This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Roudren Sadien, 21 years old, born on April 27, 1989, and passed away on December 19, 2010. We will remember him forever.
Posted by paynee sadien on December 19, 2021
Missing You Roudren
With lots of love from ALL of us
Posted by czad don on May 19, 2021
Miss u my friend...
Posted by paynee sadien on April 27, 2021
Happy Birthday and RIP
Posted by paynee sadien on December 22, 2020
10 years have elapsed. Your memories are now being shared on FB by your friends. Very nice to hear from all of them and we are all missing you.
Posted by paynee sadien on April 27, 2020
Happy birthday & RIP
Posted by paynee sadien on December 20, 2019
Nine years have elapsed...
No more words to express how much we are all missing you ....
Posted by paynee sadien on April 27, 2019
Happy birthday my son and rest in peace
Posted by Vedita Domah on December 19, 2018
8 years... You'll always be missed my dear friend. Wherever you are, I just wish u be happy.
Posted by paynee sadien on December 19, 2018
eight years have elapsed since you left this world but your sweet memories will always be among all of us . You are still alive my dear ROUDREN.
Posted by paynee sadien on April 27, 2018
Happy birthday Roudr for your 29th.We are with living with your sweet memories and the lovely songs you downloaded for us.
Rest in peace.
Thanks very much to CZAD who shared some of your SMS on 19 March 2018. Those SMS are very touching.
Posted by Czad Don on March 19, 2018
miss u loads bro... so many years passed by... but u r still in our memories...
some messages from roudren that i came across today:

hi to every1
i hope that everythin p go on smoothly
plz confirm ur ineterests(if any) for the outing of 4 july

kind regards

Dear frnds,
i wish u all the very best for this new phase of life. i hope that ur SBE helps u in ur life.
mwa mo pas la pu koze lor SBE. me here for an outing. i hv decided to organise an outing.
the itinerary is as follows:
Reduit - Alexandra Falls - Cascade 500 pieds - Flic en Flac Public Beach - Reduit - Port- louis
transport will be around Rs 125(depending on the number of persons participating as usual)
free transport will be available for kids
Plz find details of the cascade below
i would be grateful if you could do ur best and support me by participating in the outing and also bring frnds
who u tink me has forgotten. the outing is open for every1. but plz dnt bring bombs n people ki lerni ek gagne latet fer mal
if u want to participate, plz mail me on
or send me an SMS on 7956288

plz note that we shall be on top of a cascade of 162 m, just imagine that.
so plz be responsible and take ur responsibilities
i am doing my best to organise things, but plz dnt find me troubles
BUT the cascade is not dangerous and we have a track to walk till we reach there
pass on the message to others
kind regards


Subject: trail on Lion Mountain

vanakam to everyone
i went to climb Lion mountain today
i was top net and it is less tiring compared to adventure park
1 day pu bring u zer
but it will be at ur own risks
me p share some pics wiz u so that u can hv an idea
me climbed the mountain starting from the tail of the lion to its peak
o hope that u will all appreciate the pics
Posted by paynee sadien on December 19, 2017
seven years have vanished since you joined the supreme infinity.
Your memories are still among your dearest ones
Posted by paynee sadien on April 29, 2017
We're all very fine
Just to inform that we all miss you very much
More than 6 years have elapsed since you left us but your sweet memories are still here to accompany us in our everyday life
Just always be with us all the time
Posted by satiah ashwinah on April 27, 2017
Happy roudren. Miss u in peace
Posted by paynee sadien on December 19, 2016
6 years have elasped since you left us.
we know you are resting in peace.
your unforgetable memories will remain with us
From Bala, Salamba & Dharanee
Posted by paynee sadien on April 27, 2016
Happy Birthday my dear SON
You are & will be always with us wherever you
Posted by Sadien Bala on April 28, 2015
Happy Birthday. Enjoy yourself wherever you are,
Your sweet memories are still with us
Posted by satiah ashwinah on August 17, 2014
Hi many days since u left us but u r still missed by each and every friend ov urs...miss u n keep looking after us...
Posted by Sadien Bala on April 28, 2014
Though you are not among us your candle will remained lighted and every day is your birthday. Stay with us.
Posted by satiah ashwinah on January 31, 2014
hi dr friend...celebrated my on wednesday n missed u a lot. u were among the few people who would stay awake till midnight just to wish someone. i missed that. keep looking on us n stay happy wer u r. love u... miss u....
Posted by Sadien Bala on December 21, 2013
three years have passed since you physically left us but spiritually you are always among us. Time will always pass like this whilst living with those good memories we all have together. Yesterday thinking about you we went to Grand Bassin, Alexandra Falls & Tamarin Beach after such a long time, Tessen and me had much fun in swimming against the waves, and inevitably you were among us. "to bien cotte to été, Siva Peroumal pou garde toi bien"
Posted by ifaan Dulull on April 29, 2013
happy birthday brother.U r now 24.time goes but memories stay alive.2 years gone still someone cry for are a part that no one can erase even now!!!
Posted by satiah ashwinah on April 27, 2013
happy birthday coco.miss u a in peace dr. no friend can eve tke ur place in our heart.from mami n me..........
Posted by satiah ashwinah on January 26, 2013
2 years already passed n u r still deeply missed by us. u will always be by ur mami n coco. i hpe dat u will always rest in peace in ur heavenly abode.............
Posted by ifaan Dulull on December 22, 2012
Days keep going ,yet memories stay still.Two years gone,still you are among us in our memories as if yesterday i met you!!!!!!!!
Posted by Sadien Bala on December 19, 2012
Hi Roudr 2 years have elapsed since you left. But for us you are still among us with lots of unforgettable memories. Hence we will live with these memories.
Posted by Visagen Sadien on October 28, 2012
''Away from my family for 11/2 years, I've not miss then at all...(not even 1 day) but you was always in my heart 'cousin' and you'll reside for eternity in my mind and heart, and you'll always be miss.
Posted by satiah ashwinah on October 23, 2012
missing u a lot these days coco.almost 2 yrs since u left us.i knw that werevr u r u r happy but u left ur parents n a lovely sister 2early.u av left a big void in our life since the day thay you,ve gone.every tym i go to mie i remember the days that i,u n nishi spent under that tree.those were really the happiest days of our life.alwys missed by me n dom.
Posted by Sadien Bala on April 29, 2012
Yr 23rd birthday just passed. We missed U very much. We know U R in heaven & as usual U will always look upon us . We hope we could see U one day.
Posted by czad don on December 20, 2011
1 yr gone... bt ur memories still here... i miss u bro.... i miss u.....
Posted by Sadien Bala on December 20, 2011
One year has passed since you left us . Though we missed you a lot we are sure you are very fine where you are. But you left us so early and we have not been able to enjoy ourselves fully. . Anyway we will all meet one day. Only GOD knows.As your memories are still here, you are with us everyday . Perhaps one day you may be among us again.
Posted by Sadien Bala on December 6, 2011
Nearly one year has elasped since you left us. On this occasion a special prayer "Tevson" will be held at our place on Thursday 8 Dec 2011 @ 9.00hrs & then to proceed to Kovil Deux Bras @ 11.00hrs. All friends & relatives are invited.
Posted by Geereesh Kushmajii on August 26, 2011
miss u dude. always here for any problems. thinking of u all time. Will never forget these precious moments...
Posted by Sadien Bala on April 27, 2011
Today is yr 22nd birthday. Though physically not among us, be always happy & joyful wherever you are. But we miss U very very much
Posted by satiah ashwinah on April 27, 2011
2d 27th of april... ur birthday my dear frnd.WISH U A HAPPY BIRTHDAY.may god kip u happy in whichever form u r.this yr u r not here but i will always cherish ur last birthday which u celebrated at the mie. can't 4get how much fun we had.i riily misss
Posted by czad don on April 10, 2011
we made our graduation.... altogether... except u... i missed u my friend... zoz memories that we shared 2gether are simply unforgettable....
Posted by Varsha Devi on February 19, 2011
Alredy 2months Roudren since u left us.
Rest in peace dr werever u r.
Evry1 missing u lots 2day dr.
No day passes wizout thinking of u specially wen in class, n wen i view fotos on my mobile. U r in almost all pictures i hav taken at mie or piknic specially in ur favorite yellow colour clothes.
Miss u deeply...
B in peace where u r coz i no God is wiz u!
Posted by ifaan Dulull on January 16, 2011
time passed but your memories are still fresh in me.sometime i want to talk to youbut when i see the phoneeverything come again.
tuesday ,course started butone thing is clear don't think will be able to go were everywhere there.even in the bus.
i know you are well n in good shape where you are but if i could see you .....
one day does not pass without thinking of you.
Posted by czad don on January 14, 2011
am simply unable 2 4get u my friend... i still keep on remembering u everyday although i dont want to... i only wished i was there at that moment... if only that could have been possible...
Posted by Fabrice Giroumou on January 4, 2011
mo pa ti trop conne twa personellement mai le peu ki mo connai lor twa,ct to joie de vivre,to sourire ki ti tjr bien acceuillant..juska azordi mo pa p capav croire kin arrivé sa zour sur le coup mo ti senti mwa mari impuissant face a cela..te voir partir sous mes yeux sans rien pouvoir faire ct...
mai mo cnai ki la cot to éT,to seryer et ki to pou veille lor nou depui la haut..
R.I.P man
Posted by satiah ashwinah on December 31, 2010
i have no words to describe what i felt when i saw him drowning in front of my eyes.he was a special frnd and will always be.may god bless u werever u in peace n look after ur parents.loved u a lot.never expected taht some1 as nice as u will leave us like this n go away.............miss u my dr frnd
Posted by ifaan Dulull on December 29, 2010
no words can exist to describe the feeling i am having now. you left me alone. the one who use to be there when needed. The one who always take care of other...
will miss u a lot
never expected that you will live us like this.
never thought that you will do your last trip with me
i will be the last one you will talk.
but i know where ever you are , you are fine. miss you a lot
Posted by Nishi Domah on December 29, 2010
We all love you Roudren and will never be able to forget you....
Miss you a lot my friend....
Please correct the Date of Birth of Roudren
HIs D.O.B is on 27 April 1989
Please do so....
Posted by czad don on December 28, 2010
i'll always miss u my friend..... always.....
Posted by Iqbal Pheerunggee on December 26, 2010
"Words do an injustice in explaining how much we will miss Roudren. He will remain very alive in our memories and admiration."
Posted by Ashvini Nowbuth on December 26, 2010
"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, but love leaves a memory no one can steal".. May his soul rest in peace and my heartfelt condolences to all the nears and dears of Roudren.

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Posted by paynee sadien on December 19, 2021
Missing You Roudren
With lots of love from ALL of us
Posted by czad don on May 19, 2021
Miss u my friend...
Posted by paynee sadien on April 27, 2021
Happy Birthday and RIP
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Shared by veer xxx on March 17, 2011

I just got the news today that he is no more!!!! I was so shocked, i did not kno koz i was having my exams in december did not bother about news!!!! I'm one of his primary skul friends, we've been taking tution maths & addmaths with the same teacher on saturday. There is so much to tell about him.... He was a nyc guy, the thing that i loved the most was that he always had a smile on his face & and knew how to keep his friends & surrondings happy!!!!!!!!! 

Will miss that guy!!



Shared by czad don on December 28, 2010

how can i forget that moment... how can i....