daughter “Liea” looks just like my auntie “Rosie”, when Laura said that I got goose bumps, plus as your brother Sis I’m very proud, full of joy went baby “Liea” is here with us, because I feel like your spirit is here right now with all of us. Hello Mom, Rosie, I do miss you both very much, but I know you both are not suffering, not in pain and at a peaceful place to be. You’re Loving Brother Frankie.
Posted by Cindy Guerrero on 28th February 2015
Dear big sis(:*Rosie*:)it Jr:-)thinking of you as well Mom*:) and Dave:-)as always..!! me and Cindy*:)put flower for your birthday.it the weekend i love my weekend:-)friday are good tho. and a new year(-:2015:-)wanted to tell you again we all love you and for being there on my bad times:-( just like all my familys.....I MISS YOU and mom*:and Dave:-)as well.god bless you all..always and forever your lit bro:-)Jr:-)HUGS ...you are all in my prayer as always.....!!!!!
Posted by Cindy Guerrero on 7th January 2015
Happy Birthday Rosie" Your brother and I think about you often. I know you are always thinking about us too...Today is your birthday and also Maile's! We all had a very nice Christmas. We spent time with Dad and Auntie we are all hopeful for a very good 2015. The big event this year is Darius will be getting married! I know that will make you smile :-) I love you and think about all the good times we spent growing up. God bless you. Cindy and Junior
Posted by Maya Gilbert on 7th January 2015
Dear Sis, I miss you so much. Today you would have been 62 years old. So much has happened in 2014, I have a new grand daughter her name is Laila Clara born 10/26/2014. Please know I love you much and miss you much! Love, your little sister Maya.
Posted by Ryan Lee on 3rd October 2014
Auntie- We all miss and love you so much, especially my mother your little sister. It has been very hard to fill the void of you not being here. Just know you will always be in our hearts and minds and you live on through your son and granddaughter. We miss and love you Auntie.
Posted by Maya Gilbert on 3rd October 2014
We all miss you very much, especially Annabelle she is so lost without you. I think of you often and miss you so much! Rosie you are always on my mind and in my prayers. Luv U !
Posted by Debbie Davis on 3rd August 2014
Hey rose, time is passing . I miss you so much me and the kids are well . Your always in my thoughts and in my heart mahalkita ate
Posted by Cindy Guerrero on 13th July 2014
Rosie,thinking of you today..!!wanted to tell you thanks for being my best friend.love always Jr.(I MISS YOU SO MUCH big sis),,:-(
Posted by Cindy Guerrero on 12th July 2014
Hi;-)Rosie it your lit bro Jr.thank you so so much for being there for me ok all the time.big sis.really miss you and mom Dave.your lit bro always,Jr.in my heart always and forever.Rosie..!! Hugs:-)
Posted by Maya Gilbert on 7th January 2014
Rosie today would have been your 61st birthday. I've been thinking of you all day. Dad & Ludy went by your niche and put flowers there. Your poinsettias are still blooming! Dad's been watering them. Miss you Sis. Much Love, Maya
Posted by Frank Guerrero on 24th December 2013
Rosie We miss you very much, on this Christmas Eve celebration; you will always be in our thoughts and in our hearts, you’re loving brother and his family.
Posted by Maya Gilbert on 3rd December 2013
My dear Rosie, it's been 2 months since you've been gone. It's still not real to me. We all miss you so much. We had your memorial on Saturday 11/30/2013 and your committal at the Columbarium Sunday 12/1/2013. It's the hardest thing I've had to do. I miss u and will never forget you. Our niece Trina dedicated a lantern launch at the beach in your memory, it was beautiful!
Posted by Maya Gilbert on 22nd November 2013
A Rose is a Rose, and you were a very beautiful flower with a beautiful name. I miss you very much and love you and think you all the time.
Posted by Darius Guerrero on 13th November 2013
Love you auntie. You will always be in my heart.
Posted by Maya Gilbert on 3rd November 2013
It's been one month since you've been gone. It's not getting any easier to know you are gone. I still can't believe it. Only time can heal the pain and guilt I have. I miss you and Love you much.
Posted by Marie Orosa on 2nd November 2013
It will almost be a month that you left this world and heaven gained a beautiful angel. My heart still aches for you but knowing you are at peace and no longer in pain, makes it a little easier each day. I will always remember how beautiful and loving a person you were. I will cherish the memories of you and keep you always close to my heart till that day we meet again...
Posted by Marie Orosa on 2nd November 2013
Rest in peace Rosie..do not worry about dad and my mom they will be taken good care of. I know we all have a special angel watching over us from above. Will forever miss and love you..Rosie!! love, Marie,Dennis and family.
Posted by Gloria Gonzales on 26th October 2013
What a beautiful tribute to Rosie. I'll never forget the day that AJ and my son PJ were born just days apart. We had a gathering at Cindy and Pablo's house in National City. We took pictures of our babies sitting on their couch, boy, you would have thought they were brothers! What a candid moment. If I find that picture, I'll attach it. God bless all of you.
Posted by Kailea Nicole on 26th October 2013
I Love You Auntie Ill Never Forget You Singing Angel Baby To Me When I Was Little,Im Gonna Miss U Alot But Ill See You Again One Day
Posted by Shaun Gilbert on 21st October 2013
Auntie, I miss you soo much and I'm so happy that you were always a part of my life. Through the ups and downs you always kept your strong spirit and always had unconditional love for my mom, dad, siblings and me. I'll never forget that. I love you and will remember you forever.
Posted by Lisa Gilbert on 18th October 2013
Auntie I miss you so much. I always enjoyed the times I could visit with you and see that beautiful smile. I loved all of the letters and cards you sent to me. You had such beautiful handwriting and encouraging words. I will treasure the happy times and keep you alive in my heart. I love and miss you dearly.
Posted by Cindy Guerrero on 18th October 2013
Rosie, I will never forget all the good times we shared during your "healthy" days! You always shared your love and caring for Dorian as a young boy. We traveled together, went camping, dancing, partying, dining, etc. the good ole days. We miss you and your bro thanks u from the bottom of his heart for being a role model big sis! Forever in our hearts. Love Your bro Junior and Family
Posted by Maya Gilbert on 16th October 2013
It was 2 years ago today that Rosie found out she needed to start dialysis. I wasn't ready to let her go then, and still wasn't ready to let her go now. But I know she was hurting and didn't want to suffer anymore. I still missed you, when you were hurting, my heart ached for you too. I wish I could have removed your hurt and pain. I wish I could have turned back time for you. love U!
Posted by Ludy/pol Toledo on 10th October 2013
With our Love and deepest sympathy......We will always cherish all the beautiful memories of you Rosie....May you rest in peace, For as we share abundantly in Christ's sufferings,so through Christ we share abundantly in comfort too..........May God be with you my niece,we Love you.....................
Posted by Frank Guerrero on 10th October 2013
Auntie Trini, I’m so glad my sister Rosie left a great impression with you; because you’re absolutely right my sister Rosie was very Religion Catholic and go to church to worship God on every Sunday.
Posted by Maya Gilbert on 10th October 2013
I Love you and miss you Rosie. I should've been by your side.
Posted by Kevin Gilbert on 10th October 2013
"Just wanted to say how much i love you. I've known you for over 38 years as your brother-in-law. I'll remember you as a beautiful young woman with so much spirit and life. You have left a big whole in our lives. I watched as you struggled with life but yet your loving spirit never died. You loved AJ, Jessica and little Adriana so much. I will never forget you and the love you showed me.
Posted by Trini Toledo on 9th October 2013
Rosie, may you rest in peace. God in His wisdom took you away from us at a time that was best for you. Pain and loneliness are gone and you are now enjoying eternal bliss. I grieve over you physical separation, but I am consoled with the thought that death is not the end, but a continuation of life eternal. One thing certain is that one day we will meet again. Bye, till then..
Posted by Trini Toledo on 9th October 2013
Rosie, this is my second tribute in your memory. I remember all our phone conversations that had left an impression of the kind of person you were. In spite of all the heartaches you had, only words of love and forgiveness were spoken sincerely from your heart. You were very spiritual. You would send me prayer clippings and letters filled with God's words. You were ready to face God !!!
Posted by Boy Toledo on 8th October 2013
I'M so sorry I didn't even get to talk to you...I know you been trying to get intouch with me. But when ever I return your call .I can not get to you...I 'm so sorry pamangkin ko...My you rest in peace with your Mom, Grand Pa and Grand Ma..We love you....We will always remember you....
Posted by Edison Toledo on 8th October 2013
"I will pray for you Rosie. I know that you are in a better place. Rest now, for all the pain in this life will be washed away like the tides of the ocean. You will always be remembered for your calm and caring nature. Be in Peace and may your light shine on all who remember you"
Posted by Dorie Calderon on 7th October 2013
Thoughts and Prayers with you my dear Rosie,you know I loved you dearly.I'm so sad knowing you're gone ,cause deep in my heart you are the most caring person I know. I'm at Peace knowing your suffering are over and you're in a better place with your Mom,Grandma and GrandPa
Posted by Vangie Pasco on 7th October 2013
My dear Rosie, may you Rest in Peace. I will always remember you as a loving cousin and your thoughtfulness. You're in a better place now with your Mom, Nanay Eray, and Tatay Siso.
Posted by Bern Ferrer on 7th October 2013
You left our family & this world too soon. Though we'll miss you terribly, in our hearts we know you're in a better place up in Heaven. May the Lord heal your pain, take away your sorrow, bring you eternal peace & joy. Our dearest sister Rosie, you'll always be remembered, loved & cherished by everyone ♥ Bernadette & Eric & family
Posted by Erika Villegas on 5th October 2013
Auntie Rosie! You are always in our thoughts, and we know that you will be watching over us from your peaceful resting place in heaven. You were the best! Always laughing and smiling. We are so grateful that we were able to cherish moments together as a family. We love you and miss you! Xoxo The Villegas family
Posted by Trina King on 5th October 2013
Cheers to Auntie Rosie! She had a great sense of humor, infectious laugh, great sense of humor, big brown eyes that always showed how big her heart was at the end of day. I could be wrong, but we shouldn't be sad when people leave us, I believe we should be happy we had them in our lives. Appreciate the fact that they were a piece of our lives and who we are. Love her!
Posted by Carrie Rice on 5th October 2013
I love you auntie! I'm going to miss your silliness, your laugh, and your unpredictableness.. =) there was never a dull moment with you around and I loved that! Xo
Posted by Frank Guerrero on 5th October 2013
Rosie, I will always love you, we will always miss you, and because you are my only oldest sister I have, now you are gone what do I do? My heart is sad and I want to cry for you, to see your smile, I know you just wanted to be loved, to be close to your only son, most of all to be happy, Rosie I love you, may you rest in peace, and tell Mom we love her.
Posted by Maya Gilbert on 4th October 2013
I miss you so much, my heart aches so much. Only time can heal my heartache for you, but nothing will erase my loving memories of you Rosie.

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